On how to be a successful artist:

I’m a pretty optimistic person. I feel like I’ve worked my ass off for every single moment, and I’ve also been met. I feel like perseverance will top everything. I think if people can really focus on that, on persevering and communicating and keeping themselves going, that you’re going to be met. -Xaviera Simmons

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anonymous asked:

Upcoming June trip to France but am at a loss for packing light. What would you bring to fit in a carry-on? Going to Paris, a bike trip in the Loire valley, and a history conference in Provence!

Hey there, I threw together this collection of things I would take  for your June trip. I’ve never been to Paris, a Parisian Bike Ride or to a history conference. But, these pieces feel right. Alter to your taste, style, need. It’s your trip, you should have fun, be confident and comfortable.  Also, check out Annstreetstudio on Instagram. Jamie has been living in Provence for the past few months. Awe inspiring. Hope this helps. 

An interview with Sandy Noto 

The cinemagraph is back in the news (WSJ, AdWeek, fStoppers) as more and more social media platforms start supporting animated GIFs. Brands are even using them in traditional banner ads. According to the WSJ, they can get 60-80% more clicks than the static version of the same image.

Given the recent interest, it seemed like a good time to post this interview with one of our favorite photographers and GIF artists, Sandy Noto (adventuresoncehad). Sandy has been making cinemagraphs for years, and has done work for brands like J.C. Penney (usofyou), Aeropostale (aeropostale), and most recently, The Lazarus Effect (thelazaruseffectmovie). We asked her about her inspiration and what it’s like to work with brands as an independent artist.

(ed. note: This interview was edited slightly for length and clarity.)

How did you start making cinemagraphs?

I first came across cinemagraphs on Tumblr when Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg (annstreetstudio) created them for New York Fashion Week. I thought they were magical and have been obsessed ever since. I got my first “real” camera before a trip to Montreal two years ago, and made my first cinemagraph on that trip. I also started Adventures Once Had around that time. Before that, I was making GIFs from music videos and YouTube videos that I found funny.  

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If you’re at all familiar with my blog, you know I’m in to a variety of things. I go from posting library photos to quotations from literature to food to fashion to Doctor Who and coffee several times a day. I love lots of things, and so the blogs I follow are all over the place. So, I thought that since I did a follow-forever in December and have discovered quite a few more blogs in the past few months, I’d celebrate my three years on tumblr by updating that list by organizing it not only alphabetically, but by general interest. If you’ve ever asked me for blog recommendations, then I suggest checking out as many of these as you can! They’ve all contributed to making my tumblr experience what it is. (Favorites are bolded.) 

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