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annyeonghaseyo you jinjja hate koreaboos ? omo ani ani . i sarang you kekeke unnies and oppas love me. annyeong everyone kimchilover67 out :3

kimchilover67 i?????????/// rly just cried

For You ~ pt.23

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~ Young ~

‘’Annyeong yeoreobun (hello everyone)!’’ I peek my head in and gleefully say my greeting, happy to see them. Despite only knowing them for a short amount of time, they weaved themselves deeply into my heart and to have them be gone on tour will take some getting used to.

‘’Makdongie (youngest), you’re here!’’ Hoseok and Jimin look up from the laptop, seated at the table. ‘’We’ve been waiting for you.’’

‘’But I’m already early.’’ Walking over to them, I see that they were watching a music video. ‘’What are you two up to?’’

‘’We’re re-watching some MVs.’’ Hoseok explains while pulling out a chair for me. ‘’Jungkookie, where is he?’’

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Zico: Flirty

“Annyeong, everyone!”

You don’t bother to knock on the door of the Block B dorm and no one questions it when you walk in without being invited. You know the code to the door, anyway. A few of the boys are sitting on the couch watching TV, one of them being Zico. He gives you this smirk and you playfully lick your lips at him.

Your relationship with Zico has been an interesting one.

Your relationship with the Block B boys stems from your relationship with P.O. You’ve known each other for ages, Mino as well, and they are actually the reason you’re at the dorm today. They wanted to hang out and chose the Block B dorm as the place. You don’t see either of your friends and you assume that they’re in P.O.’s bedroom, but first, there’s Zico.

“Hi, ____,” U-Kwon and Kyung greet, too focused on their movie.

“Hey, beautiful,” Zico greets from the couch and you wink in return.

“Where are my favorite boys?” you ask him, choosing to ignore him for now.

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I thought I would be able to keep it together but my feels DEFINITELY got the best of me as soon as I saw them. This, of course, resulted in VERY shaky footage so I tried to salvage what I could out of my videos and this is all I ended up with LOL, there are better fancams out there but I wanted to share this anyway because why not :’)

P.S. They must have been so tired yet they were still super nice and amazing with the fans till the end:

  1. They all accepted the gifts that fans gave them
  2. Dongwoo was smiling right when he came out - like he was genuinely surprised that they actually have fans here - where else on earth does such a cheerful human being like him exist + HE INTERACTED WITH THE FANS IN ENGLISH
  3. Sungjong was smiling and waving at everyone
  4. Woohyun slowed down to high five people and even took a selfie with someone - he apparently also said “saranghaeyo” to someone (so I’m jealous af LOL)
  5. Myungsoo kept saying “annyeong” to everyone and it was the cutest thing + he looked so damn good ugh
  6. Hoya looked exhausted but he still waved to fans
  7. I wish I could say something about Sunggyu but I barely saw him :’( HE LOOKED REALLY GOOD THOUGH

It’s still unbelievable that I actually met them and was close to them and I’m breathing the same air as them and the 7 boys that I’ve only ever seen on a screen HAVE FINALLY BECOME REAL TO ME LOL ugh the fangirl in me is so strong rn