on Trans Transformers

via Lost Light #8, a conversation between Cybertronians Anode (she/her) and Wipe-Out (he/him):

“Lug’s a she now. Me too.”


 “It’s just a better fit. The further you get from Cybertron—the more people you meet—the more you realize that as a race we’ve been limiting ourselves unnecessarily. You know before the war, when the Primal Vanguard used to come home between campaigns? There’d always be a few who had reclassified themselves—a few ‘she’s’ amongst the 'he’s’. They tended to stick together. He to she. I didn’t understand the significance. What difference did it make? But after we left Cybertron and started to meet so many other races… yeah. Then it made sense. It made perfect sense.”

“Is that why you changed your look?”

“Yep. New shape, new me.”

This is great, because it does several important things:

  1. Canonically transgender Transformers who changed pronouns and got their bodies reshaped.
  2. It shows why, on the day of the issue’s release, author James Roberts tweeted his thanks to a user who describes herself as a “gay trans woman”
  3. It explains how two characters with female pronouns could originate on Cyberton when previous canon had established that Cybertron was a single-gender society only familiar with he/him pronouns (or the translated equivalent) for millennia.
  4. An explanation for all the female/feminine-looking background characters in flashbacks to that period, previously best identified as cute easter eggs.
  5. Establishing that some of the most ancient and badass Transformers, members of the pre-war Primal Vanguard alongside Grimlock, Ultra Magnus, and Hound, were trans women.
  6. Which means that these two ancient Cybertronians based on the IDW versions of Jem characters (and canon WLW) Kimber and Stormer were transgender and were very likely butt-kicking veteran warriors:

Which means there’s not one, but two canon couples of trans WLW Transformers.

mtmte and ll are so wild though…I mean you have this dude that built a time machine to save his crush, a murderer in the basement, a guy with one eye that just wants his hands back but will murder you, a girl that stuck her friends brain in her eyeball, a trans lesbian that rebuilt her trans gf [that is a friggin backpack], a really freakin old gay couple, half of them are smashed at all times, a (ex?) genocidal tyrant, a cat with swords, a bunch of fanboys, oh and let’s not forget the patriotic murder group and the confused boys that are the Scavengers

morganecyor  asked:

I'm somewhat familiar with Chromedome and Rewind but are there any more important LGBT characters?

A fine question to ask for National Coming Out Day, well done!

IDW’s approach to Transformers - which is to say that female Transformers have not existed on Cybertron in statistically significant quantity for millions of years - means that, in fact, the whole planet is a “homonormative” society where male bots loving male bots is the standard. In addition to the breakout case of Chromedome and Rewind, other notable ‘bots have included Needlenose and Horri-Bull:

Brainstorm, who had an unrequited crush on Quark:

And Blast Off, revealed to harbour love for his commander Onslaught, who was recently mentally manipulated into returning that affection:

The introduction of Cybertron’s colony worlds, on which female Transformers widely exist, hasn’t changed this any. Same-gender couples are common on colony worlds too, including Knock Out and Breakdown, canonizing the popular fan interpretation of the Transformers Prime characters’ relationship:

And the colonies have opened up the door to female/female couples too, like Greenlight and Lancer:

and Jumpstream and Dustup:

Special mention has to Lug and Anode, a pair of assigned-male-at-birth Transformers from Cybertron who ventured out into the universe and gained a new understanding of gender through their encounters with other alien species. Throwing off the shackles of their all-made homeworld and deciding that “female” fit them better, they transitioned to become the first transgender lesbian Transformers couple.

Now, this isn’t a complete list - there are other minor characters, and some from further back in Transformers history who are…. llllllets say, less-enlightened depictions of LGBTQ individuals. We once made a post about that history, and you can also check our Transformer romance article for a more complete list of relationships.

LL#3 Baby Theory??

After LL#3, I’ve had a bit of a far fetched theory brewing up in the back of my head?? It’s my first time sharing a theory publicly so I’m pretty nervous.

Anyways here are my thoughts on why I think that, somewhere along the way, the crew will successfully bring about the creation of the first protoform in millions of years:

Two of the three plot lines presented in Issue 3 dwelled on the topic of “new cybertronian life”, both with nine-of-twelve going into detail about the senate’s (and then the council’s) “unnatural” method of making new cybertronians, and more interestingly enough: 

The reveal of Anode as a ‘blacksmith’ and what the snowflake-shaped item is

Two main components are needed to make a protoform: a spark and the sentio metallico. So far we have the latter of the two components.. but I believe, and this is just speculation, that we might already have the other half - a new spark.

And where would that new spark be??
Well, what if (and this where the far-fetched part of this theory comes in) what Rung coughed up earlier in issue 1.. was actually a tiny, ‘newly born’ spark? 

At a closer look, whatever Rung coughed up seems to emit a very similar glow to that of his spark in the previous panel:

and maybe having the ‘brightest spark’ means you have enough left over to maybe even.. make a whole desperate, new spark?? I don’t know, honestly.
[EDIT: Another thought?? Maybe the deep, agonizing, and unfiltered grief Rung is feeling over the loss of someone close to him.. incited the new spark, new life, to be made in its stead.. ?]

But if this holds any ground, and that is a fresh new baby spark Rung just coughed up, then the possibility for a “naturally born” cybertronian runs very high, specially with the presence of the sentio metallico Anode has kept on her for the last five hundred years, nine moths, fourteen days, and six or so hours.

and the fact that her job used to be exactly that: helping new sparks find their shape through their sentio metallico. 

Also with the thought of a tiny baby bot joining the crew/

But yeah that’s all I got. I’m not really all that good at this as the lot of you, but if you have anything else to add I’d be more than glad to hear of it <3

EDIT: Kinda bummed out it wasn’t a baby spark bUT!! It’s still very much tied to the creation of new cybertronian life so !!! Close enough I suppose?? :p