Anyone in the fairy tail  or naruto fandom that wants to be my mother, waifu, sister, aunt, or fiancee??

anyone is welcome to be part of my messed up family tree





KamiHaji 143 up tomorrow

I’ve been feeling a bit light headed today, and this week turned into a succession of days in which I hadn’t had the chance to catch my breath, so I’ve decided I will be translating KamiHaji 143 tomorrow. I just don’t have the motivation, and the words aren’t flowing for me right now. I was hoping to get to it this afternoon, but I really needed a day to chill and rest.

I feel the need to remind the odd people who decided to send me asks on where KamiHaji 143 was that this is something I do out of free will. I have real life matters to attend to, and unfortunately today I wasn’t feeling at my best. I know I never posted anything on tumblr saying I was feeling unwell, but I thought it went without saying that it was okay for me to post translations when I felt right when it takes up so much of my free time…

Anyway, that’s all. I was just rather upset to log onto tumblr and find so many messages in my inbox on KamiHaji 143. I’ll post the translation tomorrow, though unfortunately no scans seem to be out yet :(

Mini Update!

When I first started this blog over two years ago, I made a tag directory so it would be easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, about two years ago was also the last time I updated that directory, before I had a reasonably consistent tagging system or even enough content to warrant one. So I just updated that page to be more reflective of the actual content and tags of this blog, which hopefully will make navigating this blog a little easier! Check it out here.


As you may or may not know: I love reading! Ever since I was a child I’ve always been a huge book nerd. As a child, my nose was always shoved in either a Junie B. Jones or Harry Potty book, and when I was in the second grade I won an award for reading 144 books in one week. So, after a lot of positive feedback about starting a book club, I have decided to go ahead and do just that and start the Cozy Maple Woods Book Club! Hooray!

With school taking up a large sum of my schedule, it’s difficult to find the time to sit down and pick up a book from where I left off, but with a book club I can keep myself (and you!) accountable! 

Here’s how it works: Every month we will read one book. That’s not that scary, right?! I will announce the book at the beginning of the month, so you’ll have a little time to buy, download, or go to your local library to pick up the book. Every month I’ll ask you what books you’d like to read. I’ll look over the feedback and schedule the book we’ll be reading, accordingly! At the end of every month I’ll host an online discussion to review the book. Everyone is more than welcome to join in and discuss their thoughts! 

So, are you ready for this? Are you in?! What book would you like to read for the month of March? 

[Original Character Positivity Week 2016

Mon: Trials
Tues: Family
Wed: Relationships
Thurs: Abilities
Fri: Occupations]

Officially Announcing…. Original Character Positivity Week! From March 28th to Feb 1st, fullmetalpositivity will be focusing on the original characters of the Fullmetal Alchemist fandom - next-generation Elrics, fanmade State Alchemists, new homunculi and everything in between! (Self-inserts are especially considered welcome as long as they’re part of the FMA fandom in some way!)

How do I participate? 

         Send in positivity submissions! We want to hear about the original characters that have made impressions on you - and they don’t need to be roleplayers, either. Artists and fanfiction writers deserve positivity for their characters too!

         Post and reblog art, headcanons and fanfiction! We want to see your characters, so if you’re interested in showing them to us, tag @fullmetalpositivity somewhere in your post or tags. (If we reblog something that you don’t want reblogged, please let us know!

        Ask us questions about our OCs! (All of us have our own as well ^_^)


        -No NSFW artwork or writing, please! It is still appreciated and loved but we want to keep this particular event all-ages.

        -No elitism. The words ‘Mary-Sue’ or ‘Gary-Stu’ are not welcome during this event, especially not when being thrown at other OCs.

       -Sourced artwork/fanfic/cosplay only please!

        -There is no limit on how much you can submit! However, do be kind to the mods :)

We hope to see you all participating when the time comes!

Live Q&A Starting Now

You can join us here.

UPDATE: and it’s over.

Thank you to everyone who was there. If you want to watch it, an archive can be found here.

Some quick Show Notes:

Hi, How do I make fights and battle scenes really intense? I want to reader to feel the adrenaline and danger and be wrapped up in the moment, but I don’t know how to convey this in my writing. Any tips? -Anon from our Tumblr Inbox

Okay so you’ve talked a lot about spies and assassins on here, but I have to wonder, if these people are so dangerous, how do the people hiring them keep them in line? I guess this would mostly apply to spies, but if you could go over assassins too, that’d be good. How do the people hiring keep them in line and keep their agents from betraying them? What do they do when an assassin or a spy goes rogue and tries to go against them? How can they trust their own agents no to betray them? -AR

What are some ways my character could become trained in the skills needed to be an assassin, without using some sort of “assassin training school”, or the military? -Kristina Rader

Note: The article I was referencing can be found here. (unfortunately it seems to be behind a paywall now). My abstract of its content can be found here.

About the language+assassin thing: there’s also slang to consider, which changes with the times, as well as from place to place. -AR

How hard would it be for a character to go from being trained in a lethal martial art (like Systema) to trying to use a MA based on subduing opponents? -Anon from the inbox

Are there any fighting techniques that are easier to write than others? I’ve been finding plain boring fist fights throughout my work and I’d love some variation. -rachael palmer

What are some injuries you can get from training with someone? Does training with someone increase the risk of getting hurt? What are the most dangerous styles to train in that your more likely to get hurt in? -AR

Hi. I have a character who is a Naga and I was wondering how he would move. Also can I ask multiple questions? -Leah Lichtenstien

You don’t need to make maps to contribute to Outotsu Yume!

Our project accepts Chipsets, Charsets, Sounds, Music and other types of graphics along with maps!

If you would like to contribute, you can visit the contribution thread in or just send us a message with a link to your contribution! We also accept materials posted in the Uboachan thread.

Thank you for your time, and happy dreaming!

Characters Needed!

Hey there, lovely followers! It’s time again for a list of characters that we need! We hope that you’ll take notice of this, and send in an audition to our audition blog @askthenyotalians-auditions or perhaps bug your friends that have cosplays into sending in auditions. Note that characters in bold are ones that we have a particular need for!





Hong Kong


South Korea





We look forward to your auditions!

Foundlingtale Update

Ok guys so here’s the deal

I have actually lost a lot of the impetus to draw the comic myself.

Like all the ideas are here, but I just can’t bring myself to draw them out. 

SO! I am making a proposal!

If any of you guys want to take part in making the comic instead, or wish to become a mod of this blog, please, shoot me a message and we can discuss the whole process and ideas and stuff.

I will still be answering asks, but I can’t focus too much on this blog right now, and I don’t want to leave everyone hanging completely without putting something in place.

Thanks in advance,


Since it’s apparently not clear as day to some people, let me say this one more time so no one can say they were uninformed:

I do not have internet service at my place of residence, and I haven’t since early September 2015. I’ve tried to inform those that have made starters or are awaiting replies of this to my best ability.

I can only get on tumblr mobile sporadically when my phone is able to connect to (still dunno who) an open connection that goes in and out depending on whether it’s windy or not. (no joke).

I appreciate those who are still sticking around waiting patiently, but there are some, of course, individuals try and accuse me of actually dropping threads.

If I want to get online normally with my laptop, I have to go to the public library which usually closes around 6-8pm, and even then, it’s dependent on if I can find somewhere to sit.

I wish I could give an estimate on when I’ll be back fully online, but I honest to goodness can’t. (The two ISPs in Lexington are owed big $$$, and thus leaving us screwed until we can afford working internet service back into regular expenses.

If you wish to leave, cool beans. But don’t make me feel like the badguy because you are having to wait for a reply. My Real Life >>>>>> replies to a roleplay.

Hiatus News???

So, uh, I seem to have dropped off the planet, haven’t I? I apologize to everyone that I had standing threads with- things ended up happening in my life that had me thrown around between houses and computers and medications and generally things were just a mess to where I dropped my roleplay blogs like a hot coal.

But! With (some)newfound stability and a (barely)working computer, I’ve decided to resurface, tentatively, like a groundhog.

Again I apologize to everyone that I left the way I did. Let’s hope I can be a little more stable than that in the future.

Important Announcement!

Miaou, my lovely Ladybugs and Tomcats!

We have a huge announcement for the MLSubbing blog. 

As of this week, we are an officially recognized fanblog for ZAG, Inc.! What this means is that we will now be releasing information to the fandom, on behalf of ZAG, directly from ZAG. You can also send us questions, and we’ll do our best to find out official answers! No spoilers, though ;D

This also means that we will be going pure SRT only for all our subtitles from here on out. All video episodes have been removed, and we will not be reuploading them. Our original plan was to have all non-English subs to be subbed via SRT only, so it’s not so different. The only difference now is that we’ll be shifting our English subs into only SRT Format. 

Additionally, you can find the group blog from our brand new URL,! Sometime in the very near future we will be doing a complete blog overhaul, so please do not be surprised, and look forward to the changes and information that will be provided!

Thank you all for your continued support towards Miraculous Ladybug, ZAG, Inc., and to our fanproject! We look forward to everybug sticking around with us in the future!

- AzuraJae & the MLSubbing Teams

(PS! This is Part Two of ?? of our 10k surprise, for those keeping track!)

[!] Block B Will Have a Comeback in March

Block B will be making a comeback soon!

According to an affiliate, Block B is currently preparing a new album and is planning to release it in March. Leader Zico will be in charge of producing the album as usual, as well as other members participating in the process.

Block B members have been focused on their individual activities till now. Zico appeared on “Show Me the Money 4″ as a judge and proved himself to be a talented producer through his solo album. The other members have been busy appearing on various variety shows and focusing on acting.

Fans have been patiently waiting as the members continue working on their albums along with their other promotions. This will be their comeback in a year and seven months after their “HER” album released in July of 2014.

Block B also plans to appear in a new cable variety show along with the release of their upcoming album.

Block B’s agency Seven Seasons stated, “It is true that they are preparing a comeback album, but the exact release date has not been confirmed yet.”

~ art by @kumakraft ( twitter / pixiv ) ☆ thank you for your wonderful illustration! ~


☆ Help us celebrate Clear’s birthday with a week dedicated to Clear and Aoba’s relationship from February 14th to February 20th ☆ 


February 14th - Valentines Day
February 15th - Jellyfish
February 16th - Broken/Repair
February 17th - Mirror
February 18th - Scars
February 19th - Always
February 20th - Happy Birthday, Clear!

Don’t forget to check out the rules and FAQ or send us an ask if you have any questions!

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