OMG! Did you guys know it’s snowing? Like it’s NY and the end of January, but holy crap it’s snowing! It’s totally unexpected after living in the east coast for 20 years. I have to make so many posts and statuses about this strange weather! 

Thank you, Facebook, for always letting me know the weather. 

Y I K E S 

I’M SICK OF seeing people post annoying statuses about Pokemon Go on FB

like the people who are like “lol I’m not a child I have things to do” like so do we all its called having fun you dirty mop

and the people who are like “look up and see real nature why do you need your phone” ONCE AGAIN its called h A v i N g  fUN and also seeing the world in a fun new way?? Like these creatures from a fictional universe CAN actually exist among us in these places and we can see the world differently and have fun idk LIKE WHY ARE PEOPLE AGAINST HAVING FUN I’m honestly so done