annoying rich kids

I like it how the Armed Detective Agency looks like a bunch of rebellious juniors in this op

And there goes the Port Mafia looking like the creepy seniors who haven’t slept for 24 hours

And there goes the annoying rich kids in school

The Signs As High School Stereotypes
  • Aries: Quarterback on the football team but is kinda annoying.
  • Taurus: The rich kid who is only cool because they're rich.
  • Gemini: That one who KEEPS BREAKING DRESS CODE.
  • Cancer: Moody teen who always had headphones in.
  • Leo: The class clown who almost gets expelled.
  • Virgo: The quiet one that everyone secretly has a crush on.
  • Libra: Prom King/queen. Loved by all, but is secretly kind of bored with popularity.
  • Scorpio: The rebel. They're always late and in detention but they're SEXY AF.
  • Sagittarius: Class president. All business, but no social life.
  • Capricorn: Would be an excellent student if they actually cared.
  • Aquarius: The one that plans all of the parties and probably gets arrested multiple times before graduating.
  • Pisces: Really artsy and doesn't talk much.

There’s an au going around where soulmates can summon each other to their location once in their life and I decided to take a shot at it. So here’s dexnursey summoning each other and learning that they’re soulmates.

If you like this trope, check out this zimbits fic and this dexnursey one that I got the idea from.

Warning for an almost drowning.


         Most soulmate summonings happen at young ages, Dex’s health teacher said. Significant moments in a person’s developmental years that require, in some way or another, a helping hand from the most important someone in that person’s life. The loss of a loved one or a scary experience. Sometimes it’s even a good moment, like winning a prize or a new baby in the family. Just tiny little things that someone chooses subconsciously to share with their person.

         When Dex went the first eighteen years of his life without a summoning, he assumed it was because he didn’t have a someone. He figured that he was one of the few people that didn’t have a match, another half. He had always been different from everyone around him, whether it be his anger or his determination or even his hair color. Uniqueness meant independence, surely, and Dex was fine with that. He didn’t need anyone else; he could get along just fine on his own.

         Until tonight, it seems.

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Advice anon) okay then. i just wanna know if im being selfish at all. i was complaining about a tiny insignificant fight that i had with my mom about an hour ago to my friends but then i just was thinking about how i was complaining about something stupid when i have everything handed to me on a silver platter. others have tough family situations and i feel like that annoying, selfcentered, rich kid who complains about the stupidest things. am i selfish when i complain about my stupid problems?

Listen to me, your problems are important. even if it seems insignificant and less than what others to through. You’re not selfish to want to talk about your issues, no matter what they are. Trust me, keeping it bottled up is worse.


Is anyone else watching sassy/insolently go go???

Can we talk about how sexy kim yeol is???

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I’ll probs delete this later but if ya’ll are looking for a good high school drama, i totally suggest this one. It follows that super annoying cliche of rich kids vs. poor kids; BUT ITS PRETTY GOOD its not cringy i love the characters all individually ok GOODNIGHT