annoying swiftie meme


It’s shit like this that fills me with absolute rage. So I’ve attached a quote from taylorswift to counteract the stupidity that is this meme and written a little novel in her defence.

((If you know me at all, you will not be surprised about this at all))

It is so fucking hypocritical of everyone - the media, the public etc - to shit talk about what she writes about for her albums. ALL musicians write from personal experience. Whether it be from the past or present. I’m a nobody, and even I do. I’ve only had like two boyfriends my whole life and a few big crushes, but I have a fuck ton of songs written from my experiences and I could probably write more if something triggers a memory and brings back some past emotions.

Tay hasn’t dated anyone in over TWO YEARS because she was too afraid to after all the bullshit like this that she has copped from the media and the public eye. She is finally in a place where she is happy and confident within herself, and feels she can finally date publicly again. And all that is happening is she is being gossiped about and people are trying to chip away the confidence and happiness she has ALREADY worked so hard to rebuild after previously being knocked down. She became so insecure and closed off because of the media continuously depicting her to be some boy-obsessed slut.

Here’s a little history lesson on taylorswift’s dating life. She dated like TWO guys when she was just a normal, small-town girl as well as had a few CRUSHES but NEVER DATED said crushes, who inspired some songs for her albums ‘Taylor Swift’ and ‘Fearless’ and then only SIX celeb guys after hitting stardom herself, that led to inspiration for songs on ‘Speak Now’, 'RED’ and '1989’. That is only EIGHT PEOPLE in her whole lifetime, now nine with Calvin. That is NOT a big number for a TEN-YEAR time-span. I know people who have had double the number of boyfriends, or slept with triple the number of people just for a fling.

For Taylor to actually be seen out in public with Calvin, looking so happy smiling, hugging, kissing and HOLDING HANDS after all the shit she has gotten about the men she’s dated, is such a huge thing for her.

Especially after this quote:

“If you see me in the press hand in hand with someone even after having said this, it will be because that someone is absolutely extraordinary.”

Tay doesn’t deserve all this hate and petty bullshit. She is such a good person. She cares about her Swifties and does so much for us. She interacts with us fans online more in a day than most artists do in a month. She stalks our social media accounts to find out what we like, and what our interests and hobbies are and then sends us packages filled with gifts and notes from her. She had fans comes to her houses for secret sessions to listen to 1989 months before it was released. She organises a backstage meet and greet FOR FREE and has her mum and members of her team surprise fans in the audience during her concert with a pass to go see her.

Just… People need to realise that snide remarks and words fucking hurt and can do more damage than actual physical violence. It can break you apart and make you a shell of the person you really are. She may be one of the most successful musicians in the world, but she is still a fucking person, she has feelings too. She is a human being for Christ sake, not a toy for you to play with for your own amusement.

*drops mic*