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So I can’t be the only one who noticed right? Dan being smol in baking vids 😉

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (College AU)

Summary: In which Bucky attempts to use chemistry to explain the chemistry between you and him.

“Unholy War” (Jacob Banks)

A/N: any chem talk was me attempting to remember things from chem class in senior secondary school. forgive me if i made any mistakes! -j. x

“Are you annoyed?”

“… Oh, I don’t know, Bucky, what do you think? What do you think my problem is?”

“Um, it’s a Friday night and you’re here in the lab instead of somewhere else?”

Your problem isn’t the fact that you’re stuck in a lab on a Friday night. You’re annoyed because for some reason, Bucky Barnes has followed you into the lab and refuses to leave. He’s now poking your upper back like he’s a prepubescent teenager who just discovered the poking feature on Facebook.

Your apartment mate Steve introduced you to Bucky last semester. Apparently a few interactions and that one time you helped him with a Chem 101 problem set was enough for Bucky to decide that you two should be a couple.

Oh yes, sparks did fly, but that’s because Bucky’s personality borders on the line of flirtation. As cute as he is, you’ve brushed away his “declarations” of love. You know how guys like Bucky work, and their agenda isn’t something you want to get involved in.  When you find yourself getting too entranced by his chivalry and wit, you remind yourself to tread carefully. Much to your annoyance, your rejections have no effect on his persistence.

Forehead creased in frustration, you grab Bucky’s offending finger before staring into his blue eyes. “Please stop,” you let out.

Bucky hops onto the surface of a lab desk. Kicking his legs up and down, he lazily smirks at you as he watches your eyes drift from his eyes to the rest of his body. “You like what you see?” Bucky cheekily asks. “Take a picture, doll face. It lasts longer.”

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you know the boy’s pleased to be told that, whoever it’s from

Aphobe: [insert inclusionist/aspec person here] stopped replying to me/stopped engaging with me/blocked me which must mean they don’t have any arguments left to disprove my cold hard set-in-stone-since-the-beginning-of-time facts. Them refusing to continue this argument means they admit I’m right! This is a victory of some kind! Today I have experienced triumph in my grand and noble gatekeeping exploits, huzzah huzzah, etc. etc.

Inclusionists/aspec people: I literally just got tired of seeing them repeat the same willfully ignorant garbage and/or not having my boundaries respected and/or they were abusive and a bully and made me feel unsafe. Plus their arguments are ridiculous and the vast majority of people disagree with them so I don’t need to waste my energy trying to “prove” something that doesn’t need to be proven by providing factual arguments these people are just going to ignore anyway.

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The reasons you hate sports are the same thing you do with the anime ice skate men tho.......

no offense but my stated beef with sports is the whole “constant fellating of completely identical below-average looking white dudes” deal whereas the main character(as well as half the cast) of anime ice skate men is 1) not white 2) not real and 3) part of a plot with a progressing format, unlike ball-sports, which i find honestly boring to watch.


Here’s Chapter 14 !! Also: I might put up late updates (they won’t be too late…just a couple hours off or so??) often during this holiday break that I have (which is until January 23rd) because I can’t work on Puu while my family is awake. Sorry for the inconvenience. :’0

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I've been a cashier for a few years so I know how shitty customers can be & that cashiers have bad days. However, it irks me to no end when I go into a store as a (very polite) customer, & the cashier has an attitude. I'm gonna continue being nice to you but honestly it's annoying because I'm not the reason you're having a bad day so please don't take it out on me. This happens very rarely but it's not a fun experience when it does happen.

I’ll call them out on it. Like say “bad day?” And sometimes they realize they are a bit grumpy.


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For the annoyed anon: click the "x" in the right-hand corner of the vid u can woosh it away.

someone told me this isn’t a feature on desktop (and I don’t see it on either desktop of mobile - unless I’m just that dense). However, once again, if you guys are on desktop, feel free to blocklist the tag “kawaii radio live” if it’s that much of an issue. 


Kagura caring about her friends ✿

The two INTJs I know:


  • scary, seriously, I call her Drum Major Satan
  • hasn’t had a missing assignment since sixth grade since she’s lied her way out of all of them
  • won’t talk about when she played alto sax because “all of the alto sax players are stupid and annoying”
  • doesn’t know what a feeling is
  • okay she actually does but she doesn’t want to talk about them
  • wants to be a prosecutor
  • calls everyone and idiot
  • says she hates everyone
  • could probably easily be one of those edgelords you see on tumblr except she’s a leftist
  • dominated all of debates in our Social Studies class


  • A fucking nerd
  • In a perpetual “I will learn to solve this rubix cube in three minutes and do it over and over again” phase. he’s been this way since seventh grade
  • always looks a little stoned
  • stoned on coffee that is
  • one time in junior high you got to go to a hockey game instead of school if you had good grades and attendance. the guy drank five espressos and three Red Bulls
  • never turns in his homework and doesn’t give any fucks about it
  • low key pretentious in that weird way nerds are
  • surprisingly good at shit
  • probably has a secret Reddit account
  • can’t tell if he has emotions he’s too busy being a memey fuck 

Imagine classmate!Woozi constantly asking to borrow things from you. When you snapped at him for always asking for things, he shyly admits that it’s because he needs a reason to talk to you.