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Magickal Ideas for Samhain

  • Carve a pumpkin and empower it to repel negativity or to protect the home
  • Build a shrine to your ancestors
  • Add divination to your ritual
  • Drink apple cider warmed and spiced with cinnamon to honor the dead
  • Research your family history and write a tribute to them to include in your ritual
  • Set a place at the dinner table for the recently deceased
  • Place small carved pumpkins at the four quarters
  • Visit cemetery and place flowers on the graves of your loved ones
  • Make a spirit candle.(White candle anointed with patchouli oil. Say:”with this candle and by its light, I welcome you spirits this Samhain night.” Place it inside jack o’lantern. This may be included in Ritual, or done separately.)
  • Make resolutions and burn in a candle flame. This is not the same as ridding yourself of bad habits, but is more like New Years resolutions, as for many Samhain is the New Year.

What I like to call my “Autumn Fairy Dust” which consists of,

🍁left over bits of orange wax
🍁coffee grounds
🍁and plastic free glitter

All stirred around to create a blend of fall-scented fairy dust which you can sprinkle on top of tea lights or roll/dip anointed pillar candles into for a light and sparkly dusting ✨🕯

This fairy dust has flammable components. If you’re going to make and use it, you need to exercise appropriate caution and fire safety measures. I am not responsible or liable for any consequences that occur from your failure to do so.

Methods for Spells

TO BIND- wrap in black thread, drip wax over, or seal in a jar and hide it in the dark.

TO BANISH- burn an effect to ash and sweep off the back door step, cast it out a window, or bury in the ground and spit on it

TO ENCOURAGE-  plant it by the front door/steps, bury by a window, or place it on a windowsill

TO HIDE- place in a jar painted black, cover with cloth and bury, or wrap with a ribbon

TO CLEANSE- bury it in a bowl of  salt, burn herbs and pass through the smoke, or lay it in a moonwater bath

TO GLAMOUR- leave under the full moon, hold its reflection over a mirror with herbs, or 

TO WISH- place before a candle and blow it out, drown a coin in water, or let seeds blow into the wind

TO COMMUNICATE- (with a spirit or deity) - anoint a candle, leave out offerings, or open the front doors and windows

TO WARD- leave part of the spell in four corners, draw lines around the protected area, or plant an object of projection in the north, east, south, and west edges

TO CURSE- spit on it, drag your nails down it, or stick sharp things in it

TO DISCOURAGE - plant or bury by the back door, or burn to ash

TO JINX- say it three times out loud, or say a word the same time as someone else

TO MANIPULATE - use wax, use poppets, or tie several strings to pieces of an effect

TO BENEFIT - light a candle, charge a crystal, or create a talisman

Candles: Color and Purpose

Candles are seen as the most powerful object for witches. If one lights a candle while reciting a chant or prayer for enlightenment, empowerment, and good health is one way to use a candle. One can also ward off negative energy and impart positive energy into one’s life using a candle also. 

Historical Uses

  • Birthdays were the first ritual with candles used. Many believe the practice of wishing and blowing out the candle brought this wish to the gods who would grant it via the smoke. 
  • Candles represent earth (wax), air (smoke), water (melted wax), and fire (flaming wick).

Magical Uses

  • Always be in the right frame of mind, or the spell will create an opposite effect intended
  • Allow candle to burn down on its own for most rituals 
  • When the candle has extinguished itself, the spell will be complete
  • Some rituals and spells may ask for the candle to be extinguished and then re-lit the next day
  • Never leave a candle unattended 
  • Give decent amounts of time for the candle to burn

Choosing a Candle 

  • Magickally disinfecting your candles before using them is very important, since the energy from those who shipped it may linger on the wax. It is good to make your own candles from scratch for this reason also. 
  • Avoid dipped candles such as white candles dipped into colored wax. Try to find ones solid color throughout  

Cleansing Your Candle

  • Depending upon your preference, you can do a few things to cleanse your candle, such as leaving it outside for a week in the garden to soak up the moon’s rays at night
  • For a less time-consuming cleansing, you may anoint your candle, using water and oils prior to the spell or ritual:
  1. Wipe clean with a paper towel, removing all dirt 
  2. Prepare a solution of spring water, one teaspoon of sea salt, and warm until the salt dissolves. Allow to cool, and then pour back into the bottle. Keep this in the refrigerator for about a month for use over time. 
  3. Intent. Stand in front of your sink, hold the candle in your left hand (nearer to your heart). Be very careful not to wet the wick, and pour a small amount of the sea salt spring water solution over the candle. If using a tea-light candle for quick burn time, remove the candle from its casing before cleansing with the water. Take a fresh paper towel and dry the candle very well and say the following: “This magickal water cleanses thee, with good intent and purity” (Robbins and Bedell, 2017).
  4. Inscribe the candle with a small, sharp knife or thick needle, and scratch your full name and your wish into the wax. It is not important that it be legible, nor the location where inscribed. The words will clout the spell more as the candle burns down. 
  5. To anoint your candle, pour some pure vegetable oil into a bowl. This oil is used for most anointing, but if using a spell for health and well-being, you may mix in a few drops of other oils if you wish. Lavender is common for health and well-being spells and will make the magick more intense. Hold the candle in your left hand again and dip the first finger of your right hand into the oil and run it down the candle from top to bottom in a line. If anointing a tea-light, place it back in its casing, dip your finger into the oil, and smear it in a clockwork motion around the top of the candle wax. Say this invocation: “This magickal oil anoints thee, with all things good, magickally” (Robbins and Bedell, 2017). The candle is now cleansed, charged, and ready to be placed in a suitable holder in preparation for the spell you choose. 
  6. Rhyming and repetition can help add punch to a spell. A lot of ancient and prewritten spells will rhyme with a poetic fluidity. Repeating the spell will give power to the message each time. The most magickal numbers that represent completion are 7, 9, and 12. 
  7. To end the spell, you will need to close the ritual. Choose one of the phrases such as “and so it is” or “the spell is cast” or “so mote it be” before looking upward and saying “thank you.” 

Colorful Uses

  • The correct color is the most important thing with candle use
  • Some spells are exact to the color needed, and others more flexible 
  • When in doubt, always use a white candle for it is neutral 

Color Correspondances 

  • White
    • Cleansing homes
    • Purifying spaces
    • Creating harmony
    • Invoking spirits
    • Improving communication with others
    • Summoning guides and angels
    • For use in every situation 
  • Blue 
    • Promoting restful sleep
    • Finding the truth
    • Gaining wisdom and knowledge
    • Invoking psychic visions
    • Calming emotions
    • Suppressing anger
    • Aiding meditation
    • Moving your house
    • Becoming more patient with others
    • Curing a fever
    • Having a better understanding
    • Protection 
  • Red
    • Promoting strength and vigor
    • Rejuvenating energy and stamina
    • Conjuring willpower
    • Summoning courage
    • Inciting passion and sexual love
    • Sparking enthusiasm
    • Prompting quick results
    • Warding off enemies
    • Becoming more attractive to others
  • Pink
    • Healing emotions
    • Attracting romance
    • Becoming more caring
    • Inviting peace and tranquility 
    • Healing rifts
    • Banishing selfish emotions
    • Protecting family and friendships
    • Invoking spiritual healing
    • Being more compassionate 
  • Green
    • Accumulating money and wealth
    • Promoting prosperity and abundance
    • Accomplishing goals
    • Growing plants
    • Attracting luck
    • Negotiating employment matters and finding new jobs
    • Hastening conception and solving fertility issues
    • Casting out greed and resentment 
  • Yellow
    • Increasing activity
    • Resolving health matters
    • Nurturing creativity and imagination
    • Passing exams and learning
    • Aiding concentration
    • Controlling mood swings
    • Protecting yourself when traveling
    • Persuading others
    • Healing problems associated with the head
  • Orange
    • Increasing energy and stamina 
    • Improving the mind and memory
    • Promoting success and luck
    • Developing business and career
    • Helping those with new jobs
    • Clarifying legal matters and justice 
    • Selling goods or houses
    • Capturing a thief or recovering lost property 
    • Removing fear
  • Purple
    • Summoning spirit help
    • Bringing peace, tranquility, and harmony
    • Improving psychic ability 
    • Aiding astral projection
    • Healing
    • Easing sadness
    • Improving male energy 
    • Summoning spiritual protection
  • Brown
    • Attuning with the trees and earth
    • Promoting concentration
    • Helping with decisiveness
    • Protecting animals
    • Amplifying assertiveness 
    • Aiding friendships
    • Bringing material gain
    • Gaining mental stability
    • Connecting with Mother Nature
    • Studying and learning
  • Silver
    • Summoning the Mother Goddess
    • Drawing down the moon
    • Connecting with lunar animals
    • Purifying female energy
    • Improving all psychic abilities
    • Aiding clairvoyance and the unconscious mind
    • Ridding negativity
    • Developing intuition 
    • Interpreting messages in dreams
    • Banishing bad habits
  • Gold
    • healing and enhancing well-being
    • Rejuvenating yourself
    • Improving intelligence
    • Bringing financial gain and wealth
    • Winning competitions
    • Attracting love and happiness
    • Maintaining peace in families
    • Cosmic ordering
  • Black
    • Protection
    • Strength
    • Banishing
    • Reversal
    • Hex-breaking 


Robbins, Shawn, and Bedell, Charity. The Good Witch’s Guide. New York: Sterling Ethos, 2017. Print.

Everyday Witchuals for a more magickal home

Some discreet tips for you broom-closet witches, some lavish tips for the full-fledged witch, and some of my favorite in-betweens!

  • Sweep with a broom (besom) regularly. To the mundane eye, you’re clearing away dust and crumbs, but any witch knows you’re really spiritually cleansing and charging your home.
  • Put a line of salt on your windowsill for protection.
  • Forage fallen sticks to tie into a pentacle with twine. Hang as a wreath on the front door.
  • Candles in every room. I have great luck finding totally unused candles at thrift stores around town!
  • Call it “aromatherapy” if you’re still a secret witch, but utilize scent as the powerful thing it is! Burn insense. Have athsma? Try essential oils and scented candles. Budgeting? You can always put herbs and teas into the wax of a melting pillar candle to release the scent (I love doing this with chamomile and lavender, it doubles as an anointing of the candle).
  • Bake bread. Knead it with intention, cut a sigil in the top before baking, indulge in the act of creating.
  • Open windows to bring in the element of air and purge your home of bad or stale energy.
  • Collect and display little things from nature: pinecones, stones, crystals, dried flowers, acorns, feathers (if you’re permitted). Altars don’t need to be obvious, they can just be things that make you grounded and glad.
  • Live. Always remember that anywhere a witch lives is magical, whether you feel it or not. Do these little things for yourself, to cherish feeling connected, but witchcraft is not about pressure or conforming.

Enjoy 🔮🍂🍁

Guardian Candles (an original spell)

This is a candle for you to light whenever you are worried for someone. When lit, it will send them positive energy, protection, or whatever your intent behind it states.


  • a candle
  • healing oil of your choice
  • incense


  1. Take a candle that reminds you of the person you want it to represent. It can be anything from their favorite color to one they chose themselves.
  2. Light your incense. Let the scent fill you with calmness as you channel your intent into the candle. Take your oil (I use lavender or chamomile) and anoint the candle by tracing the first letter of their name onto the wax with the pointer finger of your dominant hand. Keep an image of the person in your mind. This oil will provide them with healing. 
  3. Hold the candle over the smoke from your incense, turning it a few times to cover it completely. This will help to bless the candle, the smoke acting as a shroud around the person it represents, to protect them from negative energy. While doing this, recite the incantation:

“Candle guide them,

Goddess guard them

Keep them in your sights.

Spirits lift them

Ancients teach them

Surround them with your light.”

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Lemon Test

Have I been cursed? Only one way to find out! The lemon test, much like the lemon curse, uses a lemon to find out whether or not you have been cursed: Buy one lemon. Anoint a black slow burning candle with an oil with a scent that reminds you of the person who you believe is cursed. Cut the lemon in half and write the name of the person on a small piece of paper and place it on one half of the lemon. Lemons that are cut and left out of the refrigerator only last one day before they start to go bad. leave the lemon halves on the table next to the anointed candle that is burning. Be very concise and ask if the person has been cursed and then leave the candle to burn with the lemon next to it. When the candle burns out, if the lemon with the small piece of paper on it is significantly more “decayed” than the other half of the lemon. Then there is a curse. If they look the same, you’re fine. When you are done with the lemon, rub it in salt and dispose of it. This won’t get rid of the curse if there is one. Just helps with determining.

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🚿 Facewash Spell 🛁

for anon, a simple spell to promote beautiful or healthy skin.

🚿 gather a blue candle, rose quartz, facewash of choice and a mirror.

🛁  leave the rose quartz to charge the facewash of choice while not using it. 

🚿 when you go to wash your face, light the candle nearby.

🛁 anoint the mirror with a drop of wax.

🚿 use the facewash as you would normally, wash and rinse your face.

🛁  pat your face dry and blow out the candle. 

🚿  remove wax from the mirror, leave rose quartz to charge facewash. 

Subtle Magical Practice

Some of us live an environment where we cannot practice our craft openly.  It is a shame but our living situation is what it is.  So this is for those of you - of age of course- who cannot openly practice magic!

Energy working

This is a method that requires pretty much no tools so there’s not much to hide.  You can set barriers and shields with this method and no one ever can see.  However, if your spiritual strength is a bit on the low end, this is also a great way to start trying to increase it.  Like working out for your spirit power.

Here’s a post with various sources on energy working!

Kitchen Magic

This is one that if you like cooking, you can do without ever being suspected.  This is also a perfect excuse to have a lot of herbs because you can claim its for cooking!  I’m afraid I’m not particularly versed in it so I don’t really have any recipes to give but you can find a ton within the kitchen magic tag!


Music can be paired, I think, with energy work and it can be used for a lot!  Especially if it has an emotive response for you!  Music tends to give me emotional responses and I have used it on more than one occasion to cleanse, lift the air and even give myself a boost in power.  You can even pull song lyrics to help make a spell incantation!  I can’t really tell you specifically which songs to use because this all would depend on how music effects you.  But it is certainly an option!  You can also sing or play your own instrument if you can to fuel a spell or cleanse!

Water, Water, Everywhere

Keep your empty bottles and you can store water of different types in there. Moon water, Storm water, Sun water, Sea water (if you are near the ocean), or even just add some salt to your water bottle.   You can keep it in a drawer or something and it is pretty versatile.  Salt water/sea water is great for cleansing and banishing and I love to use Storm water for the same purpose!  And if your family or roommates find it, so what?  All they’ll see are bottles of water.

Pop Culture Magic

As a nerd, I like the idea of charging up video game symbols or something and using it as something witchy.  And to others, it can just look like you are just wearing nerdy regalia.  Got a cool necklace from your favorite tv show?  Great!  Charge that sucker up in sun or moonlight and wear it around with you as a special charm!  Like some symbols from that video game you like?  Awesome!  Use it to make a special sigil of your own!


Now that we’ve mentioned sigils, those are actually pretty great too!  You can use a pen to draw them on your skin somewhere under your clothes.  Draw it into the soup you are about to eat, use your concealer to draw it on your face and blend it in, draw it on a sheet of paper and put it in your pocket to carry with you.  Draw it on the inside of your tag on your shirt or jacket!  Hell, draw it and take a picture of it and set it as your phone background!  Sigils are extremely versatile and easy to keep very subtle!

Glamour Magic

This is a big one and really easy to disguise.  Use your make up to cast a spell on yourself for the day!  Charge your make up in moonlight to give it some extra strength!  Don’t wear make up?  That’s cool too!  Chapstick charged in moonlight is great!  You can also use your facial scrub or soap and use it as a cleansing ritual.  You can also use your clothes!  Charge up your clothes with moon or sunlight!  You can also charge them with your intent and focus on that intent becoming a part of you as you put them on!  You can also incorporate knot magic and braid your hair to lock in the spell so to speak or focus on the braid and it’s weaving together what you want to happen!  You can also use your cologne or perfume to set your tone for the day!


If you are allowed to burn them, they can be helpful as well!  All you have to do is say you like to have nice smelling candles!  And speaking of scents, aromatherapy is a great tool as well!  You can carve sigils into candles, anoint them with different waters and herbs!  

Bath Magic

Oh boy this is a good one and also great for self care and cleansing!  You can charge up your favorite soaps, body washes and shampoos in the sun or moonlight!  You can also mix a bit of your different waters in with them!  I like to take my body wash and mix in some herbs!  Rosemary is a great one for cleansing and protection.  You can use bath salts to help with cleansing and there all kinds of things you can add in there!  Throw in some lemon slices, orange slices just some really great stuff and it makes you feel so nice!


Not really magic but I’m including it because in theory if you are in a situation where you can’t practice magic, you are probably in a situation in which you can’t openly do tarot either.  Shufflemancy is a good one because all you need is your music.  That’s it.  Nothing suspicious about that.  You just shuffle whether specified by another person or by when you think you should stop and give a reading based on the song that came up.  You can also use Stichomancy (with books) or Bibliomancy (which is with the Bible.  How’s THAT for ironic?  HAH!) 

That’s what I’ve got for now but I’m sure there are other options to pursue.  I hope this was helpful to some of you!

Safe Travels

Voodoo Mama's Spellbook: Revenge Curse

*My spells are okay for any and everyone to use in their craft, not just those who practice Voodoo or Hoodoo*

Oh babies this sure is a NASTY spell. This is a revenge cross/curse. I originally got it years ago from a website and changed a lot of aspects of it. I cannot seem to find the original writer to give them the original credit but if you know please let me know. Again, I have changed a lot about the spell and have made it my own.


  • Spiderwebs, from a very dark place in your home preferably 
  • Black Square of Fabric
  • Dead Insect 
  • Plants or herbs for your intent. I will be using Spanish Moss and the flowers from a Persian Silk Tree 
  • Personal Item of the Person 
  • Black Candle 
  • Oil to anoint the candle with proper intent (Optional, I will be using Black Arts Oil)
  • Small slip of paper
  • Pen (If you can write in bats blood ink that would work amazing too.)


  1. Write what you want to happen to the person on the slip of paper. Do you want them to suffer? Lose their job? 
  2. Anoint the candle in your oil of choice and light it. Imagine everything that will happen with this curse. Really put your energy into it. If you are contacting any specific deity for this, now would be the time. If not, continue. 
  3. As the candle burns, place the cobwebs you obtained into the center of the square. This is to bind and hold. This will stick. 
  4. Take the dead insect and place it inside of the web. This insect represents your victim. They are now stuck in your web. Add the personal item at this point to bind it to them. Bonus points if it is their hair or nails as it will make the spell more likely to work and even stronger. 
  5. Sprinkle any herbs or plants that you gathered into the mixture, visualizing their intent. 
  6. Pour the candle wax into everything. Just onto all of the ingredients. You are sealing them in and there is no turning back at this point. 
  7. Tie everything together with the fabric. Thank your deity if you called them. Go somewhere dark and dank, using the candle as your only light. Like a corner of your basement, a crawlspace under your house, a hole in your closet wall, somewhere like that. Make sure it will get as little light as possible. Once you find a place, blow out the candle and let the smoke linger. Now you will leave it there for either 16 days or 16 weeks, which is 4 months. There is no in between. The number must be 16. So choose the smaller time or the longer time. Either way it will work but I would think of it like this: The longer it stays the more extreme the curse will be, as it builds up over time. Do not look at, touch, or mess with it until it has been either 16 days or 16 weeks. I would count it down to the minute just to be safe. The devil cannot even refuse you when you use the number 16. 
  8. As the time continues, you will notice things start to slowly happen to the person. Small inconveniences. This is when you know that the energy has found the person. It is watching them and waiting on your last command. 
  9. You are now to seal the deal. All of the built up energy in this charm is ready to be released. Take it and (quickly) go to a graveyard. Bury the charm under ground and as soon as it is completely covered, the energy will spark and sink into the ground. Pushed by the spirits, it will find the person you aimed it at and hit them like a ton of bricks.

Warnings: This is a very powerful spell. I would not recommend it if you just want to cause a little bad luck on someone. This is for serious revenge and someone who really deserves it. THIS CURSE CANNOT BE REVERSED. THE CURSE WILL CARRY ON UNTIL IT FEELS IT HAS DONE THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF REVENGE FOR YOU. The energy has to go somewhere and if you leave it alone for longer than 16 weeks the spell will hunt you down. If you throw it away it will hunt you down. You cannot back out after the wax is poured. If you choose to stop, before the wax is poured of course, simply take the bug out of the web and bury it and then dispose of the other items.

Tips For Subtle Witchcraft

There are plenty of places & times when you may feel that openly being a witch will negatively affect your quality of life. Whether that be because of a hostile work environment, living with roommates who may not appreciate altars and spellwork, or something else.

For witches who can’t afford to have physical representations of their work / beliefs, here are a few tips:

🌰 Paint a sigil for beauty on your face with foundation before blending it into your skin.

🌰 Stir a sigil or your intention into a cup of coffee and drink to experience the results.

🌰 Charge water in a windowsill and use for anointing candles, doorways, or cleansing spaces by sprinkling a few drops.

🌰 Research popular folk beliefs / superstitions that you can co-opt into spells - think sprinkling some salt.

🌰 Learn to read playing cards - folks will assume you’re playing some kind of elaborate solo game.

🌰 Make use of meditation as a time to practice and ground.

🌰 Go out into nature and make use of your time with the wise old trees and friendly squirrels.

🌰 Explore kitchen witchery and herblore as mundane-friendly practice methods.

🌰 Use art as a mode of practicing. Paint sigils into your work, create images in place of an altar, and draw your intentions into being.

Don’t forget that you don’t need fancy tools, or physical objects to witch. You just need focus and a healthy dose of creativity.

Gender/Sexuality Protection Spell Jar

“Attacks against my gender identity and/or sexual orientation do not wound me.”

The purpose of this spell is to influence protection against any attacks targeted on one’s gender identity and/or sexual orientation. You are valid, and you are safe.

Materials: a jar, a small bowl, rosemary, thyme, rose petals, chamomile, mint, red jasper, a sigil, a candle and anointing oil(for 1a) and/or a slip of paper and pen (for 1b). Optional: a personalizing material, such as a lock of hair or a slip of paper with your name (for 5b).

There are two different versions of step one. You can choose to do just one or you could do both. However, if doing both, complete step 1a before step 1b.

1a. Carve your sigil into your candle. I personally chose a white candle because white represents purity and healing. Anoint the candle with oil while meditating on the focus of the sigil. Light the candle and continue the spell beside it.

1b. Write your sigil on the slip of paper. Put it along the inside wall of the jar so that it is facing out, the sigil acting as a shield of protection, or for a larger jar one may fold it up and place it in the bottom for a solid foundation.

2. Put the rosemary, thyme, rose petals, chamomile, and mint in the small bowl one by one. 

Rosemary for courage, strength, happiness, healing, protection, and releasing negativity. 

Thyme for healing and releasing negativity.

 Rose petals for love, confidence, and healing. 

Chamomile to soothe and relax. Mint for protection and soothing.

3. Crush together the materials in the bowl with your fingers. As you break them down, visualize the process as breaking down your problems.

4. Put the crushed materials in your jar.

5. Add red jasper, for stability and emotional equilibrium. You may add as much or as little as you want.

5b. Optional: To help link the spell directly to you, you could add a personalizing material, or effectively a piece of yourself, so the spell will hold it’s effect on you even when it is not with you This could be a lock of hair or your name on a slip of paper, for example. I personally didn’t add one because my jar is a necklace that I will be wearing regularly.

6. Close your jar. If possible, seal it using the wax from the candle.

At this point you may put out the candle or leave it to burn. I personally chose to let it burn a while longer (though unfortunately not long enough to melt the sigil because I have familial obligations and I can’t leave a candle unattended).

Don’t forget to put out your candle and don’t leave it unattended!

Now the spell is done! Once again, the purpose of this spell is to influence protection against any attacks targeted on one’s gender identity and/or sexual orientation. You are valid, and you are safe.

Try to stay strong, everybody!

“Sweet, My Sweet” Spell 🍰

a spell of sharing sweets to silently impart one’s feelings to another

🍰 gather: some sweet food such as candy or cakes, morning dew, a white candle flower petals indicative of your feelings. 

🍰 arrange the sweets around the candle, and the flower petals around the food in a pattern to your liking

🍰 light the candle, and anoint the petals with dew. 

🍰 gather the energies and push them into the food. 

🍰 blow out the candle, seal the charmed food with a kiss. 

🍰 share the food with a willing, consenting companion. 

Cunning Celt's Spell To Banish Unwanted Persons

Grind together black pepper, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, sea salt, and bay leaves until you have a fine powder, then cover with castor oil, shaking vigorously to distribute.

Anoint a purple candle with this Banishing Oil. On paper, write the name of the one you wish to banish, then write your own name over the top, essentially crossing theirs out. Place the paper beneath the lit candle and chant:

“I cover you, I cross you
I command you, I compel you,
(Name of target) child of (target’s mother)
Get out of my life now!”

Continue chanting and focusing your power until the candle is burned.

Best performed during a waning moon.

Witch Tip

When you anoint candles in essential oil, don’t rub the pure oil on there. Add a couple drops to water or a carrier oil and anoint the candle in that. Add the oil to magical water (like moon or rain water) if you’d like the extra boost.

Reason being, just dousing a candle in essential oil creates a REALLY strong smell. I just made the mistake of unleashing a lemongrass storm inside my apartment. My apologies to my roommate.

The “IT” Curse

This curse is to make someone’s fears blind them, to make them fall into despair and to bring chaos into their life.

Please use this curse wisely. It has been tested and proven to be quite damaging, it isn’t something to be used lightly. Eris and I created this curse together, so you can only assume it would be powerful.


  • 1 black (or white) candle
  • Vinegar
  • Lemon juice
  • Black or red pepper
  • Blueberries


I. Carve the name of the target into your candle. If you have a photo of them, you can place it on your alter or under the candle (if it’s safe for you to).

II. Anoint your candle with the ingredients above. It’s okay if you can’t use all of the ingredients, but the ones listed are very specifically helpful for this curse.

III. Light your candle and meditate on what your intention is at that moment. Why are you preforming this curse? What do you want to happen to them? Think about it and release that energy into the candle.

IV. Once your energy is in the candle, chant:

“All that [Name] shall feel is sorrow.
 Their fears shall grow, and their heart shall hollow.
 Bring them horror, bring them pain, every time I whisper their name.
 [Name], [Name], [Name], I bind thee, you shall never be free.
 This is my will, so mote it be!”

V. Allow the candle to burn all the way down. It is helpful if it is on top of their picture. Once the candle has burned down completely, dispose of it as you wish. Burying is the best option, especially if it is by crossroads or in a graveyard.

~ Eris

Essential Oil Benefits: Peppermint

Health Benefits: Clinically speaking, peppermint oil is recommended for its anti-nausea benefits and soothing effects on the gastric lining and colon because of its ability to reduce muscle spasms. It reduces stomach aches, soothe digestive issues, freshens bad breath, relieves headaches, Improves mental focus, clears respiratory tract, boosts energy, releases tight muscles, and cures and treats migraines and headaches. It also relieves sunburn.

Vitamins, Minerals, and Related: Antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti-itch,  a ‘cephalic’ oil, known to stimulate the brain and aid in clear thinking, anti-inflammatory, stimulant, carminative, and antispasmodic.

Beauty Benefits: Boosts hair health, encourages hair growth, clears skin, cleans away bacteria and debris, treats acne, approves eczema and psoriasis when applied topically.

Magickal Uses: Use in spells for stimulation to yourself or the spell. Candles anointed with this own are especially powerful. It is protective of the home.

Interesting Facts: It’s mentioned in Greek mythology the nymph Mentha was transformed into an herb by Pluto who had fallen in love with her and wanted people to appreciate her for years to come.The health benefits of peppermint oil as well as peppermint oil uses have been documented back to 1,000 BC and have been found in several Egyptian pyramids.

A Spell for Memory and Concentration


  • A necklace or other piece of jewelry/object to enchant. I used a hematite necklace, because it enhances memory and intelligence.
  •  Rosemary, for memory and intellect 
  • Peppermint oil, for focus and clarity of mind - A purple candle; purple represents wisdom
  •  A container of some type. I personally use a teacup as my little “cauldron,” but you can use anything from a small bowl to a saucer. 

To cast the spell: 

  •  I prepared by cleansing my necklace with sage. 
  • Put the rosemary in the container and lay the necklace on top. Light the candle. 
  • Drop a few drops of peppermint oil onto the necklace. If you don’t want oil on your necklace/object, you can rub it on your wrists and smell it or anoint the candle with it. 
  • Hold the necklace/object in your hands and say: “this [necklace/name of object] will help me with memory and concentration as I study and take tests in the following week(s). Blessed be." 
  • Blow out the candle and pass the object through the smoke to consecrate it. 
  • I personally seal my spells with a kiss; you can do this, or you can consider it sealed when you pass it through the smoke. 

Wear/carry the necklace/object when studying and taking tests. Since smelling peppermint helps with memory and focus, (it activates the same part of your brain as caffeine does,) I suggest re-anointing or rubbing some on your wrists before tests. 

☀️ Sun Candle Spell ☀️

This little spell was inspired by an anonymous inquiry I received in regards to one simple question - Why aren’t there quite as many sun spells as there are moon ones? Here is an easy candle ritual to show your worship to our wonderful source of daytime energy; to try and bring some of the sun’s light into your own. ~ (This is also a very simple spell that requires little materials / is good for baby witches whom are allowed to use candles / is a great Summer ritual)!

✨1). Gather a yellow or orange candle, some sunflower oil (optional), and something to carve a symbol into the candle.

✨2). At a point during the day (try choosing a Sunday!), in which the sun seems to be shining its brightest (or, if you like, during the sunrise), find a sunny spot, inside or outside, to safely place and light your candle. Sit cross-legged before your candle, anoint it with your oil (if you are using any), and carve a sun symbol into it.

✨ 3). Light your candle. Focus on the flame, or close your eyes. Visualize the sun’s light pouring into your existence, filling it with inviting warmth and positive vibrations. Meditate on what it is you wish to make “sunnier” in your life - helping to better a sour perspective or relationship, wanting to be a more cheery person, hoping to see the brighter side more often. The light and warmth holds you, blessing you with its solar powers.

✨4). End the little ritual with a closing statement: “You fill me up with gratitude / I hope to use some light from you / To find the sun inside my being / Your endless glow shall set me free.”

✨5). Once you feel ready, blow out your candle and silently thank the sun. If you’d like, you may create a small sun shrine in which you place your candle front and center! Fill it with sunflowers/sunflower imagery, marigolds, yellow ribbons, topaz crystals, vials of golden glitter, or a sun tarot card. Blessed be! ~ 🕯🌤💫🙏🏻