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Hello! How would Taehyung, Kyungsoo & Sehun react if you get extremely shy and flustered and keep giggling whenever they touch you sexually or not, thanks angel!


Tae Tae would just giggle at you whenever you acted all shy when he touched you. So your relationship would probably be full of giggles and playful grins since we all know how much this boy loves skin ship. XD He’s very touchy and would jump at any opportunity to hold you; whether it’s an innocent back hug, his arm across your shoulders/waist, or even playful pokes. I don’t think Tae would find it annoying, but rather amusing every time you flush at his attempts to touch you (sexually or not). I imagine him saying something like:

“What?” he’d laugh as you inch away from. “I haven’t even touched you yet!" 

*you have no idea how much this gif killed me…


The moment he sees you blushing, Kyungie would look at you like he did something wrong. When you tell him that you just get really shy when he touches you, he would pause… his eyes and mouth slightly agape as he tries to sink in your statement. 

"Why?” he’d ask suddenly and when you tell him that you were just shy, he’d probably laugh. “Really? Well that’s cute.”

But if this continues, I think Kyungsoo would take advantage of this a bit by teasing you a lot. He’d touch you more often; from simple hand brushes to arms sneaking around your waist; just so he can see you get all flustered. When you whine and tell him to stop, he’d smirk, “I like that I have that effect on you.”


I think Sehun would find it cute at first. He’d even laugh it off and touch you whenever he gets the chance just so he can see you flustered. I don’t think he’s the kind who likes doing a lot of skin ship, but seeing that you get flustered a lot, he’d do it more often that he usually does. xD

But when you get a little too shy, even when he’s not touching you sexually, I think Sehun would start to think that you’re not comfortable with him at all, since you’re always inching away from his touches and getting all flustered. But when you explain to him that you were just really shy, he’d sit you down and face you, his eyes locking with yours, not moving an inch.

You’d squirm under his stare, “What?”

“It’s either I stare you down like this or I touch you. Take your pick.” he’d joke but his face is serious as he says it. :P

*hmmm… melt in his stare or under his touch? Take your pick, ladies~ HAHA

Your welcome, sweetheart ;) Thanks for requesting!