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What are some really good rami malek interviews

I’m about to get way too intense. Forgive me.

My favorite Rami interview of all time is his interview with Andy Greenwald 
because it’s the most visibly relaxed I’ve ever seen him in an interview. His body language says it all from his open-legged sit to his hands resting behind his head. It’s good. [X]

He wears a Hawaiian dad shirt in this skype interview and it’s entertaining [X]

He flirts with Kirsten Dunst and wiggles around in a sofa [X]

Papi [X]

Full Robot cast interview for SXSW (it’s genuinely a fucking blast to watch him during interviews like all interviews with him are the best because he makes the weirdest faces) [X]

Rami can’t open a tiny water bottle and it’s the greatest thing ever recorded [X]

Flushed and flirty over 30 (binch is tipsy) James Corden interview [X]

Time interview where he talks about equality for women and POC [X]

Hollywood Reporter Roundtable where he makes some bad jokes and corrects them on the assumption that a director will most likely be male [X]

Good article interviews are the Vanity Fair Italia [X]
Interview Magazine with RDJ [X]
This ridiculous buzzfeed interview [X] 
2011 Cosmopolitan “What Rami Likes In Women” interview makes me laugh every single time [X]

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justin said that taako being skinny is a form of escapism from fatphobia for him

Also, no he didn’t, he said making characters in general dissimilar from himself (noting race & gender in this context) is a form of escapism, and added that specifically in video games the reason he makes skinny characters is because he is usually mechanically unable to make characters who aren’t skinny; the sliders just don’t exist.

I don’t even know why you’re coming at me with this when I already personally headcanon & draw Taako as a gangly boy. Is it just because I expressed support of and drew some fat Taakos? Send me a message off anon if you feel like you need to have an actual discussion with me on this.

Followers, I hate to answer asks like this publicly, when 99.99% of the people who have to look at it don’t care. If you have beef with something I’ve done or said for some reason, just message me to talk about it. Thanks.

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Hey, you seem like someone that can explain things properly. So my question is why is liberalism bad? I thought it was about freedom and such?

A few of my more recent posts summarize the leftist aversion to liberalism pretty well, actually. Essentially, liberalism is one half of the ruling ideology of capitalism, alongside conservatism – both halves are necessary masks that the system wears to deal with various “problems” that arise in capitalist society. Liberalism can mean the broad political individualism of the capitalist era or it can mean a more particular branch that favors welfare-oriented reforms to the status quo (the former being the more common conception around much of the globe and the latter being the conception within the United States). Either way, leftists oppose both – political individualism because it conceals the class nature of the system and welfare capitalism because it doesn’t go far enough towards solving the root problems. Either way, you’re left with capitalism – maybe reformed slightly so that it’s “human-faced”, but it’s still capitalism and elites still dominate public life because they autocratically control the means of subsistence. Leftists want an entirely new system in socialism, where people democratically control the means of subsistence and seek to bring an end to exploitation and dreary labor; the internal contradictions of capitalism will continue to push us towards socialism as workplaces become ever more automated and the environment moves ever closer to wholesale destruction, and we hope to be there with solutions when the time comes.

If you have other questions related to liberalism, don’t hesitate to ask.

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hello so could you please introduce some kinky namjin fics for me? thanks so much

here u go :-)
- you can dominate the game (’cause i’m tough) by 2kitsune
- the boy’s club by taethereal
mesmerized (from your feet to your hands) by sirradel
- dressed like a daydream by novilunar
- light of my life, fire in my loins (be a good baby, do what i want) by sungmin
i can put you in the mile high club (what’s up?) by jonghyun
- how’d you get so fly? by sirradel
get on your knees (say pretty please) by sunshineandpixiedust
- three’s company by resonae

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So what you're saying is; liberals aren't hip anymore?

Automated socialism with a democratic sensibility will always be more hip than liberalism, is what I’m saying. Shorter working hours means more leisure time, and more leisure time means more people dancing excessively, and more people dancing excessively means the hippest social arrangement we’ll ever have.

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my boyyyyys

who’s the cuddler: They’re both impossibly cuddly with each other it’s Kind of Gay™

who makes the bed: Remus

who wakes up first: Sirius, but Remus shortly after because his idiot boyfriend is staring and he just feels it

who has the weird taste in music: Sirius

who is more protective: Hoo lordy. They’d literally kill for each other like. Have you seen them.

who sings in the shower: Sirius

who cries during movies: Also Sirius

who spends the most while out shopping: Sirius again??

who kisses more roughly: Remus

who is more dominate: oh shit uhm i’m gonna say Remus because you know under all that sweater paw, chocolate scented nonsense, he’s kinky af

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 1000000000/10 literally my otp of all otps i love them i l o v e th e m

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What are some of your favorite yuna kim performances?

hard to choose but here are some i enjoy!
les mis:
the lark ascending:
nessun dorma:
fs gershwin piano concerto in f:
send in the clowns: