>tfw you can’t think of a good Dark Knight trilogy quote to go with this situation

Recently, there’s been a trend about a new site that will act as an alternative to Tumblr; one with better policies, moderators who cared, and almost no dramas leading to doxing, slandering or other intolerable acts. This is a promotional art for that alternative site, named @writscrib.

And yes, as the image implies, I will be moving there once it’s online.

Let’s face it, Tumblr is a site just as hideous as 4chan. So many people yelling at each other for having opinions; political movements that would dox anyone who disagrees with their beliefs; tons and tons of pornography bots; childish tweens who get offended at everything; manchilds who desperately tries to troll these guys; etc. I could go on and on with how bad Tumblr is, and how its Staff doesn’t give a shit about running their own sites, and just spouts cringy memes at the worst time possible.

@writscrib has none of those problems. It works very similarly to Tumblr, minus every single flaws Tumblr suffers from. And despite Tumblr being notoriously bad, I used it nonetheless for its simplicity. @writscrib has the simplicity of Tumblr, and with no flaws from Tumblr, I’m already packing up to @writscrib once the site is up.

Until then, I might still use Tumblr for a while. But once I pack up and leave, all my blogs will be set to private, and my main blog will be completely cleaned off.

With that said, I’ll see you all at @writscrib, at the other side where I always am.

you guys did such fantastic work last week - way to make us fall in love with team free will all over again :)

this week, the theme focuses on all of the many spells, symbols, and sigils that have been used throughout the last twelve seasons of supernatural. from angel banishing sigils to devil’s traps to the horn of gabirel, there are so many to choose from here. feel free to focus on as many as you want - as always, interpretation of the prompt is totally up to you!

if you plan on participating this week:

  • please reblog this post to spread the word
  • make sure to post your creation by july 30th at 11:59 pm pst
  • remember that you are free to post any kind of creation you want: graphic, gif, edit, fanart, fic, etc.
  • put a link to spn hiatus creations in the caption of your post (if it’s an image post), along with this week’s theme (if you’re posting a fic/ficlet, please put the link and theme at either the beginning or end of your post)
  • make sure to tag your post with #spnhiatuscreations so we can reblog it to the main blog

if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us an ask. we can’t wait to see everything you guys come up with this week!


Hello hello hello! This is Mod Doppio! We mods have gotten several requests to extend the event; we feel as a whole that a lot of people didn’t get time to work on their designs or interact! As a result, the bdspaceau event will be extended until:

We thank y’all kindly for participating, thank you for the feedback given! We apologize if this event runs into any other events, next time we will be sure to coordinate far ahead of time and set up a proper 2 week time slot. 
If you’ve already decided to stop, please don’t feel pressured to continue! We understand long events can be draining for some, but freeing for others!

Welcome to the 7th round of the Panic! At The Disco Creations Challenge!

Since it’s Ryan’s birthday soon, this month theme is Ryan Ross!


  • Anyone can enter!
  • Entries include, but are not limited to: edits, fanart, gifsets, fanfic, lyric edits, audio edits, videos, basically any kind of original content! Get creative!
  • CONTENT MUST BE ORIGINAL. Photosets will be accepted as long as the photos have been edited in some way.


  • Reblog this post until July 31st.
  • Send us an ask saying “participating for August” (please note if you are participating from a side blog!)
  • Not required: follow this blog/track the tag #patdcc if you want to see what other participants post!


  • Once the entry period is over, you will receive instructions for this round
  • Your work must reflect this round theme.
  • Be creative! Use whatever images, lyrics, or interpretations you’d like!
  • Post your work before the deadline of August 31st and list #patdcc in the first 5 tags.
  • Late submissions will not be accepted unless you message us first.

If you have any further questions, feel free to send an ask here!

This weeks event is Lightning Era Purebloods! We’re collaborating with @purebloodnetand in this event we will be celebrating all the purebloods within the lightning era. This will span the week of July 23 - July 30 and is open to everyone!

How to Join in:

  • reblog this post to spread the word (optional)
  • be sure to caption the post something like:

@lightningeranet creation event: Lightning Era Purebloods


tag your posts with #lightningeranet and #purebloodnet so we can see them!

lightningeranet members: if it does include people from other eras there is no need to tag them! and when you reblog your creations to the network blog, tag them as usual, and also add the tag #lep

Followers, Please Read (why updates have been slower)

(if u dont rly care why (which is fine btw), at least read the last paragraph. please.)

Yall, confession, i’ve been neglecting this blog because i’ve been quite busy with other things. those things being cats. Some of u in the discord know about what i’m talking about, but i thought i’d make a post about why i wasnt updating as well as usual lately.

A few days ago, my family and i went on a fishing trip. near the pier we found a family of cats, a mom and 4 kittens 2 of which are infants. My family and i are attempting to catch them in hopes of keeping them, a busy park with roads in the middle of it is no place for a momma cat and her babies, and also these cats need to be spayed and neutered otherwise this small colony of cats could become a problem, yknow?

The only real problem is that, in order to be able to even trap these cats, we’d have to get them somewhat used to us. we try to be there at 7 each day so the cats will hopefully learn to come out to eat at the same time each day. the thing is, where the cats are is an hour away from where i live. this means an hour drive out there, stay there with them a few hours, and then drive an hour back. Thus taking up the time that would usually be used to update the blog.

long story short, i’ve been away attempting to rescue kittens. I’m sure u guys understand. (if we do manage to get them, i could upload some photos to tumblr, IF you guys really want. i’d probably post it on my main though, because this is a blog about our favourite gay lawyers, and this post already kinda messes that up heh. But even with the situation, i’m going to try to consistantly update, and reblog some content i didnt get the chance to during courtship week. 

ALSO! important part. I’m no cat catching expert, guys. I want to be able to save these cats. But i’m worried that if i use traps, then once i catch one the other cats will realize and leave the area. Another worse outcome would be to have the momma go in the trap, and her kittens follow her and get caught in the trap door. that would be horrible. I need any advice guys. any advice you have on how i could possibly do this. any of you guys know anything about this? what kind of traps to use? how to make sure we get all of them? any info helps, even if ur just leading me to a place where i can get some info. I just want to save these babs.

Elizabeth Poldark Appreciation Week?

Hey ho, fellow Poldark fans!

Today, whilst making some Poldark season 1 screencaps and edits, I stumbled across an idea to make Elizabeth Chynoweth-Poldark-Warleggan appreciation week, sometime in August.

I know that she may not be the most popular character in this fandom, but I know a fairly decent amount of people here who actually DO like her, and perhaps it would be nice to make such a thing? I don’t know if something like this was organized before, but anyone would be interested? 

If a relatively big number of people is willing to partake, then I can start thinking of more precise things, like the exact date, themes for each day of the week, and so on. :)

Like/reblog/comment/message/ask me if you would like to participate, and even if you’re not Elizabeth fan, feel free to reblog and spread the news. :)


Hey everyone! I got TWO BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS for y’all! 


Yes! New music coming very soon! Wow! So many exciting things, including a NEW BANDCAMP ALBUM including SEVEN already released songs and A NEVER-BEFORE-HEARD UNRELEASED SONG!!! WOAH!!! 


Yep, I’m on Patreon now! Although I like to pretend that I am an ethereal being who lives on music alone, the sad fact is that I am a mortal being who needs things like food and schoolbooks and utilities. I’ll be doing a ton of fun stuff on Patreon, including a monthly cover that patrons can nominate and vote for! You can get sneak peaks to my new music! Q&A videos! Personalized birthday messages! Wow!

So much cool stuff. The coolest! 

Announcement: Howlers

Originally posted by wottersandco

Hello, Everyone!

As you know, our blog has been taking requests for patronus analyses and character sortings. We hoped that people would enjoy these and send in requests, and we were overjoyed when asks started to roll in. What we didn’t expect was how many asks we were going to get! Right now, we have about 65 patronus asks waiting in our askbox and around 20 sortings to get through. because of this, we are going to be closing our askbox for a few days. From now, Sunday, July 23, 2017, until Wednesday, July 26, 2017

This is no one’s fault, we just need some time to catch up on all of our asks! You are still welcome to send in submissions of your own posts through our Owl Post, but please refrain from asking for sortings and analyses for the time being. If you decide to submit your requests through our submission box during this time, they will be deleted. Again, this is nobody’s fault. We just really need time to catch up because of how busy we all are. When our askbox reopens on the 26th, you are welcome to send your requests in again as normal! Until then, however, please be patient with us, and enjoy while we try to catch up on our analyses and sortings!

Thank you for understanding!

♥-The Mods♥


I just found out I have like the whole day off

I was thinking maybe 2 movies, Kung Fu Panda and then a showing of 10 Things I Hate About You for…..purposes

I’ll post stuff like rules and times later on but do know that 10 Things I Hate About You is more on the adult side and there is a posssibility I will allow more NSFW conversation topics to come up, so minors be warned


Officially cards were to be out by the 25th of this month.

Because M is so awesome at editing, and because I had a bit of a head start, we were able to get all of the cards finished early! Look for your cards later today in your email inbox. 

Remember to check the FAQ if you are interested in have a square or squares changed. Please email us back with your requests.

Here is how to post your stories or have them promoted by us.

Stories and Masterposts are due December 1, 2017.

Don’t forget to check out the Lexicon for terminology, if you are unsure about a ship name, ABO name or kink name. If it is not listed, ask us and we will add it. 

… and as always, if you have questions about anything, ask us.

Another announcement:

There has been a change in our vetting process, so after C and A have been adopted, there are two other spirits on the adoption list.  After that it won’t be until the middle of september that another spirit is put up for adoption.  I’ll try and make them all last until then so we can keep things active!  But if we do have a period of inactivity, I might set up “play dates” with my own personal family.  How does that sound?