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When some fanfic writers put curses (like f*ck) in (literally) each of kanda’s sentences, and show him only being angry and pissed to everything and everyone around him, and purposely starts fighting or being mean to others..

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Back finally, Enzo didn’t said anything on why he wasn’t here those last days. It was just really visible that he wasn’t in a good health, he was looking so much tired and wasn’t really there even when he was doing his classes. Or at least while he was doing his classes for the day. Everything was just going too fast and was just breaking him down. At least, his wife was succeeding with her project. Sitting down at his desk when his last class ended, he almost immediately lied down on it, putting his head against his hands, just trying to get some rest here, a little. He wasn’t even paying attention if any student was still here or if someone was just coming to see him, after the week he passed away from the school.

…look, I get that shipping things internationally is something that’s surprisingly difficult if you don’t what’s involved. But 20 usd to ships something that’s the size of two packs of playing cards and weighs 50 grams at best is silly.

I want to buy your product! You want me to buy your product! But your shipping is dumb, and makes your product more expensive than goddamn citadel.

It’s funny how the people I want to talk to the most, I actually talk to the least

Imagine classmate!Woozi constantly asking to borrow things from you. When you snapped at him for always asking for things, he shyly admits that it’s because he needs a reason to talk to you.

upstairs neighbours are blasting music and i can hear it and its annoying for 2 reasons: because i can hear that they’re blasting music and that it sounds pretty good but i cant hear it clearly enough to know what to look up for it


Kagura caring about her friends ✿

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"Surprise tickle attack!" - Yugi

Affection Starters | Accepting

“Yugi? W– wait — What—ngh!” 



How Yugi had even managed to find that part on his body that caused him to writhe and laugh hysterically was beyond him. For thousands of years he’d kept such a place a secret and now, as fingers relentlessly brushed over his skin, he squirmed helplessly. Between fits of uncontrollable giggles and laughter, he tried to plead with his little master to stop. 

“Y-Yugi — “ he gasped, trying to catch his breath, “— I —-  implore you to stop this madness immediately — I —” but with no avail, he’d fallen into yet another bout of hysterics. The master magician worked to squirm away from him, flailing to catch those mischievous hands. Gods, what had he done to deserve this? 

Something that really grosses me out is when men use the “I’m a hormonal boy” thing to excuse inappropriate sexual behavior as if their sex drive is so strong that it supersedes rationality and baseline manners. There literally isn’t any biological or psychological backing to this – it’s a purely socialized concept that works to prioritize male pleasure over e v e r y t h i n g  e l s e.

i feel like it’s unfair to hate brendon for not deciding to continue to work with dallon anymore and making him only a touring member of the band. if two people do not work creatively well together, then it just doesn’t work. this isn’t anyone’s fault. i doubt it’s bad blood that’s keeping brendon from working with dallon. it is most likely the simple fact that brendon clearly just doesn’t work best with others. whether this stems from just his personal opinion or from having many issues with creative control with ryan or jon (or even spencer) when the band wasn’t split, it doesn’t matter. if brendon wants to work alone, he’s allowed to chose that. and for people who think this is should be a solo album and he shouldn’t be using the band name, please understand that brendon is still a member of this band, and although the “everyone left me” bit is getting old, it’s not untrue. and if brendon is still committed to putting out music under that name, he’s allowed to. and for those who think that he shouldn’t be allowed to even say he’s the only member left because “he didn’t start the band, spencer and ryan did” you’re wrong. the band was pet salamander until trevor left and they needed a new guitarist. it wasn’t named panic! at the disco until brendon joined the band. they chose that name together. 

The stereotype of women always being late really annoys me because the reason women are late is because we have to spend so much time and effort making ourselves beautiful by society’s standards and it’s actually really difficult. And then men call us vain and superficial for spending so much time on our appearance as if they and society don’t devalue and not respect women when they are not perfectly groomed. It’s a lose-lose scenario. 

“There’s absolutely no way they could have two sets of clothes, or wash them between filming sessions…..I’M ON TO YOU, HOLLYWOOD, YOU HEAR ME?”


All my FT3 piccys! (Please no reposting or cropping me out)