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Elvhen does seem like the kind of language that would have an annoying number of homonyms. Some Irl languages have words that have multiple unrelated meanings. so it isn’t that farfetched

If Elven were a language, dang yeah, I’d be on board and translating ‘halam’ as ‘hope’ all over the place. (And homonyms great point to keep in mind when I’m working my own elven conlang ^.^) But since Elven is a simple English cipher, that’s maybe giving DA credit that’s… a bit much. It’s way more likely that someone just gave Solas the wrong word for ‘hope’ if we insist that his translation must be true. But like I said, I stand by that being up 100% to each player’s hc, and that’s born out by the lexicon we have available to us right now.

If ‘halam’ is a homonym for ‘hope,’ like “I hope,” then my guess is that it would join the ranks of “aravel” which has the two meanings “noun - wagon” and “the idea of a physical and spiritual path/purposeful journey,” and “suledin,” which is the verb “to endure” and “the idea of finding strength in enduring loss or pain.” Halam could then even be tinfoiled to be some sort of practice, like uthenera, that one goes through to gain the new name. That’s kind of supported by the phrase “Halam'shivanas” being translated by Morrigan as “The sweet sacrifice of duty.” Perhaps she is poor at translating ancient Elven, or perhaps the word ‘ending’ truly doesn’t appear in the correct translation of this phrase and ‘halam’ is a word that has a poetic implication of a much larger concept.

If name-switching was a common practice for ancient elves, having a word for it would make sense! I like this, could be fun to work into Elvhenan-era fic ^.^ I definitely support making assumptions about the language of a fantasy people by the needs of its societal structures - that’s how it’s done!


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

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I loved "the team try to assume things about neil"!!!! Are you going to write more? I'd love to read more! Anyways, love your writing, stay healthy and have fun writing whatever you want!! 💜💜

I’ve got a couple more asks about this, so there definitely going to be more in the future. Here’s part 2/?

  • Dan has to know how many girls Neil has kissed now that the game’s revealed he’s kissed more than one
  • So she says “Neil Josten has only kissed two girls.”
  • Neil says “Wrong.”
  • Andrew’s eyes are on him even more
  • The team is shocked
  • Neil adds “And I don’t know how many, so counting up like this isn’t going to get you an answer.”
  • Allison insists “I’m calling bullshit. One girl, maybe. But there is no way you’ve kissed so many you lost count. We all saw how smooth you were with Marissa.”
  • But they weren’t all there
  • And they remember that as Andrew asks “Who the fuck is Marissa?”
  • Andrew isn’t jealous
  • He’s annoyed by the number of leftover lies and secrets
  • Nicky eagerly shows off his Neil knowledge and fills Andrew in
  • “She’s a cheerleader who tried to flirt with Neil. I got secondhand embarrassment when he turned her down. It was harsh.”
  • Neil argues “There was no point pretending I’d call her.”
  • Matt asks “Have you ever called anyone?”
  • Neil is offended by the question
  • But like, also, he’s only called his mom, Wymack, and Andrew
  • Andrew asks “What would she want with you?”
  • He means it as a dig and as a genuine question because at that point did Neil even talk about anything other than exy?
  • Neil says “Rumour has it I’m interesting.”
  • Andrew says “So is a trainwreck.”

How much more proof do we need to know that Keith likes Lance??

Classic evidence number one, annoyed when Lance doesn’t remember the moment he pretty much fell in love:

Two, tryna make an excuse to spend some alone time with him?? (This is literally the same thing in those teen romance movies when they’re like: “Why don’t we hang out sometime?” But it’s not as awkward because they’re already close to each other)

Three, his face, his face gives it all away people:

Four, the flirting (literally almost every season we get atleast one instance where he flirts, even in the VR): 

Five, he obviously gets jealous when Lance flirts with Allura:

Or it could be any girl? I mean look how happy he was when Lance mentions in the comic book that the princess he’s talking to isn’t the first one to get mad at him, he seems pretty pleased

Six, he’s even said himself he doesn’t love his temper and it’s pretty clear that it sometimes gets the better of him. But who’s able to control it especially in crucial situations and has been confirmed to be his stability?? Must have pretty strong feelings for him if he’s able to do that

Not just that but Keith, who we all know can be pretty difficult sometimes, allows Lance to get through to him easily. You can’t just be any random person and be able to do this, there must be some sort of connection there

Seven, Keith is able to show his vulnerability around Lance?? I mean, he barely ever lets his guard down 




I use my photoshop skills to make more memes. Why am I like this.



day 9 of v’s route

me: feels as if I’m talking to a damn wall..

also me: can I have a relationship with vanderwood instead?

honestly it bugs me so much when graduate students get annoyed by the number of undergrads on campus as school starts and say they can’t wait for some of them to “drop out” simply bc traffic is a little bit more congested. 

hey, i’m sitting in traffic too, but i understand that a) the world doesn’t revolve around me, b) these undergrads have as much as a right to be here as i do, c) it’s bc of them that this institution exists (like yeah, research brings in $, but what’s research at a university without the university aspect?), and d) this cycle of complaining about the younger generations has got to stop. oh and hoping for students to drop out is just downright mean?? on so many levels?

what the hell are any of us working for if not to make the world a better place–if not for us right now, but one day for a younger generation? i am my future, but i’m their future too, and they’re my future as well. 

look we’re all here to get an education and be a part of moving society forward and if that means you have to sit in traffic for an extra 30 minutes, then so be it. you’re not the only person in the world, and that’s a pretty good thing. 


college!yoongi: partners with your enemy

request: @junqguk an au where yoongi (or kookie or namjoon) is ur rival @ something (like im talkin arch nemesis) but ur paired up for a proj and theres tons of sexual tension !!! 

@zmediaoutlet - I started a new post because the old one was getting so unwieldy, and we’re kinda going down a side path. R.e. the Stanford thing:

This is one of those things that I think SPN has… left to the viewer to interpret. The family relationship the boys have is obviously wildly unhealthy (…) Personally, I’m glad that they’ve stopped bellyaching about it. At a certain point, you just kind of have to… accept what is.) 

I actually couldn’t be happier they seem to have gotten to a place of relative peace on this issue too, partly because I want them to be happy, and partly because I just always thought it was a weirdly handled issue in the first place.

And here’s where I’m gonna be a giant freaking hypocrite, lol, because after my impassioned defense of Dan Brown-style writing, I have to confess it makes me sooooo pissy when canon SPN writing sucks in particular ways that i have a low tolerance for.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I think i feel like SPN is fandom’s property and the canon writers are interlopers or something, and if they’re gonna mess with *our* stuff, they should at least be careful. :) 
(*is not claiming to make any sense on this one*)

Anyway, my objection (at least in this case) isn’t that Sam and Dean and John shouldn’t act crazy or that the writers should try to fix all of their mental health issues (although I do think there are some parts they should work on fixing), but that their crazy should be, I dunno, dealt with in a way that makes sense, I guess?

Like, if a substantial portion of the audience is left with the impression that it really was a betrayal of the family that Sam went off to college- which seems to be the case- then I feel like that has to have come from the writing in some way. Because that’s an idea that’s way outside mainstream American thinking. Like, there’s probably ten parents in all of America who wouldn’t be happy if their kid got into Stanford.

And yet the writers never really built any case for it being a logical viewpoint given the in-universe circumstances, So overall, I’m just kinda left with a feeling of wtf is going on there?

Academic Set-Up – Young Derek Hale Imagine

Prompt by Anon: Sorry for bothering you, but I have another young Derek request from another au: “we hate each other but apparently our teachers ship us and make us partner up all the time and sit next to each other and for the love of god if you don’t shut your mouth I’m gonna shove you on the desk and snog the hell out of you.”

Word Count: 1,983

Warning: Making out

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Author’s Note: I actually had fun with this prompt because this was something a little bit different and I had never written a Young Derek imagine before. YAY! Also, regarding the other Young Derek prompt you requested, as mentioned before, I ended up declining that prompt because it had been requested and written by another writer. I hope you understand that. Lastly, shout out to @lily-salvahalfoy19 for being my beta for this prompt. Without further ado, I hope you like this imagine!

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

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“So, how was work today, hon?” Mr. Taylor asked.

Mrs. Taylor smiled. “It was great! I paired up all my students for my annual project, and I purposely put a certain pair together, because I just know they’ll become a couple before the semester ends.”

Mr. Taylor sighed. “Honey, you can’t play Cupid with your students.”

“I don’t remember reading that in my contract when I got hired.” Mrs. Taylor grabbed her grade book out of her book bag. “Besides, I didn’t set them up on a blind date. I just paired them up for a project.”

“Of course, just like all your other set ups. Who are the lucky kids this semester?” Mr. Taylor stood next to his wife and looked down at her opened grade book. Her freshly manicured nail pointed at one name.

“Derek Hale,” Mr. Taylor read and followed his wife’s finger to the second name. “And Y/N Y/L/N.”

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