annoyingly handsome bastard

Chris&Eva (Skam)

“I found your jacket buried in my dresser, and… here.”

    Standing in front of Chris’s door Eva couldn’t remember the last time she felt so anxious, uncomfortable and just out of place. Even after her getting together with Jonas behind her former best friends Ingrid’s back, she didn’t feel half as awkward as she did now. It was weird being here one her own, without her Russ buss mates. It was one of those rare times where there wasn’t party going on and  the Shistad house was oddly silent.  Just as she was about to knock the door opened, and Chris Schistad came out looking as devilishly handsome as ever. It really wasn’t fair for him to be this genetically blessed. She realised that she hadn’t said anything and was staring at him like a freak, which he no doubt though she was right now. She met his eyes, he was lazily leaning against the door frame, hands crossed over his broad chest and wearing a totally by –her- freaky -staring –unbothered- smile and had one eyebrow playfully raised in expectation. That annoyingly handsome bastard.

  “Umm, hi.” She said and gave him a painfully awkward wave.

“Hey, back to stalking me, are you?” He said with a laugh. He had a really nice laugh. It was one of her favourite things about him. Not that she had every put that much thought in what her favourite things about him were. That would for sure make her a real freak.

She let out, what she hoped seemed like, a careless laugh.

“I found your jacket buried in my dresser, and… here.” She said holding out his jacket. He left it after party at her house quite a while ago. Ok, he didn’t technically “leave it”. They were making out in her bedroom and he threw it away in the heat of the moment. It landed in the pile of her own clothes and kind of stayed there until her mom decided to fold and put all of the clothes in the dresser in attempt to make her feel bad about her messiness. Which she did feel bad about, until the next party that she was getting ready for with Vilde, who took out the jacket and asked if her and Chris were official. Which, of course, they weren’t. She didn’t know what was going on between them, to be honest. Only thing she knew was that she didn’t want it to stop.

“Oh, I was wondering if you were planning to return it or just keeping it ,so that you can hug it to your chest  at night and pretend it’s me.” He said and gave out another throaty laugh.

It made Eva feel even more awkward than she did before, which made her feel a bit angry. He wasn’t allowed to make her feel this way. Flipping her strawberry- blonde hair behind her back ,she gave him a what she hopped looked like a confident smirk.

“Chris, if I wanted to have you in my bed at night I would. Don’t you doubt that.” She said and turned away with a pleased smile on her face. Take that, Chris the Penetrator.

There were few moments of silence where she thought that Chris had gone inside and dismissed her witty comeback. Of course not.

“I will see you at Vilde’s party on Saturday. And don’t worry, I will make sure to take a spare jacket, in case mine gets lost.” He shouts after her with a laugh. Then she hears the door close.Oh,  he was he going to regret his cockiness on Saturday…


Hello. My name is…ok… It’s not that important. Just call me “B”. I am 18 year old girl from Europe. I love writing different stories and have thought about making a blog with my work for a while. I have never taken a creative writing class. I write fro my own pleasure and now for yours as well. English isn’t my native language, so I am not very familiar with punctuation rules. So, don’t be shy to correct my writing. I am also open to constructive critisism.

I recently have been obsessed with Skam and especially with this “(not yet canon) couple. That’s why I decided to use this  writing prompt to wirte a little story. (if it even counts as a story)

I hope you like it.

- B