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Star Wars worlds : Bespin 
Bespin was an immense gas giant located in the vicinity of the Anoat system, a desolate sector of the galaxy. Bespin had several moons, and its gaseous mass contained a thin stratum of habitable atmosphere. Its layers were a source of rare Tibanna gas, which was harvested and refined in several mining complexes, including Cloud City, an opulent metropolis suspended in the planet’s huge billowing clouds.

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Could you maybe do some more boba fett, please? Extra fluffy. I really need it atm. Please, and thank you.

A/N: I’m so sorry for the delay in getting to this one, but thank you for your request! (Also, I apologize that this one is shorter than I had originally planned)

Warning: None

Prompt: Boba Fett takes the reader to their home planet as a surprise. 

The homesickness was eating you alive. For the past couple of years, you had been traveling around the galaxy with Boba Fett, attempting to help him with his bounties and all the other trouble he found himself involved in. However, you deeply missed your home world and longed for nothing more than to return to the beautiful lands once again. 

Somehow, Boba Fett seemed to sense your longing. One evening, while you were nostalgically looking out the window of his ship, he came up behind you and placed his sturdy hand on your shoulder. “I’m sorry the great distress being away from home has caused you.” 

You sighed, trying to hold back your tears. “I’ll be alright,” You continued to look out into the vast space and noticed an oddly familiar planet approaching you. “What planet is that?” 

“That’s Nothoiin.” He informed you. 

You sat up straight, recognizing the name. “Why are we in the Anoat sector? We’re supposed to be heading to Tatooine?” 

“We’re making a quick stop before making our way to that system,” Boba gave you a slight grin, “Y/N, you’re going home.” 

After a bit more space travel, you finally landed on your home world of Polmanar. When you landed, you were overcome with a great sense of joy. You grabbed Boba and pulled him into you, smiling wider than you had in years. 

“I can’t believe this!” You exclaimed as you took in the fresh air that surrounded you. “Boba, this is so sweet of you.” 

He reached out and stroked the side of your face. “I couldn’t stand to see you so upset, Y/N; it broke my heart. You deserve this time to remember where you come from.” 

Tears begin to fill in your eyes. You reached for Boba’s hand and gave it a soft squeeze. “I want to take you somewhere.” You whispered. 

After walking for a while, you found the small valley that you had spent most of your childhood running around in. The grasses swayed in the wind and the beautiful sky always made you forget the misfortune that occurred on the planet at times. 

You lead Boba towards a large tree and sat down, your back against the bark. “This is where I spent the majority of my time before I had to work,” You grabbed his hand and intertwined your fingers with his. “This place means so much to me.” 

Boba smiled as he took in your happiness. “I’m glad that this brings you so much happiness. I wish you could always be this happy.” 

Now that you were able to return home, even if it was for a short period of time, you felt that you were going to be able to carry on your missions with Boba without the home sickness. “Even if I’m not at home, as long as I’m with you, I always will be.”

Is the New Republic surrounded?

Weeeell. That’s a line of thought i’ve been entertaining. Like a lot. I’ve been meaning to do a post on that, so that’s the occasion. Let’s talk facts and possibilities. It’s gonna be a wild ride.

Maps. Maps are good. We can’t talk about the NR being surrounded without a map. But first let’s get an idea of the Empire’s reach before it got wrecked - it’s very incomplete, but gives an idea.

Also i did say it’d be a wild ride. Bear with me.

The red points are locations (really) easy to find, where Imperial presence most definitely was a thing. All the exploration and mapping going on shows they’re going everywhere.

Fast forward. The Empire’s been defeated at Endor, and Imperials are fleeing towards the Unknown Regions (where the Starkiller will be built), the Outer Rim and Wild Space, as seen in [Aftermath]. Let’s note an important map-related point from the VD:

One of those travelers is Lor San Tekka. It’s highly likely some of these records touched on Imperial exploration endeavors. 

- THE MAPS. And we know, through TFA, the FO has maps inherited from the Empire. Which already gives them an advantage. Since to surround the NR, you’d need to start your pincer move from the edges of the galaxy - Wild Space and the Unknown Reaches.

Anyway. The [preview to the history of propaganda book] says:

The thousand-year regime did not outlive its founder. The death of Palpatine at the Battle of Endor threw the Galactic Empire into tumult, as the autocracy did not have ironclad instruction of succession in the event of such a disaster. Ambitious members of the Imperial Council attempted to grab into their fiefdoms of power, while distant governors and Imperial military leaders seized what territories they could. Other loyalists tried to uphold Palpatine’s vision and considered such power grabs traitorous. Still more Imperials were relieved to be free of their sovereign and sued for peace with the victorious Alliance at their earliest opportunity.

This was a time of chess. The Empire’s expansion stalled, and its aggression turned inwards. Governors used their propaganda apparatus to spread tailored messages, which in aggregate were a contradictory and bewildering mess. Some, like Governor Abelhard of the Anoat sector, insisted that the Emperor lived on and that the Rebellion was spreading lies. Others downplayed the threat of the newly emergent New Republic, or refused to name it as such to avoid giving the victors any kind of legitimacy. Some ramped up fear by describing the New Republic as monstrous terrorists, swallowing former Imperial worlds whole with their anarchy.

The Akiva summit in Aftermath has also shown the Imperials are, at this point, splintered. Most important, the end reveals there’s a fleet in hiding somewhere in the Vulpinus Nebula (location unknown), led by a Grand Admiral. It’s also where Admiral Rae Sloane and the Super Star Destroyer Ravager are.

But we know at some point, the Ravager will leave its hiding place, and participate in the Battle of Jakku, where it’ll meet its end. Lost Stars told us the Battle of Jakku was followed by some Imperials retreating in the Core, and of a fleet hidden in the Queluhan Nebula (location unknown). The battle was also followed by the signing of the Galactic Concordance treaty (a mutual treaty, though the exact terms are hard to work out), but let’s emphasize an important point from the propaganda book:

The Galactic Concordance, the peace treaty that brought an end to hostility, was at last signed after the last remnants of the Imperial fleet vanished following the Battle of Jakku. Former Imperial governors were invited to the New Republic, though many of them bore the weight of crushing reparations.

So those didn’t sign no treaty. The VD confirms that:

We also know, from the propaganda book preview, that post Battle of Jakku, some other Imperials will join the NR, and later secede to form the FO:

Over time, the former Imperials reunited as the First Order and coolly inhabited a wing of Republic politics until tension reached a breaking point. The First Order seceded from the New Republic, a move that was welcomed by many in the galactic capital. But others realized that without Republic oversight, the First Order would return to the Empire’s draconian ways and ambitious expansion. To counter this specific concern, Leia Organa of Alderaan founded the Resistance, a paramilitary group that probed the neutral space separating the First Order and the Republic for signs of treaty violation.

Okay so timeline-wise, we now get to [Bloodline]. Methinks the Centrists, not all probably, but the most extreme, are likely to be the seceding party. The threat at the edges of the galaxy teased in released materials for the book would be another imperial splinter, and my working hypothesis is the FO as such is born from a meeting of the Senate-splinter extremists and the Hidden-splinter (or, alternatively, one of an unknown number of Hidden-splinters. You know, for another trilogy. Or spin-offs.)

Okay, so overall, we have timeline issues, and it’s hard to see yet how all those different remnants relate to each other exactly. Bloodline will probably give us more on the FO’s birth, and that’ll clarify a few things. In any case, we know the book should at least end with the creation of the Resistance, and the NR aware of the FO’s existence. 

And so we get to the situation before TFA. We know the NR isn’t taking the FO seriously at this point, and i could mount up evidence but let’s just quote a bit from [Poe’s Before the Awakening chapter]. It comes from a Major Deso, of the NR’s Navy, so we can say it’s the official line:

“The Senate Intelligence Committee has reviewed the reports and has found them inconclusive, at best grossly overstated, Poe. This is a non-issue. It’s a big galaxy. The First Order is a remnant born of a war thirty years gone. Yes, they persist, yes, they continue, but by all accounts they do so barely. They are, at best, an ill-organized, poorly equipped, and badly funded group of loyalists who use propaganda and fear to inflate their strength and their importance.”

Yeah. Moving on, much has been said of the NR’s head-in-the-sand policy. Let’s ask instead, what’s exactly the influence zone of the New Republic?

The propaganda book preview tells us, emphasis mine,

Once the dust of the Galactic Civil War settled, the New Republic was a fraction of the size of the Empire and the Republic that preceded it. Its size was dictated by the egalitarian process that created it. Many systems opted out of galactic representation, but remained on friendly terms with the galactic government. A Galactic Senate would convene on the capital - a capital that would have no fixed location and would travel to different worlds determined by election.

Those are some very important points. 

The Poe chapter in Before the Awakening has three helpful bits; the first one is about an official NR map:

“[Poe] clenched his fists, unclenched them, then looked past Deso at the wall of the briefing room behind him. A display showed the galaxy, color overlays marking realms of political influence. Their position at the Republic base in Mirrin Prime was marked by a gently pulsing gold dot at sea in the royal blue that represented the New Republic’s sphere of influence. It stretched far and wide, from the Inner Core to great swaths of the Outer Rim. A gray band designated the neutral region of the Borderland, and beyond that was a pocket of crimson, First Order territory.

For the first time, Poe saw the map and thought it was lying”.

The second one is on the Resistance’s maps:

A holoprojector, used for analysis and planning, glowed in an opposite corner, projecting one of the Republic news feeds, but it had been muted, making it seem as if the reporter were speaking in pantomime. On the far wall, opposite where he’d entered, were two displays showing the galaxy, similar to the overlay map in Deso’s office. It took Poe another second to realize the difference, that these weren’t political maps but rather operational ones, showing troop and fleet movements”.

I keep thinking it’s weird the Navy uses what amounts to political maps, and it makes me wonder if the NR didn’t recognize the sovereignty of the FO, or the seceding Senate-splinter, on some areas of space.

The uncivilized ones, mostly. Far from the Core. 

Which, of course, would have been a really bad move, since that’s not NR territory. 

Anyway, last bit:

Republic space and First Order space were separated by a buffer zone of neutral systems, and the peace that had been negotiated—a peace that many, including Poe, believed existed in name only—meant that military action taken by one side upon the other was considered an overt act of war. It didn’t seem to matter that evidence of First Order incursions into Republic space continued to mount; the Republic refused to take any action outside of the most formal diplomatic protest. Striking directly at the First Order was out of the question. As Leia explained it to Poe, Resistance action had to remain covert, at least until irrefutable evidence of the First Order’s violation of the peace could be presented to Republic Command

Hey. Mutual treaty! Breaking of terms on both sides!

More importantly for today’s question, buffer zones.

Let’s work magic now (i wish)

  • in dark blue, 
    • Kashyyyk, whom we can suppose has been liberated during Aftermath: Life Debt
    • Chandrila, first seat of the NR’s Senate
    • D’Qar gets some blue too, since it’s a Resistance base of operation.
  •  in dark blue + less dark blue, 
    • Bespin, freed in the comics post RotJ 
    • Endor
  • in green
    • Ryloth, who likely stayed an independent player since Bloodline. 
    • The deformed green potato is Hutt Space (EU limits since official map’s so sadly lacking, but Bloodline confirms it exists and is disintegrating, so for now that’ll do to get an idea), where it’s very probable that, disintegration of Hutt power or not, the NR has little influence. Bloodline will probably tell us more. 
    • Takodana gets some green too, because it’s a neutral system 
  • the red dots are
    • Jakku, in the Inner Rim, and that should be NR territory – but it’s also pretty far from the main routes and near the Unknown Reaches.
    • Takodana, Mid Rim, neutral system.
    • D’Qar, Outer Rim, where the Resistance has a base.

That gives us an idea of how deep into the galaxy the FO ventured from the edges where it’s been relegated. Interesting to see how much terrain the FO/imperial remnants gained back, what with those red dots’ locations compared to the Endor and Bespin ones. From that’s here’s another speculative map, on possible influence zones. It’s of course wildly speculative.

In green possible FO reach; in green possible independent and/or buffer zones ; in blue possible extension of the NR and Resistance holdouts. The big red line is an approximation of the frontline as seen in TFA. Zones without colors i need more data for. No idea what could have been going in the Core with that Imperial fleet, for one. But that looks like a pincer move. Moar data will maybe make the NR look even more surrounded.

Also i really should start trying for decent maps instead of crappy paint edits.

Now a few last detail - we also know Mon Mothma’s argument for demilitarization in Aftermath was followed on by the NR; among other sources on that, the VD says

So from the start, the NR was, military-wise, in a bad place.

And even better, or worse depending on one’s point of view, we know the destruction of Hosnian Prime was the occasion to destroy part of the NR’s fleet. Hux’s speech:

Today is the end of the Republic. The end of a regime that acquiesces to disorder. At this very moment in a system far from here, the New Republic lies to the galaxy while secretly supporting the treachery of the loathsome Resistance. This fierce machine which you have built, upon which we stand will bring an end to the Senate, to their cherished fleet. All remaining systems will bow to the First Order and will remember this as the last day of the Republic! FIRE!

Some estimations by @seankayos on the destruction, from [here]:

If I had to guess, I’d assume the entirety of the New Republics civilian and military leadership is dead or missing in action in Hosnia, with 80 to 85% of the entire New Republic fleet burning from stem to stern alongside, including pretty much all of their heavy assets (battleships, Star Destroyers equivalents, carriers etc). What’s left is most likely the smattering of patrol bases that Poe refers to in his chapter of Before The Awakening, maybe some light escorts, cruisers and carriers on patrol/pirate hunting duty, as well as the various local defense forces. Either way, the situation is basically even worse than it was for the Rebels back in the day, in this new war the local defense forces will in all likelihood abandon other systems to defend their homes, and the NR has been at peace for 30 years

Now, we still have the Resistance - they’re a private paramilitary organisation, and have been fighting (well sort of) the FO already, so at least they’re ready. Aren’t they?

When the First Order’s true agenda was exposed in the most spectacular and horrific display of war technology known to history, the arguments evaporated as quickly as the Hosnian system. The Republic was burned away in minutes, the result of long-term plotting on the part of the First Order. The minuscule Resistance instantly became the galaxy’s only hope. And emerging from the depth of hidden space, the First Order appeared as a fully mechanized military threat.

Once again, war engulfed the galaxy. Once again, the candle of hope guttered in the winds of troop movements.

Yeah, no.

- Back to the question (was it a question? i’m not that sure). It’s quite possible.