My version of male!MC and how I want him to get together with 707
  • Female!MC’s twin brother
  • Is actually queer/gay
  • Meme game stronger than 707
  • super clingy if the other lets him and skinship helps him to calm down
  • loves chocolate
  • most of the time independant and dislikes to trouble others
  • keeps things to himself a lot
  • thinks logically and knows what to say
  • not closeted but hardly annouces that he’s queer
  • Luciel and him met after the female!MC got together with one of the other RFA members
  • Seven stuttered the first time they meet each other
  • Seven saw him when he was observing the apartment through installed CCTVs when female!MC was depressed (or something) and thought that he was an intruder
  • The RFA members barged into the apartment and found out about this twin brother of hers that was never mentioned (yet)
  • At first he was trying to shut them out before they entered the place
  • The male!MC was actually trying to calm his sister down because she got violent (which can happen sometimes when she gets stressed/something) and didn’t want them to get hurt
  • Female!MC later encouraged Luciel to ask her brother out since he seems very interested in him since their first meeting

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Awesome reference for writers or general curiousity

The Crime Museum in Washington D.C. has a great website for anyone with an interest in crime and criminology. Not only that, but they have a whole friggin library full of anything you want to know.

I mean look at this

T H E Y  H A V E  E V E R Y T H I N G

Need some info on famous serial killers?

YOOO I’ve never heard anything about female serial killers!

Yeah, remember the Craigslist killer?

Okay, but I want some stuff on the basics of forensic anthropology for a fic I’m wroking on. Anything?


PSA! Since i was 9 years old i’ve been doing everything i can with my mum to save the Tigers from extinction. And now it seems that in the near future Tigers will no longer roam this planet. Please if you can do ANYTHING to help it would be greatly appreciated. I know lots of you don’t have the money to donate, neither do i. So spread the word on social media, sign petitions, etc.

Here are some petition/website links 

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Mass Effect 4 announcement inbound as Bioware is “pushing hard before the holidays”

Posted on, by: Jason Moth

The long awaited Mass Effect 4 trailer or some other important announcement regarding the game could arrive soon. Creative Director Mac Walters recently revealed that the upcoming title is “looking better every day” and that the ME team “is pushing hard before the holidays, and it shows.” This suggests that Bioware could be preparing to share some more details with us in the near future. We probably won’t hear anything official by the end of the year, but early 2015 seems like a good time to reveal something. Ideally, we would like to finally see the Mass Effect 4 trailer and learn about the game’s real title but any other news would naturally be welcomed as well…


PSA -Tumblr is deleting blogs for posting or reblogging audio/music


And here is proof of one that was deleted and how to get it back in case it does happen to you.

How to restore your account

I have  made step by step instuctions to help anyone with this process because I would hate to see others lose their blog because of something so absurd. Please reblog and spread the word to all your followers as well.

Steps to get rid of all audio posts.

1. Go to your archive by typing in your

2.Scroll over to filter by post type.

3. Go the filter by post type audio

4. Delete every audio post type by clicking on that post. There will be four choices: edit,reblog,delete and dashboard. Depending on your layout they will be either at the left or right top or bottom corners of your page.

 Page should look like this when you’re done.


This makes me feel really sad.

Hetalia Beautiful World - Nyotalia Cast!!!!

Brina also voices Chibitalia!

Alexis also voices Chibi Japan! (And Kumajirou…)

Luci also voices Chibi America! (And Hungary…)

Clarine also voices male China! (And Taiwan…)

Monica also voices England’s “Flying Mint Bunny”! (And Belarus…)

Stephanie previously voiced Maria Theresa and Juana of Castile

Ryan also voices male Latvia!