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junie do u ever have conflicting feelings about kpop esp since youre a korean .. like what i mean is like how the industry is very cut throat.. i think about this a lot

lol super. kpop is a shitty industry. u have to be thin, pale, pretty to be accepted regardless of talent. kids are forced to diet and lose weight, not to mention the problematic statements they make bc theyre ignorant. members are pretty much disposable for most companies so they remove/add more members if there is a conflict of interest. the pop industry anywhere is pretty terrible if u look into it but i try to just support ppl i like lol. if they are happy im happy n i want them to be happy n succesful bc i enjoy their music n their music helps me through hard times. its super conflicting for sure but it doesnt mean u cant still enjoy their music n stuff they create

I’m at the point where I cannot wait for Michelle to get out of the house and realize that no big brother alum want anything to do with her (aside from Ian who is just desperate for a date every season) because her entire goal of being on the show is to get to hang out with iconic past players afterwards. She’s a shit player and an even worse person in that house.

have you ever met someone who just has absolutely No Chill Whatsoever

like they’re exhausting to be around because they just seem to be constantly vibrating with rage about every single tiny thing that even slightly annoys them and everything and everyone seems to annoy them

it’s not like they’re permanently angry exactly, more like…just constantly profoundly irritated by the world and everything in it and completely unable to let things go and put those little annoyances in perspective

(sorry just vagueblogging about this because it’s someone I met irl recently and I don’t wanna name names, but it’s none of y’all)

(I mean I actually do quite like this person but my GOD I’m always exhausted after talking to them for any length of time because they have NO CHILL)

I went grocery shopping today and was confronted by a boy my age who asked if I had a boyfriend at first glance. no conversation, no warning, just the question. when I told him no, he instantly asked if we could “go out”, and when I denied his offer, he continued to ask not once, but twelve times again as I continued to walk around the store and put the items my mom needed into the cart. he wandered behind me, well more like at my side, and when I told to please leave me alone, he simply continued following me from a few feet away. he then confronted me again and asked why I wouldn’t go on a date with him, and since I was getting fed up, I told him I was gay and didn’t like boys. but STILL, he continued to bombard me with phrases like “you could turn for me” or “we can still go out even if you’re gay” and after around five more minutes of this, I told the store clerk and they continued to kick him out of the place for harassing me. I’m honestly so fed up right now and I can’t believe that men can go as far as following a woman just to get a date out of them.

tbh my day sucked like my car got rear ended today and then that made me hit the car in front of me long story short im in the emergency room bc i got whiplash pretty bad 😩😩 my eyebrows lasted really well through it all tho! pls sponsor me already abh