How to announce your new ALL MIGHT Cosplay💪🏼
LEVEL : Leon ‘Plus Ultra’ Chiro

Yesterday in @paradiseconevent we made history together! ❤️
I can’t really tell you how emotional this moment was to me and sharing this LIVE with YOU has been so intense! 🔥

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The moment you’ve all been waiting for! After hours and hours of careful consideration and contemplation, the four organizers of ‘In Cold Blood’ are excited to announce the list of artists and writers who will be contributing to the zine!

Here are the 31 artists and 8 writers attached to the project, including three artists we contacted to fill the ranks after some drops!

Invited Artists and Writers:
@captain-erwinmerica (Ashida) l barechu l @crimson-chains@kawaiilo-ren (Kait) l @lamenart l Mizo l @butleronice (Moose) l @saniika l @witchsbane l @zephyrine-gale

Accepted Artists:
@1o8k l @aniaroa l @aurelie-a (Aurelie) l @banacotta (nagi) l @bracari-iris l @campaignofmadness l @creatures-from-starlight (Cass) l @haedraulics l @iruutciv (Iru) l @lovelytitania@nim-lock (Joy Yang) l @nuupu@purefake (Le) l @rainlikestars (Shino) l @samazkma@schmesa (Spray) l @simrell l @somethingyoirelated@thegreatpeanut l @tosquinha (Quel) l  @unhlyghst@xintaowan (Xin / Angela) l @yo-lauw (yoyow)

Accepted Writers:
@eternalsunshine13 l @omgkatsudonplease (Lily Winterwood) l @lucycamui@naeriels (Niahara) l @abrcmhatford (Ren) l @yuripaws

How to Care For Your Hacker Genius 101


  • Be honest with them
  • Communicate with them
  • Trust them
  • Celebrate them
  • Small acts of affection
  • Occasionally expose to sunlight
  • Give them time and space to safely introvert
  • Provide tasty treats
  • Stock the fridge & pantry with Insta-Food
  • Provide a comfy space for Hacker Naps™
  • Let them know that they’re worthy
  • Occasionally produce healthy meals for consumption
  • Let them know that they are wanted
  • Humor both periods of quirky humor and long stretches of silence in stride
  • (Attempt to) Ensure that they receive a minimum of 4hrs sleep per 24hr period
  • Encourage tinkering
  • Frequently tell them that they are loved (even when it appears as though they’re not listening)
  • Encourage acts of self-care
  • Encourage psychological and physical healthy development


  • Lie to them, especially on meaningful topics
  • Tell them that their only worth is only equivalent to their skills
  • Insult them
  • Keep them in the dark
  • Abandon them
  • Isolate them
  • Restrain them against their will
  • Force your will upon them
  • Drug them
  • Brainwash them
  • Manipulate them
  • Use them
  • Abuse them (Physically, Psychologically, Emotionally, etc.)
  • Torture them
  • Withhold treasured objects, memories, or loved ones from them
  • Impress upon them that they are broken
  • Make them feel unwanted
  • Withhold access to food and/or water
  • Suppress them
  • Encourage acts of blatant self-destruction

PRO TIP: When in doubt, remember that they are a living, breathing human being and not a tool or a weapon made for one’s personal use.

***This has been a public service announcement brought to you by the concerned citizens at the Choi Twins’ Protection & Care Foundation***

Piggyback race with the septic boys!

Click it for better quality!

Marvin and Jackieboyman are heading to victory, Chase it’s determined to pass them, Schneeps is regretting agreeing to be part of this shit, Anti thinks that this is stupid and Rob is there.

Bonus that i was to lazy to color:

Angus The Survival Hunter and the announcer from the Japan World Cup narrating the race! well angus not so much because he keeps getting interrupted by the enthusiastic and loud anouncer  because if we are going to make egos out  of Jack’s series, his annoucer “persona” from that series deserves to be an ego. 

170920 Official Fancafe Announcement

An announcement about Leo’s upcoming schedules in and out of the country

This is Jellyfish Entertainment.

We are here to make an announcement to the fans regarding Leo’s upcoming schedules in and out of the country.

First, thank you to the fans for your concern and support.
Last week, following Leo’s volition, he finished the last music show for this VIXX LR album’s promotions while receiving treatment, but his stomachache did not improve, and he was hospitalized to receive treatment.

The company views Leo’s health as top priority, so we are concentrating on treating the stomachaches caused by the gastrointestinal bleeding and restoring his health.
Thus, we ask for your understanding that for the time-being Leo will not participate in schedules and will be focusing on restoring his health.

Therefore, it is unavoidable that he will not participate in the schedule for today, the event appearances starting at the end of this week in Japan, or the schedules prior to the Japanese album promotions.
Also, the VIXX LR Hapjeong, Seoul fansign that was to take place the 21st (Thurs) has been postponed until the middle of October.

We ask for your kind understanding about the hasty change in the schedule; we will do our best to give you notice as quickly as possible when the new date of the fansign has been decided.

We apologize again for causing the fans worry; the company will put all it’s effort into restoring Leo’s health.

Thank you.

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On Love: Yuuri! A Yuuri Katsuki centric zine!

The announcement is finally here!!!

After a long investigation on how to go about this I‘m happy to announce the Yuuri centric zine, On Love: Yuuri is finally here!

Yuuri is a great character, multifaceted, relatable and an inspiration for each one of those that has passed through emotions similar to his. Which is why he deserves to finally get a zine that celebrates him!

Everything is accepted! From AUs to Skating to his relationship with other characters!

Artist as well as writer Applications start October 1rst

You can find our About page HERE. Our FAQ HERE. And our schedule HERE.

Spread the word and reblog!