• Skuntank: How you livin’, chicken boy?!
  • Partner: First of all, that insult could have used a little work. Second of all, the pain and humiliation I feel daily are immense. For someone like you to cut someone like me deeper, well, heh, you must have problems yourself, buddy. So I feel bad for you and HOW FUCKING DARE YOU SAY THAT TO ME I'M GONNA MAKE YOU EAT THOSE GODDAMN WORDS!

Taking A Stand: The National Have Announced They Aren’t Going To Play Their Songs Very Good Until HB2 Has Been Repealed

The civil rights of LGBT people are being threatened in this country every day, and there’s no greater affront to their freedom than HB2, North Carolina’s highly controversial “bathroom bill.” That’s why popular indie-rock band The National are standing up against the hateful law by announcing that they won’t be playing their songs very good until it’s repealed.

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Summary of tonight's livestream
  • It was ft. Tyler, Troye, Marcus, Connor, and Korey
  • We raised $9000 in 1 minute and $12000 in 5 minutes
  • Troye and Tyler had a cheeky moment when Troye announced that an Adele song playing in the background was going to be his someday wedding song
  • Tommy jerked tears from everyone’s eyes with the most adorable, touching phone call ever. Go subscribe to him on youtube here
  • Marcus spilled red wine all over Tyler’s beloved carpet
  • The Troyler kiss was mentioned 600+ times, so DONATE
  • We smashed our next goal by raising another $5000 in 1 minute, bumping us up to $402,000 (WTF)
  • Champagne was popped and we all celebrated

CONGRATS TO ALL OF YOU GUYS TONIGHT, EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT DONATED IS AMAZING!!! We have 5 days left to reach our $500,000 Troyler kiss goal, so spread the word as far as you can and donate as much as you are able to and let’s show the internet that the best community of people can be found at SLAY<3!!!

Cast Panel- Fan Fest.
  • Biff Yeager (Tom) originally read to play Taylor Doose
  • “It sounds like all the cast does Sally Struthers impressions” [x]
  • Ted Rooney (Morey) went to the same high school as Sally Struthers (Babette), his father was one of her favorite teachers.
  • Jackson was originally only cast for a few episodes but he and Melissa McCarthy had such great chemistry they kept him. 
  • Aris Alvarado (Caesar) was in the background of Rory’s first dance from Season 1, three years later we see him working at Luke’s. 
  • Sean Gunn’s favorite episodes were the ones where Kirk didn’t have a job, but when he was just part of the fabric of the town. Job wise he really loved being the announcer at the Hockey game (because Sean like’s to believe he’d be a good announcer) 
  • Dan Palladino made Hep Alien’s set lists, he chose which songs they played. Helen Pai would conduct the rehearsals.
  • The real Dave Rygalski (Helen Pai’s husband) was off camera playing the bass for John (Brian) while he faked it on camera. John only recently learned how to play for the ATX festival. 
  • Sean Gunn Officiated John’s wedding. 
  • Team Jess: Vanessa (Shouted), Aris, Keiko, Brian    
  • Team Logan: Sean, Todd  
  • Team Dean: Biff    
  • Team Rory: Andrew , Jackson
  • Vanessa (April): “My character was literally so hated and it’s like so nice now that like 10yrs later they got back together- so HA! It was fine!”
  • Keiko (Lane): “Part of the appeal of coming out for this weekend was to see all of you, but also for some of us who don’t get enough time to hang out and drink and hang out and…drink.”
  • Q: With love to Todd, does Keiko ever wish Lane ended up with Dave? Keiko Agena (Lane): “No”
  • Q: do you have your own interruption of what the Town Protester was protesting? Sean: “The protester was actually Dan Palladino. So he was probably protesting long hours or something.”
  • Sean Gunn (Kirk): “Sometimes you gotta run naked.”
  • Hep Alien’s Slogan: “We’re Out There” (Trivia Question asked at Panel by John- that no one got)   

    Watch the panel here- [x]
A creepy thing that happened to me

@sixpenceee I have a kind of glitch in the matrix story for you.

Last week I was at a concert and one of the supporting bands came on to play. Bear in mind that the band was really small and I had never heard of them before. They played a few songs then announced that the next one hadn’t even come out yet and we were among the first to hear it but for some reason I knew the song. I was singing along to it and everything and my friend just looked at me with the most incredulous expression.

The creepy thing is, this has happened to me once before a few years ago with the song Wings by Little Mix. Basically what went down was that I heard it with a friend and distinctly remember singing and hearing the exact same song several years prior to that day. It was only when my friend asked me how I knew the words (because it was so new) that I realised that this song wasn’t in fact years old but had come out that week.

ANOTHER creepy thing about it is the day of the covert I was telling my friend about the earlier experience only for it to happen again that evening.

Needless to say I was really confused the first time and creeped out the second.

Prom- Luke Smut (3000+ Follower Special)

(Wrote this at like 4 am bc I had an idea, please excuse my typos. Hope you enjoy)~S (warning:sexual content)

It was prom night. You’d tried on tons of dresses, watched countless hair and makeup tutorials, blown up several group chats trying to make plans, and it was finally here. Your senior prom with your amazing boyfriend Luke and all of your friends. You and Luke had been dating for two years. Every time you saw him, you fell in love again and couldn’t help but smile. There’s nobody you’d rather spend your senior prom with. And this night was even more special because you and Luke were finally gonna go all the way. You’d done everything else, but he wanted your first time together to be special, the dork.

You were dancing with Luke and your friends when the dj announced that he was going to play the last slow song. You felt a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist and kiss pressed to your shoulder.
“Baby follow me,” Luke whispered into your ear, kissing just below it as the song began to play. He grabbed your hand gently and pulled you along out of the gym and down the hallway to a room marked ‘maintenance’.
“Babe!” you whispered as he put his hand on the knob.
“Yes my love?” he paused, looking concerned and pulling you to him.
“The janitor’s closet?” you smiled and giggled at your boyfriend.
“Wait and see baby,” he whispered, kissing your cheek before opening the door and pulling you in behind him.
As soon as you saw the inside of the tiny space, your eyes went wide. Luke had decorated the inside with twinkle lights covered with purple and dark blue tulle, giving the room an enchanted glow. On the ground he’d set up a few blankets and pillows.
“Luke it’s……” you started, shocked at how beautiful he’d made the closet full of chemicals and mops.
“Baby sshh don’t say anything,” he soothed, running his hands down your arms before he sat on the blankets. He looked amazing, sitting in front of you, starting up at you in anticipation, the soft lights illuminating his face gently. You say down next to him and he finally pressed a kiss to your lips. It wasn’t rushed or forced or harsh, but you could feel the love and care he had for you. You lie back until your head hit one of the pillows as Luke crawled over you, kissing down your neck and reaching around your back to unzip your dress. It was strapless so you didn’t wear a bra, so once your dress was off you were left staring up at Luke in just your panties. He quickly removed his pants and jacket and shirt so that he was kneeling between your legs in just his boxers.
“Babe it’s….” you laughed, shivering,“ it’s kinda cold,” you finished, knowing it was typical of the two of you to make things awkward. He simply handed you his jacket and watched as you slipped it on.
“Damn you look so sexy right now,” he hummed, crawling back over you and bracing himself on his arms. “Too bad you won’t need that jacket in a minute. My beautiful girl, you look so amazing tonight, I can’t believe how lucky I got,” he praised, running his fingers down your torso, circling your navel, and rubbing your hip bones. He traced the hem of your underwear, sending more shivers running up your spine.
“Luke,” you whimpered “damn I’ve been waiting so long to say this,” you coaxed, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling your lips to his ear.
“Babe…..just do me already,” you whispered, attacking the soft skin just below his ear with soft kisses, sucking a hickey or to onto his collar bones. His fingers worked at your panties, pulling them down while you tugged at his boxers. The only piece of clothing either of you had on was his jacket.
“You ready baby girl?” he asked carefully, his gentleness, and the nickname, turning you on even more.
“Yes Luke please we don’t have all night,” you smiled up at him, faking impatience.
With that, you felt his tip at your entrance and he gave you one last questioning look, earning a nod from you, before he pushed himself into you. Both of you let out long moans as he filled you up. You’d both had sex before this, but nothing like this before. Nothing so caring and careful and full of love. He set a slow pace, looking into your eyes and leaning down to kiss your neck now and again. Your fingers were wrapped into the hair at the nape of his neck, both of you letting strings of whimpers and groans and swears tumble from your lips as he moved inside you.
“Baby girl you, you feel so……fuck,” Luke tried to form a sentence. He picked up one of your legs and pressed your thing against your chest, hitting a new angle, causing you to nearly scream before he caught your lips in another kiss.
“Luke….g….go faster,” you managed as you felt your high coming closer. He picked up his pace, still hitting your g-spot every time. Your walls began to clench around him, causing him to hum and groan in pleasure.
“Baby girl I’m…” he started. “Me too,” you cut him off, bucking your hips up to meet his rhythm. Luke trailed his fingers down your body again, finding your clit and rubbing it in soft circles, still moving at a good pace inside you.
“You first love,” you mumbled into your neck as the two of you but back moans. You felt your high come on and Luke pushed you straight over the edge. As your walls began to clench around him, he reached his high. The two of you came down together, him still sliding in and out of you to drag out your orgasms. Both of you were breathing heavily as he pulled out of you and reached for a rag that he’d conveniently placed beside the makeshift bed and proceeded to clean the both of you up. You were still wrapped in his jacket as you both pulled on your underwear and stood up. He placed his hands on your waist and you tangled yours back into his hair.
“I love you so much baby,” Luke whispered against your lips.
“I love you too Lukey. Tonight has been more than amazing,” you smiled again before he kissed you, the kiss being deeper and closer now, but just as full of love.
“And you do look really good naked in my jacket, but maybe we should get redressed and head back out yeah?” he smirked, being the cheeky little dork you fell in love with every time you saw him.


this is kind of my “official announcement” for my upcoming album REDDISHNESS by GIRLS RITUALS!! but its also a vid of me playing some other cute song i made today on my own beautiful luxurious amazing super legendary and classic roland mc-505

p.s. u can stay updated on my music here

A Day In The Life - 13th October 1963: Beatlemania begins… The Beatles’ performance on Sunday Night at the London Palladium.

The Beatles perform live on the Associated TeleVision program “Val Parnell’s Sunday Night at the London Palladium.” This is their most important television appearance yet, on one of Britain’s most popular programs (about 15 million viewers). The Beatles top the bill, and their performance gives the British public their first glimpse of Beatlemania. The screaming fans, the crowd blocking Argyll Street, and the unbelievable enthusiasm of The Beatles’ fans are all covered extensively by the delighted reporters and photographers present. The press, in search of a term to use to define the phenomenon, coin the word “Beatlemania,” which has been used ever since. The Beatles perform “From Me to You,” “I’ll Get You,” “She Loves You,” and “Twist and Shout.” Unnerved by their inability to announce songs before playing them, John Lennon shouts “Shut up!” at the screaming fans, causing the adults in the audience to applaud. After the show there is absolutely no question in anyone’s mind - The Beatles are big!

“The Beatles Anthology 1” includes this show’s performance of “I’ll Get You” (Disc 1, Track 28).

POZ Playlist: Let It Enfold You Tour

Senses Fail are halfway through the Let It Enfold You Tour with No Bragging Rights, Knuckle Puck, and To The Wind. Check out a PropertyOfZack Playlist from Senses Fail, No Bragging Rights, and Knuckle Puck below while listening along!

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These are the songs we were playing in the van ten years ago, after Let It Enfold You came out. - Buddy Neilsen 

The first set of songs here are for driving songs. The second set of songs are for recording songs. 

What we were jamming to ten or so years ago.

Xia toyed with one of the tags on their pendant, KITTY engraved on the face of it. It was odd to be attached to something with sentiment when it didn’t even bear their real name. They supposed it was because it had been with them for as long as they’ve been on this assignment. “If I hear one more Christmas song,” they announce openly into the cafe that had just finished playing Last Christmas, “I might shoot myself in the fucking face.”

anonymous asked:

They were laughing cuz mama is having technical difficulties and monster played before they announced they won ( cuz you know when artist wins their song plays) 😂

ahhh ok !!!!!!!!! thank u