anolis equestris


EGG!! WE HAVE AN EGG! The Cuban knight anoles laid an EGG today so I’m going to try my darndest to incubate it. When it hatches I’ll raise it to a sellable size and we will sell it at work.

I’ve got an uth in a Styrofoam container connected to a thermostat and a thermo/hygrometer in there. I’m letting it heat up now and stabilizing it before I add the egg. I’ll also be switching it to the hatchrite in a second, the moss was just what we had on hand.

I hope it hatches, and I hope she lays some more! I’m so excited. Unfortunately Cuban anoles are rarely captive bred, which makes NO sense to me because they are incredible animals and do breed in captivity. So if we can offer a handful if captive bred ones that would be great.

Our resident reptile, Cuban Knight Anole (Anolis equestris)

The largest anole of the genus, growing to lengths of 13-20″.  Its telltale characteristic as with all anoles is the distinctive neck flap, or dewlap which is pink in this species.

Despite its size, it is harmless.  This lizard in particular is quick to hide on the rare occasion I find it basking in the yard.


I’M SCREAMING THE KNIGHT ANOLE HATCHED AT 58 DAYS!!! I’m a little concerned because the longer they stay in the egg the more time they have to absorb the yolk and there was yolk still in the egg but!!! It tried to bite me despite obviously being exhausted. I’m mad because I was going to get everything next week so now I don’t have crickets until after work. :c

The cage has got cork and plenty of silk plants, has a heat lamp I just need a UVB bulb which, again, I was going to get later haha. It’ll just have to wait till I get out at 4.

I’m so excited and nervous I hope he lives. Babies are just so fragile I’m afraid I’ll do something wrong or he’ll die. I’ve done this before with crested geckos but I’m still anxious!