anny vigil

I’ve learned my lesson: I shall never again plan to have a 14 second shot.

This rough sequence is only a part of the entire shot which from start to cleanup has taken me nearly a month. It’s only fitting that it’s the final piece of animation in the last scene of Act 1. Drawing the in-betweens was dulling my brain.

Iiiiiiit’s that time again!

An animation update. This time of Anny! The more progress I make on the first act, the fewer shots I have that feature Anny which makes me sad. So, I’ve been trying to spread them out as I go. So many shots of Jon… so many..


Getting excited for the next Moon Animate! This time I want to contribute a shot. So here’s my reel for when submission starts!

Some stills from one of the longer shots in the film and one of the most challenging! I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much time in the rough stage of any other shot. And don’t worry, she’s only removing the coat.
I kinda wanted an excuse to get her into a different outfit for a while. Will post a one-off concept drawing of her secondary outfit soon!
Anny Vigil the Vigilante

I’ve been posting some things about a short film I’m working on but I haven’t really put out anything substantial. So, despite my paranoia, I’m deciding to upload my proof-of-concept.

I did this as a way of experimenting with after effects, animating the characters, practicing backgrounds and camera moves, and working out what effects will look like. I guess I’ll just see what happens.

Spent the last month or so just hammering through this shot. Animated about 15 of the 17 characters in frame and painted this background. It’s not quite finished yet but very close. Having Alec Mueller paint the key backgrounds on the film has been helping me push myself to improve at painting environments. Learning to balance color use is really challenging but super fun!