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So I can’t be the only one who noticed right? Dan being smol in baking vids 😉

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It seems like gatekeepers believe that the LGBTQIA+ community is this single cohesive unified thing with clearly defined edges and an exact list of who is and isn’t allowed and that all members of this oh so united group must feel the same way about things as they do, especially as it comes to this imaginary list of who’s “gay enough” to be allowed, or else be accused of attempting to sow seeds of divisiveness in the community. 

And I feel like that’s why exclusionists are so determined to paint their current crusade against aspecs as totally different from and in no way related to past “discourse” and attempts to boot out members of the community they now claim to be protecting. After all, in order to continue to portray the community (as they see it) as unified and a safe space that needs protecting they have to at least say (if not believe) that bi discourse was wrong, that any past attempts to push out members who are now seen (if only barely) as acceptable were wrong. Of course some exclusionists are blatantly biphobic, exorsexist, etc. but at the very least the party line seems to be that “yeah well trying to kick you out was a mistake (probably anyway) but trying to kick these people out is totally justified and in no way related even though we say it’s for all the same reasons people wanted you gone, because we say you’re gay enough but they’re not”

For the same reason they will say that any bi, trans, nonbinary, etc. people who agree with them are the absolute authorities on whether or not this “discourse” mirrors past gatekeeping but when people from those groups who don’t agree with them point out similarities or even share their own experiences having been through this sort of mess before they are immediately mocked, told to stop “tokenizing themselves”, called homophobic (or biphobic or transphobic or whatever) for daring to point out similarities and not listened to in the slightest. Of course that makes perfect sense in light of the mindset gatekeepers seem to have, in order for the community to keep its unity and cohesiveness dissenting voices must be ignored.

So despite the fact that exclusionists will use the same arguments, word for word, that have been used to try and exclude now “acceptable” members of the community in the past, they refuse to acknowledge any similarities. They will not examine their reasoning or how it relates to past discourse because they’re perfectly happy in their echo chamber full of people who also like to talk about the “cishet invaders” (and it’s completely fine if some or many of those people are biphobes, truscum, etc. until they become so obvious about their views that not even other exclusionists can deny it anymore and have to drop them).

i haven’t tried to change my painting style since like 2009*, so working on this little painting feels like, I don’t know, breyer horse** in one hand and voltron lion*** in the other and nOW THEY’RE FIGHTING.  is there any winner here?  I… haven’t decided yet. 

*2009 or thereabouts was the first time someone asked me if I had to ‘use a computer’ to make art that looked like that [realistic figure art of prettier than necessary boys] and I said ‘bro i have no idea, let’s find out.’

**i still have all the breyer horses, although i am legitimately afraid to unpack them at this point, they may have melted, because science is not always your friend.

***I do not still have the voltron lions.  they were solid metal and bad as fuck, however mom took ‘em away cause they had lead paint. D-’:

you know the boy’s pleased to be told that, whoever it’s from

I have a headcanon that when Peter Pettigrew was younger, his bogart was his friends leaving him behind. Perhaps he was so afraid of being forgotten about, of being the friend who’s just there, that he decided to do whatever it took in order to be
noticed. And when it was too late, when James and Lily were long-gone, he realised that there’s nothing wrong with being the friend who’s just there.

Now, Peter’s bogart no longer takes the shape of his friends rejecting him. It takes the shape of himself, because he cannot stand to think about how cruel he was to the people that would give everything to him. His best friends were people that would sacrifice their lives for him, and unfortunately, he realised that too late.

Aphobe: [insert inclusionist/aspec person here] stopped replying to me/stopped engaging with me/blocked me which must mean they don’t have any arguments left to disprove my cold hard set-in-stone-since-the-beginning-of-time facts. Them refusing to continue this argument means they admit I’m right! This is a victory of some kind! Today I have experienced triumph in my grand and noble gatekeeping exploits, huzzah huzzah, etc. etc.

Inclusionists/aspec people: I literally just got tired of seeing them repeat the same willfully ignorant garbage and/or not having my boundaries respected and/or they were abusive and a bully and made me feel unsafe. Plus their arguments are ridiculous and the vast majority of people disagree with them so I don’t need to waste my energy trying to “prove” something that doesn’t need to be proven by providing factual arguments these people are just going to ignore anyway.

what really grinds my gears is that a girl i know has an instagram account with some 15k followers and she’s seen as a pioneer for her fashion (which is mostly just high street trends so like…), she’s influential and sometimes even gets paid to sponsor a brand or two and like i’m here on tumblr with 14k followers and i’m lucky if buzzfeed snags one of my posts and bothers to give me the credit for it and like obviously i don’t run a blog on tumblr to get paid but it’s crazy to think instagram followers are more valuable than people on this site. like sure there are porn bots and spam accounts on tumblr but don’t tell me all those instagram accounts saying ‘boost.your.followers’ are more legit just because instagram is trendy

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I am v sorry I’m sending in two but I just saw “I’m alive… I can tell because of the pain.” and I can’t stop laughing bc tmfu au om g??? (Said between either two of the four idiots or one of the idiots and Sara tbh) ((you can ignore this one or the other if you want !!))

i’m doing both bc i love you and i love this au 💕 

more tmfu au

18. “I’m alive… I can tell because of the pain.”

Sara does not get paid enough for this. 

Gunfire is pretty standard, in her line of work. She’s basically a glorified babysitter, with her children being an elite team of four of the biggest names in the espionage business. 

And they are. Children, that is. 

But they are also infuriatingly good, if a little annoying at times. So, when the unmistakable sound of a firefight filter in through her earpiece, she’s honestly not too worried. 

“Get in, get the intel, get out,” Sara instructs. “Oh, also, don’t get shot.”

“We’ll try,” Viktor answers her, before there’s an explosion on his end and Sara’s connection is dropped. 

Sara bangs away at the keyboard, trying to re-establish connection. She connects a call to Phichit, who’s running intel out of a hotel room not far from where Viktor and Yuuri are infiltrating an international drug ring. 

“Phichit, help,” is all Sara says before her connection suddenly springs back to life. 

“Don’t worry, I gotchu.” 

“You’re a lifesaver.”

Phichit hums in thanks before he goes back to hacking into the cartel’s bank accounts. 

Sara taps back into the team communication channel. The fight seems to be over. She does a quick check-up. 


“I’m okay!”


“I’m fine, still in the getaway car, but I think Yuuri is dead.”

“I’m alive,” Yuuri’s voice crackles in, “I can tell because of the pain.”

Viktor spends the next ten minutes fussing and fretting over Yuuri who, it turns out, wasn’t even injured during the fight. They took down all the henchman and then Yuuri, in an attempt to signal Chris, fell out a window and into a dumpster. 

A dumpster. Ex world-renowned art thief and CIA’s top agent, Yuuri Katsuki, fell into a dumpster. 

They really don’t pay her enough for this. 

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What do you mean this isn’t exactly how it happened?

A Tomb Raider and Anniversary comparison.

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The reasons you hate sports are the same thing you do with the anime ice skate men tho.......

no offense but my stated beef with sports is the whole “constant fellating of completely identical below-average looking white dudes” deal whereas the main character(as well as half the cast) of anime ice skate men is 1) not white 2) not real and 3) part of a plot with a progressing format, unlike ball-sports, which i find honestly boring to watch.

“I don’t like shipping Wy and Sealand together. I headcanon them as eight to ten and that’s ridiculous. It’s like pairing your little sister and her friend that happens to be male.“

Though I don’t like SeaWy, I don’t really understand the reasoning on this submission.  Namely, because SeaWy is a Toy Ship, which is a trope describing both parties in a ship  being children.  Chibitalia x HRE is also a Toy Ship (and I don’t care for this ship), and I never see people making complaints like this on it so…?

Also, people do that all the time with their kids or little siblings and tease them about it (usually the exception is the overprotective father and his daughter), so…? And kids can get crushes and even Precocious Crushes (kid crushing on the babysitter, teacher, an older sibling’s friend, etc.) at ages 8-10, so I’m even more confused.

But I’m probably overthinking.  Just as long as nobody’s doing anything harmful and wrong, you do you. 

- Mod V

here’s a dictatorial, annoying star wars opinion:

you’re not allowed to want kylo ren to die unredeemed unless you love him and understand how truly devastating that would be (should be) for a) his family and b) the general audience.