annoyed by humans


When your annoying human won’t give you a heckin treat. 🔊

* Seize that meddling canine!

This was originally supposed to be some sort of seasonal bonus art, but we decided it looked more like the cover of some zany manga.

I commissioned the amazing @purrlockholmes for a new header for my blog, and my friend Jen delivered this amazing piece of art inspired by her wonderful comic John in Wonderland. Jen you are amazing and this made me the happiest cat in existence.

More expressions n stuff. I just noticed his head’s kinda shaped like a squash. ….Neat.

Other notes: his hair kinda comes out into little points in the back kinda like crab!Tamatoa’s neck spikes. The hair on top is always a mess because he wears that gaudy helmet all the time. Human!Tamatoa, squash-head aside, is also 1000% NECK. Also he purses his lips when he’s thinking. 



Phew, this took me 3 days to finish, but it’s finally done! A new oc that is in the same Au as Lucy!

She’s a 16 year old girl. She’s a half flower half flower. She dislikes humans and kills them with poisoned spikes. She has powder on her eyes -as you can see- that can turn a victim into a flower like her if they look deep into her eyes. Her lips have poison as well. If she kisses someone, then they will die by poisoning. Her skin is pink because she presents the pink rose. She’s pretty, but she’s real poison. She gets annoyed easily by everything and everyone. She loves plants and she blooms the first roses in the spring.

More coming soon…

Hope you like her! ♥