The Signs Annoyed

When Aries is annoyed they complain and will point out whatever is bothering them.

When Taurus is annoyed they will try to leave the situation or might just do a lot of eye-rolls.

When Gemini is annoyed they might give a person a dirty look or whisper a comment.

When Cancer is annoyed you can just see it in their eyes! They might become snappy and impatient.

When Leo is annoyed they tend to become distant and quiet, which is surprising for the normally vocal lion.

When Virgo is annoyed they will complain and rant to their friends about you but the person they are annoyed at might never know.

When Libra is annoyed they are one for dirty looks and backhanded comments.

When Scorpio is annoyed expect an irked feeling to waver off of them and a not-so-happy gaze.

When Sagittarius is annoyed they will straight up say who or what is annoying them and might bluntly ask them to stop.

When Capricorn is annoyed they get really silent and withdrawn. The room might get cold from how frigid they will be.

When Aquarius is annoyed they might complain to someone sitting close by to the person who is irking them, in hopes they might get the hint.

When Pisces is annoyed they might straight up tell a person to stop/shut up or will immediately leave.

Your Sign is Annoying Because:

Aries: apparently no one defined the word “no” to you when you were little
Taurus: for once, listen to me, and acknowledge that what you’re doING IS A HORRIBLE IDEA
Gemini: just shut up and calm down for once
Cancer: you’re like all over the place emotionally honestly calm down
Leo: stop claiming you’re heartless when you were crying five minutes ago
Virgo: you’d be cuter if you weren’t trying so hard to be cute
Libra: you’re still singing uptown funk and it’s just annoying now
Scorpio: your moral debates can stop because like its my opinion and you can leave tbh
Sagittarius: you’re impossibly calm and like have emotions please
Capricorn: you need to take like an exciting pill because you’re super lame
Aquarius: you’re crying all the time and stop making weird noises
Pisces: you want someone to love but you don’t want the one who loves you??