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Sebastian Stan and the Tshirt™ for the Beauty Book (2011) (x)

ASOUE as Stock Photos pt 1




Count Olaf:


Happy #SyndullaSunday with an eversoslightly different photo!

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Bendy! Do you draw, or do you leave that up to the artists? (Also mun you're doing gr8!!!)

((thank you dear! o w o))

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cloti moments i’m excited to see in the remake 2/?


karlurbanGreat to be home for summer, BBQs , beach
Hanging with my boys .
Bliss ;)


I want a story time with Gran Torino where he’s sitting in a rocking chair holding a scrapbook of photos from his youth.

- He shows them to Izuku who is eager to learn more about All Might before he was All Might.

- One of the first photos has Nana giving Torino bunny ears and grinning while he looks annoyed.

- Some of the photos are of Torino and Toshinori looking bruised and bloody after training sessions. Torino explains that no matter how annoyed or upset they were Nana made sure they smiled for the photo. 

- There was a photo of Toshinori napping with a stuffed bunny. Torino made Izuku promise not to tell Toshinori he kept that one. 

- One photo has Toshinori doing his iconic All Might pose for the first time in his hero costume. Torino said it took him a while to find a pose “befitting the Symbol of Peace”

- Most of the photos were heartwarming. Like Nana high fiving Toshinori. Hugs and arms around each others shoulders.

- One photo had Toshinori and Nana standing beside Torino who was in the middle. Torino looked grumpy, but Toshinori and Nana were both pulling his mouth into a smile.

When cosplayers clearly cosplay my doll comet but they don't tag me yet they tag companies that sponsored them/sent them free contacts or whatever.

Cool, thanks.

#omg u don’t own glitter elfgutz #totally didn’t cosplay your doll even tho I hashtagged bjd and elfgutz
#omg stop complaining elfgutz your art isn’t even that good
#totally didn’t cosplay your doll even tho 10000 people DM’d you saying that my cosplay looks exactly like your bjd comet
#omg tbh guys I’ve never seen elfgutz dolls I use my imagination #u don’t own pastel elfgutz #hhah artists that want credit shouldn’t put they art on the internets


On our 12 mile walk today I managed to: get pissed off at people getting in the way of my photos, get annoyed at children screaming, get upset by a dying bumblebee, get enraged by mud covering my new trainers and stomp angrily, thus covering them with more mud. While Kira was just inexplicably cheerful all the way through…


a while back i saw some photos of a lady surrounded by ketchup bottles, and it was at that moment i knew what needed to be done. imho sans would make a pretty good posterboy for ketchup and other condiments.

this may very well be the worst thing i’ve ever drawn, but i don’t regret it, not one bit lmao.