The signs' annoying traits

Aries: Complains 25/8 

 Taurus: Talks ALL the time 

 Gemini: Actually crazy tbh 

 Cancer: Never know what they want 

 Leo: Childish 

 Virgo: Think they’re right all the time. 

 Libra: Doesn’t know what they’re doing with their life. 

 Scorpio: Bluntly honest about everything. 

 Sagittarius: Angrily Over react about everything 

 Capricorn: Stuck on their image

 Aquarius: Over analyzes everything, never stops. 

 Pisces: Wayyy to petty and neurotic.

anonymous asked:

I've been to mexico and is a really ugly and dirty country, would never spend my money again on visiting such a horrible place.

Oh really? 

Yes our country is so ugly 

Can’t even imagine why would someone wanted to visit

Like we don’t have any interesting things

Or any history… 

Our cities are small and nothing compared to other countries

And nature hated Mexico so we don’t have anything beautiful…

How could someone ever wanted to see the uglies towns ever? 

Our oceans are horrible also you know? 

Horrible sights and places everywhere… 

By all means, don’t come again, ever…