Cleveland Clinic announces first successful uterus transplant in the U.S.

(The Washington Post)A 26-year-old patient is the nation’s first recipient of a uterus transplant, doctors from the Cleveland Clinic announced on Thursday.
Surgeons in Cleveland say they have performed the country’s first uterus transplant on a 26-year-old woman, using a uterus from a deceased donor.
Still, it’s vital that the Cleveland Clinic surgeons show that they can make the procedure safe enough to justify the risks.
For women with cultural, religious or personal conflicts with surrogacy, uterus transplants could provide biological children who would otherwise be impossible.
The Cleveland Clinic continues to screen additional patients for the trial.

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Bastion Developer Supergiant Announces Next Game, Pyre

Bastion Developer Supergiant Announces Next Game, Pyre

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Supergiant Games has announced its third game. Pyre follows Bastion and Transistor, and it’ll be out in 2017. Pyre takes place in a “mystical purgatory,” in which your band of exiles is attempting to free itself. You’ll compete in the Rites, and attempt to learn why they exist. (Please visit the site to view this media) Those that prevail get to return home. Those that fail wallow in the Downside…

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Sony announces smartphone game development

Sony announces smartphone game development

Sony has announced plans to open a new company under its umbrella, focused squarely on smart devices. The new company, called ForwardWorks, will begin operation on April 1, alongside Sony Computer Entertainment’s restructuring to Sony Interactive Entertainment. The announcement promises that ForwardWorks will leverage PlayStation intellectual property, characters, and software titles to make…

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