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A brief note to my rp partners

I am probably one of the worst rp partners in the history of the activity.
- I drop threads.
- I lose threads.
- I take my threads in odd directions that should probably never be explored.
- I go through phases where I’ll only respond to two or three of my partners.
- I go through phases where I’ll only respond to a single thread, and you’re left wondering why I’m not responding to you.

Sometimes I can be a really great partner -
- I might be really on top of replies.
- I might have everything in my ask box answered.
- I might be perfectly in synch with where you’re trying to take the thread.

Sometimes I’m not.

But the great thing is that it’s okay!
- When I drop a thread you like just tell me! Chances are it’s in drafts or I’ve lost it.
- Even if we try a dozen different things and nothing sticks, don’t be afraid to start a new thread with me or come to me with an idea.
- Sometimes I’ll be overwhelmed by everything I have going on, and I’ll have to put you on the list of rp’s to start.
- Sometimes I’ll jump right on the thread and then drop it after a few days.
- Sometimes we’ll carry the thread out all the way to the end, and have a grand old time getting there.

But please, remember that each of my rp partner’s is valuable to me.
- Even the ones my muse doesn’t like.
- Even the ones I’ve only done a thread or two with.
- Even the at I used to rp with and don’t any more.

You are significant.

You matter.

Do you ever think about how wild the public perception of victuuri must be??

Like ok. Characters first.

Victor Nikiforov, who is considered to be this flirty playboy. He’s the perfect skater; elegant, refined, amazing jumps, spins, step sequences. He has it all, and he’s won it all. I bet you everybody thought Victor and Chris were fuckin or something b/c they’re obviously friends and you know what the media is like. 

Victor is such a private person; he’s really skilled in telling you everything while saying nothing. He’s got incredible press skills. I bet the media must be starving for another side of Victor–his love life most specifically. The playboy thing is most likely an exaggeration tabloids put together, and it sorta just caught on. All these reports of Victor being seen with so and so must mean he’s seeing them, right?

Victor has been called selfish before. It’s probably a very common belief that he’s quiet and serious and really only cares about himself and the ice. This cannot be further from the truth, but it’s how people see him. An immaculate god.

Then, Yuuri Katsuki. He’s sort of reclusive and doesn’t interact much. There’s not much on any of his social media accounts; the opposite of Victor. While Victor delivers constant content, Yuuri hides away. He avoids people, doesn’t really interact with fans, and seemingly snubs other competitors. 

People think he’s arrogant. Yuuri looks away from others like they’re not worth his time, which is totally uncalled for considering he can’t land his jumps, right? Yuuri’s spins and footwork are amazing, but he always falters technically. He gets a lot of flack from the press and the public for this; they say he’s mentally weak, he’s a mediocre skater at best, he should just stop trying. At times, Yuuri even believes them.

The beloved, sexy ice god versus the shy, weak underdog. 

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top 5 times katsuki yuuri seduced the whole world (deliberately or not)

I think I’ve been accidentally pulled into the “5 Things” meme! Please don’t send more, haha. Regular prompts and headcanons are still welcome!

1. After Yuuri wins silver at the GPF and Victor announces his return to competitive skating, they attend the banquet, and apparently the ISU learned nothing from the previous year because it’s open bar. However, unlike last year, Yuuri doesn’t get drunk on 14 flutes of champagne and drag people into a dance-off. Instead, he gets drunk on six Long Island iced teas and gives an incredibly dazed and visibly turned-on Victor a lap dance in the middle of the floor to Nasty Naughty Boy. Someone (Phichit, you traitor) films it and posts it to YouTube, where it blows past 73 million views in a single weekend and trends on Facebook for two entire weeks. Thousands of people all over the world post their own reaction videos in response, the most popular being Minami Kenjirou’s, which is just 14 minutes of him alternating between sobbing hysterically and shoving paper towels up his nose. 

2. Yuuri’s in the middle of giving an interview with ABC News after winning gold at the Olympics when a little girl crashes the set and takes it upon herself to plop herself into his lap. The interviewer moves to cut to commercial, but Yuuri tells her that it’s fine. He turns his attention to the girl and compliments her sparkly barrette. Very seriously, the girl thanks him, tells him her name (Malia), age (7 and a half), her teacher’s name (Mr. Gaeney, second grade teacher at P.S. 114) and that she’s going to skate with him at the Olympics someday. To his credit, Yuuri doesn’t laugh; instead, he hugs the girl close and says that he’s looking forward to it. About an hour later, Victor posts a positive pregnancy test to Instagram.

3. A video surfaces of a younger Yuuri and Phichit doing the dance to Bye, Bye, Bye on the ice. The line of Yuuri’s shoulders are soft, not a hint of fear in the way he moves his hips nor a single brushstroke of anxiety in the deep bow of his smile, and he keeps time with Phichit perfectly. It gets retweeted by Lance Bass, who says, @ yurikatsuki nice moves! dm me the next time you’re in la! #hihihi. Victor spends the week trolling Lance with terrible N*Synce photoshoots from the early 2000s and scoring them out of a possible 10. None of them ever make it to a 6.  

4. At Worlds 2018, Yuuri debuts a routine that he choreographed himself to Lady Gaga’s Dance in the Dark, which the commentators say is his attempt at a cooler, sexier Yuuri Katsuki. Victor has to be physically restrained from joining Yuuri on the ice, while six people in the audience have to be hospitalized for extreme blood loss. Yuri Plisetsky’s face becomes Tumblr’s new favorite reaction gif. 

5. Victor watches from the doorway, thinking of the fey, drunken creature who stole his heart all those years ago, and of the shy boy who wanted so badly to be as good as everyone else thought he was, and marvels at how we pour ourselves into the wide and wondrous spaces that time creates. If someone had told him maybe ten years ago—when he’d believed that perfection could only be found in the thumping bass of nightclubs, in between the thighs of faceless men—that he would be brought to his knees by the sight of his disheveled and sleep-starved husband slowly dancing around a nursery with their infant daughter cradled in his arms, singing softly and off-key, he would have laughed and asked for some of whatever it was that person was on. 

But now, himself a much different man than the one he’d been at twenty, at twenty-five, at twenty-seven, he’s smarter. Wiser. Happier. And he’s never seen anything sexier. 


We’re happily announcing the return of the Stranglethorn Bonfire Bash for Summer 2017! Last year was such a blast that we HAD to do it again! Join Poeful the half-elf and Obasi the troll for an evening of beach-related fun:

  • Show off your best beach wear and take a selfie with the hosts!
  • Dip your toes in he'ethraze, the ancient troll sport of surfing!
  • Gather your teams for the debut of Bassball, the new competitive beach-front sensation – with prizes!
  • Or just grab a drink and party the night away!

When: Saturday, August 26th, 5pm server time on Wyrmrest Accord. (cross-server players welcome)
Where: Yojamba Isle, Northern Stranglethorn Vale. (map below)
Who’s Welcome: Everyone! Bring a friend, bring a date, anything goes. (We do not discriminate against lore-bending. All are welcome! Just have fun and be respectful!)
Join us for a night of drink, dance, and delighting in each other’s company. Let’s celebrate the summer!

Want to share your stories and artwork? Use the #stvbb tag!

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writing prompt: a messenger/guide shows up in your house asking you to travel to his magical world to help save their kingdom, but he seems surprisingly unenthusiastic about it, almost resentful/bitter

“–so we need you, oh chosen one, to come and save us,” Gregory finishes. He’s still looking at the corner of the room where you’ve hung a wisteria and hasn’t made eye contact since giving you his name. He never asked for yours.

You feel distinctly uncomfortable, sitting on the couch with your hands folded neatly in your lap. You’re still in your work clothes, black pants and t-shirt the hair salon requires, and you’ve counted at least three different types of hair on you since Gregory’s explanation began. Compared to Gregory’s armor, jaunty hat, and formal footwear, you are very underdressed.

“Um,” you say, “no.”

Gregory rises and sighs heavily. “Oh, thank you, chosen one, we are forev–” He breaks off, eyes finally dropping to meet yours. You see that his eyes aren’t light green like you thought. They’re yellow. “No?”

Yeah,” you say and try to brush the grey, three-inch long hair from your left knee. Ms. Simpson’s, you think. She’d gotten a healthy trim. “No.”

“Is it because you’re not magic?” Gregory asks, looking down his hooked nose at you. “Because I thought I did a good job explaining that, in my world, you are magic and–”

“It’s because that sounds hella dangerous,” you say. You shrug sheepishly. “I’m not really looking for a fast way to die so…” You shrug again.

“I told you that that’s what I’m for,” Gregory says irritably. “I’ll protect you from Lord Deigh’s henchman as you search for the lost heir. I’m your guard.”

You squint at him. “It doesn’t seem like you particularly want to be my guard, dude.”

Gregory, tellingly, says nothing.

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japanese: different ways of saying hello and goodbye

はじめまして - hajimemashite - Nice to meet you (used when it is your first time meeting someone and introducing yourself)
おはよう(ございます) - ohayou (gozaimasu) - Good morning
こんにちは - konnichiwa - Good afternoon
こんばんは - konbanwa - Good evening
もしもし - moshi moshi - Hello? (used when answering a phone)
ようこそ - youkoso - Welcome (used when welcoming someone to a new place)
ただいま - tadaima - I’m home! (used when announcing your return home)
おかえり - okaeri - Welcome back (usually used in reply to “tadaima”)
おじゃまします - ojama shimasu - I’ll be interrupting/intruding/a bother (usually used when entering someone else’s home)
しつれいします - shitsureishimasu - I’ll be rudely interrupting/intruding (like “ojamashimasu” but slightly more formal. This is also used in work environments like when you’re interrupting your boss’ meeting to enter the room.)
おさきに - osaki ni - I’ll be taking my leave now (usually said as you are leaving work or a group meeting before others)
またね - mata ne - See ya later
おやすみなさい - oyasuminasai - Good night (as in one of you in the conversation is about to go to sleep)
さようなら - sayounara - Goodbye

Samus Returns

Ok y'all, if we want anymore Metroid games in the future, we have to work together to ensure that Samus Returns sells really well. Here are some totally rational ideas I’m proposing:

1. But a copy of the game for every one you know for Christmas/Chanukah/Festivus/Etc. I don’t care who they are or if they own a 3DS or not. They are getting a copy of Samus Returns. Buy them a second one for their birthday. Multiplier effect applies for people born on winter holidays: they get four copies.

2. Go door to door with your 3DS and ask people if they have a moment to talk about Our Lady and Galactic Savior Samus Aran.

3. Have a wedding just so you can pass out copies of the game as wedding favors.

4. Pull a Tom Sawyer and tell people it’s a special game that they aren’t allowed to play. Think about Cartmanland on South Park and how successful that business model was.

5. Trick your country’s leader into attacking it or praising it over Twitter so that everyone on one side or the other will just HAVE to go out and buy it. Either just to say they have it or to burn copies of it in effigy.

Feel free to add your own ideas. We need this thing to work.


President Abraham Lincoln Gay

In 1837, the 28-year-old Abraham Lincoln arrived in Springfield, Illinois, to found a law practice. Almost immediately, he struck up a friendship with a 23-year-old shopkeeper named Joshua Speed. There may have been an element of calculation to this friendship, since Joshua’s father was a prominent judge, but the two clearly hit it off. Lincoln rented an apartment with Speed, where the two slept in the same bed. Sources from the time, including the two men themselves, describe them as inseparable.

Lincoln and Speed were close enough to still raise eyebrows today. Speed’s father died in 1840, and shortly afterwards, Joshua announced plans to return to the family plantation in Kentucky. The news seems to have stricken Lincoln. On January 1, 1841, he broke off his engagement with Mary Todd and made plans to follow Speed to Kentucky.

Speed left without him, but Lincoln followed a few months later, in July. In 1926, writer Carl Sandburg published a biography of Lincoln in which he described the relationship between the two men as having, “a streak of lavender, and spots soft as May violets.” Eventually, Joshua Speed would marry a woman named Fanny Henning. The marriage lasted 40 years, until Joshua’s death in 1882, and produced no children.

From 1862 to 1863, President Lincoln was accompanied by a bodyguard from the Pennsylvania Bucktail Brigade named Captain David Derickson. Unlike Joshua Speed, Derickson was a prodigious father, marrying twice and siring ten children. Like Speed, however, Derickson became a close friend of the president and also shared his bed while Mary Todd was away from Washington. According to an 1895 regimental history written by one of Derickson’s fellow officers:

“Captain Derickson, in particular, advanced so far in the President’s confidence and esteem that, in Mrs. Lincoln’s absence, he frequently spent the night at his cottage, sleeping in the same bed with him, and — it is said — making use of His Excellency’s night-shirt!”

Another source, the well-connected wife of Lincoln’s naval adjundant, wrote in her diary: “Tish says, ‘there is a Bucktail Soldier here devoted to the President, drives with him, & when Mrs L. is not home, sleeps with him.’ What stuff!”

Derickson’s association with Lincoln ended with his promotion and transfer in 1863.

“Our Team Came Back”: #151115WITHBAP

Hello all fans of B.A.P! The 15th of November is just around the corner: on that day two years ago, B.A.P made their comeback with their Matrix Showcase. The period before, the lawsuit hiatus, was a dark and frustrating one, both for the boys and for us. So when they finally announced their return, it was an extremely meaningful moment for us all.

Because of this, we’d like to encourage you all to treat 151115 as a sort of second anniversary: a rebirth to be celebrated! Even if TS doesn’t promote them properly, we can still do what we can to get their names heard on social media. It’d be great to get #B.A.P to trend on Tumblr that day to promote the boys and get them some well-deserved love and attention.

On the 15th of November, let’s try to contribute how we can! Content creators: make gifs, edits, graphics, write fics, or whatever else you can think of! If you don’t make your own content but still want to contribute, tag all your original posts with “B.A.P” (text posts talking about how much you love B.A.P, screenshots of your favourite moments, etc) so that your Tumblr activity contributes to the tag hopefully trending! (please don’t repost though!)

There’s no specific theme, but for those looking for inspiration, perhaps:

  • what B.A.P means to you, or what their comeback means to you
  • OT6: moments, quotes, emotions
  • B.A.P’s post-hiatus growth, success, moments, pride, happiness
  • anything else you can think of!

We really do hope you’ll join in, so we can all express our love and gratitude for B.A.P and their return as a group - better than ever - all together, and get them some positive exposure. This isn’t necessarily a BAPNet event: we want to encourage the whole fandom to celebrate the boys, so everybody is welcome to join.

Remember: tag your posts with #B.A.P, and #151115WithBAP too if you’d like! Anyone wanting to take part in the project on other social media platforms like Twitter is more than welcome to! Please do spread the word - the more the merrier :D

- Admins S (@bapofficial) and M (@vanillajae)

All Too Well | Epilogue

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Epilogue

Summary: You and Yoongi shared a loving relationship with one another until you both agreed to end things and pursue your separate careers. But two years later, Yoongi is a member of the ever growing Bangtan Boys, and you are a new makeup artist for their upcoming tour.
Pairing: Yoongi | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst/Smut; Idol & Makeup Artist AU
Word Count: 3,840
Author’s Note: And this, my friends, marks the end. 

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Lana had always been taught to cover up. To hide and be ashamed of her body.
She had been taught that it was her responsibility to keep men from staring at them and protect herself.
Of course until she was twelve she didn’t listen to the warnings.
She would wear shorts and vests out in public when it was hot.
But after pubity hit men started whistling at her and making lude comments she began to cover up more.
However it wasn’t until she was groped on a bus did she really get scared of showing any skin.
After that happened she started to wear her brothers cast offs, her frame swallowed in baggy layers to hide her curves.
She was thankful of the Garrison uniform being unisex which helped her cover.
Even in space her armour was very conservative, flattening her chest and making her appearance seem so male that most Aliens they met assumed so.
Lana would of been happy this continuing, however after Shiro returned Allura announced there would be a ball and they would all be expected to wear formal clothing.
“Allura are you sure I can’t just wear my armour?” Lana pleaded as the Princess routed through her closet for something the blue paladin could wear.
“Of course not Lana, this ball is to celebrate peace. It is traditional that the Paladins do not wear their uniforms for such an occasion.”
“But nothing, it will be fun. Here this will look lovely on you.” Allura cut her off tossing her a blue gown.
Just by looking at it Lana could tell one very important thing.
It was tight and was designed to show off flesh.
Lana opened her mouth to argue but Allura was already pushing her out of the room to get ready.
Keith was not happy.
He was stuck talking to some diplomat in a dark red Altean tux and was honestly the most uncomfortable thing he had ever worn.
Allura glared at him as he pulled on his collar for the hundredth time trying to loosen his stupid bow tie.
Shiro was currently at the princess’s side trying to not look as uncomfortable as Keith, but it was clear he hated the monkey suit as much as Keith did.
Hunk seemed to live his dark yellow tux and was happily chatting away with Slav about god knows what.
Pidge had some how been coaxed into a light green dress that ended halfway down her shins and already was stained with what Keith hoped was motor oil from the robot she was gushing over.
The only one Keith hadn’t been able to spot was Lana.
He had assumed she would of jumped at the chance to be the centre of attention and bask in the praise that the Paladins were reviving.
However she was almost twenty minutes late and Keith was staring to worry.
He was about to go looking for her when the doors creaked open and Keith felt his heart skip a beat.
Lana was stood in the doorway her dark down hair was swept to the side over her shoulder, curled and filled with a silver mesh dotted with dark blue gems.
Her dress was the same beautiful blue as her eyes and clung The the curves Keith never realised she had.
It was high necked but sleeveless and backless with only a slim piece of silver fabric covering her tanned stomach.
There was a slit up the left side showing off her long elegant leg and heals.
Keith didn’t even realise he was staring until he made eye contact with her and she blushed before darting out of the room.
“Lana wait!” He yelled chasing after her.
Keith ran all round the castle looking for the blue paladin.
He wasn’t sure what was wrong. But he was staring to get worried.
Right when he was about to give up and call in reinforcements he heard a soft shuffling noise from inside a closet.
Keith slowly opened the door seeing Lana curled up in the corner with tears staining her cheeks.
“Lana… what’s wrong?” Keith asked sitting next to her. “Please talk to me.”
“My papa would be so angry with me….” Lana whispered.
“How come?”
“He always said it was a woman’s responsibility to make sure no one looks, that showing skin means I’m asking for it to happen again.”
Keith felt a flash of red hot anger go through him.
He was mad at Lanas dad and however the hell touched her to make her think such a thing.
“Listen Lana… I was only looking because I was surprised, but it had nothing to do with the fact you have skin on display. You could of walked in there dressed like a nun and I still would of stared.
Lana tilted her head up to look at him "how come?”
“Because your the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. And that has nothing to do with what you wear, it’s because of who you are that makes you so amazing.”
Lana sniffed wiping her eyes “thanks”
“Any time ” Keith smiled standing up and offering her his hand.
“Now how about we go show these aliens how to party.”
Lana took his hand letting him pull her up laughing “best idea I’ve heard all day.”
Keith couldn’t help but grin as he led Lana back to the ball room and the two spent the rest of the night dancing together and having the time of their lives.

Snapchat Mishaps {Pt 4}

Warnings:  S M U T , NSFW gifs, swearing , bucky being an ass. angst.

~ I don’t know why this chapter came out to angst, but the next ones will be pure smut I swear ; just hang in there 😘😏😏

MasterList    Snapchat Mishap Masterlist !

 Spending the night in buckys room was like having a sleepover with wanda or Nat( minus the booze and face masks ) . You stayed up and talked for a while , just about random things and you managed to learn a lot about each other that you didn’t know ; then you watched movies for hours , until you fell asleep cuddled into his side in the early hours of the morning .

When you wake up, you find yourself pressing up against Bucky, his arms wi ding tightly around you body keep you to him. Your face is nuzzling into his neck, and you don’t think you ever been comfier . It’s one thing for me to be fucking around with Bucky, but this isn’t - I didn’t plan on liking being this close to him him a non sexual way so much .

“ good morning doll.” His sleepy voice startles you , but as you go to move he doesn’t let you.

“ morning asshat.” You say with a yawn . You wiggle around and his grip still stays strong .

“ where do you think you’re going?”

“ to my room?”

“ no I don’t think so . ”
He ducks his head down , nudging his nose against yours . Your heart flutters at the action , and nearlyJumps out of your chest when his lips gently kiss yours.

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 A smile forms on both of your faces into the kiss, the. Bucky starts leaving kisses all over your face, making you giggle and try to shove him away .  

“ Bucky stooppp !” You squeal ,he stops kissing you to laugh and you send him a pout .

“ why’d you stop?” You ask , his laughter goes up a notch in volume , making you laugh as well.
This is such a weird couple moment , but we aren’t a couple . So how the fuck is this even a thing right now ? Fuck , I’m screwed.

He goes in for another kisss but is interrupted when a loud knock sounds on his door .

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“ buck you awake ?” Fuck , Steve .

“ no !” Bucky shouts , then connects your lips . His hand slides under his v neck that’s still covering your body , and stop once they hit your chest. This kiss is still slow and lazy, his hands follow the same lead , gently and lazily palming your chest in sync with the kiss.

Steve begins knocking again , harder this time .

“ we have a mission Bucky, we gotta go !”
Fuck no no no .

“ call in sick .” You whisper against his lips . He Laughs before fully removing his lips from yours .

“ sorry doll , duty calls .” He places one last kiss to your lips before springing out of bed .

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“ I’ll meet you in the hangar steve !” Bucky calls out and you hear steve accept his answer . You groan, rolling out of his bed until your feet land on the floor . Bucky flings your shorts at you with a wink before he disappears into his bathroom . You pull on your pants and leave his room , sending one last look over your shoulder to his messy bed . What have I gotten myself into?

Before you leave buckys out of his bathroom , fully geared up .

“ leaving without saying goodbye y/n, that’s cold.” There was a tiny hint of humor in his voice , but he sounded genuinely shocked or upset? You couldn’t tell .

“ figured I’d meet you in the hangar to say by to everyone .”
He smiles , taking the lead as you follow him to the elevator . The ride up was filled with laughs and new movie night ideas .

When you reach the hangar , your pace slowed down, letting him get ahead to the team . It looks like everyone but wanda and Bruce are going . You say your usual goodbyes before a mission, You say goodbye and goodluck to everyone , giving them quick hugs , lastly stopping in front of Bucky. His goodbye usually consisted of “ don’t fuck up too bad , I don’t feel like spending the night playing babysitter in the infirmary, then a quick flirty retort from him and a wink . But this time, you couldn’t help the change .

” good luck buck .“ You wrap your arms around his neck tightly , his go around your waist . You let you lips brush against his ear as you whisper ,
” come home in one piece , please .“ When you drop your arms you see a faint blush on his cheeks. 

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” you got it sweet cheeks .“ There’s that damn wink

” fuck off barnes , just so you know , your favorite bro nurse is on duty the next couple days , I’ll make sure he takes real good care of you if you end up in the med bay .“ You return his wink, watching him cringe at the thought of having to deal with how rough john ( the bro nurse as he liked to be called ) is with IVs and exams . The blush grows darker on his face now , God he’s adorable . What happened to the cocksure Bucky Barnes from before ?

  It’s been two days since the team left for their mission, and both of the days you’ve spent thinking about Bucky . You think about all the things you talked about with him the other night; it was like meeting an entirely different person than the Bucky you knew . He told you stories of things he remember from the 40’s, about the things he did to keep busy when he was hiding after leaving steve in DC , about being in wake dad , and things that interest him that you never knew . You discovered he loves learning about space , that when he can’t sleep from nightmares he likes to sit on the roof of the tower and watch the stars until morning , along with a shit ton of other things . Some things you knew already from observing him , or that have come up in conversations before ; like his favorite color , food, drink , that he hates modern day music and he gets sick enjoyment out of torturing Sam on a daily basis. Your  image of Bucky has shifted , from being a flirty dickbag to still being a flirty dickbag, but not in bad way, in a way that makes you not want to kick him in the balls when he flirts with you or shoot him in the face when he acts like a jerk . You’ve seen a caring side of him now , getting to know more things about him actually makes you want to be near him more ; you just haven’t sorted out if you want to be near him more as friends or …. ya know .

  You’ve forgotten about the ‘game ’ you two have been playing a few times over these two days and have to keep reminding yourself ; to him it’s just for fun . Even if we do end up fucking , we can still be friends after right?

  It’s day 3 , and almost 8pm , you’re about to start a movie when FRIDAY announces the teams return . You book it to the hangar , and wait silently as the jet lands . The door drops open , and the team exits .

“ any injuries ?” You call out You receive a chorus of no’s , then hello’s .

Bucky is the last one that gets off the jet , his face showing no emotion . As he approaches you smile ,

“ hey bu-”

“ could you just not right now .” He snaps, your eyes widen at his harsh tone . He step onto the elevator , his cold eyes locking on yours as the doors glide shut. What the fuck ?

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Buckys been cold to you since he returned, barely speaking to you and when he does it’s never pleasant . It’s been three days since he came back , with a completely different personality . You finally confront steve about it

“ steve what the hell happened on that mission ?”

“ it’s classi-”

“ Say it’s classified Rogers, and I will break your damn nose .” You snap

He sighs , “ it was suppose to be an abandoned hydra base, we just needed the intel off the computer. We got there and got ambushed and one of them hr Bucky with a shock gun and it must of triggered a flashback and he went into soldier mode . It took a while to calm him down, and when he did he saw all the destruction around him and closed himself off. ”

Poor Bucky , he didn’t go into much detail about his time as the soldier the other night, but he mentioned his fear of relapsing a little . So you can only imagine how hard this must be for him . You decide to check on him , bringing him a glass of his favorite ice tea , when you step off into his floor you hear loud, high pitched moans , that definitely aren’t coming from Bucky . You back up into the elevator , pushing the tears of anger and confusion back . Before the doors shut you see a girl run into the hall in her underwear giggling , with a shirtless Bucky chasing after her and stopping when his eyes lock onto your tearing ones.

Once the doors shut all the way you let the tears loose , “I’m so fucking stupid .”

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Doctor Who’s Final Hall H Panel with Peter Capaldi Ahead of His Final Christmas Special – Moderated by Chris Hardwick

Announced today, BBC AMERICA returns to San Diego Comic-Con’s Hall H for the final Doctor Who panel with star Peter Capaldi and the first-ever panel in the famed venue for Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency on Sunday, July 23 at 1:00 and 2:00pm.

Six years ago, BBCA’s Doctor Who was part of the first-ever slate of TV shows to gather with fans in Hall H, when San Diego Comic-Con presented a TV line-up in the 6,500 plus seat venue on Sunday, July 24, 2011. Returning to Hall H on Sunday, BBCA’s bringing its most anticipated Doctor Who panel yet with award-winning star Peter Capaldi (the Doctor), Pearl Mackie (Bill), Matt Lucas (Nardole),Michelle Gomez (Missy), writer and actor Mark Gatiss (Sherlock) and showrunner Steven Moffat (Sherlock).

Moderated by Chris Hardwick, the panel will give fans an exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special – the final special starring Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and written by Emmy®-winning lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat. Last week’s season ten finale earned critical acclaim with The A.V. Club calling it “a pitch-perfect finale” and Vulture giving it five out of five stars.

For more information, head on over to or click here


Robin is here to help her best friend and his wife with their problems, no matter what they may be (or is she?)

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