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When anybody says “schools today are just too ‘PC’!”

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Could you please explain to me what is wrong with liberalism? I've tried to google it but I'm not getting it. Like, liberalism seems like a good thing but yet you disapprove of it. Thanks!

it’s not easy to really understand what liberalism is to begin with because liberals, as shakur puts it, “express every conceivable opinion on every conceivable subject”.

but to try to put it rather simply “the liberal is one who sees “both sides” of the issue and shies away from “extremism” in any form. He wants to change the heart of the racist without ceasing to be his friend; he wants progress without conflict.” (x)

basically, the annoying white kid in your modern middle eastern history class who wants to free palestine by throwing a hummus cook off between the “two sides”.

you should also check my tagged/liberalism if you want some readings, articles or quotes.

i was arguing with a guy yesterday who was calling teen moms “b*tch ass hoes” as if it doesn’t take two people to make a baby and basically i told him he was being vicious for no reason & he went off on a tangent abt how his ex wasn’t shit and i ~dnt know his story so i can’t judge him~ even tho it’s totally irrelevant that one girl realized he wasn’t worth shit then left. and then i called him a misogynist and he was like “I hate women? you calling me gay?” and then he used the deez nuts joke wrong.

and now like 18hrs after we stopped arguing another annoying white kid who wears ugly fitted caps in all his pictures commented “straight up flamed them with facts 😂” like excuse me what facts? anyway im really hoping someone just wipes out all life in emmaus because i swear every dude there is like that

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I think that the other day when that person called you a racist they meant your bindi and not your dreads, I didn't know what a bindi was when I heard some people talking about it so I looked it up, and it is the actual culture offended by it and not stupid social justice tumblr I really like you and your videos a lot but I think you should consider that although the bindi doesn't have a specific meaning it still represents who they are and has significant meaning

It was both actually, and most of the time, its the dreads. And I have had multiple hindu(hindi?) people tell me its fine and they don’t mind at all, yet only had annoying little white kids bitch at me for it, so its not going to change. There may be hindu people out there who don’t like it, but the fact that so many have told me they don’t mind at all shows that its not me offending a culture, its me offending them personally and if I lived my life trying not to do anything that might offend someone somewhere in the world somehow, I wouldn’t be able to be alive. I would not, however, wear the red dot type of bindi, as far as I’m that DOES hold real meaning, whether it be culturally or relgiously (I can’t quite remember the significance behind it..) But these ones, I have been told, are purely decorative. Its a little jewel on a black patterned piece of felt.

Honestly this whole “only this race can do that” and “only that race can do this” thing is just keeping racism alive and kicking. Why shouldn’t we celebrate and participate in other peoples cultures? Should I reject every other culture in the world and stick to one narrow minded little way of living? Would THAT be better?

(And also, when I was a child we were all taken to a hindu temple on a school trip to learn about the religion, and the women there were absolute sweet hearts and gave us all bindi’s to wear, I still have one of them somewhere in my mother’s house and would totally wear it if I knew where it was. If it was so offensive for a white person to wear one, why would these women have given us them and been so friendly and delighted by us wearing them and being so in love with it all?)

Also I am sorry I’m not 100% sure if the correct term is “hindu” or “hindi” when referring to a person (like christian etc), most times I’ve seen it, its been hindu but if I got it wrong I am so sorry.@_@

Aaaand this is going to be the only message I am going to answer on the subject, so if anyone is gearing up to click the ol’ anon button and send me some long winded rant, I wouldn’t, I’m just gonna delete it, probably without reading it, because I get really tired of tumblr being offended by everything.

I’m really sorry if you don’t agree with how I feel about it and if you feel the need unfollow, thats alright, but I hope you stick around, I like you guys.^w^~