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say my name: a summary

lydia: god i just wish my dad would notice my existence or mention my dead mom! can he just say my name one (1) time? ugh i hate him!



The thing about Jason Mendoza in the good place is that he’s the only character on the show with any emotional intelligence, like, period.

The others might all be smart in their own ways and him really, really uneducated (i’d call him stupid, but after the vague jokes about his schooling i think this is meant to be commentary on how him not being fortunate enough to be given a good education contributed to him ending up in the  bad place) but, he’s actually really, really emotionally intelligent! 

He helps the others sort through their own emotional baggage without seeming to even realise he’s doing it, and he picks up on it and confronts Tahani on her bad behaviour against him. He didn’t have the book smarts at the time to label exactly what it was that she was doing that was unfair to him, but he Did know she was being out of line. He’s also, in general, a kind human being, he’s not cruel or mean like any of the others, he may be self-centered at times, but never mean (which Eleanor and Tahani can definitely be).  

The other three humans, plus Janet and Michael, have no clue about emotions! The blanket statement that Jason is stupid in all areas is flawed, because if we stopped measuring that standard by book smarts or street smarts, Jason would leave them in the dust because he’s actually in touch with his own and others’ emotions, and they genuinely need his emotional compass to move forward imo. 

strangest-uncultured-swine  asked:

pls say something soft and warm and comfortable

mayhaps the shadows mean you no harm. they drape around you like a well-worn cloak, they act as blanket and swaddle when even light fails you. 

do not fear the quiet shadows, that shift from corner to corner, seeking only a soft place to settle. let them creep into your room at night, and sit mildly by your bedside, whispering you to sleep.

Roman: What time is it?

Virgil: I dunno, hand me that trombone.

Virgil: *playing the trombone*

Logan: *bursts into the room* WHO IS PLAYING THE FUCKING TROMBONE AT TWO AM?!

Virgil: It’s two am.

Geralt to Jaskier, softly so he doesn’t raise any unwanted attention to himself in the tavern: Shall we go to Kaer Morhen this winter?

Jaskier, at full volume: I’M ALWAYS A SLUT FOR WITCHERS

Are you ever just tired? Not even tired but unexplainably exhausted and no amount of sleep or coffee can rejuvenate you? It’s as if you’ve lived so much life in such a short time your body is drained and can’t seem to catch up.. what do you do on those days? Where you want to sleep forever but somewhere in the back of your head you know you have so much to live for. Where you feel so alone, but you know you have so many people left to meet, so many more lives to impact? What’re you supposed to do when you’re not even all that sure you want to anymore?
  • jughead: the serpents need me.
  • sweet pea: alright, take it down a notch, batman.

Richie: Hey Eds, I like your last name.

Eddie: Uh ok? How charming.

Richie: Really, it’s great but you could have a better one.

Eddie: Like what?

Richie: Tozier.

Eddie: ….was that a proposal?

Richie: Maybe?

Eddie: Seriously?

Richie: *eyes widen* Holy shit…uh. I was just wanted to try that like on you because, you know we have been dating for like ever and I didn’t think that would work and-

Eddie: So you accidentally proposed?

Richie: *now freaking the fuck out* OMG EDS YOU HAVE TO KNOW I’D NEVER BE CASUAL ABOUT THIS! I don’t even have a ring!

Eddie: Are you taking it back?

Richie: YES! I mean-no? Fuck, I don’t know?

Eddie: Do you want to marry me or not?

Richie: Ofcourse I do! What kind of fucking question is that? I mean-wait. Was that a proposal?

Eddie: *rolls eyes and stares back at the t.v.*

Richie: Eds? Eddie? Eddiebear? What just happened? ARE WE ENGAGED OR NOT?

stranger things as my favorite vines:

will: *watches bottle rocket fly up and start plummeting towards him*…………………..oh damn– OW!

mike: *fills cup by mixing all available soft drinks in the soda machine and takes a sip* …fuck you.

lucas: “you ready to fuckin’ die?!” no! n- i’m a bad bitch, you can’t kill me!

dustin: basically uh what i was thinking of was uh *gets punched* ooh fuck, i can’t believe you’ve done this!

el: look at all those chickens!!!!!!!!

max: hey everybody, today my brother pushed me so i’m starting a kickstarter to put him down. benefits of killing him would be i get pushed way less.

nancy: this is why mom doesn’t FUCKING love you!!!

jonathan: “somebody at our prom has been killed, please help-” calm down, you don’t want to panic at the disco, heh *i write sins not tragedies starts to play*

steve: “uh jared can you read number 23 for the class?” no i can not! what up, i’m jared, i’m 19, and i never fuckin’ learned how to read

billy: next time you put a hand on me, i will FUCKING rip your face off, BITCH

joyce: “hey how much money do you have?” oh, like 69 cents- “ooh, you know what that means!” …i don’t have enough money for chicken nuggets…

hopper: put that candy back i ain’t buyin’ you all that mess *gets hit in the head because the candy is thrown at him* try me, bitch

bob: road work ahead? uh yeah, i sure hope it does!