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Dating Poly!Jungyu


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a/n: is that their ship name idk lol either way I’m talking about jungkook & mingyu. hope you enjoy ~

  • memes
  • so many memes
  • your relationship is 99.99% memes
  • even before you were dating, it was meme central
  • mingyu is the bravest out of you three, so he likes to take the credit for your relationship. but he was just the spark, you & jungkook did the rest
  • while he brought the idea up initially, you and jungkook discussed boundaries and the such, while mingyu just like chilled & ate & nodded along .. he was happy to go with the flow. but you and jungkook wanted to really know what you were getting yourselves into
  • and somehow mingyu takes credit
  • but whatever
  • let the nerd live
  • so anyway,,
  • mingyu classes himself as the the mayonnaise that keeps the two bread slices (you & kook) together
  • “I am the foundation of this relationship”
  • “stfu all u do is nap on us & eat our food”
  • “you’re welcome :^)”
  • jungkook has a really protective nature. he always wants to take care of you both and does laundry or picks up wrappers and stuff you’ve left behind.
  • and he’s the most prone to jealousy out of you three,,
  • although he adores watching you & mingyu snuggle .. make room for him too ;; he also likes hugs and kisses ;;;;;;;
  • but when you two go to him, he’s so smug and “neither of you could live without me, am I right?”
  • mingyu is really relaxed though
  • he doesn’t get jealous easily or fussy. he respects both your boundaries and has a motherly quality that allows him to sense when something is wrong, even if no one says anything
  • so he can sense when kook is feeling left out
  • or if you’re down
  • and he’s the one who deals with sadness or fights the best
  • because while your relationship is fun and happy for the most part, fights are natural. whether from dieting, stress, tiredness, whatever .. both the boys have stressful lives and you have your own stuff to deal with. this can lead to short tempers and fights and silent treatment that could go on for weeks,
  • but mingyu ensures it won’t
  • regardless of his opinion on whatever fight just happened, he always brings you three together to work it all out
  • and has the warmest hugs
  • when you and kook cry, you always go to him, since his heartfelt kisses have your sadness forgotten in no time ~
  • despite kook being protective, and gyu being the mom, the real glue here is you
  • you’re the breath of fresh air that clears their testosterone, meme loving heads. they can get competitive and you’re always there to remind them they’re both perfect and you love them both equally
  • “but me more, right?”
  • “no, you’re equal
  • the seventeen boys thought the relationship was a lil odd but none of them were against it. at least their mingyu was loved. and not only by one but two people so .. that’s pretty cool.
  • the bts boys thought it was hilarious. they never missed an opportunity to tease their youngest about the relationship, but not out of bad intent. they truly had no issue with it and they knew that while they might not understand it, the dynamic between you three worked and their kookie was loved … but they’re still gonna make threesome jokes, like, how can they not?
  • “so is it a spitroast type deal or are there turns??”
  • “sTOp it’s nOt Like ThAT. you’re all SO ANNOYING.”
  • although gyu & kook have their similarities, they have a lot of differences too
  • mingyu’s skin is so warm, it’s like hugging a radiator at night. no one needs a blanket when he’s around
  • and while kook isn’t exactly cold, he’s a lot easier to hug on warm nights than gyu who will literally make you melt,,
  • while mingyu likes being the big spoon
  • soft baby kook enjoys being the small, loved and tended to spoon
  • much like his skin, mingyu’s kisses are warm and passionate. you feel your body temperature rising, flames coiling in your stomach with each of his kisses. they can be messy though and he kisses you both so often, even if he’s only going to be gone five minutes, he kisses both of your foreheads in parting
  • kook’s kisses are a lot more precise and less frequent. he wants them to be perfect so he truly focuses on the kisses he gives. gyu’s are quick and messy. but kook’s are slow and precise, as if he’s been thinking about this kiss all day
  • he probably has been
  • your apartment is relatively messy,, but not in a bad way
  • none of you are dirty
  • there’s just a lot of things you’ve gathered up (there’s 3 of you after all) and only so much storage space
  • while the place is 80% anime, video games, movies & cd’s
  • you have personal stuff too
  • like childhood pictures or
  • pictures of you three together
  • you’ve made a lot of memories, between doing stupid, goofy things to make each other laugh. or getting McDonald’s at 3 am. or seeing if nuggets taste good on pizza (they actually do,, well, you were pretty very drunk at the time so maybe not)
  • and so the relationship may seem odd to people who don’t know you, the 3 of you know otherwise and enjoy your messy, silly time together