can’t decide which Bible means more to me! the one that brought me into the truth, my wedding Bible, the Bible I got on my baptism or the gift I received with 1.5 million of my brothers and sisters yesterday. it was a great day in JW history. #annualmeeting #jw #revisedNWT #newBible

the talks from the annual meeting breaks down the watchtower articles for this month.

The Watchtower article today was pretty good but then, I realized that the Annual Meeting from October 5, 2013 helps brake down this entire Watchtower for this month.. Bro. David Splaine gave the talk about “Types & Antitypes” (this week’s watchtower article) , Bro. Lett gave the talk about “Will You Keep On the watch?” (page 12 of watchtower for this month), Bro. Anthony Morris gave the talk about “The Parable of The Talents” (that talk goes with page 19 in the watchtower) .. I recommend every one to watch the Annual Meeting cause I’m about to watch it again!!!! lol