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It’s about wing lore (both angels and demons have them, it’s about the differences between them)

And also about heaven and hell (how they’re structured, and how that contributes to the difference in cultural views of wings)

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Hi :)

Uhm this is important, kinda.

Well I’m pretty sure by now all of you noticed that I haven’t been active, at all, and that’s because I haven’t been feeling that well lately (depression can suck my ovaries) and as a result I haven’t been able to collect my precious shit of a brain and write something. I have so many fics I want to post and so many things I want to share, I just haven’t been in the mood to do it or I just hated them once I finished them (way before I started feeling like shit) and deleted them.

That being said, I’ll come back as soon as I feel like writing. I can’t promise if I’ll be in the mood to interact with anyone or not (my mutuals: I’m really sorry for the lack of response, now you know why, hope you are okay tho. I’ll message you as soon as I feel better, promise), I mean, I’ll try. I always try to answer all of the ask you sweeties send me, I just can’t be my usual self right now, okay? I hope you understand.

Also, I think I’ll change some things about this blog: like deleting some of my works (the ones that I think that suck), classifying some things, maybe changing some old fics I posted and correcting them, but that will take some time.

Well, that’s it. I hope I come back before Christmas but If I can’t: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ❣️

Okay, so here’s one possible plan

While I’m still less than okay with tumblr’s decision to remove any “adult” content (I could rant for hours on why it’s a bone-headed decision but I won’t waste any more time), I’m not going to abandon this tumblr blog. 

I initially thought of trying to move the entire blog to twitter, that no longer seems like something feasible. It would be a herculean trial to try and move everything here to another blog on a completely different site; I have been running this tumblr since 2012/2013, and there are over 10,000 posts on here. I would also be loathe to do so because it would inevitably involve reuploading images created by wonderful artists to another site without their permission – asking every artist for permission to reupload their works elsewhere would take an enormous amount of time which I would certainly not have considering tumblr’s decision will be enacted on the 17th. 

The blog would also be a LOT harder to try and run considering twitter’s tag system is not nearly as useful as tumblr’s, especially when many artists on twitter don’t even tag their art thanks to the stupidity of the character limit and just how unhelpful the tags actually are. This would make looking for proper orc art even more difficult than it already is. There is also no “TumblrSavior” equivalent for twitter as far as I know, which has been one of the few things that helped keep my mental health intact while going through the orc tag (trust me on this one). 

So, I’ve come up with one possible alternative, but I’ll be basing the final decision on any feedback I receive.

I’m going to keep this blog going, but at some point in the next few weeks create a twitter account for any of the nsfw/”adult” content that was posted here. I will be actively downloading the nsfw content that has been posted in order to preserve it in the event that they are taken down by tumblr, while also recording the information for the various artists so I can contact them and ask permission to reupload the works to twitter or, as a much better option, ask for links to their own twitters of the work so I can retweet it and help get them the attention and followers they deserve for their hard work. 

I apologise for how rambling this announcement has been, but with the complete chaos of the tumblr policy change, my work changing my hours to the exact opposite of what they were before, and the inevitable rush to prepare things for the upcoming holidays, it has been very difficult to keep my thoughts in order. 

I also apologise to anyone who was afraid I would abandon this blog entirely. I was over-reacting and angry at tumblr – I still am, but at least now I’m more level-headed about it.

I hope that this plan is to everyone’s satisfaction, but if you have any criticisms or alternative thoughts, I implore you to share them with me. 

Let me know what you think!



Hey, it’s me!

You know how Tumblr is going to try to get rid of the “NSFW” stuff?

Well, that’s why I decided to back up as many of these posts as I can. Just to be safe.

If Tumblr ends up deleting my blog for whatever reason, I’ll just move it to r/DDLC and reupload my posts there.

It shouldn’t happen, though. My blog’s pretty safe. But I had a temporary flag on that tire swing post, it’s still there though, so don’t worry, but I’m keeping back ups of my posts just in case!

- Blog Guy/Player

Also, I will be getting to your questions soon, hopefully!


Momo’s limited crafting quest is beginning, and Princess bonus events~

⭐️ 12/17 - 12/25, Momo wants you to finish “Dream and Star Rainbow” to receive 1 Fantasy ticket + 35 stamina + 2 Princess reset cards!

⭐️ 12/21 - 12/23, Princess chapters 4, 10, 16 enjoy double drop and gold. 2, 7, Vol 2 Ch 2 enjoy double drop, 1, 5, 15 enjoy double gold.

(the suit is available starting from vol 2 ch 5)


I apologize for the brief absence the past 3 days, but I have been going through finals!

But I am excited to announce that I AM DONE WITH THE SEMESTER!!

What does this mean? Well, I’m hoping to get my lazy ass back into writing everyday and posting more and more of my ongoing AU and maybe start a new one!!

I cant promise I’ll be posting every single day (I have some irl plans made that I will not be able to post on those days) but I will try my damn hardest to get at least one post a day for you guys!! I can’t wait to get back to writing!! 💕💕

Good luck to anyone else who is still going through finals, and for those on break, have fun!!! And get some good sleep ❤️


I’m goin’ on another little Hiatus! (sort of) to give myself a break, and also to allow the AU to have time to collect its bearings during the airing of the FIVE NEW EPISODES (disincluding Legs) for SU. 

If I make it in time, the last comic for this year (gasp) will post on the 16th, Sunday. 

But you know me, I’ll probably sneak something else in.

By the way, while I’m kicking back and not drawing anything, I want to give other artists the opportunity to showcase their art and to just have fun with the AU! So…

Do you want to make a fancomic for the uh… fancomic? 

(How many levels of AU can we go down, what do you think?)

If you’re an artist of ANY skill level and ANY art style (traditional, digital, whatever) and you wanna draw something silly - or dramatic - or angsty - for the AU, now’s your chance! 

On December 18th I’ll open the submission box on this blog. When I do this, you’ll be able to go in and submit a post - your work - and then I’ll approve it and post it to the main blog itself!

Don’t wanna submit through tumblr? You can email it to me instead! (chekhovs.owl@gmail)

With your permission and with credit to any of your Social Media or websites, I will also cross-post this comic to Tapas (the webcomic website where I upload this AU). If you don’t want this to happen, please EXPLICITLY let me know about it when you submit it or email me.

Still have questions? Read on:

What can the comic be about?

Literally anything (as long as it’s not nsfw and not clearly illegal.) You can draw things that you THINK will happen or things that you WANT to happen, or whatever! You can draw AU on top of AU (for example, Canon!Steven and White!Steven meeting.) You can draw the future, or the past. 

Can I draw comics that include my OCs?

Yeah, sure, go for it. But please make sure that the comic you create will have at least 10% of WhiteDiamond!Steven AU stuff in it. Otherwise that’s not much of a guest comic.

How long should the comics be?

Preferably there should be at least 3 panels. The upper limit doesn’t exist, but don’t tire yourself out! 

What size does the comic have to be?

The ideal width is 800px, and the ideal length is between 800 and 1600px. If you send me something bigger, there’s a good chance I’ll resize it anyway, so please keep to this size to save me some time.

What time should I do this by?

There’s no time limit, but I can’t promise that comics submitted AFTER January 21st 2019, will be posted. If they will be, it’ll probably be later, during other intermissions.

I can’t do a comic. Can I submit fanart or cosplay, or a lil’ animation?

Yeah, for sure! I’ll still post it.

You didn’t answer my question.

Then please send me as ask, and I’ll do my best! 

By the way, this has been coming for a while, but here’s a REF sheet for White!Steven and his ‘official’ colors (and by official I mean I just slapped it together in like half an hour yesterday. You can do whatever.)


Why Tumblr Deleted Your Favorite Artist

There’s a lot of panic running around my dash today about various people’s blog’s getting arbitrarily deleted, and noone seems to know what’s happening (if, actually, anything).

There is most certainly something happening, and it’s this:



Turn that mess into a URL and you can read about Apple suddenly dropping the tumblr app from the App Store. I’ve mangled the link, because (I hear) tumblr has also changed their search algorithm to deprioritize posts that contain links, and I want people to be able to search for this post.

The random blog deletions are almost certainly part of the same effort to appease Apple. People on my dash have reported being deleted without warning, having subsequent accounts similarly deleted, and then being reinstated after getting a sufficient amount of follower-rage via alternate accounts.

This, to me, looks like tumblr is running a script that scans their complete list of blogs to look for whatever Apple is complaining about (most likely pornbots, but maybe NSFW content in general, Apple is famously prudish and censorious), finds it by matching some set of parameters (most likely some combination of being marked as NSFW, posting mostly reblogs or original content that are primarily images or image+link posts, possibly with a machine-learning filter that looks for porn-ish content but I very doubt they spent the effort on that), and “taking care of it” (by uncerimoniously deleting the blog). They’ve tuned the parameters of the matching script to be very broad, and are relying on people to have enough connections to raise a stink they’ll notice if a real person gets caught by the script.

The parameters I just mentioned would tend to target visual-artist blogs as well as pornbots, leading to the apparent spate of artist-blogs getting deleted. The repeated deletions indicate that this wasn’t just a one-time run, and that whatever “flare up” (whether it’s criminal activity or moral guardian boredom) will be ongoing for a least a while now–WHICH MEANS IF YOU’RE A VISUAL ARTIST OR HAVE A BLOG THAT EVEN VAUGELY MATCHES THE PARAMETERS MENTIONED ABOVE, YOU SHOULD SET UP ALTERNATE SOCIAL MEDIA AND MAKE YOUR FOLLOWERS AWARE OF IT NOW. THIS ISN’T OVER AND THERE’S A GOOD CHANCE THE SCRPIT WILL FIND YOUR BLOG NEXT.

If you’re not ultra-popular in a way that your deletion would cause user-base unrest Tumblr’s holding-company can see on their bottom line, it’s very likely you’ll not be able to get reinstated.

Source: I’m a web developer, and I spent five years in Silicon Valley working for three different top-five social networks, and this is how somehting like getting kicked from the App Store would have been handled at all of them.

My alternate social media are Twitter (@Soren_Tycho) and Github (username sorentycho). If I disappear here, look in one of those places for more information.

HT @bea-the-witch for the news links.

I wouldn’t normally ask such a thing, but please signal-boost this.

Timestamps from Mark’s Stream:

RE: The “special announcement,” from his “Oxygen Not Included - Part 17” stream


“Also, tomorrow: I’ve got a very very special announcement. Something really important that we’ve been working on for quite some time. I can’t give you too many details about it until tomorrow actually comes by. But, it’s gonna be really really cool.”


“There’s a big special announcement coming tomorrow that you guys are gonna like. It’s a project we’ve been working on for a long time. And I say ‘we’ because we’ve been working on it with someone you know, and it’s just really cool. Announcement tomorrow, gonna come out when things get a little less stressful.”


“Look out for the announcement coming tomorrow at noon, Pacific Standard Time. It’s gonna be really cool. I think you guys are gonna love it. I’m really proud of how far it’s come, and I’m really proud of what it means for the future.”


ETSY SHOP UPDATE!!! New prints, new buttons, and LGBTea Cup buttons!!!

I finally was able to update my shop with all the new prints and buttons I’ve created! Including what I’m most excited about: LGBTeacup Buttons! I’ve been working on the designs for them for months and I’ve got big plans for this project in the months to come. Each teacup is designed to reflect their respective pride flags/designs in a way that is stylish and sweet while still being quite subtle. So far the people who have seen them have responded very positively to them, which is a very good feeling! As of November 23rd the Asexual, Bisexual, and Pansexual buttons are temporarily out of stock, but have been reordered and should be available again very soon!! I’ll update this post and announce when they are!!!

If you want to have a look at any of these items and maybe snag something cool for yourself or for someone else, feel free to click here to head over to my shop!

So If You Guys Don’t Know

People have started to flip out about a new possible anime for Fruits Basket last night due to this picture:

but let’s decipher the small message in the night right corner:

my lovely friend @lavvendermenace has kindly translated it for me and this is what she said:

the yellow kanji above: “news flash” or “big announcement”

red katakana: “anime” 

Black kanji next to the “ア” in anime: “total” or “complete"

red kanji after anime: “action of making something” (so all together it’s “animation” as an action rather than just “anime series”)

white katakana below: “Fruits Basket”

small kanji in the black box: “decision” or “it’s been decided”

SO… take that as you will, but i’m pretty sure a new anime is coming out soon!

A Dinosaur A Day, Tumblr, and the Future

Things are Changing on ADAD

This blog is coming up on its 5 year anniversary, which naturally means I want to change everything about it. I’m kidding, of course, but we are going to have some big changes in the new year (2019). First, let me go over the purpose of this blog:

ADAD has Four Primary Goals:

  1. To be an encyclopedia that covers every. Single. Dinosaur. In current scientific thought, we classify animals based on their ancestry (so, common descent). Dinosaurs are defined by the first two animals ever dug up as fossils and called dinosaurs - Iguanodon and Megalosaurus. This means that Dinosaurs are the most recent common ancestor of Iguanodon and Megalosaurus (the last ancestor they had in common) (also of Diplodocus but let’s not get into that today), and all that ancestor’s descendants. 

If you want to picture it a different way: your grandparents are the most recent common ancestor of you and your cousin. Now, you both also have your great-grandparents as ancestors, but they aren’t your most recent common ancestor. Furthermore, when you have kids, they’ll still be a part of that family group, even though they’re a new generation. 

This group includes birds, because birds evolved from dinosaurs (the evidence is substantial). This means that birds are dinosaurs, and I have to cover every bird. 

This is actually a novel goal - most dinosaur encyclopedias only cover the dinosaurs as we classically defined them, or all dinosaurs that lived in the Mesozoic (which includes some birdy dinosaurs since birds evolved in the Mesozoic, the “age of reptiles”). And most bird encyclopedias don’t cover extinct ones to any extensive degree. And there certainly isn’t an encyclopedia that covers both (apart from, well, regular encyclopedias). So, one of the main goals of ADAD is to cover birds as well as non-avian (not-bird) dinosaurs (and their closest relatives). 

  1. To be an encyclopedia that is accessible for all readers. So many scientific blogs and other resources use fairly complicated language and bad formatting. I try to make my articles with the simplest language possible, while still making it interesting and fun for all readers of all levels. Still, this is a place where we have to grow, especially since the head author (Meig) and all the other members of the ADAD team have their own accessibility issues to grapple with. This encyclopedia also allows scientific knowledge to reach groups that are typically disenfranchised by traditional education (such as those with disabilities, the LGBTQ+ community, women, and people of color). We have actually conducted statistical studies on this and the results are promising! We are making a difference, though we have a lot of room to grow. 
  2. To bring fun to scientific education. Memes, silly posts, silly competitions, jokes, rants, all of these are fair game on ADAD, because meme culture makes learning fun, at least, and it keeps things interesting. Plus, taking things seriously is against my programming. 
  3. FLUFF. Recent discoveries have indicated that many dinosaurs had feathers or almost-feather covering on some or most of their bodies - especially the closer you get to birds on the dinosaur family tree. However, paleoart (art of prehistoric life) is slow on the uptake when it comes to new discovery, and people still tend to lean on the scaly side for dinosaurs - even to the point of being wrong. As such, a major purpose of this blog is to lean on the feathery side instead! Sometimes this means being accurate where others are not, and sometimes this means representing dinosaurs in ways that are implausible. We never, however, represent dinosaurs more fluffy than is possible, so none of these reconstructions are inaccurate. We just fill a void in how dinosaurs are represented, to help bring balance to the images of dinosaurs on the internet. 

Tumblr was the correct platform for this blog to exist on, primarily due to happenstance (how I got the url in the first place was sheer dumb luck), but also due to the ability of the platform to bring dinosaurs to people who don’t usually have access to science, in combination with fun memes and jokes as is typical on the site. It also allowed for some leeway for the earliest days of the blog when it came to images - I credited every piece of art I used, but I didn’t have to ask for permission in most cases, allowing me to have images for articles where otherwise I wouldn’t have had anything to accompany the text.

So, this leaves ADAD with some current problems:

  1. There are about two years’ worth of entries that need updated art, made by the people I pay, that I have permission to use, that are also as fluffy as the blog requires. Unfortunately, the artists do not have time to update these entries, because there is very little being brought in from the Patreon and already scheduled entries every day. 
  2. Leaving New Users Behind. Because I go by order of evolutionary relationship, I have finished non-avian dinosaurs, so anyone new following is literally in the middle of Bird Hell. I could do throwbacks, of course, but it’s not quite the same, and I can’t throw back to those posts that don’t have art (so everything from the first two years of ADAD; I’ve only had the Patreon for three years. Oh my Gd. Three years. What is time.) 
  3. New Discoveries. Because of the complete and utter inflexibility of the current schedule (evolutionary order + weird special weeks = I can’t shift the schedule around easily), we haven’t covered newly discovered dinosaurs in a shameful amount of time. And that sucks! Because they’re super cool! 
  4. Stagnation. Going in taxonomic order means that yeah, we get a bunch of cool dinosaurs that are all related in a row, but also every, single, crappy, dinosaur, from, that, group, that, isn’t, different, from, the, previous, one, at, all. And this is boring - for me to write, for the artists to draw, and for you guys to read. 
  5. The sheer multitude of birds. This kind of ties in to 2 and 4, but for every non-avian dinosaur there are 2.26 times as many birds (in terms of genus. It’s actually even more than that, but, I’m not doing it by species, so). This is insane. This is literally insane. But I’m not backing down on goal one, so… 
  6. Tumblr is Terrible. Over a year ago, it made it so that posts with external links (such as those for my patreon and ko-fi, you know, funds I need to live; as well as my sources for my information) don’t show up in search results. This means that the blog has stagnated in terms of follower growth. This is bad enough, but now the website is probably going to go kaput because of all this NSFW crap going on, so if anything we’ll be losing readers.

So what is our solution?

ADAD is starting over in the new year, and with a different organization system.

This might seem crazy - there are 12 years worth of dinosaurs total - but there are a lot of reasons to do this.

  1. This will allow us to bring variety to the blog
  2. This will allow new users to see non-avian dinosaurs
  3. This will allow us to update old entries in terms of written content and the art
  4. This will allow us to finally do new dinosaurs
  5. I will start over on Tumblr, and start completely on Wordpress, so if Tumblr implodes I still have the blog somewhere else, and I can start to grow the community more elsewhere in addition to Tumblr. I WILL stay on Tumblr as long as it exists, but this gives me an exit strategy if it implodes.

The wordpress blog will be ADAD sans memes, but it will bring in a new audience, more recognition, and hopefully more Patreon money, so the blog can grow further! Also, restarting will allow me to change the format of the posts, which will make them more accessible and hopefully show up in the Tumblr search results.

I’m not bitter, you’re bitter. 

So, on January 1, 2019, we’re starting again!

What’s the new organization system?

Random, with themes for each day of the week.

This gives us flexibility in the schedule - to break up monotony, help us maintain our workload easier, and add in new taxa to the schedule. It also allows for us to regulate it so that there are a healthy mix of birds and not-birds every week.

What are the daily themes?

Mesozoic Monday - Dinosaurs from the Mesozoic

Terrestrial Tuesday - Dinosaurs that mainly make their living on the ground

Water Wednesday - Dinosaurs that mainly make their living in the water or near water

Theropod Thursday - Theropods: meat eating dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor, also birds of prey

Flying Friday - Dinosaurs that can fly!

Songbird Saturday & Sunday - Passerines, which by species make up half of dinosaur diversity

This will give us a very nice mixture of nonavian and avian dinosaurs every week, as well as interesting diversity and differences between each one. This will help us to mix up living and extinct animals, long and short entries, things we can just copy over from ADAD’s first run and things we have to write from scratch. There can even be theme weeks! And requests can come back! Random doesn’t just mean random number generator, it also means we can change things to our fancy if we want or need to.

So, we hope all of these changes will solve many of the problems that ADAD faces. We have read your responses to the survey, and we hear you - we think this solution will solve everyone’s complaints and help us go forward into the future in a better way.

If you have concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us via FanMail (yup, it still exists) or an ask. We recognize this means ADAD will go on for many more years - but let’s be real, because of new discoveries, that was going to happen anyway.

Thank you all for your understanding! We’re really excited about this change, and we hope you all will enjoy it!