annoying advert

it annoys me when tfios adverts say ‘this is not an ordinary love story" because the whole point of the book and film is that it IS an ordinary love story and their love is pure and the fact that they have cancer doesnt make it any more or less genuine it changes nothing except the fact that physically they are weaker

Bringing a community together

So I’ve been wanting to do something for a while (years even) but financial and time issues have been stopping me, but I’m getting to the point where I can make this a reality, but it will only happen if you guys want it too. I want to make a website that brings the sims community all together, rather than seperated.


  • Social Network dedicated to The Sims only
  • Custom Content sharing (and my own cc)
  • Legacy Story pages (your own page dedicated to your legacy)
  • Forums 
  • Easy search tool used to find CC, legacies, news, etc etc
  • Lot and sim sharing
  • Everything to be FREE
  • Tutorials and guides made easy
  • Rewards/competitions (win custom made CC?)
  • No annoying adverts (ugh seriously though…)

But is this needed? there are a lot of sites out there dedicated to the Sims but I think this one is a little different. The entire thing will be user friendly and easy to use.

IF this becomes a thing, which it most likely will then I will need to spend personal money into making this happen, I’ve done my research and I have experience in this sort of stuff, so I know exactly what I am doing - but I want to know if anyone thinks it is a good idea? I’ll be posting some mockups of what it may look like.

If anyone has any ideas or wants to help in being part of this then give me a message…

and if you have read all of this then thank you haha :)

sameguydifferentmind  asked:

Why should you by a Mustang? Cause they're afFORDable!

…Brandon? Is that you?

Context: Brandon is the guy on the really annoying Ford adverts on Hulu.
However, he does not have kick-ass jokes so I know you’re not really him.