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I wish you would write wholesome Shrinkyclinks! Modern AU or WS!Bucky or anything :) especially anything where people take Bucky as super intimidating and seemingly Not For Steve but he's actually soft-spoken and embarrassingly in love with his bf. Also inspiration art, take out the parentheses: coldcigarettes(.)tumblr(.)com/post/155362763256/you-know-how-i-never-do-comics-well-ive-done-one

What I ended up with is a little askew from the prompt, but it is Shrinkyclinks with besotted WS!Bucky and people being surprised Steve is his boyfriend, just with the surprise going the other direction.

Sam did one more circuit in the air just to confirm that everything was under control. The wannabe-despot of the week was being loaded into the back of a SHIELD van in handcuffs, and the three bioengineered chimeras she’d released in Central Park were all safely contained. They were part hyena, part cat, and part…actually, Sam had no idea what the hell was making them glow faintly purple, but he was pretty sure it wasn’t normal cat or hyena behavior.

Fortunately, the chimeras weren’t nearly as aggressive as their creator had hoped. Once the Avengers had herded them into a sunny area by a fountain, the chimeras had settled down to bask on the warm stone, ignoring their creator’s increasingly frustrated commands to make with the rampaging already.

“Can we keep them?” Clint was shooting boomerang arrows from the top of the fountain. One of the chimeras was lying on its back, batting lazily at the arrows passing overhead. “I’ll feed them and walk them and not let them maul any civilians, can we keep them, sir, pretty please with a cherry on top?”

“No,” Coulson said. Sam could see him standing by the SHIELD van, arms folded as he watched Clint.

“I want this one.” Natasha sat on the ground by the fountain, posture relaxed, apparently ignoring the chimera five feet to her left. The chimera ignored her back, except to twitch an ear in her direction.

“No,” Coulson repeated, but only after a pause long enough signal defeat.

Natasha rolled slowly onto her side. The chimera tracked the movement, then put its head down on its paws and half-closed its eyes. “I’m naming her Boadicea.”

“So we’re done here? We’re done here,” Sam said, and turned his comm off before he could get sucked into the argument.

He touched down outside the SHIELD perimeter, where Tony was shedding his suit like a lobster shucking off its shell one segment at a time. Each piece folded up neatly into the briefcase at his feet. The Winter Soldier was standing next to him, his face blank but calm.

The Soldier had been an official part of the team for a few months now. Sam still didn’t have much of a read on him. The Soldier had been invaluable during the whole Hydra/SHIELD clusterfuck, and that was enough to earn him a lot of goodwill, but just about the only things Sam knew about the Soldier were his fighting style and his call sign.

“Hey, Cap,” Tony greeted him. “Where are the spy kids? Let’s do post-battle brunch, I’m starving.”

“They’re trying to convince Coulson to let the mad science experiments follow them home.”

“Good luck to them, but God help them if they try to keep them in the Tower, Pepper put her foot down about pets. You buy out one animal shelter because the cages are too small and all the animals look sad and suddenly everyone thinks you’re a hoarder. I don’t get what the big deal was, we weren’t using that floor of the Tower for anything important anyway. Tacos?” Tony suggested. “I’m thinking that place by Fordham. BattleBot, you in?”

“Can’t,” the Soldier said, typing something into his phone. “I have a date.”

Tony stopped talking for an entire three seconds. “You. Have a date.”

The Soldier looked up and blinked, clearly nonplussed to find Sam and Tony both staring at him. “Yes.”

“With who?”

“My boyfriend.”

“You have a boyfriend. You have a boyfriend?” Tony looked like he’d just walked into a lamppost, and then the lamppost had handed him a birthday present.

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Advanced English Vocabulary

jubilant (adj.) - extremely joyful, happy (The crowd was jubilant when the firefighter carried the woman from the flaming building.)

knell (n.) - the solemn sound of a bell, often indicating a death (Echoing throughout our village, the funeral knell made the grey day even more grim.)

lithe (adj.) - graceful, flexible, supple (Although the dancers were all outstanding, Joanna’s control of her lithe body was particularly impressive.)

lurid (adj.) - ghastly, sensational (Barry’s story, in which he described a character torturing his neighbour’s tortoise, was judged too lurid to be published on the English Library’s website.)

maverick (n.) - an independent, nonconformist person (John is a real maverick and always does things his own way.)

maxim (n.) - a common saying expressing a principle of conduct (Ms. Stone’s etiquette maxims are both entertaining and instructional.)

meticulous (adj.) - extremely careful with details (The ornate needlework in the bride’s gown was a product of meticulous handiwork.)

modicum (n.) - a small amount of something (Refusing to display even a modicum of sensitivity, Magda announced her boss’s affair to the entire office.)

morose (adj.) - gloomy or sullen (David’s morose nature made him very unpleasant to talk to.)

myriad (adj.) - consisting of a very great number (It was difficult to decide what to do on Saturday night because the city presented us with myriad possibilities for fun.)

nadir (n.) - the lowest point of something (My day was boring, but the nadir came when my new car was stolen.)

nominal (adj.) - trifling, insignificant (Because he was moving the following week and needed to get rid of his furniture more than he needed money, Kim sold everything for anominal price.)

novice (n.) - a beginner, someone without training or experience (Because we were allnovices at archery, our instructor decided to begin with the basics

nuance (n.) - a slight variation in meaning, tone, expression (The nuances of the poem were not obvious to the casual reader, but the teacher was able to point them out.)

oblivious (adj.) - lacking consciousness or awareness of something (Oblivious to the burning smell emanating from the kitchen, my father did not notice that the rolls in the oven were burned until much too late.)

obsequious (adj.) - excessively compliant or submissive (Donald acted like Susan’s servant, obeying her every request in an obsequious manner.)

obtuse (adj.) - lacking quickness of sensibility or intellect (Political opponents warned that the prime minister’s obtuse approach to foreign policy would embroil the nation in mindless war.)

panacea (n.) - a remedy for all ills or difficulties (Doctors wish there was a single panacea for every disease, but sadly there is not.)

parody (n.) - a satirical imitation (A hush fell over the classroom when the teacher returned to find Magdalena acting out a parody of his teaching style.)

penchant (n.) - a tendency, partiality, preference (Fiona’s dinner parties quickly became monotonous on account of her penchant for Indian dishes.)

perusal (n.) - a careful examination, review (The actor agreed to accept the role after a three-month perusal of the movie script.)

plethora (n.) - an abundance, excess (The wedding banquet included a plethora of oysters piled almost three feet high.)

predilection  (n.) - a preference or inclination for something (James has a predilection for eating toad in the whole with tomato ketchup.)

quaint (adj.) - charmingly old-fashioned (Mary was delighted by the quaint bonnets she saw in Romania.)

rash (adj.) - hasty, incautious (It’s best to think things over calmly and thoroughly, rather than make rash decisions.)

refurbish (v.) - to restore, clean up (After being refurbished the old Triumph motorcycle commanded the handsome price of $6000.)

repudiate (v.) - to reject, refuse to accept (Tom made a strong case for an extension of his curfew, but his mother repudiated it with a few biting words.)

rife (adj.) - abundant (Surprisingly, the teacher’s writing was rife with spelling errors.)

salient (adj.) - significant, conspicuous (One of the salient differences between Alison and Helen is that Alison is a couple of kilos heavier.)

serendipity (n.) - luck, finding good things without looking for them (In an amazing bit of serendipity, penniless Mark found a $50 bill on the back seat of the bus.)

staid (adj.) - sedate, serious, self-restrained (The staid butler never changed his expression no matter what happened.)

superfluous (adj.) - exceeding what is necessary (Samantha had already won the campaign so her constant flattery of others was superfluous.)

sycophant (n.) - one who flatters for self-gain (Some see the people in the cabinet as the Prime Minister’s closest advisors, but others see them as sycophants.)

taciturn (adj.) - not inclined to talk (Though Magda never seems to stop talking, her brother is quite taciturn.)

truculent (adj.) - ready to fight, cruel (This club doesn’t really attract the dangerous types, so why was that bouncer being so truculent?)

umbrage (n.) - resentment, offence (He called me a lily-livered coward, and I took umbrage at the insult.)

venerable (adj.) - deserving of respect because of age or achievement (The venerable High Court judge had made several key rulings in landmark cases throughout the years.)

vex (v.) - to confuse or annoy (My boyfriend vexes me by pinching my bottom for hours on end.)

vociferous (adj.) - loud, boisterous (I’m tired of his vociferous whining so I’m breaking up with him.)

wanton (adj.) - undisciplined, lewd, lustful (Joanna’s wanton demeanor often made the frat guys next door very excited.)

zenith (n.) - the highest point, culminating point (I was too nice to tell Emily that she had reached the absolute zenith of her career with that one top 10 hit of hers.)


Chanyeol: Baekhyun.

Baekhyun: Yes?

Chanyeol: Baekhyun

Baekhyun: What?

Chanyeol: Baekhyun

Baekhyun: what??

Chanyeol: BAEKHYUN !

Baekhyun: What???

Chanyeol: BAEKHYUN!!!!!!!!

Baekhyun: WHAT!??!?!?!?!!?

Chanyeol: BAEKHYUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baekhyun: OH MY GOSH WHAT?!?!?!?!?

Chanyeol: BAEKHYUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baekhyun: I’M SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO YOU!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS IT?!?!!?!?!??!?!?!!?

Chanyeol: …..

Baekhyun: Tell me.

Chanyeol: ……

Baekhyun: Tell Me.

Chanyeol: ….

Baekhyun: TELL ME.

Chanyeol: ……

Baekhyun: ….

Chanyeol: …..

Baekhyun: is it because I yelled at You?

Chanyeol: …..

Baekhyun: Look, I’m Sorry- mmmhpph

Chanyeol: *kisses Baekhyun*

Baekhyun: *Kisses back*

Chanyeol: *Leans back*

*whispers in Baekhyun’s ear*

I love you

*walks away*

Baekhyun: ….. We’re dating….

…. we live together….

we’re getting married next Month..

….*sigh* ..





I LOVE YOU TOO YODA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“You look really pretty today.”  The young prospect blushed, an armful of empty beer bottles for disposal cradled in his arms.  The guys were really making him work for his patch.  It was sort of comical.

“Thank you.”  You replied, twisting back and forth in the bar stool you were seated on.  The goofy grin on the prospects face fell quickly, and you knew that meant that Jax had found you.  Sure enough, the blonde’s hand came to rest on the small of your back as he glared at the prospect.

“Beat it.”  Jax growled.  Slowly the prospect nodded, down casting his eyes as he turned to throw out the beer bottles he had collected.  Jax’s lips found their way to your neck as both of his arms wrapped securely around your waist.  “I hate that prospect.”

“You only hate him cause he flirts with me.”  You teased.

College AU! Yoongi - Photography Major

Originally posted by yoonmin

Previous AU: Jungkook, Jimin, Taehyung, Hoseok

A/N: School has started and I’m also very sick so updates/posts will probably be every other week as I don’t have much time to write anymore :(

This College AU will be with all the boys, but with different scenarios

  • So Yoongi is a photography major
  • Who has a final project on capturing something that’s beautiful
  • He hears people in his class whispering about what they’re going to photograph; the list mostly consisting of nature and the sky. Hell, even food
  • He’s unsure what he wants to do the project on so he decides to just sleep on it and wait for it to come to him
  • But he still has to go to his last class of the day, biology
  • And when he walks in, his eyes instantly fall on you and it suddenly hits him
  • You have to be what he photographs for his project
  • So after class he casually walks up to you as you’re packing your things up
  • And nonchalantly asks if you’d be his model for some “lame project” he has to do for his photography class
  • Oh Yoongi, ever the cool guy
  • You already know of Min Yoongi before his proposal
  • With his handsome face and mint green hair
  • He kinda stands out
  • So you’re taken aback that he wants you to be his model
  • You don’t know why you agree but you do
  • Even though you know nothing about photography or pictures or modeling
  • So you voice your concern to Yoongi but he just waves it off and says there’s nothing that you need to worry about
  • He has you scribble your number on his arm in your bright purple pen, says he’ll call you and walks away afterwards
  • A few days pass before you get a call from an unknown number
  • Turns out it’s Yoongi and he wants to start his project today
  • It took a few days cause Yoongi didn’t wanna seem desperate and wanted to be as cool as always
  • So you guys plan a time and he tells you to meet him at some park close to campus
  • When you arrive, you find Yoongi fiddling with a giant camera and some other foreign equipment you’ve never seen before
  • You weren’t sure what to wear to meet him but judging by the way he scans your body
  • You assume you have the wrong attire
  • Yoongi doesn’t say anything, just grabs your wrist and walks you away from the park
  • He tells you to lead him to your dorm where he rummages through your closet, throwing clothes at you
  • He purposely throws them at your face to get a reaction out of you ‘cause he thinks you’re cute with your now messed up hair and pouting lips
  • Eventually he pulls out some simple dresses you forgot you even had
  • Hence why they were buried DEEP in the back of your closet
  • You bring them all to the park
  • And your shoot begins
  • It’s very awkward and you’re very tense at the beginning and you can tell Yoongi is getting frustrated with you
  • It’s actually very cute seeing him like that
  • Pouty, frowning lips
  • Fingers pulling and tugging at his mint hair
  • Yoongi doesn’t voice his frustration but instead cracks jokes and teases you to get you to lighten up and calm down
  • It actually works ???
  • Fast forward about a week
  • You and Yoongi have daily shoots, whether planned or not but usually the latter
  • Meaning you’ve spent so much time with the boy casually
  • At the beginning it seemed Yoongi was nothing more than brash and blunt and rude
  • With his constant teasing and insults and sass
  • You quickly realize that it’s just a front and he’s actually super sweet and caring
  • Like when he asks if you’ve eaten yet or tells you to text him when you’re home safe
  • Yoongi tells it how it is, whether you want it or not
  • And you recognize finally that you need that in your life
  • He tells you what you need to hear, not what you want
  • He’s basically a breath of fresh air and a positive being in your life that you truly need
  • And want
  • You guys decide to just go to random places around your campus and Yoongi just happens to bring his camera
  • Coffee Shops
  • Parks
  • Libraries
  • Even around your dorms
  • One night Yoongi texts you an address and tells you to meet him there the next day
  • When you arrive, you find out that it’s actually Yoongi’s studio
  • A place where no one is typically allowed
  • You’re so touched and honored that he allowed you to come to his safe and quiet place, the place he goes to escape the real world filled with responsibilities and stress that you tear up a little and get soft
  • Yoongi is very confused by your sudden hug and behavior but accepts it anyway
  • You don’t notice but he thinks you look beautiful in the dim lighting of the studio, concentrating on his work
  • So he takes your picture slyly every chance he can get without you noticing
  • You get so comfortable around Yoongi that when you two are just strolling around campus, you run up to a bench and just lay on it and tell him to snap your photo
  • “Paparazzi, take my picture.”
  • He proceeds to call you an idiot but takes your picture anyway and smiles
  • Days go by and Yoongi realizes he has a ton of photos of you to go through and he doesn’t actually need anymore
  • But that doesn’t stop you guys from hanging out and you having a movie night in his dorm
  • You actually fall asleep on his shoulder while you’re both lounging on the couch
  • Yoongi just has a gummy smile on his face as he gently lays a blanket over the both of you and just falls asleep with his head resting on yours
  • He surprisingly wakes up before you and when he looks down he’s just awe struck with how beautiful and peaceful you look while sleeping
  • The sunlight streaming through the window is hitting your face perfectly, your lips just barely opened as even breaths escape, the way your dark eyelashes fan out across your cheek
  • Yoongi thinks that this is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen and can’t help but snatch his camera off the table and snap your picture
  • He ends up using that picture as the main focus of his project when he submits it to his professor
  • He realizes that he could potentially fail if his professor doesn’t understand what Yoongi sees but he doesn’t give a single shit because he knows that you are the most beautiful thing that could ever be submitted
  • It didn’t matter what you were doing
  • Whether it was blowing on your coffee, laying awkwardly on a park bench, looking at other photographs, running your fingers over the spine of books, or sleeping
  • You were the most beautiful thing he could ever dream to capture
  • When he tells you that his project is over, you’re unsure where that leaves you two
  • Were you guys done now that his project was?
  • Yoongi just laughs at the face you make, thinking it to be real funny and cute that you assumed he just wanted to take pictures of some random stranger for a “lame project”
  • He can’t resist himself but to grip your face in between his hands and tug you closer to him where he plants a kiss on your nose
  • Then on your forehead
  • You’re frozen to place as your eyes bug out to just stare at his cool expression
  • He gently places his forehead on your own and his voice is nothing but a whisper
  • “Saying my project was lame may have been…uh, a little wrong. It was on something that was beautiful.”
  • He waits until you register his words and before you can speak, he continues
  • “Y/N, you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and when I went through all the pictures I have of you, it just proved that. Although my pictures don’t do you justice. Hell, I don’t think the best photographer in the world could capture just how beautiful you are.”
  • You actually tear up at his words
  • He jokes and says that, “Oh shit, nevermind. Guess no one can look beautiful while crying.”
  • You punch his arm and he makes it up by grabbing your face again and kissing you
  • Surprisingly Yoongi’s professor seemed to understand just what Yoongi saw as he passed his project with a fantastic grade
  • You demanded that he show you the picture he used for his project
  • And when he does, you just yell
  • “Why did you take a picture of me when I was sleeping?!”
  • “‘Cause you looked so terrifying that I thought I could sell it to some paranormal activity guys and make a quick buck.”
  • “Min Yoongi!”



niles the butler + one scene per episode [129/145]:

Maggie’s Boyfriend

Of Pickup Lines and Libraries

A/N: First Stephew fic I’ve ever written, hope you like it!! 

Stephanie sighed as she lay back in her chair, it had been a long day. Luckily, she thought, as she scanned the quiet library, she was just working the desk today. Usually this meant that she had a lot of time to read or finish homework as not too many people came up to the desk. But a second later when she saw his messy brown hair and wide smile walk through the front doors she knew there was no way she was going to get anything done.

He immediately locked eyes with her and grinned even more as he straight up sauntered up to the desk.

“Hi,” he said as he leaned forward on the desk, borderline invading her personal space.

“Hi” she replied bluntly, knowing this was the start of a very busy afternoon for her.

“And how is the fair maiden on this fine day?” he asked launching into an absolutely terrible British accent.

“I don’t know, you’ll have to ask her,” she retorted.

His eyes grew almost comically, “but you are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on,” he said earnestly, dropping all pretext of the fake accent.

She couldn’t help but blush at that, his brown eyes gazing into hers relaying that those words were true.  He smiled when he saw her blush, a slow sweet smile that made her feel warm inside. A moment passed between the two before Stephanie broke away and cleared her throat.

“Do you need help with anything?” she asked, actually trying to do her job at this point. She knew the answer however. Matthew had been coming in for the past week under the pretext of working on a research paper that didn’t seem to actually be progressing any.

“Yeah actually, how can I get a really smart and gorgeous girl to give me a kiss?” he winked at her and laughed as she shoved him away with another blush coloring her cheeks. Honestly, that boy was something.

Fortunately he did walk off to a table nearby to set down his bag and pull out his laptop, giving her time to calm down and try to shake the thoughts of him from her head. With a firm nod to herself she pulled herself together and proceeded to get out her literature book for her classics course.

The silence lasted for about half an hour until she felt a presence at her desk once more and put her book down.

“Hi! Can I hel-” she cut off her words as she saw his smiling face once again. “What do you need?” she said instead.

He held a hand to his heart, “You hurt me, I need a book actually.”

She rolled her eyes at his antics and pulled up the catalog on the computer in front of her.

“What book are you looking for?” she asked fully aware that he could be doing this himself as there were multiple computers with catalogs open.

He handed her a scrap of paper which had the title and author of the book written down. She got to work looking for the location of the book.

“Oh and I was also hoping you could help me find something else,” he added as she typed.

“What?” she asked distractedly, looking at the call number.

“Do you have a map?” he asked. She turned her head to look at him with some confusion.

“What do you mean?”

A mischievously look came into his eyes as he answered, “Cause I’m getting lost in your eyes.”

Stephanie rolled her eyes again and tried her hardest to hide the smile that was beginning to form on her face.

“This is the call number for the book, it should be over on those shelves,” she said instead, giving him back the paper with the information on it and pointing to the area.

He pouted, and she couldn’t help but melt a little, “I’m not sure I can find it on my own.” He looked adorable but she held her ground explaining that she was sure he was capable of doing it on his own.

He pouted again, and Stephanie had to physically stop herself from giving in, and walked away. She took a deep breath. This boy would be the end of her. She closed her eyes and tried once more to shake her thoughts free of him. But it was no use.

He was back no less than five minutes later claiming that he couldn’t find the book and required assistance. She sighed as she got up from her chair and walked around the desk leading the way to the shelves.

He hovered around her as she searched, standing just a bit too close but still catching her off guard as he spoke softly near her ear.

“Can I get some directions?” he asked.

She turned around, only to find he was closer than she had thought and their faces were only inches apart.

“Um…wha-” she managed to get out, all too aware of how close he was and how nice it would be to run her fingers through his hair and his somewhat intoxicating scent.

“Can I get some directions?” he repeated.

“To where?” she was confused again, but maybe it was the closeness that was muddling her brain.

“To your heart,” he replied with a cheesy smile. Oh god, Stephanie was in between laughing or just pulling him to her and kissing him. She chose neither opting instead to take a step back and hand him his book (which had been in a glaringly obvious location).

He took the book from her and sent her a wink, as if he knew her thoughts, causing her to blush again. She turned and started walking quickly back to her desk.

As she sat down again and he put the book on the counter for her to check out she breathed a sigh of relief, at least now there was something separating them.

He patted down his pockets and frowned, “I don’t have my library card,” he said.

She was about to speak up and reassure him that she could look him up on the database when he continued on to say, “But do you mind if I check you out?”

He was laughing as she shoved him away not even bothering to check out the book she had found for him.

She shook her head as she saw him return to his table and sit behind his laptop. This boy was really trying to make her life as difficult as possible. She hadn’t known when she’d started this job, around two week ago, that it would be so difficult. That is not to say the job itself was difficult, after one week she knew exactly what she had to do and it was pretty relaxed. No being a librarian wasn’t bad at all, especially as it helped her get extra cash which was something every college student was looking for. It wasn’t her job that was the problem, it was Matthew Robert Patrick, the annoyingly cute boy whose goal in life was to make sure she didn’t have a moment of peace.

He really did have a research project to be working on, that she knew, but she doubted how much progress he had made all week considering he spent so much of his time finding ways to talk to her. And it’s not like she didn’t find him attractive, she was just trying to do her job in relative peace.

She broke away from her thoughts to glance at him. He was still sitting at his table laptop open staring at her. When he saw her look back he quickly scrambled to pick up the book she had helped him get and hold it to his face, upside down.

She couldn’t help but giggle at him as he blushed and lowered the book and his gaze. He looked cute when he blushed, she thought.

Turning back to her computer she noted that she was already half way through her shift, as she had a short one today. She had to get at least some of this reading done. She picked up her lit book and started to read once more.

She managed to get through a good 45 or so minutes before she was called to check out some books and help a girl find her calc textbook.

But as soon as she got back to her desk, finally free of helping people, he was back.

“Yes?” she said rather bluntly.

He stared at her for a moment before finally saying, “You’re so beautiful you made me forget my pickup line.”

She couldn’t stop the small fond smile that appeared on her face.

“You’ve said quite a few already,” she pointed out.

“And you ignored them all!” he argued back, pouting slightly. She noticed that he had packed up his bag and checked the time. Yep it was nearing the end of her shift. She started to pack up her bag as well.

“I’m sorry,” she placated, “how about you come up with another one and I’ll do my best to give an adequate response.”

He nodded and became really focused, no doubt coming up with a good pickup line. She left him to his thoughts and went to the back to sign out for the day. When she came back with all her stuff he was still there. She stepped around the desk and looked up at him expectantly.

“You wanna know what this shirt is made out of?” he asked.

“What?” she knew the answer, everyone knew this one.

“Boyfriend material,” he replied, grinning widely.

Stephanie just shook her head and reached out pulling him by his boyfriend material shirt to bring him closer to her.

“I know,” she said before she finally kissed him, sinking into the wonderful feeling of being wrapped up in her boyfriend’s arms.