Guide to 'Noynoyning'

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What you need to know about #Noynoying

Here are some basics to sharpen your noynoying knowledge.

What is Noynoying?

According to youth group Anakbayan:

Planking is out, noynoying is in. Just sit or lie on the ground and do nothing.

Guide to Noynoying has also been released:

A guide to #Noynoying 1) Get a group, 2) Find busy public space, 3) Abruptly, everyone sits / lies on the floor and acts lazy and stupid.

Noynoying has also been defined as:

..that idle moment when you are supposed to do something but is not doing anything.

Noynoying has become viral and has become a trending keyword on Twitter and other social media sites. It has a twitter account @noynoying and a facebook page.

Here are some examples of how it is used:

Finals na bukas pero #noynoying muna. via @NormanIsJay

Oh my… I don’t know which is worse: to be called “imeldific” or to be caught “noynoying”! via@ang_mungo

That’s a good idea. Today, I will go #noynoying! May hostage crisis ba kamo? Kakain lang ako. May bagyo? Pa-party ako! via @MangPandoy

That’s funny, yung “Noynoying” sa amin, verb din na ang ibig sabihin ay “date ng date ng date, pero hindi nagpapakasal.” #VocabHomework via @gangbadoy

Patayin sa noynoying si Barbara, Star Wars: the noynoying menace, Bukas Luluhod ang mga noynoying via #ReplaceMovieTitlesWithNoynoying

#NOYNOYING-nagbibingi-bingihan, nagbubulag-bulagan, nagtatanga-tangahan. via@OgieDiaz

Let me predict what you’re doing now. It’s 315pm and you’re all #NoyNoying at your desk, watching the clock, waiting for 5pm to come. via @djmotwister

Watch this video by “May Tamang Balita.”

Palace definition

The Palace has contributed to the definition (and actually has defined noynoying very well).

According to Spokesman Lacierda: Noynoying creative but has no effect.

(Spot on Mr. Lacierda! Everyone agrees that noynoying is useless and is no good.)

Spokesman Coloma meanwhile saysNoynoying is annoying.

(Uhm.. yeah. We all hate noynoying. Kills productivity. Super annoying or should we say, annoynoying.)

Noynoy Aquino himself has articulated its definition in his interview: How do you show the truth to people who do not want to see? How do you make people listen to you if they do not want to listen?

(Exactly, Mr. President. That’s what people think of noynoying too! You hit that sweet noynoying spot right there.)

Photos: Noynoying in action (or inaction)

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