I had scheduled my annual exam for this Tuesday morning a few weeks ago. Thanks to an odd coincidence and weird timing, Annoying Coworker also now has to go to the doctor on Tuesday for the very initial phases of starting IVF, and Loud Coworker managed to score a surgical consult for that day, too. I went ahead and cancelled my appointment and rescheduled for August since July looks bonkers. They both felt bad but their situations are way more dire/time sensitive so whatever, man. I can be flexible so why not? I remember the days of having to schedule appointments sort of last-minute based on blood work and day of cycle etc. and it’s a total ass-ache. Loud Coworker has been dealing with her endometriosis symptoms getting WORSE so my pap can wait, you know?

So, I sent out a cancellation, then a new appointment once I confirmed the new date and my manager made a big deal about it, like we’re all going to the doctor just to inconvenience her. 

I should just take the original appointment to fuck with her.


July 5th is quickly approaching, which means that the first rounds of students will soon be able to access their AP Scores.

The College Board receives many questions about the AP exams. Some of the most commonly asked questions are answered below.

Q: Why are AP Exam release dates staggered by geographical location?

A: Our website can only handle so many users at one time. We stagger release dates in order to limit website traffic, and therefore lessen the risk of the site crashing.

Q: What does the College Board do with the money made from AP exams?

A: The College Board uses the money to pay for materials to make the exams, as well as to take care of administrative costs. Excess funds are used for the College Board’s Star Wars Initiative, which will build a full-scale, fully functional Death Star at a cost of approximately $4 quadrillion dollars. At the rates we are currently charging for our tests, we expect to have the project funded completely by next year.

Q: What does the College Board do with the tests once they have been graded?

A: Exams receiving scores of 3, 4, or 5 are burned at our annual College Board bonfire. Exams receiving a score of 1 or 2 are sent to every college in the United States, with a picture of the AP student stapled to the front and the message “Do not admit this student to your institution at any point in time. This student has failed to succeed on a completely irrelevant test that measures nothing more than their ability to memorize- this irrelevant failure means that they must be banned from college forever.”

Q: If I am dissatisfied with my score, can I have my AP exam re-scored?

A: Yes. To do this, you must first sacrifice a goat while chanting “College Board, College Board, I give my life to thee”. You must then stuff the goat’s entrails in an envelope with a $1000 check made out to the College Board; next, send the envelope to the College Board headquarters via direct mail; the address is on the official College Board website. Once received, we will discard the entrails, pretend to re-score your test, and then put your $1000 towards our Star Wars Initiative.


Warning: FLUFF, sexual assault, that’s it i think.

Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Sister!Reader Winchester, Castiel

Summary/Request: Hi, i love your work so much! Could you do an imagine where the reader gets attacked by a drunk guy from a bar and her brothers and Cas come to the rescue. FLUFF, lots of FLUFF please. Thank you, keep writing!

Word Count: 1,209

Y/N: your name

Y/N/N: your nickname

After week of researching, kicking, ass, and many bruises finally the hunt was done. You had to say you were kind of proud of yourself, you fought off nearly an entire pack of werewolves almost without a scratch. So with a hunt all done of course you and your brothers went to a old bar to celebrate. It was all going great, until it didn’t.

You and your brothers walked into the dingy bar feeling accomplished and ready for a few glasses of cold beer. Dean walked in front as always inspecting the place for hot women while you and Sam walked behind looking for an empty table to sit. Finally you found an empty booth at the end of the place and sat down, Dean walked over to the bar to order a few beers and some food leaving you and Sam alone.

“Hey, good job back there. You really did kick their asses.” Complemented Sam as he fist bumped you and smiled.

“What can I say Sammy, I learned from the best.” You smirked back at him.

“Aww thanks Y/N/N”

“I meant Dean” You said back jokingly, smirking at him mischievously.

“You little-“

“Beer!” You yelled raising your arms as if you were a child as Dean approached the table with the drinks.

You all grabbed your drinks and began to talk, talk about the hunt, the future hunts, and everything in between until your glasses of beer were out leaving you all wanting more. Suddenly Dean’s phone began to sound so he answered while you and Sam looked at him curiously.

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Imagine Running and Hiding From Bones to Avoid an Exam

Originally posted by fuckyeahteamjones

Prompt: Bones x reader where she’s running/hiding from Bones to avoid her exam

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1289

Author’s Note: Look! I’m writing again! This one is a little on the longer side but I figured it’s ok given the amount of time I’d gone without posting. Enjoy!

You hated your annual medical exams. You were never sick, you were scared of needles and hypos, so your solution was to avoid the check-ups for as long as possible, which was easier said than done when you’re dating the freaking CMO. Every time Bones came into sight you either hid or ran, and since your appointment was scheduled for almost two weeks ago, the two of you hadn’t seen much of each other lately. 

Today you were busy working on something down in engineering with Scotty when you hear the sound of an annoyed southern man call out your name from the platform above you. You take one glance up to see Bones starting to climb down the stairs before bolting again. You hear him sigh and the sound of Scotty laughing as you quickly make your escape out of engineering. You sprint down the hallway, and you grab a doorframe to help swing yourself around the corner. You keep running until you find the entrance to the hangar, and you quickly find a shuttle to hide behind. You watch as Bones runs into the hangar and scans the room.

“C’mon darlin’, it’ll only take a couple minutes!” He calls out, but you stay hidden away. He sighs and runs a hand down his face before beginning to search for you. Suddenly someone taps you on your shoulder and puts their hand over your mouth right as you’re about to scream. You spin around and see Jim behind you, trying to keep himself from laughing.

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Today I had my annual physical exam. I’m not a super competitive person but when it comes to my health I strive to be above average. That’s in the back of my mind when I contemplate a salad instead of a bacon double cheeseburger. Each additional slice of pizza and bottle of beer are even considered this way. All in all it works for me as my measurements and lab results have been good for years.

As happens every year I needed blood drawn. I’m not terrified of needles but I flinch. Sometime I sweat a lot. I grip the chair hard enough to turn my knuckles white.

The lab technicians do a fantastic job. The snap of that big rubber band on my arm and the coolness of the alcohol swab over ground zero is what I feel more than their needles. Today I told myself to man up and calmly sit in the chair.

Neither of my favorite two lab techs weren’t there today. They always politely smile and probably roll their eyes when I turn pale as they uncap the needle. This new tech would not realize my progress! Oh well, it’s time to be a big boy anyway.

I sat down, relaxed, and said “ready.”

It hurt!

The line is definitely darker…

I’m feeling…happy and scared.

Happy because it’s another beautiful baby that I’m carrying, a baby that will bring joy and love and laughter into my family.
Scared because Sam is only 4 (almost 5) months old, and I know that this pregnancy is going to be considered high risk again because of how close it is to his birth/c section, though at least my A1C is normal (5.5 at last testing!) so I may be able to skip the blood sugar testing for a while.

I mean, it’s just kind of like, of course this happened. I spent *so* long trying for a baby that like, of course I would get pregnant back to back.

It’s funny though, I have an appointment in June to have my annual exam. I’d thought to discuss having a long acting birth control implanted.

Instead, it looks like I’ll be scheduling my first viability ultrasound instead.

So I just saw a post complaining about how eye doctors withhold glasses prescriptions because of our desire to sell you glasses when in reality, glasses prescriptions are LEGIT PRESCRIPTIONS and they usually expire after a year or two, LIKE NORMAL MEDICAL PRESCRIPTIONS. And that post said that their “prescription is stable and they don’t need annual exams” and really, that pisses me off. 

I’m a second year (well in reality a 2 and a half year) optometry student. The eyes are a working part of the body that should be checked every YEAR for a variety of reasons. Did you know that when we look into the back of the eye, we actually see working blood vessel and neural tissue that other doctors need to cut you open to see? Did you also know that this is HOW we can actually catch a LOT of diseases before symptoms even show up for you? And I’m talking serious diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and CANCER. No, I’m not kidding. We can catch cancer in your eye. And you would not have visual symptoms of the cancer in your eye due to the typical location of the lesions in your retina. 

The reason we withhold prescriptions is because we want you guys to come in EVERY YEAR. It’s not some bloodthirsty capitalist thing. We just want to make sure that you’re healthy and that your prescription really hasn’t changed before we give you your eyeglasses prescription. And if you’re going to places like lenscrafters, there’s your problem. Lenscrafters is a capitalist driven company, but you can go to literally any other eye doctor and most do not care and will give you your prescription without a problem if you ask for it so long as you come in for your annual exam. Glasses are stupidly expensive, trust us WE KNOW. We want you to get your correction and we really don’t care where. 

Don’t even get me started on contacts… Cuz the amount of stupidity I’ve seen about that is ridiculous. 

So yea, stop saying that optometrists just “want your money and withhold your prescription because reasons”. We don’t. Your prescription for your glasses has just expired. We just want you to be healthy.

Rant over.

anonymous asked:

okay is going to a gynaecologist something that most people do in the US? In Europe? I live in the UK and I'd never even heard of one until I started reading questions on blogs like these. It's suggested to get a pap smear every three years if you're sexually active but that's it. I've seen american articles though that say as soon as a girl hits 15 they should be going to regular appointments with a gynaecologist. I don't even have regular appointments with a doctor they're too overworked!

Kii says:

I couldn’t find any European statistics, but according to Washington Post, “18% of adult women receive annual pelvic exams” in the US. This study doesn’t account for non-women who need gynecological exams and likely doesn’t take into account people who see gynecologists for other things and/or do not do annual visits even if they see a gynecologist sometimes. But, even if the majority of people aren’t doing it, it’s recommended by most medical professionals, which is more important than the amount of people taking that medical advice. I can’t find any reputable organization or individual that recommends not seeing a gynecologist on an annual basis. (So, for example, if most doctors recommended you brush your teeth every day even if you don’t currently have cavities, but only 18% of people you knew brushed their teeth every day, who would you listen to?) 

Preventative care is often not necessary for your health, but will often detect problems that you otherwise wouldn’t know about until later (if at all). So, if you can’t afford it or otherwise don’t have access to a gynecologist, you will likely be okay, but if you do have the means to go, then you really should.

The "Open When..." Letters Big/Little Edition

External image

If you haven’t heard of the “Open when…” letters, you probably have an idea of what they are now by the picture above. To explain in more detail, the “Open When…” letters are simply love letters that you write and give to someone special all at once and they open the letters when they feel they meet one of the requirements. This is common in LDRs (long distant relationships) but I think this can fit into Big/Little relationships in a variety of ways: a big who is graduating can give this to their little at pass downs, great gift for during big/little week, or even as a spontaneous gift. It doesn’t have to be just between big and little either, it’s a great gift idea for any sister you have a close relationship with: twins, g-big, PSBF, etc! SO here is my list of “Open when…” ideas, the sorority edition

Open When…

  1. … You first receive these letters (NOW)
  2. …  you miss me a little
  3. …  you miss me a lot
  4. … we haven’t spoken in a while
  5. …  you feel like giving up
  6. …  you need a hug
  7. …  you feel like crying
  8. …  you are crying
  9. …  you’re having a bad day
  10. …  you’re stressed out
  11. …  you need to know why I love you
  12. …  you need some motivation
  13. …  you feel out of place
  14. … you want to know more about me
  15. … you can’t sleep
  16. … we argue and it’s my fault
  17. … we argue and it’s you’re fault
  18. … I’m being moody, stubborn, or all of the above
  19. … you’re sick
  20. … you want to buy me a gift but don’t know what to get
  21. … you’re grumpy
  22. … you’re nervous
  23. … it’s finals week
  24. … I graduate
  25. … you graduate
  26. … you need to laugh
  27. … you need a walk down memory lane
  28. … you need to rant
  29. … you’re feeling silly
  30. … it’s raining out
  31. … it’s sunny
  32. … you don’t feel appreciated
  33. … when you don’t want to study
  34. … when you want to talk to me but I’m busy
  35. … you want to know a secret
  36. … you feel like breaking the rules
  37. … you feel like crafting
  38. … you take a little
  39. … your little takes a little
  40. … if you get a twin
  41. … if you don’t get a twin
  42. … you want to be alone
  43. … you’re mad at me
  44. … you need a new TV show to watch
  45. … it’s your birthday
  46. … it’s christmas
  47. … you are bored
  48. … you turn 21
  49. … whenever you want
  50. … you’re feeling lucky
  51. … you’re about to make my paddle
  52. … you’re about to make our matching letters
  53. … you’re snowed in
  54. … you’re broke
  55. … you want to know the moment I wanted you to be my Little
  56. … you are coming to see me
  57. … it’s that time of the month
  58. … you’re going to a party
  59. … you’re the DD
  60. … we’ve had a ritual
  61. … we’ve had a mixer
  62. … you’ve been on the other side of recruitment
  63. … you take a position within the sorority (or Panhellenic) 
  64. … it’s Greek Week
  65. … it’s your big reveal anniversary
  66. … on the first day of recruitment
  67. … It’s Bid Day!!
  68. … On November 4th (Founder’s Day)
  69. … It’s time for the annual exam
  70. … Pandora sucks!/You feel like dancing

These are just some ideas! Be sure to get creative not only with the content but with they way you package the letters! Make the topics personal! I just started working on these for my little so I can give them to her when we get back from summer break. Comment below some other “Open when..” topics you can think of so others can see & feel free to ask me about what I’m going to put in my letters if you need some inspiration! 

My doggy is at the vet for annual exam and I kinda feel bad for the vet. He wanted to do antibiotics for where alyssum chewed some hot spots last week but they’ve already mostly healed. He also wants to try lowering her apoquel dose with the understanding that i can switch tho the larger pills at no additional cost if she starts itching. He was questioning her diet as maybe being most of her issue but she’s on a special diet already and can eat the individual ingredients without any flare ups. He was saying how we don’t really have any information on long term effects but without this med alyssum’s quality of life is so poor that euthanasia was quickly becoming my only option.

So. Yes, she’s odd. But she’s my dog and all my animals are broken in very strange ways. And I have a system that works amazingly well for get add long as I don’t experiment anymore. Stupid rawhide chew.

anonymous asked:

Sidney Crosby is not attractive at all. I think you should look into getting an eye exam.

actually, i’m good. i get an eye exam annually but thank you for your incorrect opinion.

A Little Something About Faith (Part 1)

Well. It’s been a little while since I’ve made an appearance. I know everyone says this, that life got in the way and that’s true. Even though I know I don’t owe anyone an explanation, the reason I was gone for a while is because I lost someone very close to me. I’ve been so out of whack mentally and emotionally to the point where I would have a breakdown just about anywhere at anytime whether it be an anxiety attack or just uncontrollable sobbing. I’ve been disappointed in myself because I’ve wanted to write and thought about it nearly everyday but I had no motivation whatsoever. I’m truly, truly sorry to anyone I may have disappointed. It definitely wasn’t my intention and I hope I can get back on track sooner rather than later, just please bear with me. 

This piece is very near and dear to my heart. It’s something I’ve dealt with firsthand and although I don’t mind talking about it, it tends to be a bit of a sore subject. Also, please keep in mind that Harry and the female character are in their mid-late twenties. I hope it’s alright.


You had to tell him. You knew you had to tell him.

You’ve known since you were about thirteen and had the news reaffirmed at twenty. You were on medication and it did what it was supposed to - for the most part. You couldn’t tell anyone though because you were ashamed; you felt like something was wrong with you. There was something wrong with you that was out of your control and there was little to nothing you could do.

Since you’d had your suspicions confirmed, all you could think about was having to tell your partner someday - someday when it was serious enough that certain conversations concerning your future would have to take place. All you could see was a negative outcome, whether it be a fight or needing to give each other space or even so far as breaking up because you were broken - at least you felt like you were. 

You felt like you were broken because you couldn’t have kids. 


Today was your annual exam and although Harry said he’d take the day off so that he could go to your appointment with you, you insisted he keep his plans. He didn’t know exactly what it was that you were having checked. As far as you knew, he thought it was just a routine checkup to make sure your height and weight were at healthy levels and that when the doctor said to “say ah”, everything looked to be in tiptop shape.

But that wasn’t the case. Yes, you went through the normal exam checkups but you also had to have a pelvic exam. That area was the main source of your health issues and every year when you went to have it checked, you always hoped you’d hear that your health had improved from the last exam you had and every year you were told that there had been little to no change. And every year you were never prepared to hear that. Today was no different. 

Hi, love! How’d your appointment go?

Fine. It was the same as it always is

You knew you couldn’t drop this bomb on Harry over text, though you weren’t particularly excited about having this conversation face-to-face either. 

I have something I want to talk to you about though

Everything alright? I won’t be done at the studio until after dinner. You can call me right now if you want to. Whatever it is, don’t feel like it’s not important. You know I don’t like it when you belittle yourself

Everything’s okay for now, just want to talk to you about something

You’re sure everything’s okay. I feel like it isn’t…

Please don’t stress about it. I promise we’ll talk tonight

Okay. Love you. xx 

I love you too. 

You and Harry had talked about kids briefly before you’d made your relationship official. You both knew you wanted kids, you knew how many, and when you wanted to have them. You also knew that he wanted to start trying soon. He figured that if you got a clean bill of health at this appointment, there’d be no reason to wait any longer. After all, you’d been together for four years and engaged for one of them. 

Harry was more settled with his work life and if he had to travel somewhere it was only for about a week or so. Your job at the school kept you plenty busy, but if you planned it just right to have a baby at the beginning of the summer holiday, you’d have all summer with your little bundle of joy. Or so Harry thought.


The entire drive home was all a blur to you. Before you knew it, you were upstairs in the ensuite bathroom, a bath to ward off the heaviness of the day calling your name. After the pink swirls from the bath bomb had dissipated and a chill had crawled up your spine, you got up and out and dried yourself off with the fluffiest towel you could find. It faintly smelled like Harry and it brought an ounce of comfort, even if only for a second. 

After getting dressed in a pair of sweats and Harry’s lilac jumper, you settled yourself on your bed with a cup of tea and a light snack to hold you over until Harry got home. You knew he’d ask questions about the appointment and you knew you had to tell him but you wanted to wait until you’d had dinner together to fill him in.

Before you knew it, it was eleven o’clock and sleep was playing at your eyes. Harry still wasn’t home and it left an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach.

What’re you up to? Thought you would’ve been home hours ago. Miss you…

Baby, I’m sorry. We had a spark of inspiration and we’ve got two songs nearly finished! I’ll be home within the hour, I promise. I didn’t mean to keep you waiting… xx

It’s alright. I actually got a lot of work done and didn’t even realize how late it had gotten. Do you want me to keep something out for you to eat for when you get home?

You don’t have to do that. We ate here, one of the producer’s assistants ran out and got some takeaway

I’ll just wait up for you then, see you soon mister

I still haven’t forgotten about your appointment and I want to talk about whatever it is you wanted to talk about

Can we talk about it tomorrow? I know I said I’d wait up for you but I can barely keep my eyes open

Go to sleep, love. I’ll see you soon. xx 

And just like that, sleep had taken over. 


The next day was Saturday and you had no plans to do anything. It was going to be a lazy day around the house; maybe you’d do some light chores, maybe you wouldn’t. Harry was supposed to go into the studio but because of the two songs that sprang to life the day before, he got to have a lazy day with you. 

The day started with homemade blueberry waffles and sausage, a breakfast must-have on lazy days. Following breakfast, you and Harry made your way to the living room. The weather outside made your decision to curl up in a mess of limbs and blankets that much easier and so began your movie marathon. By the time the third movie was over, lunch was in order and you heated up some leftover lasagna from the night before. Usually while you and Harry were eating, you kept the television off and just talked and you were sure he was going to bring up the events of the day before. Your hunch was correct. 

“So tell me about your appointment yesterday. Everything looks good?”

“Uh huh.” A weary smile splayed on your face. He waited for you to say more but you didn’t know what to say.

“What did you want t’ talk about?” 

You could feel your face starting to grow hot and tears gather in your eyes. You kept your head down, knowing that if you looked at Harry your dam would break. You couldn’t put him through this. Before you even knew him, just by seeing pictures of him with Lux and kids of other family friends, you knew he’d be a great dad. You knew it was something he wanted and now you had to break his heart. How was he going to keep loving you if you couldn’t give him the one thing he wanted more than anything? If you could avoid this conversation for the rest of your life you would. But you knew you couldn’t.

You got up from your chair, turning away from him. Keeping your back turned to him, you placed your dishes in the sink and made your way upstairs, shut and locked the door and went to go lay down. 

To say Harry was confused was an understatement. What the hell just happened?

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I bought an ivory colored blazer thinking it would look all crisp and preppy and vaguely #profesh but now I’m worried I look like a real estate agent on casual Friday.

In self-care news, I scheduled my annual exam for end of the month and am going to head home early, take a 5pm call from my couch, and probably go to sleep at 8pm, god willing. E has offered to make a healthy dinner since I’ve been shoving garbage in my face today (Taco Bell, eaten in the parking lot alone, while I wore huge sunglasses and listened to Nine Inch Nails) and need something with nutritional value before I develop scurvy or rickets. I also took myself off the Orange Theory waitlist for tonight; I know exercise can help my mood, but rest is also necessary. 

We have tickets to see Wonder Woman on Saturday at a cute renovated theater in Los Gatos, and Sunday we’ll watch my brother play soccer. Hopefully the sun comes back out because Sundays by the pool need to be A Thing.

A changed man: Gajeel Redfox

A long time ago, I got an ask about whether I’m considering writing metas about other characters or BrOTPs. I mentioned that I wanted to do one on Gajeel because Mashima’s made a well-rounded and complex character in the Iron Dragon Slayer. I’m happy that he’s given Gajeel such great moments and development to his character. I think we can all agree that the Gajeel now is no longer the same Gajeel we first saw.

I am so proud of how far you’ve come, Gajeel *sheds tears* and props to you Mashima-sensei.

To the anon, this is about a year overdue since your ask ^^” but it is finally here!

Now on with a trip down memory lane!

Abandoned, Prideful, and mean - Gajeel before and during Phantom Lord

We first meet Gajeel as an antagonist in the beginning of the Phantom Lord arc.

The iron dragon had no mercy for the weak. He believed his power was his strength, and Master Jose gave him opportunities to use it - mostly for the bad. He was feared by his guild mates and he taunted them and let them.

It is understandable when we realise that he was abandoned by his dragon, just like Natsu. However, Gajeel felt hurt and betrayed. Who needs the damn dragon anyway? His magic was his pride and all he had left and survive and go on when Metalicana disappeared.

While Natsu was found by Makarov and Mystogan found Wendy and later on Cait Shelter, Gajeel was alone. While the former two started on the right foot due to the people they met. Gajeel wasn’t so lucky.

In some form or way, Jose found him and took him to Phantom Lord, where Master Jose took a liking to his powers and had him use it for all the wrong reasons.

It probably strengthened his belief that his dragon slaying magic and brute force is all he needed - for he is feared and admired by his guild mates and others by these two things he possesses alone.

Until he encountered Fairy Tail. He thought destroying Fairy Tail’s guild would weaken their morale, but it didn’t. He thought hurting Levy, Jet, and Droy - the “weakest” link in Fairy Tail - to spite them would work, but it didn’t. He thought beating Lucy to a pulp would make her fear him, make her weak, but she didn’t back down from his taunting.

Mashima never delved into the horrible things Gajeel did, however he did clue us in that our Iron Dragon Dork isn’t a bad person. Gajeel did want to reject Makarov’s hand in joining Fairy Tail. He felt that he didn’t deserve a place in a guild he sought to destroy.

Mashima instilled through Makarov that Gajeel could change. Thus begins the journey where us as readers start to see where Mashima is laying the groundworks for Gajeel’s development and redemption story..

Despite sticking to himself in Phantom Lord, he had a friend in Juvia during their time in Jose’s guild. Given Gajeel’s lone-wolf tendencies in Phantom Lord, the fact that he was happy to have Juvia around says a lot.

Before Juvia, Gajeel also had a motherly member on the Magic Council that looked out for him, Berno (or Belno).

Both of them believed that Gajeel had it in his heart to be a good person, even if Gajeel didn’t quite believe (or acknowledge) it himself. As did Makarov, who said he can be turned to the right path despite the wrong detour he took.

Building trust and the road to redemption (i) - Battle of Fairy Tail

Unlike Juvia, Gajeel literally had to gain the trust of Fairy Tail because of his actions, as stated by Makarov when he went to see Gajeel personally.

And Gajeel took it to heart. He wanted to be trusted and wanted to do good. As noted in the Fairy Tail Wiki, Gajeel was loyal to PL and Jose because he wanted to BELONG somewhere. He believed that Phantom Lord was a strong guild. Even though he’s now in Fairy Tail, it ain’t any different and doesn’t change the fact that Gajeel wants to prove himself an ally.

In the Battle of Fairy Tail, he let Jet and Droy let off some steam by letting them beat him up.

He also let Laxus let off his pent-up steam as well. When Laxus’s anger got a little out of control though….

Gajeel saved Levy from Laxu’s thunder too.

At this point for both of them, there was a lack of trust. Levy was still wary of being around Gajeel. You see her watching and observing Gajeel from a distance. She is nervous around him, and doesn’t seem comfortable and that’s totally OK. She has every right to be scared of him, in fact. For Gajeel, he wanted to make up to not just her or Jet and Droy, but other members of Fairy Tail too. That said, this arc and this moment was the start of something that wasn’t “fear” or “apprehension” between Gajeel and Levy, but “trust”. 

At the beginning of this arc, we saw Gajeel showing Levy that he can be trusted. Well, in the latter half, we see Levy show the same.

When Levy took it upon herself to figure out Freed’s runes on the guild so that Gajeel and Natsu could hold off Laxus. Gajeel wanted to get out there and fight, and was frustrated because the barrier was something he couldn’t break by brute force.

Yet there was Levy. With her books, notes and a pen, using her intellect to find them a way out. And she did. Levy accomplished something he couldn’t do and he was amazed, which he told her.

She was also firm in her belief that he and Natsu together will be able to stop Laxus. But he beat her up. She had all the rights to walk away and not help him and Natsu out. But she did anyway, out of faith that he has changed (or is changing) his ways.

Gajeel didn’t disappoint when he was finally released out of the guild. One, he saved Natsu when Laxus wasn’t himself anymore.

Then two, taking one of Laxus’s lightening strikes himself, using his steel as a lightening rod so that he was struck down instead. Showing to Levy, if not the other guild members also present, that he can be trusted. 

This arc was probably the most beaten up Gajeel has been though, poor thing.

The Battle of Fairy Tail was only the start of Gajeel’s redemption though. Here, Mashima also slotted in a subplot - that Gajeel was working as a double agent for Makarov on his son’s guild, Raven Tail, which I’ll touch on later.

A different side to Gajeel: Finding a Friend in Lily - Edolas

The Tower of Heaven and Oracion Seis/Nirvana arc were pretty Jerza and Team Natsu-centric that we didn’t see Gajeel until they all got back from that mission. With a new member (and fellow dragon slayer)!

We see Gajeel’s road to redemption touched on again after Wendy Marvell, a young Sky Dragon Slayer, also joined the guild, her Exceed Charle in tow.

Starting with Edolas, I think Mashima also began to delve into the comedic side of our Iron Dragon Slayer.

One, we find out that he likes to sing and play the guitar - regardless of the audience reception.

And two, that white suits and shoobi-do-wa is a thing XDDDD

We also find out that he is secretly effed that he doesn’t have a(n) cat Exceed of his own, dawwww another tsun!

Comedic Gajeel aside, the Iron Dork played quite a big part in the beginning of Edolas, as he was the one that freed Erza and Gray from the lacrima. Working with his Edolas counterpart to move the plot forward. [1]

Remember how Mashima touched on the fact that Gajeel is working as a double agent? I think the fact that he was able to work with Edolas!Gajeel (AND the fact that Edolas!Gajeel is a journalist) shows and implies that Gajeel is dependable and resourceful. Edolas!Gajeel is not crass nor is he a brute but it fortells what Gajeel Redfox CAN BE in the future, gihi~ ;) [2]

I also find him helping little Wendy in being a “convincing” scary villain very sweet.

I’ll also forever enjoy the fact that he was so overjoyed at having Lily as his partner/Exceed! Lily is also the first person/cat/Exceed he calls “aibou” and given Gajeel only has had Juvia with him as his friend thus far in the story, him finding a friend in Lily is pretty important! Because from their fight, Gajeel saw a bit of himself in (Panther) Lily.

[1], [2] From digging back to earlier chapters, the banters, plans, and stints between Earthland and Edolas Gajeel were anime-only.

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