annoying pup


My two babies, Freja and Anubis. Freja is an 8 week black lab Aussie Shepard mix. Anubis is a h*ckin old doggo (not sure how old, Im guessing between 9-12) and his previous owners also don’t know his breed. He’s a grumpy diva who loves to sleep and she’s a curious pup who annoys him, but he low key loves to play with her

~Agree to Disagree~ Part 1

One does not simply get a cat and dog to play nice.


Word Count: 7,685

It’s very rare that the chirping birds would wake you up, usually it was the alarm on your phone or one of the boys.  Nothing says good morning like a cat’s arm on top of your face or a certain dog’s wandering nose digging around your lower extremities.  Strange, it’s awfully quiet today and yet the sun seems to be brighter than normal.  Your hand flies to your phone and the numbers 11:00 are displayed.  

Crap, crap, crap!  You tear out of bed, steamrolling over a cat and accidentally kicking a dog with your foot.

Oops.  The moan nor yelp doesn’t stop you from your mad dash to the bathroom because of course your alarm wouldn’t go off on the day you absolutely needed it the most.  You had 30 minutes to get ready and book it to class before you had to give a presentation.  While you’re busy brushing your teeth and scrubbing your face, at the same time mind you, two dazed and confused hybrids are still trying to figure out what happened.  

“Tae, did your nose go to places it shouldn’t?” Yoongi attempts to glare at the other boy, but it’s a little difficult to look intimidating when his face is squashed in the pillow.

Taehyung gets the hint regardless and he frantically shakes his head even though he knows the feline can’t see.  “It wasn’t me; I was just sleeping!”  

“Uh huh.  Sure you were.”  A groan sounds from the fluff as Yoongi flicks his tail around in the hopes of annoying the pup.  It works and Taehyung smacks the white tail out of his face while spitting stray fur that stuck to his mouth.

“My nose didn’t move at all. I kept my head on her thigh the entire night.”  Taehyung yanks the covers over himself and squeezes into a ball, trying to get comfortable again.  

“Why do you like it down there anyway?”  Yoongi questions, rolling onto his back where he previously was before you accidentally repositioned him.  The black-haired boy looks at the other with narrowed eyes, cringing from the light peering through your window.  

“Her thighs make great pillows, they’re very soft.”  Taehyung blissfully sighs and he cuddles the pillow closest to him for emphasis.  

As if thinking of you was a way to summon your presence, you come barreling into the room and nearly rip your closet door off the hinges, frantically looking for something that would pass as decent and professional.  

“Is everything okay, sweetheart?”  Taehyung asks from your bed as both him and Yoongi watch you with mild interest as you hook a bra over your chest.  

“Yeah, everything’s fine. Just running a little late.”  You breathlessly respond.  A little? More like very late, your brain corrects.  

Finally plucking a nice black and white dress from the clothes hanger, it ends up opening two more important questions.  Stepping into the striped outfit, you yank it up and as you’re zipping it, you catch sight of two sets of eyes openly staring at your assets.  

“Hey, my eyes are up here.” Motioning for them to pay attention as you reach for your jewelry box and tug out two pairs of necklaces.  

“Really quick, diamond or teardrop shaped necklace for today?”  

“Diamond.”  The blonde sounds out from under his blanket fort.

“Teardrop.”  Yoongi mumbles, more so picking the one that sounds prettier and not actually taking the time to observe the pieces of accessories.

You roll your eyes. “Yeah, I can’t wear both so pick one. I have a major project I have to present and I want to look nice, so try again.”  


“Teardrop.”  Are the two exact answers you get once more.

You toss the diamond one back into the box and clasp the crystalline teardrop necklace around your neck. “Okay, then.  I’m afraid to ask, but black or white?”  You point to the two sets of heels in your closet.  


“White.”  Are the two simultaneous responses and the hybrids glare at one another.  

“No, black.”  Taehyung insists.

“What?  She needs to stand out.  White.”  Yoongi counters with agitation rising as he heaves himself into a sitting position.

“Black matches more.” Taehyung also crawls out from the blankets and kneels into a crouch.

“No, it doesn’t.  The dress is black and white, but the white will even it out.”  The feline’s hair stands on end as his tail begins to bristle and puff out.  

“But then there’s too much white on the bottom, she should pick black.”  Taehyung points at your dress without breaking eye contact with the other male.  

You glance at your watch, seeing the seconds steadily tick around the face, reminding you that class began in 15 minutes and yet a fight was about to break out in your bedroom. “Guys, this isn’t helping.”  Not that they heard you, no, they were still caught in a battle of the colors.  

“Black is better-”  

“White looks-”  

“Ugh, never mind, forget I asked.  I’m leaving now!”  You announce, slipping your feet into the black heels, deciding to appease them by choosing one of each.  They’re not even fazed by your notice and you repeat yourself.  The second time does nothing either and you roll your eyes as you stomp towards the bed.

Bending down you quickly kiss the still arguing cat and dog’s lips, which ends up cutting off their opinions and the dangerous explosion that was sure to follow. It’s like a switch was flipped in both of them, they’re silent and unmoving as if you reset them from a glitch.  You grasp their chins, forcing them to look at you and they regard you nonchalantly.  

“That’s enough.  It’s not a big deal, alright?  I’m sorry, but I really have to go now.  Please stop fighting and I love you both, my color enthusiasts.”  

Ruffling blonde and black hair, you wish them good luck before you run to the living room to retrieve your bag and materials before clomping out the front door.  Once the door slams and your retreating footsteps fade does Taehyung speak first with a smug grin to the cat.  “Told you so-ah!”  He yips and vaults off the bed, ducking for cover as a hiss wards him away.  

When the warning sound stops, Taehyung carefully peeks over the edge of the bed, fully expecting a puffed cat with claws at the ready, but apparently the mattress was more powerful than his smart ass comments as he sees Yoongi curled back up in a ball under the sheets.  Taehyung crawls along the floor and when he reaches the side closest to the cat he props his head on the bed.  Yoongi looks as if he already fell asleep, which wouldn’t be a surprise, his head is tucked under his arm and his tail wrapped around his own leg.  The dog proceeds to climb up the bed and on top of said sleeping cat who groans under the weight of the other hybrid.  

“What are you doing, pup?” The older male asks, not even bothering to open his eyes.  

“At least she wore the teardrop necklace.”  He nuzzles into his cheek, hugging the cat tightly.

The feline sighs and props his head in his palm, knowing exactly where this was going.  “Let me rephrase.  What do you want, pup?”  Yoongi gets his answer in the form of a loud growl that vibrates along his back and echoes throughout the room.  

Another sigh.  “Set the table and I’ll cook breakfast for you.” Taehyung yips and licks the cheek he had been previously nuzzling before darting out the door towards the kitchen.


“Umm, are you just that hungry or is that clock over there wrong and we’re actually minutes away from the next class starting?  Please don’t be the latter because I’m not finished with my homework.”  Your friend pleads as you frantically stab and engulf the vegetables on your salad.  You were currently in the process of scarfing down your lunch from the cafeteria as if you were starving, which in this case you were.  

The presentation had gone well, but the nonexistent breakfast and stress from before had drained you of your energy.  Other than your friend, no one else batted an eye at your animalistic behavior, too consumed in their own conversations and productive tasks of schoolwork.  Rush hour had just passed for lunch so there weren’t as many students present at the muted gray round tables.

“The clock’s right, don’t worry, you procrastinator.  I accidentally slept in and didn’t get to eat breakfast this morning.”  You explain over a piece of lettuce while shoving even more of the green leaves into your mouth.  

Your friend looks at you as if you’d grown two heads because surely she’d misheard you.  “You overslept.”  She says in disbelief.  

“Yes, surprise, surprise. Speaking of which, you got to class before me?”  You counter. “Talk about opposite day.”  It seems like your hybrids weren’t the only ones acting out of character today.  Not once had your friend beaten you to class, always either struggling with the horridly overridden parking lot or stuck in the long line at the campus coffee shop.

“Yeah, well, the boys decided they wanted to be early birds today and when they’re up, everyone’s up. I figured I could get a head start this morning.”  She laughs, munching on some rice as she does so.  

Her reply triggers your memory and you are reminded of your own boys and how strange they were acting this morning.  “Actually that reminds me.  Do your hybrids ever not get along?”  

She crinkles her brows as she stops to think for a second before shaking her head.  “No, Hobi and Minie always seem to get along. Why?  Wait.  Don’t tell me they’re back at it again.”  

You wave your hand to express that it was nothing compared to when they first met.  “No, no, nothing like that.  It’s just they, uh, kind of got into a little disagreement earlier this morning.  Nothing serious, they couldn’t decide on which necklace and heels I should wear today, it was probably nothing.”  You tell her because everyone argues every now and then.  Then again, it wasn’t exactly common for people to go into fight mode when they got into a spat.

Her eyes light up as she immediately senses the issue.  “Ah, sounds like someone’s going to be going through the whole cat versus dog thing soon.”

Your face mimicked your thoughts as you look at her with undeniable confusion.  She rolls her eyes and takes a swig of her drink.  “Sweetie, you’re living with a cat and dog hybrid.  Out of all the hybrid species, those two get along the least.  You’re basically sharing a home with a werewolf and vampire, it’s in their nature to not like each other.”  

Is she serious?  “Psh, that’s ridiculous.  Yoongi and Taehyung aren’t anything like that.”  You stab a piece of potato and eat it, chewing the spud in the hopes of distracting yourself from the pointed stare that is directed at you.

Never mind, you can’t ignore it.  “Oh come on, you don’t really think they would do that.  Would they?”  Worry is present in your last question and your friend looks at you with sympathy.  

“Even if it’s not intentional, they’re more than likely gonna fight again.  It’s bound to happen at some point.  I don’t know much, but from what I understand it’s like a weird phase they go through apparently.  First there’s a few arguments and then before you know it, it’s a full-fledged war.  At least, that’s what the boys told me back when they used to live at the shop.”  

“Are you sure they’re not exaggerating?”  Remembering how the bunny and dog boy tried to explain how they were defending your friend’s home from a dangerous enemy and not a mere fly.  Supposedly, it was imperative that they got rid of the threat as quick as possible, even if that meant sacrificing the table lamp in the process.  

“Probably,” scooping up another spoonful of white rice, “but remember when you had all that trouble in the beginning?”  She points out.  

“Of course, how could I forget?  I mean, the cat and dog thing makes sense, but they’ve come so far.  And if this is going to be a problem soon, what can I do?” You flick a piece of potato across your plate, worried that your friend was right and a small part of you feared about the potential and dangerous activities occurring back at your apartment. Ones that threatened the lives of your furniture and well-being of your beloved mates.

“Well, technically, the cat and dog are supposed to be separated and then they spend a few hours with one another until they’re used to each other.”  

You give her a dead look. “Yeah, I can’t exactly do that.”  

She throws the same expression back at you and flicks a piece of rice in your direction as mock punishment for interrupting her.  “I know, I know.  If you would let me finish, I was going to say you need to somehow do the opposite.”  A light bulb seems to go off in her head when she says that and a big smile forms on her lips as she points the plastic fork at you.  “I think I have just the thing for you.  Actually I think I still have it in my car, we can stop by after we finish eating.”  

Her entire being screams with anticipation and you eye her with obvious distrust.  When she had the cat that ate the canary sly grin on her face, you knew she had some wild and out of this world plan in mind.  One that you were sure you weren’t going to be keen about.  “Why do I have a bad feeling about this?”  

“Because you know me.” She smirks and stabs a couple of pieces of chicken with her fork.  

You both finish eating and you’re now standing beside her car in the parking lot as your friend tosses some sort of pink thing at you.  

“What the hell?!”  You screech as you identify the fuzzy object as a pair of handcuffs.  

“Hear me out for a second. Or not.”  She sighs when you practically chunk the toy at her.  

Unfortunately, she won’t let you get rid of them that easily as she merely unzips your backpack and tucks the sex toy into the bottom while you remain speechless.  “As I was saying, take these home with you and try them out, see what happens.  If they start to argue or whatever just slap them on.  Oh!  Before I forget, here’s the key.”  She fishes it out of her pocket before making you hold the cold metal in your palm.  

You eye the silver key as if it was about to take a bite out of your hand and you look at her, skepticism evident in your voice.  “You want me to use a sex toy as a counseling tool for my hybrids?  Out of all your crazy ideas you’ve created in the time that I have known you, this one takes the cake.”  

She grasps your shoulders and leans close to you.  “Think about it.  You can’t keep them separated in your apartment so why not use this as a way for them to get past their differences by working together?”  She suggests.  

“This is never going to work.  Yoongi can barely stand Taehyung some days let alone be chained up with him.”  Knowing the canine, he would probably talk the cat boy’s ears off and end up with a duct tape covered mouth.

Your friend rolls her eyes and head all the way back before righting yourself.  “Come on, girl.  We all know how much that cat loves him.  It’ll be just fine, trust me.”  

You couldn’t believe you were going along with this insane scheme.  Of course, you didn’t exactly have any other brilliant ideas being delivered to your brain.  Heaving a deep sigh, you tuck the key into your pocket and it slide inside with finality. “Alright, alright.  I’ll try them, but after that you’re taking them back. Also, why do you have handcuffs and why were they in your car?”

To your amazement, she begins to laugh.  “Oh no. Those bad boys are a gift from me to you.  And to answer your question, I meant to bring them inside for me and the hybrids to play around with, but I kind of forgot about them.  Don’t worry, their new and never been used before.”  She reassures, not wanting to give you any excuses to try and talk yourself out of it.

You throw your arms in the air and immediately spin away from her as you start walking to your next class, wishing those damn things would somehow disappear from your bag.  Your friend follows after you and she’s stifling the giggles trapped inside, but you ask her another question before they have a chance to spill out of her.  

“So am I just supposed to slap them on when they start to argue?  And what, hope they don’t try to kill each other?”  

As you walk along the sidewalk, you spot a couple of crows cawing at each other.  One appeared to be annoyed, its midnight feathers ruffled as it stamps around the grass screeching its complaints while the other one stands and watches, craning its neck to the side and sounding a few questioning warbles like it thought their companion had lost its marbles.  The scene reminded you of your hybrids and it felt like you were watching the bird equivalent of Yoongi and Taehyung from earlier that day.

“Pretty much, but I highly doubt it’ll come to that.  They’re fuzzy so at least Yoongi will have a harder time trying to strangle Taehyung.” She smiles, noticing you observing the birds and following the same trail of thoughts you were thinking.  

“I can’t believe I’m even considering this.  And you still never told me why you had the handcuffs in the first place.”  You pointedly stare at her and she does the same to you.  

“You don’t play with toys much, do you?”  You open your mouth to respond, but she only pats your shoulder with understanding as she leans in close to whisper in your ear.  “It’s okay, my friend.  You practically scream vanilla so I’ll give you a free pass.  And no, I don’t have sex in my car, I was going to do this thing called roleplay.”  

You’re astounded at the stunning confession and she laughs.  “Oh, Y/N, you’re so innocent.  It’s cute!”  

What in the world have you gotten yourself into?  


Okay, here goes nothing.  

You open the door and before it’s even closed properly, you could hear shouting from the living room.  Upon entering, you catch sight of your two hybrids lying on the floor.  Taehyung is on top of Yoongi, but the cat is putting up a tough fight, attempting to wrestle to get on top and switch their positions.  

“What do you mean teleportation is better than flying?!”  An angry ball of yellow fluff shouts.  

Oh boy.  

The coffee table is shoved up against the couch and on the floor by their scrambling feet is one of your old teeny-bopper magazines.  The ripped, multi-colored page is on the “Would You Rather” section, filled with various pictures and you cringe, instantly regretting not having tossed it out sooner.  You didn’t think it was a big deal, and it wasn’t, until the boys got a hold of it.

It’s bound to happen at some point.  Your friend’s words ring in your head and the inappropriate object in your backpack makes it feel heavier than normal.  Tossing the bag down, you walk over to the pair and wait to see if they’ll notice you.  They don’t. A yelp and a roll later, Yoongi is now above Taehyung, but his victory doesn’t last long as he’s whacked on the head with one of the couch pillows.  

Hissing at the offending cushion, he raises his burning eyes only to meet your own displeased orbs and he’s immediately easing himself off of the canine and onto the couch.  Your face must have been very intimidating because even Taehyung slides across the carpet so he can hide under the coffee table.

“I’m not mad.”  You tell them, dragging the small table, with the help of Yoongi extending his foot, back to its original place.  The now exposed dog boy clambers up to the sofa and you follow suit, plopping right in the middle and effectively separating the males.  

“What’s wrong?”  Those two little words were enough to open the dam and you are barraged with multiple words as they return to their debate.  

“He said teleportation was better than flying!”  Taehyung shouts and Yoongi narrows his eyes at the dog.

“It is, because it’s way faster!  Flying would take forever and teleporting is just easier.” The cat scoffs with absolute surety.

“Yeah, because you’re lazy.”

“No, I am being efficient. The faster, the better.  Besides I’m a cat and we like to relax, it’s part of the package.”  Yoongi contradicts, checking the sharpness from his nails and probably ready to test them out on a specific hybrid.  

“I’ll say.”  Taehyung says as he picks on a blue thread sticking out of one of the couch cushions.  

Having had enough of listening to the banter you rub the backs of their necks, fingers massaging at the base while you try to calm them down.  “Guys, guys, guys, it’s alright.  You don’t have to agree with each other.  We all have our own opinions and it’s okay if they’re different.  Also this,” you bend down and pick up the colorful magazine, “is just a fun game to see what you have in common with your friends. Not everyone’s going to have the same answer.  I’ll show you.”  

You scan the page for another question.  “How about this?  Would you rather be as tall as a building or small as a toy car?”  

“Toy car,” is the dog boy’s immediate answer.

“Building.”  Yoongi says and his white tail whips around, fully prepared to strike at any negative remarks.

“That’s because you’re already short.”  Taehyung is more than ready to give a comeback that would piss off the cat.

It’s instantly greeted by a hiss.  

You roll your eyes and gently slap the instigator’s arm, stretching your other limb out so Yoongi can’t pounce on him.  “Oww…” The dog boy complains as he rubs his arm.  

“Oh, you’re fine.  What about this one?  Would you rather live on the beach or in the mountains?”  



“Be as strong as an elephant or have the ability to breathe underwater like a fish?”  

“Strength of an elephant.”

“Breathe like a fish.”

They keep answering at the same time and yet, neither have the same opinion.  You begin throwing questions not from the magazine, but ones from your own mind, picking the most similar and mundane things.  

“Pink or red?”  



Really?  They’re practically alike!  

“Fine.  Grass or trees and tell me why.”   This is the most random of things, surely this could be the game changer.  Like all the other times, both hybrids have their automatically explained responses and yet a small part of you isn’t shocked by what you hear.  

“Grass because you can sleep on it.”  As if to further prove his point, the feline flops to the side and lies against the dark blue couch cushion.

“Trees because you can pee on them.”  Taehyung doesn’t demonstrate his belief, thank goodness, opting to just cross his arms.

“You are such a dog!” Yoongi’s foot stretches out to almost meet the canine’s face who bats at the offending appendage.  

“And you’re such a cat! Sleep on the grass, are you serious?!” Yoongi’s tail curls as he prepares to pounce for the second time and again, you put a hand on his shoulder.  

“Okay, was not expecting that, although I probably should have.  Also, are y’all kidding me right now?”  Your eyes ping pong between them and they narrow significantly.  

“Quick.  Up or down?”  



“Butterflies or dragonflies?”  



“Have y’all seriously been doing this all day?”  



You fling your arms in the air in exasperation before slapping your hands over your face.  “Oh, come on!  Ugh, Shaggy or Scooby-Doo?”  



Ah, shit.  Here we go.  Your fingers threaten to squeeze into your eye sockets as you prepare your ears for the giant tantrum that was about to ensue.  

“What?!”  Taehyung screams, limbs flailing in the air like he had his tail set on fire.  

The cat shrugs his shoulders indifferently.  “I like Shaggy.  I mean, I love Scooby too, don’t get me wrong, but Shaggy’s cooler.”  

“How could you say Shaggy? Scooby has always been there for us at night and you just…”  Suddenly the golden retriever seems to have transformed into a yipping Chihuahua as you tune him out.  Really, out of everything that could possibly offend the boy, it would be the disregard of a fellow cartoon Great Dane.  It seemed like your earlier fortune with crows was backwards.  You had thought the cawing one was Yoongi and its watching companion was Taehyung.  Maybe the angry bird was actually describing Taehyung while the confused, nonchalant one was in fact Yoongi.

It’s like a weird phase they go through apparently.  If everything kept going the way it was, at this rate, you were really going to have to take her advice.  Damn it.

You reach over and squish Taehyung’s cheeks as he’s cut off mid-rant.  “TaeTae, shush.”  His lips still and after a few seconds of silence you let go his face so you can stand and toss the crumpled magazine onto the coffee table.  Making a beeline to your backpack, you rummage around until you feel the soft material.  Walking back to them, you hold the handcuffs behind your back so they don’t get suspicious. Your trek is surveyed by two sets of vigilant orbs as they follow you back to your destination.

“Boys, I think I have something that will help solve this little dilemma, but I need you to close your eyes.”  

“Why?”  Is Yoongi’s immediate response.  

“It’s a surprise.” You answer cryptically.  They side eye one another, but eventually both pairs of lids slide shut.  Crouching down, you grab their hands with your own and press a soft kiss on the backs of their knuckles.  

“I’m sorry.”  You whisper and like a flash of lightening you snap the pink cuffs over Taehyung’s left wrist and Yoongi’s right one.  The click that follows has their eyes popping open. Horror is written across their stunned faces as they tug on the strange object only to get stuck because of the metal chain.  Taehyung begins to fidget, not liking the feeling, and he frantically pulls, Yoongi doing the same as well.  

“Hey!  What the hell, baby girl?  This isn’t funny.”  Yoongi’s ears fold back in aggravation, white shells hiding within the black strands of his hair.

You’re filled with automatic guilt, but you’ve run out of options at this point and you were afraid of things getting worse between the males.  Sitting back on your knees you strengthen your resolve as you massage their knees with apology.  

“I know.  Look, I didn’t want to throw this on you, literally and figuratively, but until you two can find a way to disagree without me having to worry about a war zone filled apartment or coming home to injured hybrids, those babies are staying right where they are.”  With a tone that indicated discussion over, you stand and head to the kitchen to start on dinner.  

Not long after your retreat, there’s a jangling from behind and you can feel the drilling in the back of your skull, but you don’t turn around, only concentrating on getting the vegetables from the fridge.  Grabbing a head of cabbage, some beef, and chives, you kick the refrigerator door shut with your foot and set all your ingredients on the counter.  You turn and head to the pantry as you sift around for some broth, noodles, and other food essentials.

Ahem.  The clearing throat stops you from digging through the pantry and you finally pivot, hoping the small smile isn’t recognizable on your lips because you were internally laughing at the hybrids’ latest fashion statement.  

“Umm, what are we supposed to do with this?”  Yoongi asks with a shake of his, and Taehyung’s, wrist.  

“Uhh, deal with it. Think of it as bonding time.”  You supply, going back to your search and eventually finding what you need, closing the door, and carrying your pickings to the counter as well.

“What if we can’t get agree on anything?”  Taehyung pipes up, yellow ears folding in distress and tail wrapping around his leg.

“That’s okay, you don’t have to, this is more of a test to make sure no one gets hurt when a disagreement happens.  In a way, you’re agreeing to disagree and working together at the same time.”  Explaining the process to them and taking the cabbage to the sink so you can wash it.  When you finish, you set the head on a cutting board and begin chopping the plant up.

Yoongi huffs and attempts to walk back to the living room, but is stopped short by Taehyung who was trying to walk closer to you.  The cat jerks his arm, pulling the other back a couple of steps, only to be lurched in reverse as well.  

The clinking of metal has you craning your neck around and you’re not surprised by the unfolding scene before you.  “See, this is what I mean.  When stuff like this happens and you can’t decide on something you have to be able to compromise.”  You clarify before a tug of war of the limbs ensues.  

“And how are we supposed to do that?”  The cat asks, leaning onto the marble counter, wondering if one of your knives would do the trick in setting them free.  If only he knew, the canine was pondering the same thing from the kitchen doorway.  

“Take turns.  Sit in the kitchen for a little bit and then go to the living room or vice versa.  And no, knives won’t work so don’t even think about it.”  Sensing their mimicking thoughts as they stare at the shiny weapon you are holding.  

Yoongi glares at the cabinets lining the kitchen, miffed at having his idea thwarted while Taehyung asks another important question.  “How do we choose who gets to go first?”    

“I don’t know.  Rock, paper, scissors.  Flip a coin, something to that effect.”  You peel the layers of the green head, shrugging as you go back to your cooking task.  

Immediately, they put out their hands and Yoongi wins, scissors beating paper.  “Sweet.  All right, pup, let’s go.”  He says while dragging the dejected boy to the sofa.  

It had been maybe ten minutes tops before the hybrids come slinking up beside you.  You were busy stirring the noodles and listening to the hot sizzle of the steamy vegetables while relishing in the peaceful air.  

“There.  We compromised.  Now can we take these stupid chains off?”  The feline begs while the canine plays the cute card, hugging your waist with his one free hand and nosing into your neck.  Chuckling at their attitudes, you hold Yoongi’s chained hand, rubbing small circles with your thumb and playfully bumping your head with the other person behind you.  

“Ha.  Yeah, I don’t think so.  Those are sticking around for at least another day.  I wanna make sure this lasts and y’all aren’t faking it.” There’s a collective groan from them and you can only hope that this works out in the end.  The last thing you needed was to explain to the doctor or the cops why there were pink handcuffs involved in a cat versus dog fight.  


19 hours.  

It has been 19 hours since the cat and dog have been detained.  They were hoping the chain connecting them together would have annoyed you enough to set them free, especially after you got hit in the face earlier that morning when you all were still asleep.  It had to have been an unpleasant awakening, and it was, but you merely placed Taehyung’s hand back down after he finished scratching an itch on his forehead.  

Your ruthless behavior was surprisingly effective when it came to showing no mercy, not showing sympathy to the groaning and complaining.  Going to the restroom had been an interesting affair, considering there was absolutely no privacy whatsoever, not to mention that positioning was somewhat odd and downright awkward at times in the tiny space.  Currently, both hybrids were lying in their own bed, wishing time would go faster than the trickling pace it was showing.  

“Has it been 24 hours yet?” Taehyung sighs, wishing Yoongi would hurry up with his nap so he could go watch T.V.  Why couldn’t he win rock, paper, scissors and be first for once?

“No.  It hasn’t even been in an hour since the last time you asked.” Yoongi mumbles, punching his pillow with his free hand as he tries to get situated, despite having one arm trapped.

“How are we going to fix this when we can’t even decide on our sleeping positions?”  The dog boy wonders aloud.  He shifts to face the black-haired boy, hoping his left side would be more comfortable.  Normally, Taehyung would sleep on your thighs, but during the night he had crawled up towards your head and that’s how you ended up with a chain across your face. Apparently, the stretching of their arms got to be too uncomfortable so they had to lie a certain way where they could both be in less pain.  

Yoongi, having sufficiently fluffed his pillow, turned to face the younger hybrid as he flexed his wrist trapped in the bright fuzz.  He scratched his head, wishing they could both hurry up and be done with their jail time. “Beats me.  Y/N just said find a compromise and work it out.  Although, a coin and rock, paper, scissors can only get us so far.”  

“True.  You know, what if we had like a secret handshake or something, unless you wanna hug it out instead.”  Taehyung suggests, crawling on top of the cat to demonstrate, forcing him onto his back while he lay on his chest.  Yoongi bats at the younger male and nearly slaps himself on the face with the other hybrid’s hand due to the connection.  

“TaeTae, that’s…” the feline eyes the pink metal as an idea formulates in his mind, “…actually a pretty good idea.”

The canine shifts his gaze back and forth between Yoongi and their connected wrists.  “Huh?  I was just kidding about the hugging thing, I mean, unless you want to do that.  I don’t mind.”  He props his chin on the hybrid’s chest to which said hybrid also tilts his own head down.

Yoongi pets the blonde, his fingers scratching his hair and making the canine kick his leg at the sensation.  “No, no. We can hug whenever we want, but you’re right.  We should have our own secret way.  Why not holding hands?  We’re already stuck together now; we can just pretend there’s chains on us whenever we argue. What do you think?”  Since it was his cuffed hand that was raised, the fuzz was tickling Taehyung’s forehead and he blows at the annoying feeling.  

Only when the cat boy adjusts the angle of his hand does Taehyung pause for maybe a full thirty seconds to “think about it” before he blurts out a yes of happy approval.  

“Okay, then.  We should try it out to see if this works. Say something you know that I won’t like.”  The dog’s tail sticks up straight in enthusiasm as he fulfills the cat’s request.

“You need to get up right now.”  Yoongi reaches to clasp Taehyung’s hand with his own and they don’t say anything. They’re both equally surprised, neither are arguing and honestly, they don’t feel the urge to either.  

“Hmm, nice.”  Yoongi muses as he peers at the pup above him.  

“You think Y/N will approve?”  Taehyung worries, tail sagging at the negative thoughts he conjures in his mind.

“Knowing her, probably.” The cat is fast in reassuring him and he jokingly flicks the canine’s yellow bangs.  

“She better, these things are starting to get itchy.”  Taehyung grumbles.  

“You sure you don’t just have fleas?  I’m kidding, I’m kidding, TaeTae.”  He laughs, noticing the dog boy’s offended expression.  

Now it’s his turn to have his hand held by Taehyung as he becomes serious.  “Actually, about you needing to get up…I kinda meant that.  I gotta go to the bathroom again.” Taehyung quietly admits and Yoongi sighs in fake exaggeration.  

“Only if you carry me on your back.”  



When you come home a few hours later, you’re not bombarded by crashing or shouting, but rather laughter? The living room is empty and as you peak into the boys’ room you catch sight of the two hybrids curled up in their bed with another magazine in between them.  Their heads pop up when you knock on the door frame.  

“Hey, sweetheart.” Taehyung waves at you while Yoongi sends you a smile.  

“Wanna join us?”  The white cat asks you, his tail easily swinging across the covers.  

“Sure.  How did today go?”  They scooch to one side to make room for you and you sit on the edge of the bed, eagerly awaiting their response.

“Good.”  They answer together.

“Wow, really?”  Both boys did appear to be more relaxed, Taehyung was leaning against Yoongi and the older hybrid had his arm around him.  

“Yep, we worked out a compromise so can you please take these off now?”  Taehyung dangles his arm in the air, resembling a ghoul if the rattling chains were anything to go by.  Yoongi simply lets his limb be dragged along as the forgetting boy plays with the shackles.

“Only if I get to test it out.”  As much as you wanted to take their word, you were going to make sure your bases were covered before any unlocking occurred.

“Give us your worst.” Yoongi dares, resolutely lying his head on top of the pup.  

You thoughtfully tap your fingers on your chin like a super villain in a comic book as you think of a question that would catch them in the act.  “My worst?  You sure do have a lot of confidence.  So, who’s better, Wolfie or Kitty?”  



Just as you suspected. Taehyung drops his head back and the movement forces Yoongi’s chin to slide and now rest on his forehead.  The canine squints up at him and Yoongi merely smirks in return.

Wolfie.”  Taehyung insists, golden tail thumping with protest on the bed.  

“Kitty.”  Yoongi doesn’t seem mad, but rather amused by the other boy’s behavior.

“Wol-okay.”  Taehyung grabs onto Yoongi’s hand and your jaw nearly drops at the hush that follows.  

“That’s it?  Just like that?”  Taehyung jerks his head up and Yoongi nearly head butts him as a result. The casual nod they give you causes a grin to break out across your face.  Mission accomplished.  

“Congratulations, boys, you have succeeded in your mission and are now free to go.”  You say with a flourish as you pull the key from your pocket and regally unlock the cuffs.  The pink fuzz dropping onto the bed has Taehyung reaching for the key and you confusedly give it to him.  The blonde observes it for a moment before flinging it somewhere behind him onto the carpet.

“Well, we won’t be needing this anymore.”  Yoongi pinches the metal shackles between his thumb and forefinger as he carelessly tosses them into the nearby corner.  They make a dull thud from the impact and you merely shake your head.  

“Anyway, glad to see everything’s better now.  I’m proud of you, both of you.  I’ll go ahead and cook up a celebratory feast while you two have fun.”  Pressing a quick peck on their cheeks, you leave them to their own devices as you walk out the door with tiny giggles ringing in your ears.  

After said triumphant dinner, the three of you decided to watch some T.V. before bed.  There was nothing interesting on tonight so you left it on some celebrity news show where they sat and talked about famous people, most of which you barely knew or heard of.  It had been a long time since you touched those magazines, but it seemed your hybrids read up on the hottest idols as they commented on the various stories.

“Why would he cheat on his wife?  That’s so mean!”  Taehyung cries, aghast that people would actually do such a thing.  His upper torso was lying on your bare legs while the bottom half of him was stretched out and over the side of the sofa.

“I still don’t understand how he was able to have an affair with six other women.  That’s like Snow White and the Seven Dwarves gone rogue.” You laugh at that last part under your breath and the cat looks up at you from his spot on your shoulder.  

“It’s true.  How do you have six secret relationships with other people and not expect someone to figure it out?”  You shrug and the motion lifts Yoongi’s head up as well.  He pulls himself up so he can be even more closer to your neck, silken hair tickling the bottom of your jaw as well as the side of your ear.  

“See, sweetheart, you made a great choice in picking us as your mates.  We are loyal hybrids!”  Taehyung’s tail wags against the couch arm.  

“Which top 3 models take the cake?  What do you viewers at home think?  Vote now.” The host points to a box where people could text their favorite model and you wish the show would just hurry up and be over already.  

Glancing down, you happen to catch Taehyung watching you intently from his position on your lap and you bring your hand down to softly pet his hair.  He nuzzles your palm, but his gaze remains strong and you’re not sure why until he says, “I got it.”  

“Got what, cutie?”  Not understanding what he was talking about and your brows furrow as you wonder what he could possibly mean.  You feel Yoongi’s ears perk up at his declaration.

“I know something that Yoongi and I will definitely agree on.”  He chirps and your eyes flash over to Yoongi’s, who shrugs, because he didn’t have a clue either.

“That’s great, but what is it?”  You look back down to the happy hybrid who has an excited demeanor, almost bouncing off your legs; like he had an important story he couldn’t wait to share.

“We know who the prettiest girl is.”  He finally blurts out, stars practically dancing in his bright irises.

“Yeah?  Who’s that?”  Not catching his drift in the slightest.  

Yoongi’s eyes flash with understanding and he realizes what the canine means.  “You, silly.  Who else?” He chimes in.  

That was unexpected to you. “Me?”  You’re shocked by their affirmation because those women were models, how could you possibly compete with them?  “But I’m-”

“The most beautiful female we have ever laid eyes on.”  Is Yoongi’s serious confirmation as he tenderly kisses the skin of your collarbone that was peeking out from your nightshirt.

“The one who holds the key to our hearts!”  Taehyung yips, sitting up in your lap to show you a strangely familiar key that he was hiding somewhere on his body.  You didn’t even care that the key belonged to a sex toy, your heart was melting into a happy puddle of love thanks to the two of them.  

“You guys, that is the sweetest thing anyone was ever told me.”  Yoongi cups the back of your neck and pulls you in for a kiss.  When he leans away, you urge Taehyung to come closer so you can also give him a kiss as well.  

“I love you, guys. So, so much.”  Water builds up along your tear ducts and Taehyung flings his arms around as he tightly hugs you, chirrups vibrating from his frame into your own.  

“We love you too.” Yoongi purrs, raking his fingers through your hair soothingly.  For a few minutes no one speaks except for the television when suddenly the cat beside you jumps as if he remembered something.  

“Wow!  Is it that time already?  Man, I don’t know about you, but TaeTae and I are tired.  Working with those chains all day gave us our exercise. You ready for bed, baby girl?”  

“Wait, but I’m not tired.” There’s a sharp pinch in the canine’s arm and it jars him enough to change his answer.  “Oh!  You’re right. Now that I think about it, I am getting kinda tired too.”  Taehyung’s ears are perked up and he nervously laughs.  

You stare at them, wondering why they seemed to be smiling fretfully almost as if they got caught doing something they weren’t supposed to do, but you shrug the feeling off.  “Really?  Well, okay. I guess I’ll just go wash up and meet y’all in the bathroom.”  

Nudging the hybrids to the side, you stand and head to the bathroom while Yoongi reaches for the T.V. remote to shut it off.  He turns the volume up just a tad and when you’re out of sight he pokes Taehyung on the forehead.  

“Ow!”  He whines as he rubs the skin.  

“Why did you show her the key?  You almost blew our cover.”  The cat grumbles.  

“Sorry.  I had to say it, it was perfect!  And you saw her smile, she loved it.  Forgive me, Suga Suga?”  The dog boy pouts as he curls up against him and cuddles into him.  

“You’re lucky you’re cute. Come on, let’s go to bed.”  

To Be Continued…?

A/N: Before anyone asks, YES, there will be a sequel. It says Part 1 for a reason.  I don’t know when it’ll be because I need to go write dragon smut and then I might be starting an actual chapter series now. If you have any questions or curiosities about anything stated above, feel free to shoot me an ask.  Please send me feedback about this taegi fluff and what do you think the boys are up to???




Last ring of the school bell saved him from having to admit he really didn’t read that book Mason was referring to that morning. So instead of sitting in detention with Mason, who didn’t have that much luck, Liam headed out as fast as he could.

And he didn’t stop until he was out of the building, he even ignored calls from his teammates because he already decided on skipping afternoon’s lacrosse training. Coach would kill him next time he saw him, but that was also the thought for another day.

 Now he needed to figure out where he’d stay tonight. Animal clinic was the safest option, but the image of another night spent on the hard steel table wasn’t very appealing. And he couldn’t really go home, he was almost certain his father wouldn’t come up to his room to check if it was still empty, but he didn’t want to risk it.
Theo’s face came to his mind. And not only to his mind apparently, because the said someone was standing in the shadow of that big tree across the street from school. And even if Liam wanted to pretend Theo wasn’t waiting for him, he couldn’t because Theo’s eyes never left Liam’s, not until he came close enough, then his eyes fell to his lips. 

Liam felt himself blush at Theo’s intense look.
“You’ve been standing here all day?” he asked only to distract Theo from his lips. Finally he looked him into the eyes again.
“What?” he laughed. “Of course not. Who do you think you are? I went home after our little talk this morning and took a nap.”
And going by the dark circles under his eyes the nap was neither very long nor very helpful.
“And you are here now because?” Liam lifted both of his eyebrows and put one of his hands on his hip.
Theo couldn’t help but smile at that childish gesture.
“Because my offer still stands.”
“I’m not going to your house.”
“You afraid I would attack you in your sleep?” Theo’s smirk was getting bigger.
“I’m not afraid of you.”
Now it was Theo’s turn to lift his eyebrows in doubt. Liam’s eyes narrowed.
“I’m not!”
“Then prove it.”
Was he really thinking Liam would buy that?
“Fuck you Theo.”
He turned on his heel and stormed out of there. He wasn’t sure if it was only his imagination and lack of good night sleep but he could swear he heard Theo whisper ‘you wish’ after him.


Stubborn little fucker. He wouldn’t take help if he was drowning and Theo was holding the saving rope.
Let him drown!
His internal voice was right for once, but as always Theo decided to ignore it. He would come up with a different plan. But one way or the other Liam Dunbar wasn’t spending another night on the steel table of that Animal Clinic.


Where talking wasn’t enough muscles came into play.
So when a deep growl came from the passenger seat of his black Mustang Theo only smiled. “Where am I? What did you do to me?”
“I had to knock you out.”
Liam was holding his head in his hands. “How many times?”
Theo’s smile widened. “Five.”
“Why would you do that?”
“To get you into my car.”
“You could have asked.”
“That I did.” Theo looked at him, he still had his head down and kept whining.
“Stop complaining puppy, we will be home soon.” That earned him another growl and yet another chain of loud complaints.
You regret kidnapping him already?
Truthfully he did. Or at least he regretted not putting any duck tape on his mouth.
“Shut up already. You are the most annoying pup I ever met." 

Theo thought werewolves couldn’t get headaches, but now he was really doubting that.
"Call me that one more time….” the rest of the sentence turned into a growl.
Theo only laughed and continued driving toward his apartment. Thankfully it wasn’t that far away, otherwise he´d kill Liam even before they got there.

note: part 5. is here and I´m kinda in love with this one. Hope you are too. I´m in writing mood tonight, so maybe there will be another one, we´ll see. For now thank you for your comments and likes. 

Nerves (Edward Nygma x Reader)

Another thing I wrote for my friend @awordwhichmeans based off a prompt she gave me. “I thought it was a one nightstand … and now we’re married.” I tweaked it to fit my narrative better, hope you like it.

Also tagging : @queencobblefreezestuff  @aya-fay  @multi-villain-imagines

Setting : Edward working through his nervousness about tying the knot with you. And Victor gives a not so inspiring pep talk. 

No real warnings other than a bit of crude language, also some implied Zsaszlepot.

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Behind The Scenes 4 (1/?)

Author’s note: So all this scene is from my rough draft (and the part from the sneak peek) so i am sorry that if some details aren’t too good and all. Again, I’m sorry that i cant finish the series, but as i explained i just can;t keep writing this anymore. I will also not be putting the link to the other parts because for some reason i can’t get it to work. So think rest of the posts will be in my blog profile.

This posts wont be linked to the rest of the series, they will just be linked to each other (when i post the rest of what i have) since there are not too many posts. This series also does not have it’s own GIF since i finished neither BTS 4 or the GIF for it. 

Summary: Jin finally sees Jinjin after the tour.

Word Count: 4013

WARNINGS: Physical abuse

Part 2| ALL PARTS 

This is my GIF. I made this for the last part, but i didn’t make a new one.

It was a cold 6 am as he walked down the snow packed sidewalk toward the familiar neighborhood. The exhausting performance of the night before were over ridden by the excitement he had over today.

In one arm he carried a bag of gifts meant for his son while his other arm adjusted the strap of his backpack filled with a change of clothes and other essentials.

Throughout his relatively quiet walk, he mentally prepared himself to the idea of sleeping on the floor of his son’s room for the next few nights and he day dreamed of the activities he had planes for the both of them.

Suddenly there was a distant sound of annoying barks that busted him out f his bubble. Soon he saw a tiny dog appeared almost out of nowhere. It was dressed in a pink sweater with matching pink booties and it was dragging a blue leash from its collar.

It yapped as it ran awkwardly in his direction. Jin couldn’t care less about the dog. He didn’t pay much mind to it until it began nipping at his pant leg. Under normal circumstances, he would have kicked the dog off and walked away, but today was different. Not even the annoying pup could piss him off this early, heck, he even found the small animal to be a bit cute.

He placed down his bag of gifts and picked up the golden furball.

“And who are you?” he asked it.

He noticed the dog’s purple collar “Hmm, let’s see, your name iiiiis… Peach? Wait… isn’t that the names of Jinjin’s dog?” he asked himself.

He brought the dog closer to his face to make eye contact with it. “Are you Jinjin’s puppy? Huuuuh? Are you?”

“Peach?!? Peach?!? Where are you?!?” Jin could hear a small voice from the direction he saw the dog run from.

Within 2 seconds, his now six year old son appeared from around the corner. Jinjin was in his thickest green jacket, a pair of black sweatpants (probably wearing a second pair under them) and in his snow boots. Wrapped around the little face that looked so much like his father’s, was his favorite Mario themed scarf and atop his head was a red beanie with a Mario logo.

“Peach?!? Peach- Dad? Daddy?!?” his son’s eyes lit up when he spotted him. “Daddy!” he squealed as his small legs moved faster.

Jin stood frozen as he took in the image of his son. Jinjin had grown taller since he last saw him. The chubby cheeks he pinched so much were not as chubby as they used to be and he shaven hair was now long enough to be combed down and poke out from his beanie.

Jin placed the dog down, leash still in hand, and opened his arms for his son to run to him.

Jin’s heart melted when Jinjin’s little body jumped to him.

“Daddy, daddy, daddy!” Jinjin chanted as he wrapped his arms tight around him, “Finally you are home!”

Jin didn’t care of his son’s cheerful and loud voice would wake neighbors, he was just happy to see his boy. “Ugh, I missed you Jinjin!” he pulled his mask off and covered his son’s face with kisses. “But, my little Jinsoo, what did I tell you about talking to strangers?!? For all you know, I was a bad man that could have stolen you!” he said with a slightly serious tone.

“But I knew it was you! You always wear the same bear mouth!” his son stated as he pointed to the bear mouth print on his face mask.

“Aish, you got me there, but why are you out here by yourself?!?”

Jinjin shook his head. “I am not alone. I was with Peach and Greg!”

“Greg? Who the fu- Who is Greg?”

“Jinjin?!? Jinjin where are you?!?” a man’s voice called out.

From the same corner his child came from, emerged a tall, thin man. Even at a distance it was easy to tell the man was taller than Jin. What was most noticeable was the blond hair that refused to stay in his black beanie.

“I’m over here!” Jinjin shouted as he waved his arms in the air.

The stranger’s blue eyes locked on Jin and his long legs pushed through the snow. “Hey! Put that boy down!” he shouted with an awkward accent.

Jin simply scoffed, “No!”

The “Greg” person was soon two strides away, his arm already loaded to land a punch when Jinjin finally said. “Greg, look! My dad is here!”

Instantly, Greg stopped in his tracks, slipping on the ice a bit. It took him a moment to catch his balance. “Oh!” he huffed. His cheeks grew even more red. “So, uh, you must be Seokjin?”

“The one and only.” Jin half smiled.

Greg nodded. “I’ve, uh, heard a lot about you…” he mumbled as his eyes danced between Jin and his son.

“And you are?”

“Oh! Where are my manners?” he gave a quick bow and then his hand shot out to give a handshake. “I’m Greg! I-“

“He’s mom’s boyfriend!” Jinjin finished

Jin’s eyes narrowed at the flushed faced man. “I didn’t know that Mina was in a relationship… and with a foreigner no less” he added under his breath.

“Dad, who is Mina?” Jinjin asked in confusion.

He couldn’t help let out a chuckle at how adorable his son was. “Jinjin, that’s your mom’s name.”

“What?!? Mommy’s name isn’t mommy?”

“I can’t believe I missed out on all this cute!” Jin smiled as he squeezed his son’s still pinchable cheeks.

Jin turned back to the man. Greg’s hand was still out for a handshake. However, instead of shaking his hand, he gave him the dog’s leash. “So, Mina’s boyfriend?” He asked in a darker tone. “How long has this been going on?”

“Almost a year.”

Jin blatantly scanned Greg from head to toe. “A year? Is that so? And where are you from Greg? You obviously aren’t from here.”

“I’m from England.”

“And you met Mina how?”

“Friends of friends.” Was Greg’s vague answer.

“I see… Well… Why don’t we get out of this cold?” Jin suggested with a fake smile

The walk to the house was not as awkward as it could have been, Jinjin spoke the whole time. He mostly talked about being so excited for Jin to come home that he stayed up all night and that Greg suggested they walk Peach as they waited for him. His son was a good distraction to his boiling rage. However, just like the small dog, this Greg guy wasn’t going to be enough to upset Jin, at least not yet anyway.


His ex stared at him in confusion. “Seokjin? I didn’t expect you here this early.” She said as she let them in the warm house.

“Well hello to you too. As I recall, I told a little someone that I would be here first thing in the morning.” Jin turned to the boy in his arms in fake anger. “Jinjin, I thought I told you to tell your mother.”

“Haha, I forget!”  Jinjin admitted as he hid behind his hands.

His ex rolled her eyes, “That’s what happens when you trust a six year old.”

Jin scoffed.” One has no other choice than to trust a six year old when the mother is acting like a six year old and won’t pick up her phone!” he said through his teeth

“Not answering my phone doesn’t make me a six year old. I was just busy doing some adult things.” She smirked, her eyes gliding towards Greg.

“So that’s what you do instead of being a mother?” Jin asked out right.

Mina’s head whipped back at him, her eyes warning him not to start anything,

He tried hard to hold himself back from doing something he would regret.

“C’mon Jinjin, why don’t we go up to your room and you show me your toys.” he huffed. Jin walked up the stairs, escaping the woman he only somewhat regretted meeting, carrying the boy that made up for that mistake.

He entered Jinjin’s room, it only looking slightly different from when he last visited a few years ago. The walls were still blue, covered in all things Mario. There were more toys thrown everywhere if anything and the bed was a bit bigger for his growing frame.

Jinjin slid out of his hands and ran over to his toy box. “Daddy! Do you want to see my toys?”

“Jinjin I think that can wait a minute. Why don’t you let daddy test out your new bed?” He suggested as he threw himself into the mattress. The bed was too small for him and his feet hung over the edge, but he was so tired, it didn’t matter.

“Jinjin, it is really early, why don’t we take a nap.” He yawned.

“Ok!” Jinjin moved some of the small toys he had left on his bed and crawled up next to him, still dressed in his outside clothes. With his son nestled in his arm, Jin fell to sleep quickly.


He awoke to the feeling of little fingers trying to pry his eyes open. “Jinjin, why aren’t you letting daddy sleep?”


“Jinjin, it is still morning.” He stated as he took a look at his cellphone screen showed 10:45 am.

“But cake!”

He stood up from the bed and took a quick stretch. “Jinjin, let me show you the gifts I got you! We will make the cake later.”

He grabbed his backpack, kneeled by the bed and called Jinjin over.

“Wait! Where is Peach? I want her to see my presents with me!” Jinjin jumped from the bed. “Peach!” he called out as he ran out of the room.

He soon returned carrying his tiny dog. Jinjin jumped on the bed and made Peach sit next to him. “Peach are you ready?” he asked the dog.

Jin kept the bag hidden behind the bed.

“Okay, here is the first present!” At random, he pulled out the gift Jackson had picked out for him. “So this is from your daddy’s friend Jackson. You remember Jackson from GOT7 right? He knew you liked Mario and picked this out because he thought it was a mushroom from Mario” He lied.

Jinjin snatched the box, examining it up close. He was neither frowning nor smiling at his gift. “Hm… Pokemon… I don’t know pokemon a lot.”


“But what?”

“But, it is still nice that he remembered you and likes you enough to buy you a toy right?” Jin said, pulling the gratitude out of his only slightly spoiled son.

“Yeah!” Jinjin smiled. “Can you tell him thank you!” he asked, remembering his manners

“Of course! Now time for the stuff I got you!”

Jinjin’s eyes widened once more and he pulled himself up straight trying to peek over the edge of the bed.

“Ok, so I ordered this online so I left it in the box. I only took it out to make sure it was the right size.”

He handed Jinjin the box and the young one attacked it. The box flew across the room as Jinjin found the Mario onesie within it.

“Wow!” Jinjin cheered. “I can be Mario!”

He didn’t even waste time. He ripped off his top winter layer and pulled on the onesie. When all was done, it was only a size or two too big. Good, so that it would last him a while.

“It fits!”

Jin couldn’t help but smile as Jinjin ran over to his Mario hat and put it on.

Jin then pulled out the next gift. “I was in Japan and I remembered how you told me your DS broke, so I got you a new one! They ran out of red ones, but I got you a green one.”

Again Jinjin was in a fit of glee, jumping onto his father with open arms.

Jin’s last gift was a handful of age appropriate games for the new DS, that only made Jinjin more excited to play it.

It wasn’t until his son had calmed down and was indulged in one of the new games, that he decided to get serious.


“Huh?” Jinjin’s eyes were glued to the double screens.

“Why didn’t you ever bring Greg up before?” He asked this softly, scared that Mina could be in the hall and overhear.

“Mommy said not to.” Jinjin said in a zombie like tone.

“Why?” He could feel his anger toward his ex growing.

All the small boy did was shrug his shoulders

“Jinjin, what else has Mommy told you not to tell me?” He tried to keep his voice calm.

“Um…” Jinjin was too focused on the game to really think.” Uh.”

“Jinsoo, pause the game.”

Jinjin did as told. “Um, we might go to Greg’s house this summer.” He finally said.

“Greg’s house? Where exactly is Greg’s house?”

Jinjin shrugged again. “In English. That is what mommy said.”

“English? What do you- England?!?

“Yeah that!” Jinjin said as he played his game again.

“That motherfucking bitch!” Jin thought. “First she doesn’t tell me about that buck-tooth brit and now she is going to take my son to England!” he stood up. “Jinjin, why don’t you put that game away and let’s go down to the kitchen and start baking your cake.” He needed to get his mind off this. He couldn’t afford to get mad now. He wasn’t going to let that bitch ex of his ruin his mood.

Now in the kitchen, Jin searched for the ingredients. He let the stories of Jinjin’s last few months drain out the sounds of Mina’s and Greg’s giggles coming from the living room.

“Uh-huh… Wow…That’s great Jinjin…” He said robotically.

His frustration grew as his search came to an end and the only ingredients he had were eggs.

“What the fuck?!?” he grunted so that Jinjin couldn’t hear him.

He took a deep breath and decided to look a second time. This time with each failed attempt, he was beginning to slam the cabinets and drawers shut harder and harder.

Jinjin not at all phased by his father’s little tantrum, continued to play on the floor with Peach still in his Mario onesie.

However, the boy’s mother soon walked in.

“Jinjin, is that you playing hide and seek with Peach again?” she asked as she walked into the room. She still had a hint of a smile on her face.

Just seeing her face made Jin pissed. “Where the fuck are the fucking ingredients I asked you to get?!?” he snapped

“Ooh! Dad said a bad word!” Jinjin snickered. “Now you have to put a dollar in the swear jar!”

Jin quickly realized that he was still in the presence of his son and tried to calm down for a moment. “Jinjin, take Greg up to your room and show him the presents I got you.”

“Ok!” Jinjin jumped up and ran to the living room. “Greg! Greg! Come see my presents!”

Jin’s angry eyes then locked on Mina once more. Her arms were crossed and she was rolling her stupid ass eyes at him. “I was busy.” Was her sad ass excuse.

“Busy being a whore?!?” he spat

She furrowed her brow at him. “Just because I have a boyfriend doesn’t make me a whore! I have a fucking life Seokjin! I got out, I work, I take care of Jinjin all by myself!”

Jin couldn’t help but laugh at her saying the word “work”. “What do you mean you work?!? You make crappy ass DIYs and sell them to fat lazy bitches online! I am the one that works! I am the one that is providing for you and Jinjin!” he reminded, slowing moving in on her. “I am working my ass off and worried about my son and your over here fucking some random dude!”

“Don’t give me shit just because you are jealous!” she had the audacity to say.

Again he couldn’t help but laugh at her stupidity. “Jealous? Me? Me?!?”. He took a big step towards her. “If anything I feel nothing but pity for Greg because he hasn’t found out what a stupid conniving little bitch you are!” he said through his teeth.

She squinted her beady eyes at him. “I am neither stupid or conniving!” she stated in an actual attempt to defend herself.

Jin pushed her up against the fridge, “Yes you are!” he growled.

“How so?!?” she stood back up only to get pushed back again.

“How about lying about your parents kicking you when they found out you were pregnant. That you wanted to live with me because they were going to force you to have an abortion and move you away somewhere else?!? Or how about threatening to have an abortion when I wanted to break up with you when I found about that lie?!? Then going above and beyond to keep me away from my son for two years, but still take my money to pay for your damn lifestyle!”

“Fuck you!”

Ticked off by her voice, his hand cut through the air and slapped her across the face.

Her hand covered her throbbing cheek, but she still didn’t seem to want to back down.

“And then, you go and bring this European motherfucker into my house and you bring him around my son-“

“He is my son!”

Again his hand attacked her cheek. “How dare you introduce him to Jinsoo! I will die before I let some other motherfucker raise my son! And how stupid can you be to trust someone who can expose everything at a whim?!? He can tell everyone that Jinsoo is my son! The whole world will turn on Jinsoo if they find out!”

“Oh so you can date and let some random bitch around Jinsoo, but I can’t do the same?!?”

Jin could not believe what he was hearing. “Who the fuck could I possibly be dating?!?”

“I know you and Y/n are dating!” she accused.

“How fucking stupid are you?!? Jungkook fucking proposed to her last night you stupid bitch!”

“Oh please! I know you are fucking her! I see the pictures of you and her that Jinjin refuses to remove as his home screen on that stupid tablet you got him. All he ever talks about is dad and y/n dad and y/n dad and y/n!”

“You’re such a fucking-“

This time it was her hand that slapped him. “No! Don’t you dare finish that sentence! I know for a fact that you are dating her! Jinjin told me you all slept in the same bed together!” Mina was too busy blabbing away to notice the fury in Jin’s eyes, his nostrils flaring, his knuckles turning white.

“She and Jungkook are fake and are covering the fact that you are dating her! You all say they have been dating for two over two years or whatever, but she never showed up until a year ago and a half ago! That doesn’t add up! So If you get a girlfriend, I sure as hell can get a boyfriend, so don’t-“

It wasn’t until he punched her mid sentence that Mina let out a scream loud enough to be heard through the house.

He continued to punch her in a fit of rage.

“You fucker!” Greg’s irritated voice shouted as he tackled Jin off Mina. He was able to pin Jin down and unleash a series of blows.

Jin however was not as overpowered as Greg thought. Despite his larger frame, there wasn’t much power behind Greg’s hits. He was nothing compared to Rap monster, Jungkook or V.

All Jin did was let out a grunt as his hands clamped down on Greg’s sweater and pulled him down until their foreheads collided. It was a risky move, but an effective one. Jin wasn’t that dazed and he was able to pin Greg down. Now he was the one on top and he showed Greg what real punches were supposed to feel like.

“So you- think that- you- can just- walk up in- here- like you- own the place?!? You think-you can just- take my place,- take- my family?!?”

His knuckles were more and more raw as he continues beat on Greg, who proved to be a bigger wimp than he thought.

What Jin didn’t see coming was Mina hitting him over the head with the kitchen wok. The slam to the head was enough to daze him but not knock him out

He struggled to his feet and his eyes locked on Mina once again. “Fucking bitch!” he groaned

He made his way up to her only having the strength to pounce on her and bring her to the ground. With the wok out of her hand, she screamed out in fear, her only other form of defense lay across the kitchen floor in pain. “Jinjin! Jinjin! Jinjin call the police!”

“Shut up!” Jin slapped his hand over her slobbery mouth.

He was yelling now. He could feel his throat on fire, but he couldn’t actually hear himself say anything.  At this point he had no control over what he was doing. Not even as his fists continued to hit Mina. They just hit and hit and hit. He let himself go wild because how dare she. How dare she risk ruining the plan they kept up for so long, how dare she decide things for his son without his knowledge, who was she to judge him when she knew nothing about anything!

“Mommy!” Jin heard a small cry.

He looked up to find Jinjin standing frozen a few feet in front of him.

Jin stopped immediately “…Jinjin…?” He moved toward him, but at his slightest movement he saw his son flinch.

Instantly Jinjin began to hyperventilate, his young eyes scattered around the room absorbing the scene in front of him.

“…Jinjin…” He said softly as he slowly lifted himself off the floor.

At that move, tears leaked out of the boy’s eyes, terrified of being the next victim.

“Jinjin run!” Mina screamed in her muffled sobs.

“Shut up!” Jin shouted automatically.

This only made Jinjin scream and cry more. He dropped the new DS he had been clenching on to, covered his ears and crouched into a small ball.

Suddenly Jin was tackled down once more and Greg’s wiry body was pinning him down. “Jinjin run to your room!” he ordered as he landed a punch on Jin.

The life left his body as he heard little foots steps run up the stairs and slam a door shut.

Greg got a few good punches in before Jin came to his senses. With one hit, Greg was down. Jin jumped up from the floor and ran to the stairs. He took three steps at a time until he reached the top

The only door closed was the bathroom and he ran to it as fast as he could. The door was locked of course, but just fidgeting with the doorknob, Jinjin began to cry from the other side.

“Jinjin, open the door!”

“No! “his son screamed.

“Jinsoo… please open the door.” He said in a softer tone. He could feel his heart tearing as he heard Jinjin continue to cry. He felt a lump in his throat as he forced out the words “Jinsoo please, please, please open the door.”

Still there was no response other than crying.

“Don’t fucking talk to him!” Mina’s shrill voice screamed.

Jin turned to his right. Mina stood at the end of the stairs. Her face was bloody, her clothes a mess. In her hand she held a frying pan that she kept aimed at him. “Fucking leave!”

Greg soon appeared behind Mina, armed with a kitchen knife.

“Greg called the cops, so leave now before I tell them exactly what happened when they get here!”

“…Jinjin …” he tried one more time.

“I said leave!” Mina screamed loading the pan behind her head.

“…Fine…” Jin sniffled.

Eventually i will post the next part. There aren’t too many posts so after the official parts, I am going to post the outline i have and the few pictures of the edit.

If you have any feedback or questions about the series. feel free to send me an ask or a message.

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