annoying rich kids

James Potter:

- Annoying Pureblood Rich Kid 

- barges into Lily’s compartment on Hogwarts Express with his annoying rich kid buddy 

- offers friendship 

 - simultaneously insults her poor kid best friend and is therefore rejected 

- proceeds to make himself a nuisance for the next 5 years 

- Obsessed as heck w Lily but only calls her by her last name

- every time she’s around feels the need to show off 

- makes the fool of himself every time she’s around instead 

- good at Quidditch though

- hangs about with his gang of Cool Kids 

- picks on her friend partially out of jealousy, partiallly due to the whole Gryffindor vs Slytherin shit 

- begins realizing the errors of his ways around year 6 

- somehow betters himself as a person, loses the ego 

- becomes a truly sympathetic character at about year 7

Which I believe we can all agree sounds extremely familiar, so to sum this up…  

look joanne you can’t just draw all these parallels, put jily on a pedestal as the ultimate Soulmate Bond, and then somehow expect me nOT TO SHIP DRARRY

All I’m sayin’.  

I like it how the Armed Detective Agency looks like a bunch of rebellious juniors in this op

And there goes the Port Mafia looking like the creepy seniors who haven’t slept for 24 hours

And there goes the annoying rich kids in school

  • Dazai: "The ADA is like a group of kids living in the same neighborhood that started a 'secret' club in the woods that all their parents know about."
  • Ranpo: "What does that make the Port Mafia?"
  • Dazai: "The annoying rich kids from the gated community across town that always try to lay claim to the woods even though it's clearly not in their territory."
  • Ranpo: "Don't the secret club kids usually have a big dog or something as part of their little gang?"
  • Dazai: "What do you think Atsushi is?"

@ all the people shitting on Varian:

Literally he’s 14, his dad is essentially dead, and he’s pissed the fuck off because no one gives a damn. Also, he didn’t cause this mess. The king did. 18 years ago. By saving his wife. If you aren’t giving the king shit for ignoring dire warnings and potential future catastrophes (you know, like the one they’re currently in cause he kept that massive secret for 18 years) in order to save his wifes life, you literally cannot be pissed at Varian for doing the SAME THING FOR HIS FATHER.

Was kidnapping the queen necessary? Yeah, kinda. They weren’t listening otherwise. He didn’t lay a hand on her. He threatened her only with the same treatment his father got: being cased in amber. The horrified responses he got from the king and Rapunzel when he threatened the queen are a direct parallel to how they DIDN’T react when it was his father in trouble. Thats damn good writing and even better symbolism.

Could be have gone about everything differently? Yeah. Probably. But god, look at the facts, people. Neither Rapunzel or her father is owning up to their mistakes, and I think if they had done that from the very beginning, Varian wouldn’t have thought that what he had to do was necessary.

spoiled || Bruce Wayne

Requested on Wattpad.

Summary; your and Bruce’s daughter throws a tantrum.
Warning(s); none.

Bruce Wayne needed to stop spoiling his daughter.

Since she turned one, Bruce couldn’t stop babying her, giving her things she wanted. Every time the little girl pointed at something Bruce would immediately head to that one certain store.

The workers stammered at the sight of him, maybe questioning why the famous billionaire came to their small, messy, not so classy toy store.

The girl in his arms then coos and giggles, reaching her tiny arms up as soon as her cool blue eyes landed on the thing she wanted, Bruce let a genuine smile tugging on his lips at her excitement.

“I’ll get that one.” He told the young woman that had been staring at him for what felt like hours since she was the closest.

People would think that he was a good father figure, they thought that his children were the happiest kids that have ever lived.


He was pretty much bad at it, he didn’t know how to raise his children correctly, what kind of father that would let his kids fight crime at night? Bruce would, and he was probably the awkwardest father figure out there.

and who could blame him? He never really had experience with raising a kid, from scratch, when they were a baby instead of a nine years old. He always had Alfred by his side to help. With everything.

At least he knew how to shove some manners into the boys’ brains.

That is where you come into the picture. The total opposite of the playboy billionaire. You knew when to spoil your kids when to spank their naughty asses instead of screaming at them or lash out your anger because of their mistakes.

You had been with Bruce since he took Dick under his wing. Like other couples, you started as best friends, crushes, then got into a relationship for a few years, got engaged two weeks after Jason was formally adopted, you moving in soon after, and got married.

Your job since the boys came into your house was to help Bruce and Alfred raise them. It went well, Bruce would secretly spoil them too sometimes. But since you gave birth to a daughter of his own (Damian sulked for days because he wasn’t the Batman’s only biological child anymore) he would buy a lot of things for her even though she wasn’t old enough to play with the toys or wear the beautiful dresses.

You understand that he was happy, more than happy even, that was why you let him bought a lot of things, too many things, for your daughter, and for you as a thank you.

But as the little girl grew older, Bruce made it a habit to give her gifts without him realizing it, and you as a mother was concerned. Mostly for your daughter because she would be that annoying spoiled rich kid soon enough. You always had little fights with him about it.

You were right.

You were spending your time with your family but you separated ways with Alfred and the boys, Alfred was probably at an antique store while the boys at an arcade which left you with Bruce and your daughter.

When you walked, you passed a cute looking toy store that put a huge dollhouse complete with the little furniture and the little family of eight that almost resembled your own. Of course, your daughter just had to see it.

She looked up at you and Bruce, giving that adorable pleading puppy eyes, you were unaffected. Dick would always give those eyes to you when he wanted something.

Bruce, on the other hand, not doing so much good. He was weak to those big, round eyes, all of his self-control as the Batman crumbled.

“No.” You stated sternly, putting your serious face before Bruce could say yes.

You saw your daughter’s eyes widened just slightly’ she wasn’t used with the word ‘no’. She didn’t like it. She hated it. You knew that was why you said it today.

“Why?” She asked.

You kept your voice soft but had an authority in it, “Because you have so many toys at home and you also have a dollhouse in your room, honey. Your father gave you as a present on your birthday.”

Bruce blinked, he didn’t remember giving his daughter a dollhouse. So much for being the Batman Bruce, he told himself. He zoned out as he rummaged his brain when the memory hit him, he sighed. He had indeed given her a dollhouse, a custom dollhouse.

“But it doesn’t have a green bed.” She tried to reason with you.

You couldn’t be budged, you stood your ground. “No, honey, mommy’s sorry. We can’t get it.”

“But mommy! I want that dollhouse!” Your daughter’s high-pitched voice was probably could be heard throughout the mall you were at. She kept on begging to you since she knew her father would buy what she wanted, “It’s so cute, I want it, mommy, please, please.”

You couldn’t have that.

Lifting your head, you looked at Bruce. His eyes were on you, confusion and uncertainty gracing his face. He might be the greatest detective but he didn’t know how to stop a kid from throwing a tantrum. The only thing he could think of was to buy her what she wanted.

You flashed a reassuring smile at your husband, giving him your 'let me handle this’ look before crouching in front of your daughter, lowering yourself to meet her gaze.

Your daughter started crying loudly, pointing at the toy store with her little finger, chanting; “I want it, I want that dollhouse, I want it, mommy.” Over and over again, hoping you would give up already.

You cradled her face with your gentle hands, wiping her tears with your thumb. “Look at me.” You said softly, she stopped. Hiccups after hiccups shook her little body as she looked at you with her teary blue eyes that always reminded you of Bruce, “you can’t have it because of a reason.”

“A reason?” She choked out.


“What reason?”

“You already have one.”

She frowned, “mine does not have a green bed.”

“Honey, there are kids that are not as lucky as you, their mommies and daddies can’t buy them that dollhouse because they need to save their money first to buy it.” You kissed her forehead, “if we do buy that dollhouse then their mommies and daddies will be sad.”


“Because they can’t buy the dollhouse and their efforts will be fruitless.”

Your daughter seemed to give it a thought, she looked up at Bruce who quickly gave her a smile and a nod then back at you. “Okay.” She paused, pointing to another crying kid behind you that you hadn’t noticed because you were too busy to calm her down, “then can daddy buy it for that girl?”

You looked over her little shoulder, the girl was doing the same your daughter just did, pointing at the toy store as she cried. Her parents were panicking, didn’t know what to do. They looked so young which made sense.

“Of course, princess.” Your husband answered. He scooped your daughter into his arms as you stood straight before walking over to the young parents.

“I’m sorry Anna, we can’t afford it.” The man said sadly which only provoked the cries even louder.

“My daddy can buy it for you!” Your daughter chirped, gaining their attention.

The parents’ jaw dropped, they probably never thought that they would meet Bruce at a mall, while their daughter stopped crying, head tilted as she gazed up at the girl in Bruce’s arms.

“Really?” She asked.

Bruce carefully puts your daughter down, she took Anna’s hands in hers and gave her a huge grin. You could’ve sworn sometimes Dick’s behaviors starting to affect your daughter because they hung out too much, you didn’t mind though.

“Yes! You will buy it for her, won’t you daddy?”

Bruce gave a nod, he followed both girls into the store. He probably would end up buying more than the dollhouse.

Anna’s parents couldn’t stop thanking you before catching up with him, telling you they were grateful and they owe you on the way. You responded to them with a chuckle, telling them that they didn’t owe you or Bruce anything, it was all your daughter’s wish.

Maybe there was a way to avoid your daughter from becoming a spoiled rich kid.

[Miraculous Ladybug]: The Perks of Being a Rich Kid

short commission i did for @leoqueen082​ :) 

fun fact: people really forget that these two kids are filthy rich and probably run in the same circles all the time. which makes for some interesting convos :P

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: The Perks of Being a Rich Kid
Pairings/Characters: Gen fic, Chloe & Alix
Summary: Chloe and Alix bond after getting sent to the principal’s office

The Perks of Being a Rich Kid

Useful bit of information that Chloé learned today: there was a limit to how much trouble her last name was capable of getting her out of.

Which, seriously, how ridiculous was that? What was the sense of being the daughter of the most powerful man in Paris if she wasn’t going to be totally immune to punishment? She tried to explain that to her teacher but he didn’t seem to appreciate it very much because here Chloé was, getting sent to the principal’s office with a bag full of extra credit homework that was going to take her hours to do.

Sabrina really picked a horrible day to be home sick with the flu. Chloé had been doing her nails during history class this entire quarter and now she had to write a whole paper by Thursday.

To be fair, Chloé kinda toed the line a little close today. Not that she’d ever admit that to anyone other than her father who was going to love an explanation for the mess she’d gotten herself into. That was going to be a fun conversation. She wasn’t sure if her justifiable hatred for Marinette Dupain-Cheng was going to be enough to let her off the hook, and that was the real travesty of the day. Because seriously, this was all Marinette’s fault.

But whatever. At least Chloé got her revenge. Definitely worth potentially losing her credit card privileges over.

M. Damocles was busy scolding a student in his office while another three sat right outside the door awaiting their own lectures. Chloé snorted when she realized that one of them was Alix who was crouched over her handheld and growling at the video game she was playing while she waited. Well, that explained why she wasn’t in class last period.

It was funny that people complained so much about Chloé (almost) never getting in trouble because of who her father was. Alix got sent to the principal’s office at least four times a week and only ever left with a slap on the wrist because of who her father was.

Figures. M. Kubdel gave a monster of a donation to the school last year.

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The Signs As High School Stereotypes
  • Aries: Quarterback on the football team but is kinda annoying.
  • Taurus: The rich kid who is only cool because they're rich.
  • Gemini: That one who KEEPS BREAKING DRESS CODE.
  • Cancer: Moody teen who always had headphones in.
  • Leo: The class clown who almost gets expelled.
  • Virgo: The quiet one that everyone secretly has a crush on.
  • Libra: Prom King/queen. Loved by all, but is secretly kind of bored with popularity.
  • Scorpio: The rebel. They're always late and in detention but they're SEXY AF.
  • Sagittarius: Class president. All business, but no social life.
  • Capricorn: Would be an excellent student if they actually cared.
  • Aquarius: The one that plans all of the parties and probably gets arrested multiple times before graduating.
  • Pisces: Really artsy and doesn't talk much.

I was thinking about that post about how Pegasus is only 24 and….if u think about it…..for someone around his age, Pegasus is literally that POS annoying rich kid you went to high school with who took a “gap year” after graduation to travel the world and “”“find themselves”“” and came back with, like, a mildly appropriative body modification and a really weird start up idea and now they’re somehow Even Richer while u highkey Suffer trying to make rent to pay for the 90 sq ft u share with ur useless degree and oh lmao whoops!!!!he awoke the wrath of the ancient Egyptian gods and now people keep trying to end the world with card games. Cool.


There’s an au going around where soulmates can summon each other to their location once in their life and I decided to take a shot at it. So here’s dexnursey summoning each other and learning that they’re soulmates.

If you like this trope, check out this zimbits fic and this dexnursey one that I got the idea from.

Warning for an almost drowning.

Edit: There is now Nursey’s POV to this fic, which you can find here.


         Most soulmate summonings happen at young ages, Dex’s health teacher said. Significant moments in a person’s developmental years that require, in some way or another, a helping hand from the most important someone in that person’s life. The loss of a loved one or a scary experience. Sometimes it’s even a good moment, like winning a prize or a new baby in the family. Just tiny little things that someone chooses subconsciously to share with their person.

         When Dex went the first eighteen years of his life without a summoning, he assumed it was because he didn’t have a someone. He figured that he was one of the few people that didn’t have a match, another half. He had always been different from everyone around him, whether it be his anger or his determination or even his hair color. Uniqueness meant independence, surely, and Dex was fine with that. He didn’t need anyone else; he could get along just fine on his own.

         Until tonight, it seems.

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anonymous asked:

I can imagine a very ~dramatic~ scene where Damian and Jon are grown but Clark doesn't approve of their relationship only because he's bald. "I can accept you dating a Bat, I can accept you dating an annoying rich kid, but no son of mine shall date a bald billionaire!" "But i love him!"

“I forbid it!!”

“Come on dad just because your first love doesn’t work o-”


Replaying P5 and Gil will probably be that annoying rich kid future CEO of Uruk INC.

Even if you change his heart, HIS PERSONALITY WILL REMAIN THE SAME.

Gil’s Palace would probably just be a Waterpark verison of Uruk.

Save this man.

Is anyone else watching sassy/insolently go go???

Can we talk about how sexy kim yeol is???

Originally posted by hyoyu

I’ll probs delete this later but if ya’ll are looking for a good high school drama, i totally suggest this one. It follows that super annoying cliche of rich kids vs. poor kids; BUT ITS PRETTY GOOD its not cringy i love the characters all individually ok GOODNIGHT