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while we’re on this topic here’s what i personally think is going on w sonic and amy in a completely platonic and non-romantic way.

sonic’s gay. that much is true. imho he knows he’s gay (or at least 95% sure) and is grossly overcompensating by acting in a hypermasculine fuckboy type way that is so unlike main sonic bc internalized homophobia and shiz.

he also knows amy likes him. so there are two theories i got for that. a) they are dating but sonic isn’t taking it seriously bc hes just trying to deal w his feelings and amy may or may not know abt this but she still likes sonic so w/e (hence he’s always more defensive abt their “”relationship””; bc he’s gay and even if he’s not ready to face his feelings he definitely does not want to be in a relationship w a girl). or b) they’re not dating but sonic just knows how intensely amy likes him and is just sort of. playing along/acting in a defensive way so as not to lead her on bc he’s not that much of a tool but he’s still just so awkward abt his gayness and shit.

imo both of these are more plausible than “sonic and amy are in a secret relationship for literally no reason”


Pearlmethyst + RP Generator Part 1 | Part 2



Magnus: Everyone had a crazy ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, who doesn’t cared about you or loved you but tried to ruin every relationship you’ve ever been.
Magnus: Hey Camille, what’s good?

“Eugh Yaoi fangirls are the worst, stop projecting your weird ideas onto Yuu he’s obviously straight like where do you even get the idea that he’s gay from that bite was about survival there’s nothing romantic there at all, you ruin good animes by making characters gay”


To the aplatonic aros

- those who are afraid they might not be “really aros” but broken because, they don’t feel this love either … ?

- those who are even more afraid because they have troubles being close to every person in their life and wonder if they’re really just broken and need to be fixed, especially when they feel their troubles come from trauma / mental illnesses 

- those who feel like their life is not important if they don’t find someone they can have a deep connection with 

- those who feel like the only point of being aro is finding a QPR and are angry they can’t

- those who keep wondering if they feel platonic attraction but can’t tell it, just like the way you can wonder about romantic attraction 

- those who are scared because they feel like they’re gonna end up alone and it seems to be such an horrible thing, even in the aro community 

- those who try to find a QPR even if that makes them uncomfortable because of said fear 

- those who feel fine being alone until society reminds them that living alone is horrible

- those who aren’t alone but aren’t very close to anyone either and are told that they should find a meaningfull relationship to be complete

- and those I forgot to mention, but who need this anyway 

You are important. You are valid. Not being very close to people isn’t a bad thing. Being alone isn’t a bad thing. In fact, you’re great! :) 


For the RusPrus lovers, here’s an other crappy edit with my colored pics.

You can find the separate post for them (with the sources to the original drawings) Here and Here.

I couldn’t put them side by side because their proportions were too different (and I already edit Prussia’s one), but I still like this disposition… It’s like Ivan is leaving home for work, and turns his head back to Gilbert to say “I’ll be back soon, don’t miss me too much rabbit ~ ♥” and Gilbert is like “Stop saying stupid things and be careful”

Cropped versions


Having your significant other pick you up at a park because you’re playing Pokemon GO at 10:30pm and then drive you around the neighborhood til 1:30am so you can catch all the Pokemon

To all of the people who bend over backwards to explain why that character spent a whole season (or more) pursuing/dating a character they weren’t really interested in because they were really interested in whoever you ship them with, let me introduce three phrases into your vocabulary that will save you a lot of time and get you to your ship a lot faster:

  • politely aued out of existence
  • it is possible to be attracted to more than one person at a time
  • “Yeah, I was into them/we were together, but it wasn’t going to happen/wasn’t going anywhere, so I moved on.”

It is completely unnecessary to write out entire scenarios about them faking their crush and pursuit or relationship, and it is especially unnecessary to shit on the character they were actually into in the process.


Happy Birthday to my perfect wonderful boyfriend. You’re my pirate, my rockstar, my best friend in the universe, my big spoon for life, my adventure partner, my al dente noodle man, and sincerely the most amazing person I’ve ever encountered. No one understands my weird tendencies, odd thoughts, or reciprocates my rabid growling the way you do. Thank you for loving me and caring for me unconditionally. I love you more and more every day ❤️ congrats dude, 20 whole years without getting rabies or attacked by a dinosaur is something to be proud of
Your sugar loaf slug raccoon girlfriend

I officially have the sweetest boyfriend ever.

He sang me to sleep last night over the phone. “Something” by The Beatles.
Can I just swoon forever?
Is that okay?
Well I don’t care, I’m doing it anyway.

Woah will it really have been 7 months in a couple of days? Gosh. That’s a shocker.
I can’t wait :)
Happy 7th monthiverssary Eric.