ano to joke

There was this old man whose in late 60. He was wearing light blue polo shirt, maong pants and topsider and he was having a bouquet of pure red roses. The old man was running towards to the jeep that I am in. When the jeepney driver saw him running he stopped and let the man get in. The old man sat beside me where his roses almost hit my face so what I did is I moved little.

By just seeing his eyes, I can say that he is deeply in love. His glowing like it was his first time seeing the girl he loves.

I gave him a glimpse and unfortunately, he saw me and asked me why.

“Sir? Ganda ng ngiti ha. Para sa number ano mo ba yan?” joke I threw to him.

“Para kay number one lang to. Isa lang sya hahaha.” he answered and gave me sweet laughs.

“Hahahhaa. Loyal. Dadalawin nyo ba sa opisina? Sweet naman sir.”

“Ay wala sa opisina. Nasa sementeryo. Idedate ko.” after hearing his words I was torn apart and felt like that I should’ve not asked him.

“Sorry sir. Pakasaya kayo sa date nyo ni misis” I said and I fake a smile.

Minsan talaga dapat di na ako nag tatanong e.