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People are completely missing the point.
You do not get all the answers, you only get the answers that Hannah got. That’s the point.

She didn’t get to know if Bryce went to jail.

She didn’t know if Alex survives, she didn’t even know that her actions led him to try and do the same as she did.

She didn’t get to know what her parents reactions to the tapes were.


You don’t NEED answers, stop thinking about what you need and start thinking about what others need, say something nice to someone. That’s what 13 reasons why wanted to preach.

  • me: I'm not gonna start anything new. I have 15 WIPs starting from '08, it's the middle of Camp NaNo, I have a ton of homework, and I haven't slept since last Thursday.
  • my imagination: *clears throat*
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i’m so annoyed at the writers. literally their main focus for this entire season was just to create shocking “reveals”. which does nothing for the overall story.

because let’s be honest, wes’ death will never be justified. if the killer is someone we don’t know, then it’ll feel like a waste of a storyline and completely unnecessary to have written off a character (let alone a main character) for absolutely no reason. if it’s someone we do know, then it would either be boring and predictable or it would make no sense and would be incredibly detrimental to the remaining characters. so what are we left with? characters that we do know but we actually don’t care that much about? again… where is the logic? where is the justice?! there won’t be any. his death will never feel avenged. it’ll never feel right. any way you look at it, all the possibilities are shitty. no matter how pete tries to spin this, this storyline will forever suck. 

wes gibbins deserved better.

I legit love my Clarke, and I’m annoyed that the writers continue to disrespect her. That’s why I’m criticizing this retcon, which is attributing Clarke’s desire to save people this year to L and not something that’s been a part of who she is since the beginning of the series. 

Like Bellamy said: Clarke is just “being Clarke.” It’s who she’s always been. 

Could the writers (*cough* Jason in his interviews and writers in 4x05 and 4x06) please stop throwing Clarke under the bus for L already? I’ve already seen a season of this. Do I need to see another one? 

@zmediaoutlet - I started a new post because the old one was getting so unwieldy, and we’re kinda going down a side path. R.e. the Stanford thing:

This is one of those things that I think SPN has… left to the viewer to interpret. The family relationship the boys have is obviously wildly unhealthy (…) Personally, I’m glad that they’ve stopped bellyaching about it. At a certain point, you just kind of have to… accept what is.) 

I actually couldn’t be happier they seem to have gotten to a place of relative peace on this issue too, partly because I want them to be happy, and partly because I just always thought it was a weirdly handled issue in the first place.

And here’s where I’m gonna be a giant freaking hypocrite, lol, because after my impassioned defense of Dan Brown-style writing, I have to confess it makes me sooooo pissy when canon SPN writing sucks in particular ways that i have a low tolerance for.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I think i feel like SPN is fandom’s property and the canon writers are interlopers or something, and if they’re gonna mess with *our* stuff, they should at least be careful. :) 
(*is not claiming to make any sense on this one*)

Anyway, my objection (at least in this case) isn’t that Sam and Dean and John shouldn’t act crazy or that the writers should try to fix all of their mental health issues (although I do think there are some parts they should work on fixing), but that their crazy should be, I dunno, dealt with in a way that makes sense, I guess?

Like, if a substantial portion of the audience is left with the impression that it really was a betrayal of the family that Sam went off to college- which seems to be the case- then I feel like that has to have come from the writing in some way. Because that’s an idea that’s way outside mainstream American thinking. Like, there’s probably ten parents in all of America who wouldn’t be happy if their kid got into Stanford.

And yet the writers never really built any case for it being a logical viewpoint given the in-universe circumstances, So overall, I’m just kinda left with a feeling of wtf is going on there?

and thoughts of you never end nor begin. There is

so much expressing to do, my head is never empty of a nagging need to produce words.
 Like a hawk circling, it always comes back to one thing.
 Like a planet orbiting, I orbit my own lack of coherency, lack of constellations.

The center is hot and is bright and is


The sun pales, the moon blushes dark burnt orange and a million synapses electrify my thoughts like dots of
                                             red laser pointer
                  to the projected target net on your forehead.

My poems ache to be filled by your magnificence. There is

so much expressing to do, I don’t know where to begin.
I guess this is it. Endless strings of unfinished words, no end in sight, orbiting, circling and,
—  hawks (x)

evidence jason and roy are canon fite me 

i swore to myself i‘d read all of @deadcatwithaflamethrower‘s work this year but now i don’t even dare starting bc it’ll make me feel things

#lovehacks effed up

this week’s chapter of #lovehacks was so…disappointing imo. let me tell you why 

if ur LI is ben i feel so happy for you because the MC actually has some GOOD interactions with him since chapters ago, she brought him as her date, introduced him to her friends and everything but still the preview of the last chapter was like: look, you’re going to have a romantic moment with someone you choose (ben, mark or the other girl whose name i forgot bc she rarely appears on the book) and it’s like ??? ok then, i want to choose mark but the whole ben thing did not make sense at all. imagine bringing someone as ur date to end up picking someone else (in my case) and leaving ur date behind like ???? idgi !!! i’m obviously going to choose mark bc he is who i’ve been meaning to be with but like…ugh, i’m just…not feeling it at all.

as a pro to this chapter, the other girl hinted to book 2, she wants to start her own blog and wants mc as co-funder so there we go. oh, also, very important, sexual harassment was mentioned for the first time and it was nice to see them talk about it (even tho it was minimum) the mc actually addressing it and telling that irrel guy that she would report him. tho, if they still decided to keep it in the storyline, that guy is martin’s pet so he will get away with it most likely.

mmm i have nothing else to say, it was a meh chapter, i’m just ready to end things with ben and go with mark i just wished they had given me an option earlier to idk do something with mark rather than forcing me to being with ben which as i said before, is not a pretty look on MC if we get a romantic moment with mark (if u choose him) in the end and we end up leaving ben (who is supposed to be our date) i’m just confused and ugggh. that’s all.