annoying text messages

idk if there’s a trend going on but i’ve been getting a sudden influx of messages asking me if they can repost my art on their instagram. 

If you look on my FAQ you will find your answer: 

And this goes for any other social media platforms. Please for the love of all that is good in this world, do not repost my art. 

if you don’t even have the decency to ask beforehand, just… do me a favor and save yourself the trouble, and don’t post at all. I upload all my art on both Twitter and Tumblr, please reblog or retweet at your leisure. 

If you would like to USE MY ART, say in an AMV, vine, banner artwork, blog theme, or use my art in any way that is not the same as reposting my art in its original form, please ask me beforehand! In most cases I am happy to give permission, but i would like to know if my art is being used for something. 

Welcome to Heathrow Airport, II


Words: 1225

Author’s Note: A few anons asked for part two, so here it is! (Even though it’s been months. Oops?) Let me know if you want a part 3 or have any other requests!

Warnings: there are a few curse words and it’s kind of long, but that’s it? haha

”Well, hello, stranger,” Lin was walking down the aisle with his carry-on in hand. You had already been on the plane for a few minutes, somehow being one of the first boarding groups.

This was one of those obnoxiously large planes that had too many rows and carried too many people. And you had an aisle seat. Naturally.

“Wasn’t expecting you to be riding back here with us plebeians,” you responded, giving a bit of a laugh as he stops a row ahead of you and places his bag in the overhead compartment.

Glancing back at his ticket and then to the numbers overhead, he points to the window seat one down from you, “That’s me, actually.” Smiling, you stood to let him into the row, and you kept talking, pausing briefly every time someone would pause by your row, silently praying it wasn’t the guy in B. But takeoff was getting closer and closer and seat B remained empty, so you continued conversing with Lin.

Eventually, you were in the air and the guy from B never showed up or the ticket had never sold. Whatever the reason, you were thankful.

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Happy Birthday @trintownsentill (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Control (part 1)

The one where management force Harry to break up with you

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Y33T! Your text messages just got penetrated by the SWAGDICK! 🙏🙌👌💯💦😫

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*stares at the game* So is Anne on the volleyball team or not. Can I go fling myself into the sun yet because that seriously kills one of my headcanons—like, you know, the one I wrote about what position she’d be on the team and her fighting style in general. Damn this is why you wait until a game releases…

The Silver Lining: Part Three

Summary: The reader is not a fan of the show, but gets dragged to a convention and catches Jensen’s eye.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 1950
Warnings: Medical environment, mentions of death. 

If you do not want to read the medical and death part of this, skip the bolded text in the fic. All you need to know from that part is that the reader loses a patient and takes it pretty hard. 


Your name: submit What is this?

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Four Times Eliza Texted Henry "I Love You" and the One Time She Said It

Note: So I wrote a fic.  Because there’s honestly not enough.  And honestly I’ve marathoned this stupid beautiful show enough times to warrant wanting to write this (somewhat longish) fic.  I blame the chemistry shared between Cho and Gillan.  Damn them.  I don’t own any of the characters, by the way.

Four Times Eliza Texted Henry “I Love You” and the One Time She Said It

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“Trust God” aka potentially die. No wonder the clinic wouldn’t do the procedure. I hope she gets help from an actual doctor and not these people.

If she dies because of this pregnancy, make no mistake, these people who have harassed her and annoyed her through text message played a part.

These screenshots were taken from a public Facebook.