The signs as annoying things

Aries: when something on ur computer is loading

Taurus: dat moment when u realise the fridge is empty, because of u 

Gemini: that person who won’t stop talking during a movie 

Cancer: when ur fav character dies and all u wanna do is cry a freaking ocean 

Leo: when someone who didn’t do anything to the group takes all the credit in the end 

Virgo: when u try to get off the bus but the person beside u won’t move so you’re just like ok

Libra: when someone can’t decide what to eat at a restaurant like gaaahwd 

Scorpio: people who won’t stop stare, like yez i can c u watching me 

Sagittarius: when u laugh like a pig and ur crush heard

Capricorn: the awkward moment when u stand in the elevator with someone u know but u really don’t know

Aquarius: when someone really tries to make their life story sooo unique and everyone’s like ye so interesting hallelujah

Pisces: dat feeling when ur fav tv-show ended

“I’m sorry I annoy you…
I’m sorry you’ll probably talking to someone way better than me , & I can’t help but feel like a bother to you…
I’m sorry that all I want is to you to talk to me…
I’m sorry I come off as clingy but in reality I’m just missing you…
I’m sorry if you don’t want to talk to me it’s understandable… All I’m is a annoying clingy burden… I bother you too much I fear that you’ll slowly drifting away…

Imagine that part of the Avengers job is public appearances.  As further punishment for his past, the scheduler sets Loki up with most embarrassing appearances possible.  Loki tries his best and keeps smiling, in part because he knows his past is unforgivable, but also because it annoys the scheduler to no end.