Haha I’m gonna post this here bc I can’t post it on my other blog.
You know how a while back I said I lost a friend through a really shitty way? And that that person cut off her friendships with me and my closest group of friends with a “I never want to talk to you guys ever again”?
Well I’m kind of angry at my best friends right now bc she became friends with said girl again and I’m also angry at said girl. I don’t even think angry at my best friend is even the right words.  I’m angry and confused  at how easily she accepted her.
Like no. Don’t do that. Maybe I’m not as forgiving and readily able to allow a person back in my life who hurt me and my friends but no. You said you didn’t want to talk to any of us again then don’t. Don’t do that confusing shit. And I’m mad at my best friend because she was probably the most hurt by all of this and she so readily allowed the sole person who ruined her summer back into her life. Like I know you’re really nice and all but you’re just opening yourself up to be hurt again by her and if she hurts you again you can guarantee that I won’t yell at her over it.
That’s so awkward to become friends with one of us again. Don’t do it. Just don’t. I can’t right now my blood is boiling but I’m trying to stay calm.

And this is why I don’t like drawing realistically . I suck at it.
Her head is too big and ugh I need to work on creating value. And I suck at noses. I gave her angular nostrils why?
This is actually my first true attempt at drawing realistic people.
This is practice for a project

hi you don’t know me but you sure know how to drop it like it’s hot (◡‿◡✿)


So I went on your blog and I see your name   Aaliyah

And then I’m like oh you’re Jana’s friend Aaliyah.

Omg I don’t know you but I love you. This is perf. I’m crying


Yay so I made a new reaction video. 

“Married to an Old Friend”
It had been five years since we last saw each other in the second grade. I promised myself I’d never forget everyone I left behind when my parents decided to move. The move wasn’t a very long one; I still pass by my old house. However, to my second grade self, it was like falling into an abyss; you scream your lungs out but no one hears you. It seemed the world was ending when I left all my old friends. I still remember crying before getting on my bus to my new school. Knowing that there wouldn’t be anyone I knew, knowing my shy nature and how hard it is for me to make friends, knowing that Keesha wouldn’t be waiting for me when I went into the classroom, it broke my heart.
Eventually, I did make new friends, but I always remembered my old ones; especially in sixth grade. I knew next year, the school I use to go to and the school I went to in sixth grade would merge into one middle school. It made me nervous and excited at the same time. I felt like I was next in line to go on a roller coaster; my fear of heights made me nervous, but my urge to feel the rush made me excited. I knew there was a chance for me to see all my old friends and introduce them to my new ones; that gave me hope. But what if they didn’t recognize me? What if they’ve changed completely? What if they don’t want my friendship again? It got me worried, scared even.
It wasn’t anything like that. I made even more friends in middle school. Keesha was in my social studies class, but I didn’t recognize her as “the” Keesha. Thankfully, she recognized me. It was in the second semester of seventh grade that we started to get close and started having actual conversations. She was the one that told me she was the Keesha I was looking for. It made me a bit guilty to know that she recognized me but I didn’t recognize her, but we still became great friends.
Now, two years later, we are “husband and wife.” We’ve come to find out more and more about each other each and every day. We have a lot of the same interests and she can cope with my annoying way of life. She makes me happy and I hope I do the same for her. The smallest things she shows to everyone; the small signs of affection, the teasing, the sarcasm, it makes me smile. We can finish each other’s sentences or even sometimes say them at the same time. It’s strange, but I find joy in it. We can’t play rock, paper, and scissors because we usually pick the same object. Every time something like that happens we both break out into laughter. We’re even planning to live in an apartment together in the future. Thinking back at it, I don’t know how I would’ve been right now if she wasn’t in my life. I’m happy I met her again.
—  Mruthul