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I don't understand why people headcanon the gems as a specific race. They're not even from our planet, let alone any country. They're technicolor blobs. (except for human aus but hey)

cause they can do whatever they want. just like how they’re allowed to headcanon them as genderfluid or asexual and etc. its not something you should have a problem with anyway sense it’s not affecting anyone negatively.

The only downside to this trip is the road. 2 days (also 2 nights, ugh) on the train is tiring.
And this time we have the most awful neighbors who invade our sleeping shelves all the time and try to make stupid talks when we clearly do not want that. Like, do you have a little bit of tact? We arrive at 5 a.m. and at 8 I have to be at the hospital. I just want to sleep in order not to look like absolute shit. Crying.

What the people hate about you

aries: you NEVER say sorry

taurus: you never take things seriously

gemini: you get angry when someone just says a joke with no intention of offending you

cancer: you try too hard to be noticed by everyone and be the center of attention

leo: you alWAYS have the urge to rule

virgo: you try to be liked by everyone

libra: you feel superior to everyone

scorpio: you are too much into revenge

sagittarius: you talk shit

capricorn: you get angry for literally nothing and then pretend that nothing happened

aquarius: you can’t stand for your believes because you’re afraid

pisces: you alWAYS play the victim

((this has no intention to offend anyone, so don’t get mad))

*gets a second plate of food*…. *parents criticize*

*only eats a plate*….. *parents criticize*

*doesn’t put makeup on*… *parents criticize*

*puts on makeup*…. *parents criticize*

*dates*….. *parents criticize

*doesn’t date*….. *parents criticize*

*later defends self when finally having enough*……

Parents : “we give you everything. The least you can do is appreciate us for giving you food and a house and schooling”

Okay any parent who uses this excuse. Giving your kids shelter and food doesn’t give you a free license to treat your kids like crap emotionally.

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{Tweek} What is the most annoying thing Craig does?

Craig: Why do girls wear makeup and perfume?

Tweek: …because they’re ugly and they stink.

Tweek: He tells the same jokes o-over and over again. Trust me, it gets old after the f-five hundredth time. Geh.