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Happy Belated Birthday to Choupette!

She is probably the most talked about cat right now. And why not? She is as cute as a button. Well, that’s not all why, it is also the fact that she is Karl Lagerfeld’s cat, you know, the Chanel cat, the Coco cat, the high end cat etc.

Anyway, her very first birthday was yesterday and Karl tweeted a picture of her with the birthday ‘cake’ which was a plate of five cooked prawns with a candle. Bless!

Here is a drawing I did of Choupette and Karl (Courtesy Harper’s Bazaar). Hope you like it.

Anoma x

Trying a different medium

I drew this two weeks ago. While I am not normally a fan of digital art and I definitely prefer traditional art any-day, trying out Procreate using Cosmonaut stylus pen was fun. I was surprised at how much I could do with it once getting used to the program (and the pen). It took me two days to finish this and when I went back to the traditional way, I was laughing at myself for reaching for the ‘undo’ button and at times when doing fine details, using my two fingers to try to ‘enlarge’ the paper!

This was inspired by a picture I saw from a magazine. I liked the hair and a combination of the bright processed blue and magenta. So I used that and dolled the face up with fluffy mascara and blue-blue eyes.

Anoma x