St. Vincent
Dancing with a Ghost / Slow Disco
O2 Academy Brixton London
17 October 2017


St Vincent - New York (6 Music Live Room)

St Vincent performed an acoustic version of New York from her latest album Masseduction.

You can listen to the full interview here:

Don’t let people tell you you’re too young to know your sexuality. If you choose to come out at 12,13,14 and get reactions like “You’re too young to know.” or “It’s just a phase.” do not listen to them. Do not let them erase your sexuality. How come straight people are allowed to know from a young age, but queer people aren’t?
Some people figure out their sexuality when they’re older and some know from kindergarten. Whatever the case may be, your sexuality, and you, are valid. 


The 3rd Anniversary – Favorite: superpowers / skills / suits Matt Murdock

I guess you have to think of it as more than just five senses. I can’t see, not like everyone else, but I can feel. Things like balance and direction. Micro-changes in air density, vibrations, blankets of temperature variations. Mix all that with what I hear, subtle smells. All of the fragments form a sort of… impressionistic painting.