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Dear LGBT Community in the Undertale fandom…

…You guys are awesome! You deserve as much respect as me and the other people of this fandom. But there is only one thing I want to say to all of you, in the best way possible; STOP forcing to put a transgender character into the game, when there is not. And no, don’t misunderstand me, I’m NOT talking about the headcanons, I’m talking about when you say that “this” character is transgender like it’s canon, when it is not.

For those who already know, I’m talking about Mettaton.

And no, I’m not transphobic. Stop using that word when you no longer have any argument, or when a person says something you don’t like. I only really hate when you say wrong things about the characters of the game, making sure that you are absolutely right, just like you are the creator of the game (when you are not) and insulting everyone who corrects you.

I’m saying this because is REALLY annoying when you find someone in Tumblr saying “Mettaton is FtM”, “Mettaton was a girl, that appears in his diaries”, “Mettaton’s house on waterfall was really feminine, so he was a girl”, “Mettaton in his ghost form was pink so he was a girl…”


Mettaton IS NOT FtM. (Female to Male).

Ghosts, in the game, use the pronouns They/Them. That means they are ambiguous/non-binary.

Mettaton, in his “ghost form” was non-binary; he did not have a definite gender. Mettaton, in his actual form, the “robot form” is a man, a boy. And you, the people who claim that Mettaton is a girl, are even more annoying.

In the game it appears clearly and in many scenarios, that Mettaton is a man, so DON’T be ignorant, please.

In his diaries, NOWHERE says he was a girl. NOWHERE. STOP imagining things.

That sprite of “Happstablook” IS NOT official. Was made by a fan and everyone started to use it. In fact, the only thing we know about Happstablook is that he’s Napstablook’s cousin and his gender was non-binary. Remember; his name it’s just Papyrus’s headcanon.

The fact Mettaton is a man with feminine tastes doesn’t mean he is or was a girl. You are always saying that people need to be open minded, but you can’t accept a man who likes pink stuff.

Mettaton is transgender because he is non-binary to male? Maybe, but Toby Fox, in his Twitter account, “confirms” that Mettaton IS NOT trans. Maybe he is just non-corporeal to corporeal. As simple as that.

One thing is have your headcanons (wich is perfectly fine) and another thing is forcing to put a transgender character into the game, when there is not.

This sort of thing annoys most of the fandom enormously, and it bothers me too.

Be informed before speaking, to see if one day we stop being a fandom so hated.

Edit: This tweet seems to be real. Toby Fox could deleted it after tweeted it (Sorry, my english is bad) because the commotion, I guess, maybe. After meet many people who really saw it before he deleted it, I started looking for more screenshots of this tweet and I realized that the time and other details are different between the screenshots. That can mean a few of people took screenshots. If you look on his Twitter, you’ll see that he was talking about Mettaton during those dates. 

But even if this tweet is fake that would mean nothing. This only confirms what we already know about his gender. Mettaton maybe can be non-binary to male, but he IS NOT FtM. That’s the point I want you to understand. 

Edit 2: Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not talking about his sexuallity. Even if Mettaton is straight canonically, I still ship him with Papyrus. Its okay to have your headcanons as long as you respect the things that are canon. Don’t force others to believe your headcanons are canon if they are not.

Having said that, please have an amazing day and stay awesome♥. Thank you for your attention and support♥.

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