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but I was being ripped apart from the inside out, and I thrashed, unable to out-scream the pain.
“feyre!” someone roared. no, not someone - rhysand.


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It really pisses me off when fans of books argue with authors about characters and their arcs…..
“Ooooh that character wouldn’t say that….” or “The character arc is definitely not how it should be!”

I don’t care if you think you know everything about that character and that you’ve read the book a trillion times…..

Accept that the author can do whatever the frick they want with THEIR characters and learn to love and grow with them instead of arguing about what they would or wouldn’t do.

Thank you goodnight.

You Can’t Escape Yourself (Part 1)

Summary: After being a SHIELD agent for 3 years Y/n has a pretty great life but after being shot and a last second call Y/n wakes up to a way more complicated life and instead of simply being an Agent of SHIELD she becomes an Avenger.

Pairing: (Will be probably BuckyXf!Reader) Avengerxf!Reader

Warning: Swearing

A/n: This is my first time writing and it has no request so I have no clue if it will be a good idea or a good job at writing. So tell me what you think! 

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“I know I shouldn’t do this to you Y/n but_ your going to die so I either do this now or you don’t wake up, and I can’t let that happen to you Y/n.” and with that Rick put a needle into your arm and shot the glowing blue liquid into you. Quickly the blue liquid made it’s way through you veins making them glow slightly, and it didn’t take much time before your vital started returning back to their normal state, and your heart rate increased.
“This is amazing.” Rick said writing down on his clip board what was happening right before his eyes, it had taken him years with his own private research to figure out how to make this syrum and now he had put all of it into you. He couldn’t wait for you to wake up so that he could see what would be the same and what might change about you. It seemed practically instant that you went back to normal, that is until the entire hospital started shaking and than panick struck Rick. “SHIT! Y/n wake up!” Rick yelled trying to shake you but it didn’t work and soon the walls started crumbling down, and it caved in on everybody, and everybody in the hospital died the 25 doctors, 134 nurses, 58 scientists, 500 patients. And that was the bodies they could find. All died except you, you had managed to survive, and nobody could explain it everybody said it was just luck. But you knew better.

So now you had to live with that guilt. You had been a Shield agent for 3 years now not to mention the years of training just to get a chance to become an Agent and now all of that you threw away. You had simply been going on a routine mission just to extract some data from a Hydra base. That is until you got shot the bullet entered from your back and went out your front. Thats when everything turned for the worst. You nearly died and you knew it. If Rick hadn’t put that syrum into you, you would have died. So you were grateful but part of you still wonders what if. What if Rick would have just left you well alone and let you die, than he would still be alive, hundreds of people would still be alive.
The thought made a shiver run down your spine. These were often your daily thoughts now. You quit Shield, and told nobody about your powers, and everybody just assumed that you were lucky that the building somehow missed you by pure luck. But you, you knew other wise. And that is what made you quit Shield. That is what made you keep your powers hidden from the world.

“Y/n!” Your mind escaped your thoughts and went back to reality. “Y/n! Why the hell do I pay you when you can’t even do your job right?” Mr Olsen stormed to your desk and you now looked over to see your co-workers smirking. They had seen him coming and didn’t warn you.
“Mr. Olsen, I understand that it wasn’t the layout you wanted for presentation. But, the other layout was too complicated to do it would have taken me all night.” you try to mummble out.
“What do you think coffee is for?” Mr Olsen yells obviously frustrated.
“I’m sorry sir it won’t happen again.” you say trying to keep your anger down. It had taken you a month to realize that your emotions were often in control of your powers. So to avoid taking this building down you had to make sure that your emotions were in-check, that’s what you had to do everyday no matter how angry or sad you got your emotions had to remain in-check the entire time. With that Mr. Olsen stormed back into his office mummbling how much he wanted to fire you, but of course he wouldn’t. Sure you would slip up a lot in the office but you were still his best employee. You seemed to naturally have a take control attitude. But than again 3 years being a SHIELD agent would do that to you.
It was 10 PM when you got off work. You should be out of the office by 6PM maybe 7 at the latest but when the end of the day came that’s when you would often get a lot of paper work that needed to be done then and there. So often you found yourself going home at around 10, getting some food and going straight to bed. Only to wake up at 6 AM to repeat that process over and over again. Sure it wasn’t the life you used to have, and you barley had a social life anymore, but this one meant you didn’t kill anyone.
When you got back to your apartment you went and sat down on your couch.
That’s when you could sense it. Somebody was in your apartment and you felt yourself tense up, naturally you got up and acted normal walking over to your desk and pulled out the hidden gun, you slowly loaded it until you heard it click.
“Y/n, you could have been a bit more suttle, I mean come on 3 years at SHIELD and that was your best job.” you spin around to see somebody you never thought you would see again.
“Director Fury, what are you doing here?” you asked and lowered the gun down not putting it down though.
“Well Y/n to be fully honest we have been watching you for the last 4 years.” Fury looked straight at you, “you are in an office now? I never thought I would see the day when one of my finest agents would go into a stuffy cooped up office and take orders from corrupt buisnessmen.” Fury let out a low chuckle.
“What do you want Fury? I know you wouldn’t just come here to check up on me.” you say keeping your voice even and some what emotionless.
“You are correct. Look Y/n I have no clue about why you left SHIELD, and I’m not going to pry about your personal life_ not this time anyway. But we need you. You were one of my best hackers, and there is a code that we can’t seem to understand. We need you to come and try to decode it.” Fury says looking a little desprite.
“And if I say no?” you ask setting the gun down now, but not too far out of reach you trusted Fury but you also knew Fury.
“Well than I am going to have to come back in a not so nice manner.” Fury says looking very serious about his threat.
“Fury I left that life for a reason.” you say a little nerveous. You hadn’t had to talk about SHIELD in 4 years and now all the emotions were coming back, and you couldn’t break no matter what happen you couldn’t break. You had kept this in for 4 years, and Director Fury showing up was not going to be the reason you broke. 
“What was that reason Y/n? Hell you survived a gun shot and a hospital crashing down and you still say that there was a terrible reason that you won’t come back. So what is that reason?” Fury asks getting a little angry.
“Director. I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” you say walking over to your door and opening it. Fury looked down then nodded.
“I don’t know what happen to you. You used to be my top agent. You were full of life, and ready to help this world. And now? Well now you sit in your office and get yelled at by some smart ass boss. What happen Y/n? That’s all I want to know.” Fury looked sincere, like he wanted to help. Hell you even wanted to accept his help and let him in. But you knew you couldn’t.
“Life happen Fury. So much stuff happen and this is what it comes down to. I can’t help people anymore I thought maybe I would have gone back but I can’t.” you say and with that Fury walked out and you closed the door and slid down the wall and tried not to let the emotions get the best of you. But they did and with the clear skies filled with clouds, and the world became grey, while it started to rain.

~Avengers Compound

The Avengers all waited Tony was still in his lab trying to figure out the code while Natasha and Steve tried to get their frustration out in the gym. Bruce was in the lab trying to figure out a way to help Wanda with her new migrains she was getting. While Rhodes and Sam went flying trying to see who was faster. Peter was doing homework while Bucky and Pietro argued about what movie to watch. 

Soon though the compound was filled with Tony’s frustrated yell, he ran into the main room. 

“I can’t figure out! There is no way this code can be figured out. I hope Fury get’s here soon with the Hacker.” Tony says sitting down on the couch between Pietro and Clint. 

“I thought you could figure out anything and you didn’t need the hacker Fury went to get. At least that’s what you said this morning.” Clint said smirking at Tony, who just seemed to huff in response. Soon Steve and Natasha walked into the main room.

“Did you figure out the code?” Steve asks taking a drink from his water bottle. 

“No okay I have no clue how to get past this code. It’s like it changes every so often and the code is never staying the same.” Tony says leaning forward and putting his head into his hands. 

“Well let’s just hope Fury can get here soon.” Natasha says, 

“Look around for once and you might see him.” Everyone looked over to see Fury standing in the fron walkway. 

“And where is the amazing hacker you swore could figure out the code?” Tony asks sounding annoyed but hopeful. Fury looked down and shaked his head.

“She didn’t want to come.” Fury says the entire team groans, and Tony stood up angered.

“No! Okay, you promised she would come help and I have spent days trying to figure this out. She is our only hope okay so you tell me where she lives and I’ll go get her myself.” Tony says, Steve walks over and pushes Tony back down on the couch. 

“Tony you havne’t slept in days you aren’t thinking straight.” Steve says in a stern tone. That’s when Natasha looked at Tony.

“We all know that I barley agree with Tony ever. But we need to figure this out before it’s too late and she’s out only hope. Maybe we should pay her a house call.” Natasha says looking at Fury. 

“We don’t kidnap people.” Sam says in a mocking tone, and Steve let out a low chuckle. “I Know that’s what you were about to say” Sam points at Steve, “But in this moment I have to agree with Nat, I mean maybe we don’t have to kidnap her but maybe the Avenger’s asking for her help might you know be more convincing than just Fury showing up at her door.” Sam explains and the team all nods.

“Fine Fury where does Agent Y/L/N live?” Steve asks before Tony stands up. “No I already have her Address.” Tony interupts walking past Steve and everybody headed towards the garage. 

“Maybe not all of us should have come_” Wanda says as everybody tried to get infront of Y/n’s apartment door. Tony quickly knocked on her door and waited. After a moment the door opened to a girl in sweatpants and a tanktop. 

“Hey I don’t have my money ready you came a lot quicker than I thought you would so I mean I have a twenty dollar bill but I don’t think you have change.” soon she looks up. “And you aren’t the Pizza delivery guy.” she says looking down. 

“Hello. I’m Tony Stark aka Ironman and I really need to talk to you Agent Y/N Y/L/N.” Tony says smiling. 

“It’s just Y/n Y/L/N. I havne’t been an Agent in 4 years.” she says stepping aside and letting the Avengers in.


Your apartment wasn’t small but it wasn’t mean to have this many guests either, you mainly only invited them in because you didn’t want to have to fight with any of them if they came to force you into whatever Fury wanted you to do, it’s best not to be in the apartment hall, and to not seem like a threat.

“So Y/n I think you know who we are.” Tony says trying to start a casual conversation while looking at some of your personal pictures on your desk. 

“Yes Mr Stark I am_ was an agent of Shield, I got debreifed on your missions.” you say trying to keep your voice even.

“So I assume you know how much help we need to finish our missions. We try to do things on our own but it never seems to go as smoothly.” Tony says turning around to face you and smiling. 

“Yes help from others tend to make things easier” You say looking over all of the Avengers, they were knocking things over and trying to act normal in your tiny apartment. “But something tells me you didn’t just come here to talk about teamwork and make small talk.” You say looking over at where you gun was, the winter soilder was standing infront of it. That was the one Avenger you really didn’t want to fight. If you were honest The hulk and the winter soildier were the scariest avengers. “I mean not that I don’t enjoy the company of all of the Avengers.” you motioned your hands at everyone in your apartment when you said the word ‘all’ “but you aren’t going to waste time on me an ex shield agent that you could be using on your mission.” A tension filled the room, while Tony looked down and chucked.

“I like you Y/n. Your staight forward, so I’m not going to beat around the bush. Director Fury came to you earlier today needing you for a hacking job. The truth is that we need you for a hacking job. We understand that you have deep dark secrets of why you left SHIELD but we need you to get out of your moaping party and get back on board just for a couple weeks.” Tony says although some of the Avengers were scowling at him.

“I’m sorry but I need you guys to leave. I left that life behind for a reason and not even the Avengers are going to get me to go back to that life.” you say sternly looking at Tony who you could tell was getting annoyed.

“Y/n or Miss Y/L/N, you need to understand we wouldn’t be coming to you if we didn’t need you. Please we are desprite.” Steve says pleading. You shook your head and looked down.

“I’m sorry Captain America, but no. I left that life behind and nothing will make me go back. You are wasting your time on me.” you were trying to remain calm but you could tell that all the Avengers were frustrated and annoyed. “We understand.” Steve said turning towards the door to leave, but that’s when Tony walked over to you. 

“Look Miss Y/L/N we are desprite I can’t figure this out and Fury says that you could. Please!“ Tony begged stepping forward. You shook your head and started walking towards your bedroom when Tony grabbed your upper arm. “Tony let her go.” Steve says sternly taking a step forward. “No Rogers I’m sorry but Miss Y/L/N needs to be truthful for once. We need her help. We need her to be there for us right now.” Tony says pushing you towards your windows. “Mr Stark you can tell me as many times as you want that you need me to come back but I’m not going back to that life.” you say calmly while looking down. “Why? I read your file you were great! Hell you even managed to survive a bullet wound and than the hospital that you were in came crashing down and you survived that also. So what Agent Y/N Y/L/N what are you so afraid of?” Tony yelled, and with that you felt it, you felt every emotion that you had felt these past 4 years, all the hatred that you had for your new life, you felt all the guilt from your past life, all the loneliness, all the pain went rushing through your body. “I CAN’T DO THIS!” you screamed and soon the glass behind you shattered and a switch turned on in your brain as you fell apart infront of the avengers. And they all realized what you were trying to hide for the past 4 years. 

IronHawk  (Part Eight)

Looong update this time guys! I just didn’t want to chop them into a bunch of small chapters so here it is lol
Quick note–I definitely wrote the little scene between Cap/Tony that way because that exact moment in CACW makes me cry so I rewrote it here so it’s not something to cry about!!!

Thanks so much for the love on this fic, glad you guys love it as much as I do!

Catch up on previous chapters HERE.

Enjoy :)

The rest of the team took the news as well as could be expected. Pepper was the most worried, concerned that they had shared another heat without officially bonding but Tony had reassured her from his spot on Clints lap that it was going to be fine, and a bond wasn’t necessary. If the Alphas hold had tightened to almost painful for a second, if he growled just the littlest bit at the thought of not bonding, Tony didn’t comment, just shifted a little closer and hummed soothingly.

Things returned to normal fairly quickly, even in light of Tony and Clint’s new… relationship? Heat agreement? Whatever it was supposed to be.

In between missions the team always stuck close to home, close to each other, but maybe a little more so than they used to now.

And it certainly couldn’t be denied that Tony being a fully- functioning omega had brought out some very deep protective instincts in the team. In fact, fighting had become something of an issue, with Banner especially so loathe to leave Tony’s side during a battle that he was less effective than usual. It had nearly resulted in the escape of a well known terrorist, and Fury had been blisteringly angry.

Annoyed as well, and to counteract the over protectiveness, Tony spent hours each day fighting and training with each Alpha. Safely geared up in his suit, he pushed them to fight him, forcing them to try to hurt him, because he had no qualms about hurting them at all, and took a certain delight in tearing them apart every day until they pushed back just as hard.

It was the Captain that was the last to snap during training, pissed because Tony had fired a chest repulsor at him unexpectedly. The captain had thrown his shield up at the last minute, barely deflecting the blow and with an angry roar he had leapt up and into Tony, driving the suit into the ground, and smashing his shield into the chest piece.

Tony had cried uncle, laughing through the mask, grateful that together he and Banner had reinforced the chest plate to protect the arc reactor. Nothing short of Thor’s hammer would break the material, so he wasn’t actually in any danger.

The look of horror on the Captain’s face had him laughing even harder as he clanked to his feet. “Feel better that nothing much is going to hurt me in a battle?” He asked and Steve just grumbled, dusting Tony off and making him flip his face mask up to check for damage.

“Fine.” He agreed. “Fine. But only because no one ever gets close enough to you to do what I just did.”

Steve had definitely been the hardest to convince. Banner had to trust his workmanship, knowing that even if he called the Hulk, the green monster wouldn’t ever turn on a teammate, even to spar. Tony had made him watch then, as Natasha had stood in front of Tony and fired round after round of ammo at him until she was satisfied that the armor was in fact just as bulletproof as he told her. Bruce had hated watching, but needed the subconscious reassurance that the omega would be fine.

Clint hadn’t even considered sparring with him. Even though they were not technically bonded, it was physically impossible for him to pick up a weapon to use against Tony. He had calmly explained that to the group, and everyone had pretended not to see Tony’s look of absolute relief.

He- and they- knew if Clint ever turned against him, the omega would submit instantly, unable to fathom fighting his Alpha.

So the team reached an agreement when fighting, an understanding that just because Tony was off suppressants didn’t mean he was any more vulnerable than he had ever been. Tony even went so far as to call Fury in to watch a match, to satisfy the one eyed man’s curiosity.

And it was actually Fury who brought up the somewhat awkward, and still untalked about, status of their relationship.

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You mind if I continue invading Germany?

Mermaid AU 15

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3/ Part 4/ Part 5/ Part 6/ Part 7/ Part 8/ Part 9/ Part 10/ Part 11 /Part 12/Part 13/Part 14/ Part 15/ Part 16/ Part 17 / Part 18/ Part 19/ Part 20/ Part 21/ Part 22/ Part 23/ Part 24/ Part 25/ Part 26/ Part 27/ Part 28/ Part 29  

“You really expect me to believe that you troublemakers weren’t up to something?” Fury stared down his nose at the mer-teens, his frown hard as stone.

Bucky glanced shyly at Tony, who held his hands behind his back. He had his head raised high and his expression blank as he listened to Fury lecture Steve, Sam, Natasha, Bucky, and himself. He’d almost pull off looking brave if his hands didn’t tremble every time Fury looked at him too long.

“You didn’t even catch us doing something wrong!” Sam protested. He gestured to Natasha and himself. “We were just messing with Steve.”

Maria–an elder of the pod, who had been with Fury when he found the teens–snorted in disbelief. “From what I saw before Fury interrupted, it was more than just messing around.”

Sam flushed, looking worriedly at Steve.

Steve shrugged. “So we got a little rough.”

“A little?” Maria deadpanned.

Steve’s cheeks mirrored Sam’s with a pink flush.

Natasha huffed and looked away, her expression one of annoyance and exasperation.

“And let’s not forget you two,” Fury’s attention landed on Bucky and Tony.

Tony stiffened, but kept up his calm facade.

“What have we told all of you about disturbing Loki?”

“Thor does it all the time,” Bucky argued.

“Thor is his brother.”

“Yeah, and the one who annoys him the most.”

Fury eyeballed Bucky and Bucky smirked, not caring if he drew Fury’s ire.

“And you,” Fury turned on Tony. “Where do you come?” The question was laced with accusation.

Tony’s calm mask faltered for two seconds, and in that time Bucky was tempted to jump in front of Tony to steal back Fury’s attention, but he forced himself still.

“Around,” Tony answered.

“His pod sends him out on his own to educate himself,” Natasha reported.

“Really?” Fury reexamined Tony. His dubious tone spoke to what he thought about Natasha’s information.

Tony nodded. “My pod is small and not like most pods.”

“The females wear bras!” Sam supplied with a lot more enthusiasm than when he’d first learned what a bra was.

Steve nodded in agreement. “Completely different from us. Tony couldn’t even tell that Bucky was courting him.”

“Steve!” Bucky and Tony cried in unison.

“Courting?” Maria and Fury chimed together.

“Why would you court Tony when you have Steve?” Maria asked.

“How long have you been courting?” Fury demanded to know.

“Uh…” Bucky and Tony turned to each other.

Bucky didn’t know whether to curse Steve or not. At least Fury and Maria had stopped asking about Tony’s origins, but things were going to get more awkward.

“Bucky and I aren’t interested in each other!” Steve swished his tail in anger. His shoulders bunched up near his ears. “And all of you call me stubborn.”

“Well, obviously you two aren’t interested in each other,” Fury said.

Everyone looked surprised at Fury’s statement. Fury sent everyone annoyed yet curious glances. “What? They are old enough now that if they were interested in each other they would have shown much more aggressive courting by now.”

“Thank you!” Steve sighed in relief.

Fury folded his arms across his chest. “I’m still waiting for an answer to my question.”

“It’s…” Bucky flicked his gaze to Tony. “… been a while.”


“Maybe… two months?”

Fury’s was not amused. “And this is our first time meeting… Tony, was it?”

Tony nodded.

“He’s shy,” Bucky said.

“Not shy,” Tony grumbled.

Fury raised an eyebrow at Tony’s claim.

Tony looked away. “I can be charismatic when I want to, I just don’t want to be right now.”

“Uh-huh.” Fury nodded. “I’m sure.” Fury rubbed his head as if he had a headache then turned to Maria. “What do you want to do about them?”

Maria’s gaze was sharp as she took in the five mer-teens. She pointed at Steve, Sam, and Natasha. “You three get a warning. Watch it with the rough play. We don’t want anyone ending up with a broken arm or fin.” She turned her focus on Bucky and Tony. “As for you two… I think it’s best if you stay close to the pod for the next few days.”

Bucky groaned. “You mean stay where the rest of the elders can see us so we don’t go swimming off to Loki’s again.”

Tony frowned. His tail swished as he bit down on the inside of his cheek. “That’s nice, but you aren’t my pod.”

Maria and Fury straightened.

“You can’t tell me what to do,” Tony tacked on.

Crap, Bucky thought.

Fury loomed over Tony. “Is your pod nearby?” Fury demanded to know.

Tony blinked. “No.” He swam back a pace.

Fury followed. “Do you have any adult supervision of any kind at all?”

“I think I just answered that?” Tony kept swimming backward and Fury kept right on him.

“Do you intend to become Bucky’s mate?”

Tony stopped swimming away. Tony’s face turned as red as his tail. His eyes slid to Bucky. “If he wants me to be…”

“Then that means you will become a part of our pod, so you will listen to us until either your pod comes to get you or you leave to return to your pod. Do I make myself clear?”

“Are you always this intimidating or am I just lucky?” Tony asked.

Fury huffed. He turned and swam away to give Tony some space. “Follow us back to the pod or not, but I’ll be taking these four.” Fury gestured at the others.

Fury shot up through the water, pausing at a height quite a distance from the group. “Now all of you get moving before I decided you all need stronger punishments.”

Sam, Steve, and Natasha grumbled, but swam toward Fury. Maria cast a glance at Bucky and Tony then followed the three teens.

Tony hugged himself and scowled at nothing in particular.

Bucky didn’t like that look on Tony’s face, so when he swam up to human-turned-merman, Bucky cupped Tony’s cheek and used his thumb to massage the angry expression away.

The scowled morphed into a pout. Tony’s tail brushed shyly against Bucky’s, and against his better judgement, Bucky wrapped his tail around Tony’s.

Bucky rested his forehead against Tony’s and sucked in deep. “We’ll figure this out.”

Tony nodded. He sank lower in the water so their foreheads no longer touched and slipped his tail out from Bucky’s.

Tony followed the group, leaving Bucky behind.

The water felt a little colder just then.

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Authors Note: Hi! This is my first one shot ever so take it easy on me. The reader is Australian (purely for the snappy attitude of “if we were in Australia you’d be fucking melting you weaklings” or “you think that’s a big spider? Peter I’ve seen spiders bigger than you” and the fourth wall breaking that will definitely come when Deadpool comes in)

Pairing: Avengers/reader, Xmen/reader, Deadpool/reader, AOS/reader

Summary/Prompt: The reader some how gets sent to a world where The Avengers, Xmen, Agents of Shield, Nextflix’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones are all in the same universe.


“Ok so you found her in the middle of no where, asleep, fully clothed, with a Star Wars bag next to her?” Wanda asked, peering into the window of the white container to see the mysterious girl that was brought in by a group of people she didn’t know.

“That basically sums it up.” The man who introduced himself as Phill Coulson said turning to her and nodding slightly.

“Her vitals are fine, no radiation, no wounds, bumps or bruises.” Jemma Simmons, a British doctor with PH.D’s in fields she couldn’t even pronounce sighed from across the room while looking at the monitors. “It’s as if someone just dumped her in the middle of the forest and left via Bifrost to get our attention.”

“She’s moving!” Pietro loudly announced with his face pressed against the window. Fizt and Simmons moved quickly to where the speedster was standing and looked through the glass with him, Bobbie, Mack, Lincon and Daisy soon following.

“You’re alive.” It wasn’t a question at this point and Coulson sighed lightly while turning to the still shocked Avengers in front of him.

“Yes I’m alive. I was brought back to life by an alien DNA that almost drove me completely crazy but I’m here with one less hand. Can we move on?”

“What makes you think we can help?” Steve was the first to snap out of it and started walking towards the glass to see what the speedster was so impressed about.

When he did his eyes nearly bulged out of his eye sockets when he saw the woman stretching like cat, arms above her head, shirt riding up to her ribs and hair a tousled nest of bed hair curls. When he looked back to Coulson waiting for an answer some pops could be heard and an outright filthy moan left the woman’s lips. Everyone then went to the window to see she was still sound asleep on her stomach this time with her left leg hanging off the small bed comfortably and her head buried in the duvet and pillow.

“We were hoping with Thor around he could help with some theory’s about where she’s from and how she got here.” Daisy cut in looking at Thor who was just as lost as the rest of them.

“What about facial recognition? Finger prints? DNA tests.” Natasha stepped back and turned to Dr. Simmons.

“We haven’t done DNA but the rest?” She frowned with a sigh. “We run everything though every system there possibly is, even Daisy hacked into a few we didn’t have and nothing.”

“Nothing?” Tony was next to walk away from the white box with a frown.

“It’s as if she doesn’t exist.”

“What if she doesn’t?” Clint asked looking through the glass at the sleeping woman, when he saw everyone’s confused expressions he continued. “Not here anyway we know that. But what she isn’t from here?”

“She can’t be from a different realm. I mean look at her.” Bobbie added. “She has a Wonder Woman shirt on, caps shield helix bar, ripped skinny jeans, heeled batman boots and a Star Wars bag.”

“Are we talking alternate universe theory.” Bruce piped up turning to his team mates.

“That would fit.” Simmons tilted her head in agreement.

“But how did she get here.” Fitz turned to Simmons and they went to the monitor before they heard Pietro speak up.

“Wait Batman? As in DC comics? What about the flash?” Everyone gave him questioning looks and he rolled his eyes. “Didn’t flash have a huge thing where he ran so fast he time traveled? What if it’s something like that? What if she’s a mutant?”

“That why we’ve called the X-Men for help as well, they’ll be here shortly with Deadpool to see if he’s run into anything like this.” May answered leaning against a desk top with her arms crossed.

“Not Wade!” Peter Parker groaned in annoyance.

“Problem?” Lance looked at the kid with amusement, knowing just how bad the merc could get.

“He thinks we’re dating.” Peter replied unamused causing everyone to chuckle.

“Pietro get away from the glass! She’s not an animal at the zoo!” Wanda scolded her twin.

“Pft that’s obvious.” He turned back to glass.

“Why are you so desperate to look at her?” Natasha asked with a raised eyebrow. He turned to her with a sassy face ready to give her a sassier reply but he was interrupted by a croaky, deep, morning voice.

“Well I’m drop dead gorgeous what would you expect?”


“My name is-“

“Nicholas J. Fury. Former director of SHIELD and a pain in HYDRA’s ass.” The woman sat across from him answered almost like second nature. “I know.”

“Well I’m at a disadvantage.” She raised an eyebrow. “You know me but I don’t know you.”

“If you want to ask me questions you don’t have to do it super spy style like I’m an enemy or some shit. Just ask me the questions.” Fury was taken back by the woman calmness of the situation and lent back in his chair. Behind the double sided mirror next to them Tony chuckled.

“I like her.” He said nodding while everyone else in the room looked on in curiosity.

“Where are you from?”

“Planet earth, Queensland, Australia. The place where from the minute you’re born everything under the sun is trying to kill you. Including the sun as it turns out.”

“She’s not lying there.” Coulson said turning to them. “Have you seen the spiders there?”

“Why can’t we find you in any of our systems?”

“Have you asked your systems that question? It might have a better answer than me.”

“Can you cut it with the smart ass answers?” Funny said annoyed.

“Can you cut it with the boring ass questions? I feel like we’re on a date arranged by our parents which is weird because you’re old enough to be my dad.” She scrunched up her nose and looking at the double sided mirror remembering the part in Kingsmen when Egsy recognised it and punched it open under water. “Is Bobbie Morse in there?”

Fury frowned at the question and brought his hands together.

“Why do you want to know that?” She rolled her eyes at him, knowing he’s looking for a hidden reason as to why she’d want her in here.

“Relax Patchy the Pirate, she’s just a better interrogator than you. Plus she likes Star Wars.” As much as she liked the guy, he was getting on her nerves.

A thoroughly annoyed Fury stood in the room behind the double sided mirror watching Agent Morse talk with the woman they still didn’t know the name of. Tony was holding in laughter making his face turn bright red along with Natasha, Clint, Steve, Bruce and the twins. Coulson’s team just watched with amusement while Peter hung from the ceiling upside down eating a bag of chips he’d occasionally share with Pietro and Clint.

“What’s your name?” Bobbie started with a kind smile.

“Y/N Y/L/N.” She replied at more ease.


“Depends, what year is it?” Bobbie frowned before answering.

“2018.” Y/N’s eyes widened before she looked down.

“Shit.” She whispered. “Well that means I’m 19.”

She brought her elbows on the metal table and started rubbing her temples to ease the headache she could feel coming on.

“How do you know so much about us?” Bobbie continued.

“You want the honest truth?” She asked, not really sure she should tell them, when Bobbie nodded and leaned forward she sighed before answering. “Where I’m from, every single one of you are either comic book characters, tv shows, Netflix series or movies. You’re all frictional. Thor or anyone related to him doesn’t exist, or if he does he’s staying the hell away from earth, Cree never came to earth and started the Inhumans program, in World War two HYDRA never existed Steve was never born-although there was a Russian Bucky doppelgänger in the U.S.S.R. called James Barnes and a Sargent James Barnes somewhere else-Tony was never born, the technology is way less advanced, SHIELD never happened-any disaster that lead the Avengers getting involved never happened, New York, The Mandarin, Washington, Ultron, PYM Industries. None of it happened because it was in a comic book or TV or on the movie screen.”

Bobbie was silent before she leaned back in her chair with her mouth slightly agape.

“Jesus Christ you’re telling the truth.” Y/N nodded with a small sad smile. “What about us? Or rather not us?”

“Actors. Your name is Adrianne Palicki.”

“What about the rest of them?” Bobbie shook her head trying to wrap her head around it.

“All actors. You and your team are a TV show called Agents of Shield, Steve, Thor and Tony with their solo films, The Avengers, Avengers Age of Ultron which doesn’t really make sense because it only lasted a few days.”

“Yeah.” Bobbie agreed nodding.

“More like The Long Weekend Of Ultron.” Bobbie hummed in agreement. “But there was so much wrong with that movie anyway.”

“Really?” Y/N groaned and rolled her eyes leaning back in her chair while slouching.

“So much. Joss Whedon directed in and wrote it to basically be his own messed up fanfiction so he could have his ship.” Bobbies face went horrified at the mention of Joss but leaned forward with a determined face. Just before she was about to speak the door opened to revel Natasha dragging in a chair.

“Tell me everything.” She said pointing to Y/N sternly and sitting down next to Bobbie.

“Ok.” Y/N got business like, tucking her chair in so her stomach touched the table and pointed to Natasha. “Do you and Banner have a thing?”

Natasha was thrown off by the question and she frowned. “No.”

“Did you ever have a thing?” She said double checking.


“Thank fucking Christ!” It looked like a weight had been lifted from Y/N’s shoulders. “Well Joss made it that you two did but it was so poorly written because in the first Avengers movie there was nothing. No chemistry no hint at a romance like yeah you went and got him and yeah you tried to calm him down but that was it. You had an inside joke, you were friendly that’s it.

“AOU rolls around and it’s suddenly ‘oh Bruce I adore you! Let’s run away and be misfits together!’ Like.. Don’t get me wrong I could’ve accepted the ship if it was written well but the way he made you out to be was just.. Not you..”

“What was the first Avengers movie?” Bobbie said frowning.

“Loki and the Chitari.” Y/N realised she got a head of herself and tried slowing down to make easier to understand.

“Tony wants to know what his solo films are called.” Bobbie sighed while rolling her eyes.

“Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3-they’re not really that creative.” Natasha nodded and took out a Stark phone to give to Y/N.

“Put everything on a timeline so it’s easier.” Nat said handing her the phone.

“Shit you mean these are a thing?!” Y/N took the device with wide eyes, huge smile as she looked at it with amazement. “I thought it was just in the fanfiction!”


1892 words

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Quickly and Quietly part 9

A/N: Hey guys! Alright, so first thing ended up being later in the day than I planned, but here we are with part 9. Things are going to start picking up here pretty soon. I promise there’s gonna be more exciting stuff happening within the next three or four parts so I hope y’all are ready!

Word Count: 3779

Warnings: None (If I’ve missed anything, please let me know and I will put it in the warnings.)

part 8

The months that followed Bucky’s arrival at the tower fell into a sort of routine. It was good really. It had been much too long since any of us had had a real, stable and reliable schedule, especially Bucky. Being able to train and work together and with the rest of the team, everyone’s trust of one another grew and everyone is still slowly getting more and more comfortable with each other.

Bucky would train with me when Steve was doing the training as Steve and I are, really, the only ones equipped to go toe to toe with him. When Thor’s around the two of them will spar as well. He would hand out with Petro and I when we were just dicking around in the gym. Training isn’t really his thing though. Since he’s been at the tower he hasn’t really wanted much to do with combat. On the days he wasn’t asked to help with training I would find him sitting on the couch, legs tucked under him, watching movie after movie and seasons upon seasons of T.V. shows, or in the library reading. Sometimes I would even find him in the kitchen trying to cook something from a recipe in some cookbook Tony had left lying around. Most of the time the food was fine, but other times he absolutely destroyed it.

After the first month he was finally comfortable enough with Tony to go have his arm checked out. It took some nagging on my part, but he finally gave in.

“You ready, James?” I’d asked, looking up at him, eyebrows raised.

“Y’know, I’m really wishing I hadn’t asked you to call me James now.” He huffs.

“Why’s that?” I asked innocently.

“Because I can’t say no to you when you do.” He tore his eyes away from the lab window to look down at me.

“Ooh, you shouldn’t have told me that.” I grinned at him mischievously. “Now I’ve got dirt on you and I’m gonna use it to my advantage.”

“As long as it’s for my own good, I don’t mind.” In that moment, the smile that he’d given me was happy and genuine and I could have sworn my stomach did a backflip.

The maintenance session with Tony had gone relatively smoothly. I had been able to distract Bucky from the most annoying bits of the systems checks. Afterwards he had told me that the worst part was the stinging from the slight adjustments Tony had had to make to the circuitry in his bicep, close to where his arm had been amputated, but even then it was barely noticeable.

Tony had thrown a party to celebrate the “new addition” to the tower about a month after his time working on Bucky’s arm. Bucky had seemed ready to go down to the party as the time rolled around, but the very thought of dozens of people waiting just downstairs terrified him, so we stayed upstairs. We lay on his bed in his new room, just talking.

In the two months preceding the party he had been regaining memories left and right. He remembered how he took his coffee before the war, his family, he remembered the war. He remembered Steve more and more which pleased Steve to no end. It must be amazing to regain your best friend after over 70 years.

Bucky, Pietro and I are lounging around in the living area of the tower, watching a movie. Pietro is in the recliner closest to the television and Bucky and I are sprawled out on either end of the couch, legs close to tangled. About halfway through Big Hero 6, he fell asleep, leaving Pietro and I to stare drowsily at the changing colors on the screen, not really paying attention to what’s actually happening in the movie. All I know is someone important died, there’s a poofy robot and that the kid everyone thought was a bum is actually crazy rich. I think that’s everything that actually matters anyway.

Just when I was about to doze off, Steve seems to stomp into the room, commanding our attention.

“Team meeting in ten.” He announces, his voice loud enough to rouse James from his sleep.

“Alright,” I say, rubbing my tired eyes. “P and I will be there in five.”

“We need Bucky there too.”

“Hmm?” I raise my eyebrows at him. “But he made it very clear he doesn’t really want anything to do with the team.”

“I know, (Y/N),” He sighs. “This wasn’t my idea, trust me.”

“Alright. I’ll wake him up, you two can go on ahead without us.” I say, waving Pietro and Steve away.

“Okay.” Steve nods, turning slowly on his heel and heading to the elevator. Pietro is quick to follow, kissing me on the top of my head and soon disappearing in the direction Steve walked off in.

“James.” I whisper, walking on my knees down the couch till I’m straddling his waist. “James, I need you to wake up man. We’ve got important business to discuss.”

He just groans and rolls over a little, burying his face in the cushions of the couch. I roll my eyes and flop down onto his chest, my chin is resting on his shoulder. I poke at his stomach in an attempt to wake him through annoyance.

After a little while of poking at him  and not getting anywhere I opt for just making myself as heavy as possible and waiting for him to wake up. It takes a few minutes, but soon enough his eyes flutter open and I can finally roll off of him and onto the floor. I flop onto the carpet and wait for him to wake up all the way.

“I thought we had talked about you sitting on me.” He says groggily, slowly sitting up and rubbing the sleep from his eyes with his right hand.

“We did, but I wasn’t sitting on you this time. I was laying on you.”

“Ooh, big difference.” He says sarcastically, shooting me a small but dazzling smile.

“I know. That’s why I pointed it out.” I smile back as I rise to my feet. “Come on, we’ve got a meeting.” I say, offering him my hand.

“I thought I made it clear to Steve that I’m not interested.” He says, his tone serious.

“I know, and Steve said it wasn’t his idea so….” I trail off for a moment trying to see if I can figure out a better explanation, but I can’t. “I guess you kind of have to go to the meeting? I mean, we don’t know if you’re going to be asked to do anything. It might just be an opportunity for you to be in the loop.”

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely not, but I don’t think they’d assign you to a combat mission, so there’s that.”

“Alright, but if I am assigned to anything, anything at all, you’re going to have to come with me. You know that right?” He says, standing and taking my hand in his.

“You know that I would insist that I do.” I say, the corner of my mouth quirking up in a small smile. “So don’t worry about this too much, okay?”

“Okay.” He nods.

We quickly descend the stairs to the conference room a couple floors below. When we enter the room we find Nick Fury at the head of the table. I feel Bucky’s hand tighten around mine. Looking up, I find his jaw clenched. When he meets my eyes his are filled with worry. In an attempt to comfort him I squeeze his hand back and run my thumb over his.

“So glad you two could join us.” Fury says, his tone holding a note of annoyance.

“Hey, it’s not like we’re late.” I say, raising my eyebrows in surprise at his tone.

“This meeting is important, you should have been here with Rogers and Maximoff.” He says, glancing at Steve before turning back to Bucky and I.

“I wasn’t made aware of the urgency of the situation. I apologize.”

“Accepted.” He nods at us. “Please, take a seat.”

Bucky and I plop down into the two remaining chairs. With that, the meeting starts with Fury rising from his seat. He swings his arm up in front of the glass window behind him to produce a holographic screen on which to show the presentation.

“Alright, now that everyone’s here we can begin.” He says, turning his body at an angle to pull up recent pictures from around the world. As soon as his back’s turned I look pointedly at Tony, silently asking him why Fury was annoyed. He just shrugs and shakes his head.

“This seems way too quiet for a meeting with this team.” Bucky whispers close to my ear.

“That’s because it is.” I say with a snort. Fury turns around at the noise, clearly more annoyed than before. “Sorry, my nose was running.”

“Anyways,” He returns his attention to the screen. “There have been multiple incidents involving new factions of Hydra all around the world, but mostly concentrated, surprisingly enough, in London.”

“What’s been going on?” Steve asks.

“Intel says there’ve been instances of human experimentation and manipulation of multiple different European governmental officials.”

“Okay, but what do you want us to do? Go crashing in and putting a stop to it?” Clint asks. “Without trying to sound too full of myself, we’re pretty famous. We can’t exactly go about this anonymously.”

“That’s why I’ve chosen two people to go collect first hand information and make sure this is even happening.” Fury says, turning back towards me, his one eye seemingly glaring at me.

“Wait what?” I ask, leaning forward in my chair. “You want me doing recon? Don’t you think that’s at least a little bit ridiculous? I was never used for stealth. I was always the battering ram.”

“Maybe, but seeing as you’re the new kid no one knows you-”

“Thanks for reminding me…” I grumble leaning back and folding my arms.

“We can use that to our advantage.” He continues after I cut him off. “No one will suspect you of anything. You can get in and out without issue and your training with Hydra should help you suss out what they’re planning without you having to get too close.”

“That sounds reasonable.” Steve comments. “But who’s the second person?”

“That’s where Mr. Barnes comes in.”

“What?!” The room says collectively.

“No. He’s not going.” I say, my tone angry. “James has been very clear on where he stands on working with the team. You sho-”

“Hey.” Bucky says quietly, gently, placing his hand on my arm. “It’s okay.”

“Are you sure?” I furrow my raised eyebrows in concern. “I know you’re not comfortable with this whole avenging thing. I don’t want you to be stuck in a position you can’t get out of.”

“Remember what I said earlier? You’re going with me, so it’ll be fine.”

“Okay.” I nod and turn back to Fury. “When do we leave?”

“Tomorrow at 3:30 am.” He answers.

“Alright then. I guess we’ll prepare ourselves in the meantime.”

“Good.” He nods back and continues with the meeting. It goes on for another hour and a half before it’s over.

“Good meeting, everyone.” Steve says in his best “I’m in charge” voice.

“I agree.” Fury nods. “(Y/N), Barnes, meet back here in an hour for debriefing.”

Bucky and I nod to him and rise from our seats. We’re about to head off to go pack for the mission when were stopped by Tony and Bruce.

“What’s up?” I ask.

“We’ve got some tech we’ve been working on for you two, and I think you’ll want it for this.” Bruce answers.

“Oh, okay. We’ll meet you in the lab then.”

“Or we could all just take the elevator together.” Tony says.

“We’re actually going to take the stairs.” I say, glancing at Bucky before turning back to the men in front of me. “James has a thing with elevators.”

“Alright. We’ll see you up there then.” The two of them then turn and head for the elevator and Bucky and I make our way to the staircase.

We ascend the four flights quickly, somehow making it to the lab before the elevator does. While we wait for Tony and Bruce, Bucky allows me to play-punch his hands. When I hit his human hand it makes little slapping noises and when I hit his metal one with my own, a little clang is the result. This goes on for a good three minutes until Bruce and Tony round the corner and motion for us to follow them into the lab.

“Alright, Fury had us making some fancy stuff for you two.” Tony says, leading us to his work table.

“Really? Fury got you to take time out of your very busy schedule to work on something? Sounds like an absolute miracle.” I raise my eyebrows and shoot him a sarcastic grin.

“What can I say, the man can be very persuasive.” He shrugs and smiles back.

“Anyways we’ve been working on something that can disguise the metal of your arms.” Bruce says, bringing over a little tray that holds two little disks.

“Wait, what?” I look to Bucky, only to see the same look of surprise that I feel on my own features.

“Does it really work?” Bucky asks tentatively.

“Well, it should, but we haven’t really been able to test it until now.”

“You wanna try it out?” Tony asks, holding the tray out to us.

“Hell yeah I do.” I say, gently picking up the small disk in my human hand. “How does one use it?”

“Just place it on the inside of your bicep and run your thumb over the top to activate it.” Bruce explains. “The disk should stay fixed there on its own.”

Bucky and I look at each other for a moment before shrugging and sticking the disk onto our arms. After brushing it with my thumb a mirage matching my skin tone spreads across my arm, giving it the appearance of human skin.

“Whoa…” I whisper, running my left hand over my arm. I can still feel the ridges where the plates sit against one another and the metal of my arm, but it looks completely human. “You’ve outdone yourselves.”

“This is… This is incredible.” Bucky looks from his arm, to me, to Tony and Bruce and then back to his arm. He looks like he’s about to cry, but the smile playing at his lips indicates that he’s not upset.

“Can these be coded so that we’re the only ones who can turn them on and off?” I ask.

“They already are.” Tony says, crossing his arms over his chest.

“You’ve thought of everything, now haven’t you?”

“Of course we did.  We wouldn’t be geniuses if we didn’t.” Tony smirks at me.

“Is that sarcasm I detect, Mr. Stark?” I cock an eyebrow at him.

“That’s Mr. dad to you.” He throws back, a jokey smile playing at his lips.

“Gross, Tony!” I cry. “Do you have any idea how bad that sounds?”

From out of the corner of my eye I see Bruce roll his eyes, a smile growing on his face as he inspects the tablet in his hands. Bucky chuckles lightly from my side. When I look over at him I find him looking at his arm, almost longingly.

“How long does it last?” He asks.

“Well, as far as we know, it doesn’t die, so I want to say it’ll last forever.” Bruce answers. “But I also don’t want you to be exposed to the public when undercover, so I don’t suggest using it unless you’re out.”

“Alright.” He nods and brushes his thumb over the disk, disabling the illusion. I follow suit, turning off the device, worried that I would look at my arm till it ran out of power.

“Is there anything else?” I ask, looking back and forth between Tony and Bruce. “Not that I’m wanting anything.”

“Yeah, there’s a little more.” Tony motions for us to follow him to the cabinet across the room.

“I’m not allowed to touch this cabinet.” I whisper to Bucky, who snickers in response.

“Why?” He asks.

“Y’know, I’d rather not say.” I raise my eyebrows and smile at him.

“Think fast, fire hazard.” Tony says, throwing something at me. I catch the cylindrical object he’s thrown to me. It’s about a foot long.

“What’s this?”

“Slide your thumbs down either end about and inch from each end.” He instructs. I shrug and do as I’m told. Sliding my thumbs down the silver metal, two much longer tubes shoot out. The object now measures around six feet.

“Holy shit, Tony, please, please tell me this is what I think it is.” I turn to him, hands tightening around the pole.

“It is.” He nods, a small smile playing at his lips.

“Is it electrified? Please tell me it’s electrified.” I beg, looking over the instrument, admiring how smooth it is.

“It is.” He says again. “And I’m not just saying that because you asked me to.”

“Thank you so much!” I rush forward and hug him quickly. “Also, have I apologized enough for what happened to the last one? It was a total accident, I promise.”

“It’s fine don’t worry.” He says, waving me off. “This one’s made from a titanium alloy, it shouldn’t melt if you don’t get over 1,000 celsius. Just to be precautious I got Banner to help me make a fireproof holster, case thing. It should keep it safe if you were to go over melting point.”

“You guys are the literal best. I will try my best to keep this one safe.”

“I’m sorry, but what is “it”?” Bucky asks.

“It’s an electrified, titanium alloy bowstaff.” Bruce answers. “(Y/N)’s weapon of choice.”

“Oh…” Bucky kind of zones out, like he does when he’s remembering something. He sways, his body suddenly unsteady, and I place a hand on his arm to try and bring him back to the present. His eyes come back into focus and he looks down at me, confused.

“Hey, James,” I whisper. “Are you alright?”

“Huh? Oh yeah,” He shakes his head and throws me a small reassuring smile. “I’m fine.”

“Okay.” I don’t believe him, but I don’t want to confront him, so I don’t.

“Okay!” Tony exclaims, clapping his hands together. “You guys don’t want to piss off Mr. Eagle Eye any more than you already have, so I suggest you guys head back down for your debriefing.”

“Wow, Tony, that’s really… Responsible of you to suggest.” I turn to look at Bruce, sticking my thumb out at Tony. “Is he on something? I don’t think that’s Tony.”

“I have no clue, but he’s right. You should probably get down there.”

“Alright.” I nod, closing up the staff and holding it out to Bruce. He hesitates for a moment before taking it. “I’ll be back for that later.”

Bruce and Tony see us out of the lab and Bucky and I amble back down the stairs to the conference room. Upon entrance we see Fury, standing in front of the wall once again, going through different files and pictures. He doesn’t hear us come in so I clear my throat, hoping it’s loud enough to get his attention.

“You two sure are early.” He comments, not bothering to turn around.

“Well, after our earlier tardiness, I figured you would appreciate punctuality.” I explain, trying to keep my tone and words as respectful as possible. “I apologize for any annoyance I caused earlier, it was not my intention.”

“I remember speaking with you pretty often when you were younger, in the Sandbox, (Y/N).” Fury says.

“As do I, sir.” I nod.

“After all that time, you still talk like you’re scared of me.” He turns to face me, holding his hands behind his back.

“You are the director, sir.” I move slightly so I’m closer to Bucky. I feel him tense slightly beside me.

“I’m not the director anymore. You don’t have to be so stiff.”

“Alright.” I nod and take a seat facing the screen and Bucky takes his seat next to me.

“Okay, then I’ll get you two caught up.” He turns his attention back to the screen. “The mission should be relatively simple.”

“Okay, but what will we be doing?” Bucky asks.

“You’re going to be posing as an engaged couple. You’ll have to gain the trust of a group of people-”

“What sort of people?” I inquire.

“They’re some of the people in charge of the faction of Hydra. They’re posing as a local family that’s linked to the royal family, so regardless of whatever they do, no one can touch them. You’ll have to convince them that you’re their friends, or at least that you can be trusted enough to spend time with them.”

“How long will this take?” I ask.

“I’m not entirely sure. There’ll be a gala about five days after you arrive. By then, hopefully, you’ll have been introduced and on your way to being friendly with them.”

“How will we be introduced?” I press.

“We’ve got a guy on the inside. Well, more of a woman. She’ll meet you at the drop point and take you to your hotel and, later, introduce you to the group.”

“What if they get caught?” Bucky asks.

“A plan’s been made to fake their death if needed. There won’t be an issue.”

“Alright, so what do we have to do? More so, what’ll we be doing?” I ask.

“You’ll be planting bugs in their meeting places and gathering intel during the time you spend with those people. Around six days after you arrive there’ll be a gala. You’ll attend with an invitation from the head of the Hydra faction and get all buddy buddy with the factions friends. Y-”

“Wait,” I interrupt. “Gala? That sounds insanely expensive. We don’t have any formal wear.”

“You really think Stark would send either of you out on a mission like this without something expensive to wear?” Fury motions to someone outside and a few people enter with racks of gowns and suits.

“I don’t know what I was thinking…” I rest my elbow on the table and place my head in my hand. “He’s so over the top sometimes.”

“This is crazy.” I hear Bucky mutter from my side.

“That is the most apt description of any of the Avengers plans I have ever heard in my life.” I grumble back.


part 10

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Pls talk to me about Nick Fury caring about Tony Stark!

the nick & tony relationship in the mcu is so good, so pure i love it

like when nick calls on tony to help w/ the nuke (fURY!!! TRUSTED TONY WITH THE MISSILE!!! HE TRUSTED HIM TO SAVE EVERYONE’S LIVES!!!! AND TONY DIDNT BETRAY THAT TRUST), and everyone starts cheering when tony goes through the portal but nick just looks sad and has a moment of silence instead ahhhhhhhh and he does that little head bow of respect or whatever that was (possible acknowledgement of the magnitude of tony’s sacrifice)

and tony acts so snarky to him too, like tony asking which eye to look at, can i borrow ms. hill? shes all yours…apparently, and instead of getting annoyed fury looks genuinely amused, but you can tell that he genuinely respects fury (also didn’t he make an invention to help nick so he didn’t have to turn so much to read stuff or smth? didnt aos use it? i thought i read about that on tumblr or was that just a fever dream i had)

and then!!! the farmscene!!!!!!! when fury just looks him straight in the eye during the farmhouse scene and says that hes “just an old man who cares very much about [tony]”?? and then tony just drops all of his snarky defense mechanisms and just… lays his soul there for nick to see, reveals his biggest fear (smth he hadn’t even revealed to the avengers!!!!!!!) and then nick comforts him!!! and is encouraging to him and is a 10/10 father figure to tony!!

goddd these two. i love them and i need more of their interactions during infinity war please and thank you


Leo Fitz + Monkey requested by bellapaige88

What We Left Behind In The Past (7/?)

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Bucky Barnes x Daughter! Reader

Genre: Angst, Family, Friendship, Mystery, Humor, Adventure, Action, Suspense


Warning: Swearing, Angst, MORE TO BE ADDED


Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines, Captain


Shock wave after shock wave. A feeling of a pressure repeatedly hitting into a chest as a hands slammed into a sternum. A voice was muffled, an image transparent. I was floating aimlessly as I felt these things…saw these things. What was going on? Suddenly, the feeling of air filling my lungs had me screaming for air as I breathed and drank in the oxygen greedily. I felt a hand carefully, but rushing, brushing back hair from my face and I panted in the air. I was tired…so tired. However, I knew I had to open my eyes. I had to. Slowly, I opened my eyes, seeing a face over mine. My vision was still blurry but I could make out a cave ceiling and the face hovering over mine came into view. Blue eyes that looked so dead before were filled with concern and a jolt had me freezing. Those eyes. I knew those eyes. I was looking right into the eyes of my father, the Winter Soldier. He blinked down at me as I looked up at him and I whispered to him, exhaustion hanging onto my skin.

“You saved me…”

He didn’t say anything, just carefully ran his fingers down and around my face, his eyes wide as they looked at me. He carefully picked me up and laid me on a cot, covering my body with a blanket and he backed away then, eyes still wide as he breathed heavily in disbelief. He sat down against the wall and took out a notebook and pencil and started to furiously start writing. I wondered what he was writing about. I whispered again before letting sleep overtake me.


His blue eyes shot to mine and I smiled softly, tears brimming my eyes as I smiled.

“You found me, Daddy….you found me…”


Bucky stared at the girl with wide eyes. That girls voice made his head hurt but…he felt oddly comforted by her voice. He also felt a strange sense of happiness at the girls words. He stood up quietly and, with notebook and pen in hand, carefully and quietly sat down beside the girl on the cot. He took in her features. This girl had long, brown hair that was in a pin up, vintage look. However, it was frizzy from the earlier events and the humid air. He knew her eyes. Icy blue orbs that held the frozen ocean in them and that held death once. She was tall, average height from the few times he had glimpsed at her but what really made him freeze were her hands. For some reason, he always got flashes of…her hands in his head. A tiny hand holing his finger, a hand holding his as they went somewhere, a small hand holding his tightly. He knew this girl. Bucky felt ashamed. He had killed her…this girl who he knew, deep down in his heart, was his own. Bucky felt a strange weight lift off his shoulders. Did he feel…happy because he had found this girl? He was deeply confused. If he was as old as the Smithsonian had said he was…why wasn’t this girl a lot older? Was she like him? Put into cryostasis to keep her alive? He sighed and then bit his lip, hard. Bucky’s mind was in jumbles, it was in ruins. However, he knew one thing for sure. Even though he didn’t remember her but knew this girl was his own flesh and blood…

He was going to keep this girl by his side and protect her, no matter what it would take to do so.


Thor, Sam, Rhodey, and Tony had a hard time holding Steve back from Fury as they stood apart from each other. Tears brimming down blue eyes and flushed cheeks, Steve yelled. 

“We should of never trusted you! If you hadn’t forced her to help, she wouldn’t be dead!”

“i didn’t know there was going to be an ambush, Rogers!”

Steve’s ears went even more red.

“It doesn’t matter!”

He screamed, the whole room freezing. Never had they seen Steve Rogers look mad enough that he could kill out of spite and vengeance. Steve yelled, ripping the hands of the men off and standing up straight. 

“That girl was innocent! She was my niece, the one thing that I promised to protect if anything ever happened to Bucky and you fucking blew it! You took her away from me…..she was all I had left…”

He clenched his jaw, holding back tears.

“All you had left of Bucky?”

Fury quirked an eyebrow up.

“Don’t you dare put words in my mouth, son.”

Snapped Steve. He straightened up, squaring his shoulders and he muttered. 

“I won’t let you take anyone else away from me. I’m off the mission, off the case. I’m going to find Bucky my way. I hope you realize just what you have done.”

He spun on his heel and marched out. When he left, Tony looked to Fury.

“As much as he annoys me, he’s right. Fury, she was just a kid, even if she’s like 74 years old.”

Natasha and Clint looked disapproving at Fury and Natasha walked after Steve, saying.

“I’m going to help him. I don’t know what to think about you right now, Director.”

Fury looked angry but on the inside, as everyone walked out, he was kicking himself. How could he had made a mistake as to have looked over the possibility of an ambush?


Steve paused when he heard Natasha’s voice.

“You don’t think you’re going to do this alone, do you?”

“Stay out of this, Romanoff.”

Steve ordered. Before she could respond, Tony replied.

“Not a chance, Capsicle. I think you don’t realize that we also have morals and standards. I’ll never admit this again but that kid really was all you had. It was wrong of Fury to involve her, even if she was Barnes daughter.”

Steve felt a bit happy and appreciative of Tony’s words. He turned and Sam smiled a bit kindly at Steve.

“We’ll find him…but we should be careful when he remembers. Who knows how unstable he’ll become if he realizes he killed his own daughter.”

Steve nodded and Thor said, swinging his hammer.

“Where do we start?”

Steve sighed and Natasha smirked, holding up a tablet.

“You men have no faith in women, do you. No wonder Pepper feels so under appreciated-”


Natasha just huffed a bit and handed the table to Steve.

“I hacked into HYDRA’s tracker they had on him and traced him to the coast. He’s hiding out in a cave, most likely. We should be able to get there by sun down.”

Steve was wide eyed and he smiled at Natasha.

“Thank you…all of you…We should get moving.”

Tony nodded, Sam, Rhodey, and Thor flying off with him as Clint, Bruce, Natasha, and Steve clambered into a jet.

“I’ll make things ok…just like you wanted Honey B..”

Steve said to himself, holding onto a worn locket.


Avengers x Male Werewolf Reader

Originally posted by biteinthenight

The Avengers all sat in one of the many living rooms in Stark Tower, looking up at Fury’s which was a hologram. “You’re getting a new addition to the team.”

“He’s possibly more dangerous than any of you. He’s a combination of all of you.” This caused Clint to snort and Natasha raised an eyebrow.

“What do you mean he’s a combination of all of us? And what’s his name?” Steve asked.
“Exactly what I just said. And Y/N is a werewolf or lycan.”

“He’s told us a few things about his kind. He’s stronger, faster, can smell emotions, and when someone is lying. He can sense weakness, sensitive ears, and can fight as well as our best assassins. And course every full moon he turns into a big ass dog.” Fury glares at Tony as he opens his mouth. “No Tony, I don’t know if he turns into a wolf when pissed and I don’t recommend it either.”

Tony crossed his arms, pouting. “When will he be arriving?” Clint asked.“Right about now”
The elevator dinged and Fury nodded. “Agent Coulson is with him.” The hologram faded as the agent strode into the room, an expressionless man behind him.

You had a wild look to you. Messy h/c that was all over the place but went well with your skin. Your eye scanned over the people in the room. Steve was the first to approach you.

“Hello sir. I’m Steve Rogers. Pleasure to meet you.” He said holding out his hand. You smiled slightly and shook his hand. “Pleasure is all mine Mr. Rogers. I’m Y/N.” Steve smiled brightly. “Call me Steve.”

Natasha nodded at you. “Natasha Romanoff.” You returned the gesture. Bruce and Clint introduced themselves just as pleasantly as Steve had, and so far you felt that you would like the team.
And then there was Tony.

“Hey there, handsome. If you don’t already know - I’m sure you do - my name is Tony Stark. Genius, play-boy, millionaire, philanthropist.” He smirked, throwing an arm over your shoulder. You blinked. Who the hell is Tony Stark?

“So Y/N, How old are you? You look about twenty three.”
You clenched your jaw, brushing his arm off of your shoulder. “No. I don’t know who the hell you are. And don’t touch me again.” You glared darkly at him. “And I’m (some random ass, high ass number)”

Tony seemed to ignore the second comment completely. “How could you not have heard of me? You’re (random ass, high ass number)” He laughed. “Jesus, that’s older than Capsicle.”

Clint smirked and looked Natasha. “I bet you twenty bucks that Tony will make him lose his shit in the next ten minutes.” Natasha rolled her eyes, “I bet the next five.”

You were trying to control your anger at Stark’s disrespect, but it was hard. Your body was trembling, making everyone but Stark take a step away. “You need stop speaking now, Tony Stark, before something terrible happens.” You growled.

Tony’s eyes widened, but not from fear but from curiosity. “Are you mad? Eye patch said he didn’t know if you turned when you’re pissed. Do you turn into a full wolf or just ears and tails? That would be hot as fuck.” He grinned.

You let out a truly animalistic growl, pinning Tony beneath you. “Why don’t you shut up?” You snarled, furious.

Bruce looked at Coulson. “Are you gonna stop him?” Coulson appeared to be thinking, before he shook his head. “ I wanna see how this goes.”

“You know, Y/N I expect you to be great in bed. You seem like the type to top. You know if you wanted me all you had to do was saw so.” He winked. “Tony I don’t th-” Steve stared at you in shock.

You growled, feeling yourself transforming. Why was this human so irritating?!

Tony eyes widened in alarm, wonder and fear as you transformed over him. The werewolf you, roared loudly in his face, covering it in spit. Tony made a face of disgust.

“Guys a little help? Angry werewolf on top of me here. Help?” Tony asked from under you. The other Avengers chose to ignore him. You sneered at him. Tony gulped before smirking. “I didn’t know you were into beastlilty” The rest of the team groaned as they heard Tony.

You snatch Tony up and then there was a sound of shattering glass. The Avengers gapped as they saw you toss Tony out the top floor of tower.

Seconds later, an Iron Man suit flew out the window, and moments later Tony was seen flying in the air. “Y/N did you know he was wearing the suit sensors?” Bruce asked. Werewolf you snorted, nodding.