Our hosts (including Annie’s husband Jon) convene an emergency session of the Jem Jam to discuss the trailer for the Jem and the Holograms movie. Is it terrible? Or not terrible enough?

Intro post??? I have no clue what I'm doing?????

HOW BOUT BOTH! But yea, I don’t know how one goes about this secondary blog business, but too long have I held in all these shipping feels for the sake of like…not wanting the rl people who followed me to know. So welcome to my hideout where a 25 year old woman cares too much about who should be doing the sex to who! (Sometimes inappropriately. ….okay many times inappropriately.) Yay! But yeah this is going to be a whole slew of different fandoms and ships and just off the top of my head you can expect Jeff x Annie, Bellarke, murder husbands, lawyer boyfriends, trash twins probably I’m so sorry… And more. Welcome, I love anyone who even looks at this already.


November 13, 2014: What matches a grey and cold fall (almost winter) day in Toluca Lake, California better than some UGG Bailey Button Triplet Boots? You can purchase them in basically 5 colors and they’re all just fantastic and really comfortable. You can get these cuties on for $219.95. Along with her boots Ashley wore her husband’s Annie Automatic hoodie [x].

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“Apparently one of my students noticed my growing stomach and asked where babies came from. They didn’t believe the whole “stork option” so I told them that I ate a watermelon seed and now it’s growing into a baby. She started crying because she had watermelon for lunch.”  Annie shook her head, trying not to laugh. “Never a dull moment.”

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Mun is amazing, Muse is literally the original character, I am currently procastinating, As well as setting my grades on fire, But who cares when there's no more fucks left to give (even though there's a couple of fucks for other things and people), I hope both of you have a wonderful time, I will probably come back later (probably slightly drunk) (shhh, it's k), To sing some petty songs to you and to her. ~Anny

Anny, Anny! II love you but you have to study too!!! Here, EVA will sing a song for you about it:

I don’t want to set your grades on fire

I just want to start a flame on Snake’s pants

In my heart I have but one desire

And that one is making woohoo

No other thing will do

And now, go back to your studies! And come back when you’re drunk.

We can have a few drinks together. And more wonderful times!

Keeper of the Light

By Diane Chamberlain

Published (UK): September 2012

Pages: 506

Read: 17th May 2015


Would you walk in a dead woman’s shoes to get your husband back?
You’re on duty in the emergency room when the victim of a gunshot wound loses her life. She is Annie O'Neill. Your husband’s mistress.

Olivia can’t watch any longer as her husband grieves the love of his life. Desperate to understand who this perfect woman was, Olivia finds herself on Annie’s doorstep.
Befriending the newly widowed husband and troubled young daughter, Olivia starts to feel needed, but they have no idea who she really is.
There’s still time to turn back - to a husband who loves her second best. Or to keep walking into a new future where she’ll always be living a lie.

Two paths, two choices. Which way would you turn?

My review: 

I absolutely love Diane Chamberlain books, she is one of my favourite American authors and the reason why I love charity shop bookshelves, seeing as that’s where I first found her.

This is the first in a trilogy of the Keeper of the Light series, and it’s a great read. My favourite character is Olivia, and Chamberlain is great at really making you feel what she is going through, and get behind her challenge of which life she should choose. Chamberlain’s strength is her insight into humans would actually feel in the situations she puts them in. You come a long way in your thoughts about the characters from the beginning of the book to the final page, and there’s a lot of good character development.

The book has a fairly obvious ending but it doesn’t make the getting there any less sweet. It’s got a good plot which, like most Chamberlain books keeps feeding you surprises throughout. I can’t really find a fault with this book, a really great charity find.