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recommend some really good jungkook's fics please!

dangerous, two rotten apples, amour de ma vie, popcorn, cardiovascular palpitations, all of nana’s badboy!jk drabbles, the nudist and the prudistinstant gratification, in loving memory, the pleasure collection: if you insist, ink and kisses, the pistol star, heat

Jessica = Alex > Elena > Matt > Mark = Raven = Cody > Jason > Christmas >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kevin = Ramses >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Josh = Paul 

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ok holy shit
1- Scars?
on my legs but mostly from shaving / falling / dogs
2- Self harmed?
if scratching to deliberately make urself uncomfy/hurt counts?
3- Crush?
It’s @lesbroadwaymemes
4- Kissed anyone?
God I wish
5- Coke or Pepsi?
6- Someone you hate?
7- Best Friends?
One irl best friend, @gardenerjetblack, @whazzor-bruwn, @insertacreativenamehere, @monneygrabber46
8- Have you had alcohol/drugs?
I’ve had one sip of beer exactly once
9- What’s your dream job?
Freelance artist/Author/Graphic design
10- Ever been in love
Uhhh yeah with @lesbroadwaymemes bxsjhgjjsjd
11- Last time you cried?
Uhmmmm Saturday night for two hours straight
12- Favorite colour?
Light gray or muted teal
13- Height?
14- Birthday?
October 16th
15- Eye colour?
Brown, like shit.
16- Hair colour?
(Dark) Brown, like shit.
17- What do you love?
Writing, art, Brandon Uranowitz, the weisenbachfelds, my friends that I’ve already tagged here ❤️
18- Obsession?
Being a cunt
19- If you had one wish, what would it be?
To be able to meet @gardenerjetblack or @lesbroadwaymemes or @monneygrabber46 or @insertacreativenamehere or @whazzor-bruwn irl ajsjsjjssjjs
20- Do you love someone?
Uhhhhh platonically? All the people above?? Like, romantically-ish @lesbroadwaymemes though?? I guess???? Idk there’s so many types of love fuck You mean 🅱️ cdnjdsjjkdjsdmjkddjkdmjk
21- Kiss or Hug?
Why not both??
22- Nicknames people call you?
just TJ tbh
23- Favorite song?
I’m Breaking Down or Love You Like An Alcoholic
24- Favorite Band?
25- Worst thing that has ever happened to you?
@whazzor-bruwn creating thiccle and @insertacreativenamehere for tagging me in the big VOSSY post that started it all
26- Best thing that has ever happened to you?
Gal Gadot
27- Something you would change about yourself?
Personality and appearance ajsjsjsjsjsj
28- Ever dated someone?
God I wish
29- Worst mistake?
I am a mistake ajsjsjajsjaajs
30- Watch the movie or read a book?
The book!!!!
31- Ever had a heartbreak?
Not really???
32- Favorite show?
The New Normal
33- Best day of your life?
Seeing falsettos in cinemas with my best friend asjsjs
34- Any talents?
Art ( writing + drawing ) and uhhh my singing isn’t too awful but it’s still bad so
35- Do you wish you could ever start over?
Kind of yeah
36- Any bad habits?
Biting my nails/Scratching my arm whenever I get nervous and upset w myself
37- Ever had a near death experience?
I think so ajsjsjsjsjs??? I don’t remember,,, once I got rlly rlly ill but that’s all I can recall???? Fuck dude
38- Someone i can tell anything to?
@gardenerjetblack prolly damn asksk
39- Ever lost a loved one?
40- Do you believe in love?
Familial love, platonic love, and romantic love, I absolutely do.
41- Someone you hate/dislike?
I don’t wanna share this bc they know I have a tumblr ajssdnj
42- Are you okay?
Nah this is a uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bad bad bad Time™ right now and self love/care is fake hhhaha
43- Relationship status?
Single/pining/mutual pining maybe but idk ajsjsj
44- Selfie?

a quick post: do not use the term ‘sin’ or whatever the fuck to refer to LGBT couples in fan fiction or cannon or anything just don’t do that to young LGBT kids who see themselves in those characters and don’t do that to all the LGBT people who have been shunned and attacked with religion as an excuse I don’t care if you think it’s funny and I don’t care if you don’t think it’s offensive and I literally!!!!! do not care about the feelings of straight people over LGBT people!!!! and!!! I never will!!!!

“omg i love gay people, they’re like girl friends :)”

“you’re not like other gays”

“omg i have a gay friend, you two should totally go out!”

“i could totally turn you straight tho ;)”

“you’re too cute to be gay”

“have you ever tried not being gay?”


poor pitiful children, poor jeremy

i wanted to do a doodle of this with the other songs but one picture didn’t really serve it justice so i just did a lil comic thing instead

beep bop boop

you: judeo-christian holidays
me, an intellectual: jewish and christian holidays are not the same in terms of both ritual and cultural significance and are not seen in the same way by the media or average american. grouping them together in this way implies that jews have the same narrative and power as christians, which is false and frankly offensive

aways if u 

support whitewashing /think idols look better white washed

support fat shaming / extreme dieting / idols starving themselves

think idols owe you anything 

think you’re gonna marry an idol 

fetishize asian people/cultures/languages

support dating bans/ boycott idols when they date 

think idols HAVE to speak english / think western validation is the ultimate goal

support anti blackness in kpop / think idols saying the n word is okay

support shipping but are homophobic / don’t think idols are actually lgbt

pls unfollow me

idol: thank you everyone we know we were a disappointment and we could have done better we will try even harder next time sorry™



based on this post

do not repost anywhere

Keith is taking his job srsly and I’m glad about that

first time doing a comic it’s 4:30 am and I’m dead 


do you hear the people sing?