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AP Lang & Comp Study Sesh

| Day 1 -  5.8.2017 |

Welcome! This is my first little study post for Advanced Placement Language and Composition. Here, I’ll start with an exam overview, and later put up some rhetorical devices you may habe trouble remembering.

The Exam (3 hours)
Part 1: Multiple choice
- (60 min.) This part of the exam will require you to read articles of different genres (fiction, dialogue, historical articles, scientific documents, poetry, etc.) and the questions will ask you on elements of the articles. Specifically, a question might ask you what the author’s purpose is for writing a certain section of the document, what is their tone, or what rhetorical devices they use to get their point across.

    Sample Question:
“The primary rhetorical strategy used to develop the idea that old ladies are becoming rare is best described as”
A.) a series of metaphors
B.) Rhetorical Questions and answers
C.) Examples with repetitive sentence structure

Here, you basically have to read throughout the piece given and find the rhetorical strategy used in the article within the context of the question.

Part 2: Essays
- (120 min.) There are three essays you have to write. I will describe each one in detail if you still aren’t sure what it is you have to do. TIP: When writing essays, start with the one you are strongest at writing (mine would be the argumentative essay since I’m a very feisty person). This will help get you a higher score on the essay you’re better at and compensate for the weaker ones (still do your best on all of them!).

1. Synthesis - Essay where you are given around 6 sources (or documents) to read over and use as evidence/support for you argument.
    - In other words, this essay is VERY similar to a DBQ in your history classes. The main difference is that the question is not based on history, but rather a current day issue, AND your introductory paragraph/use of vocabulary has to be bomb.
   Sample Question: “…in an essay that synthesizes at least three of the sources, take a position on the claim that animals should be used in research for the overall benefit of humankind.”

2. Analysis - Essay where you are given a passage and you are required to examine, interpret, and explain the meaning and structure of the passage via rhetorical devices and word choice.
    - This essay is personally the hardest for me, since I have trouble identifying rhetorical devices and going into detail of how the rhetorical devices help the author get their point across. It is incredibly important for you to annotate the passage as you go and find chunks of it you can use to separate your essay into three body paragraphs for your analysis.
    Sample Question: “Write an essay analyzing the rhetorical strategies [the author] used to convey their feelings about the experience.”

3. Argumentative/Persuasive - Essay where you are given a quote, or a statement and you have to either support, refute, or qualify the opinion given.
    - If you love to debate, like me, this is going to be an easier one since all of your support for the argument comes from you. This is where it gets tricky, the AP readers do not care about your personal life as evidence. It sucks, to be honest, but that is where you have to be smart of what you put in as evidence. My teacher gave us a strategy to use when it comes to prioritizing evidence/support for your argument: REHUGO
R - Read: What you have read through literature or classical plays (Great Gatsby, Harry Potter, Shakespeare, etc.). This is your MOST EFFECTIVE evidence.
E - Entertainment: What you have watched on (not limited to) T.V., movies, musicals, and straight plays that you can tie in with your argument.
H - History: Are you in APUSH? Or AP World? Use your history class as a resource! Mention historical events that you can tie in with your argument.
U - Universal (ideas or truths): I tend to ignore this one, since it is a bit tricky. From what I’ve seen, you could use religion in this topic, but it would be dependent on the question given.
G - Government (current events): If you live in the U.S., like me, you’ll know there is a lot of stuff going on in the news and in that White House. Use those events to support your argument (AP readers love to see this one).
O - Observation (Personal Experience): If all else fails, use this part as your last resort to support your argument! It is LEAST EFFECTIVE. Be extra sure to not mention “I, me, you,” or “we” in the essay. the AP readers are NOT your friends!

And that’s the exam! When it comes to the essays, think of it as a speech…you would rather use non-casual vocabulary to impress the AP Readers and give you college credit… (good lord).

I hope this helps! I will be posting some rhetorical devices cheat sheet later on in the day. For now, I need to eat something… Happy studying~!

Fragments, Recovered

After my absence, it’s my delight to tell you all that Fragments, Recovered – a poetry project exploring the nuance of language with modern affinities such as found poetry, character limits, and the wonders of word processing’s effectual symbols on reading – is now for sale at 9.99 USD per copy on Amazon! Here’s a link to the book.

The book explores emotion remembered in tranquility, as Blake liked to say (his poetry is also featured in the book!) It also has a bibliography and an annotated bibliography of every passage I borrowed from to help create these short poems. Several ink illustrations are also featured, a gift from AlexiDoesArt on Twitter.

I hope you all can support, boost, and enjoy the workings of a rising queer author and welcome this into the poetic communities.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, I am, ultimately, open to conversation!

Cheers everyone,


AP Book Reviews

AP English Language Barron’s: (6/10) So this book starts off by asking you to annotate the passages. I’m going to be real with you…you aren’t going to have time to make meticulous annotations. None of the tests were particularly helpful, but the notes are somewhat useful if you aren’t a frequent writer/reader. Before taking the test, I memorized about 40 “hot terms” like synecdoche and apostrophe to use in my analysis essay, and got a 5. I wouldn’t say English is one of those tests you can’t study for, but it really is 50% natural writing skill and 50% practice. The best practice is to just check out old prompts from the collegeboard website. I would not recommend buying this book if you are on a budget!

AP U.S. History Barron’s: (7/10) If you are using this book while you are learning the material during class, it could be helpful because you are reading a condensed version. On the other hand, if you buy this book a week before the AP test, it’s not helpful because there is way too much reading to do. The practice tests do not capture the essence of the real test unfortunately. I would recommend buying this book at the beginning of the year.

AP Biology Barron’s: (8/10) I think I quickly skimmed this book front to back and got a 5. However, it was really Bozeman videos that helped me get through so, I would recommend buying this book at the beginning of the year, otherwise not worth it because of the online material. 

AP Statistics Barron’s: (10/10) This book is a must! The questions are a little harder than the actual exam so it really prepares you and it explains the actual reason behind the statistics instead of just telling you to plug and chug. I would recommend this book!

AP Chemistry Barron’s: (8/10) The book goes too in depth with some topics which are not major concepts that will be tested, I don’t think it is worth buying unless you are bad at chemistry (like I was). The practice problems are decent, and it’s actually kind of a fun read, but not the type of book I would be looking for the week before the AP test (Princeton Review is better for that).

AP Calculus Barron’s (7/10): Practice problems are much, much harder than the actual exam, which is good for practice but bad because it kills your self-esteem. The explanations in the chapters aren’t very helpful, so I would buy this book if you’re already pretty good at calc and are just looking for some practice problems.

AP Calculus Princeton R: (9/10) Would recommend buying at the beginning of the year, because it explains in very good details how to do everything. I did find some BC concepts missing from the chapters though. Overall, a good book that would guarantee at least a 4 on the test. The practice problems tend to be the same level as the actual exam.

AP Physics C Princeton R: (10/10) Pretty hefty book and a difficult subject to understand but if you get through the whole book with perfect understanding, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get a 5. Practice problems are very good, as are the explanations. 

Rule of thumb: Get Princeton for hard sciences where practice is key, get Barrons for humanity classes and where memorization is key.

How I Got an 800 on SAT Critical Reading

The SAT is, for the most part, a necessary evil. Bubbling in Scantrons for nearly four hours on a Saturday morning isn’t anybody’s idea of fun, but every year, millions of high school students take it, and it’s here to stay.

The Critical Reading section is the only one that is purely multiple choice. It consists of sentence completion and passage comprehension. Here are my methods of attack:

1. Read. Read everything. Okay, this isn’t very helpful if you’ve only got a week or so left before your SAT, but if you still have a good chunk of time left, read.  Read the classics on your high school’s recommended reading list; read mystery bestsellers; read memoirs and science research and travel brochures. To truly sharpen your critical reading skills, you must read. 

2. Play vocabulary games. I never used the flashcards method or crammed long strings of words, since I found them mind-numbingly boring. Instead, I played the Synonym Matching game in the SATup app. Other good options include and the free Quizzitive app. 

3. Annotate. When reading longer passages, look at the questions first and underline/bracket all lines and phrases mentioned. Then skim the entire passage and focus on only the marked-up portions. 

4. Don’t answer questions in order. Answer the questions about specific sentences and words as soon as you reach the section being mentioned. Answer the questions about the entire passage after you finish reading the entire thing. 

5. Do full tests. Sure, just doing three Critical Reading sections seems like it would be just as effective, but a huge factor in your performance on the actual test is your endurance. Being able to focus after an hour and being able to focus after three hours require completely difference levels of stamina.

Anyhow, that’s it for now. I hope this was useful, and best of luck on your tests!

Sleepy Studies // Anakin x Reader

Anon requested: padawan!anakin imagine? you’re stressed out with jedi studies and haven’t gotten any sleep & anakin notices and decides to help you even though he was bad at studies when he was a padawan. it gets really late and you’ve fallen asleep (finally! plus cuz ur in his arms) & anakin notices and then realizes how cute you are and blushes at his childish crush. later he also falls alseep with u in his arms and obiwan comes in and sees them sleeping on the couch with books surrounding them! lol ilysm !!!

Your head feels as if your brain was going to come out of your ears. You have been studying for six hours straight for your written Jedi test. The test was an essential part of becoming a Jedi. It covered the history of the Jedi, the evolution, and then science of how the Force works.

You sat criss cross on your bed with textbooks, annotated passages, notebooks, and loose papers scattered everywhere.

A knock was placed upon your door and you had nno idea who it could be. It was almost one in the morning. You get up from your bed and open the door seeing your Jedi friend, Anakin.

“You are still up? (Y/N), it’s incredibly late and the test is tomorrow!” Anakin exclaims, walking into your room.

You follow him and say, “I’m nervous, Anakin. I heard the test is nearly impossible. And you told me that you just passed,” you place your hands on your hips. “I want to pass with flying colors.”

“How much sleep have you gotten?” he looks at you.

Lightly laughing, “Uhhhhh, not much.” He shakes his head, sighing.

Anakin sits on your bed and grabs a textbook, flipping through the pages. “I could tutor you if you want. I still remember the answers from the test,” Anakin tells you.

Walking over to him, you ask, “Your answers or the right answers?”

He looks up at you, “Very funny, (Y/N). But, I’m serious, do you want the help or no?” You smile and nod your head yes. “Well, then let’s get to it.”

After another two hours of studying, Anakin starts to lecture you again about the history of the Jedi Council and the Senate and blah blah blah.

As he talks to you, you lay your head down on the desk.

Five minute rest shouldn’t hurt, you think to yourself.

Your eyes feel heavy and your breath slowly becomes a soft pace. Before you know it, you are conked out.

“…and it is essential part of understanding the history. Are you writing this down, (Y/N)? (Y/N)?” Anakin looks down at you, then he notices by your soft breathing that you were asleep.

He smiled to himself and decided to leave you be. You needed the rest and he simply didn’t want to wake you up because of how adorable you looked. Your head was rested on your arm, your hair sprawled out everywhere. You lips were slightly parted as they drew in and took out breaths of air. Every once in a while, you would stir and make a face, wrinkling up your nose which Anakin found irresistible.

He felt in the bottom of his heart that he felt strongly towards you, but he made an effort to suppress all prohibited feelings.

The young Jedi was tired himself and he didn’t want to go back to his room, so he stood up to go and fall asleep on the couch. His sudden movements stirred you as you sat up.

“Anakin?” you call,

“I’m still here. Go back to bed,” he says in response. You sleepily walk over to him and lay next to him on the couch, cuddling into his side. He smiles at the action and scoops you up, bringing your bodies closer together.

In the morning, you were awakened by a voice saying, “Alright, you two. Up off the couch. One of you has a test to take in twenty minutes.”

You rub your eyes and sit up, realizing you fell asleep in Anakin’s arms last night. You smile at the memory and tell Obi Wan, “I’ll be up in a minute.”

“Very well.” He exits your room, closing the door.

For as long as you can, you wait for Anakin to wake up, looking at the Jedi you have began to fall in love with.

anonymous asked:

One of Mabels reincarnations being a huge fan of the romance novels and summoning him to flirt. Hilarity ensues.

Alcor rushed to take the summons, even though there were a number of more pressing calls that should have taken precedence, because he could feel deep down that it was her, after fourteen years of absence it was really her, seeking him out once again in the latest of her lives.

The demon arrived to find a teenage girl standing in a brightly-colored bedroom, the room lit not only by candles but by a lamp shaped like a rose, a pile of books taking up one corner of the room. She had short blonde hair this time around, and glasses with thick purple rims, and a face full of freckles, but it was still her, despite her latest change in physical appearance. And even after so much had changed, she was still wearing a sweater, a hot pink sweater with sleeves that covered up all but the very tips of her fingers. The girl grinned widely as he materialized in front of her.

“W͕̹͕͍̄̄ͯ̅ͪH̖̰͆̔O̸ͣ͐ͤ̊͌̚ ̶̥͓̘̝͙̮̝͛ͭ͊ͧͭ͛D͈̼̣͙̲̩̦̊͂A̿R̍҉̗̙͓̫̣̥E̝̻̙̯̫̬̅S̲̬̥̙̺̼̄̓͢ ̝T̽͐́ͫ̓͏̩̼̥̙͈͓O̪̞ͫͣͅ ̏D̬̞̙̥̓͐͒̓͂͊I̷͖̦͇͎̠̓͑̏̎ͫ͗͌S̱͇̳̣͙͈͍ͥ͐͐͆T̛̥̥͙ͣ̓̈́͑̇ͦŬ̹͙͓̞̥̱̼͋R̠̤͓̣̮͚̳ͥḂ̘̾ͤ̎̌ ͓̘̞͔͎̻̾ͫͫͭ̔ͅA͓̞̣̳̞̮̥ͮ̂̅L̙͇̖͙̏̎̐C͕̺͍͉͒̕Ȯ̩̳̙̰́R͚͔̭̻̣̓̽ͣ͛̋͋ ̧̽ͯ͛̉̓T̥̠͎̯̐͊͟H̛̲͖̳̭̦͖͑̐͛̓̾Ẹ͖͓ͤ ̦ͣͤ̓̓̔̑D̞̟̙̼̗̫ͤ͠R̟̜̰ͩ̿E̢ͬA̜͙̐͊̏ͪ̏M̘B̵̰̬̗͙͌ͮ̊̌̿ͭͥẸ͚͙̯ͥͭ͂͛ͯ̀Ñ̷̖̰͋D͙̬̳̲͔͓̈̓͑̉̚͟E̼̙͌̓͑R̲̫̲͍͝?̯̣̝̮̞̩͖̓ͦ̽̚͜” His hands filled with blue flames, but the grin on the girl’s face only grew wider.

“Hey there Alcor! I’ve been doing a bunch of reading up about you lately-” The girl made a sweeping gesture pointing to her pile of books. “-and ESPECIALLY about your relationship with Mizar- the other Twin Star, right?”

The demon nodded silently, his mind racing. He had made an effort to avoid her in this reincarnation, not wanting to suffer the heartache he’d felt last time when she had died in a car accident while still just an infant, but clearly, fate had decided that the two were to be brought together once more. So be it.

“And I just wanted to ask you some questions about that whole thing! Specifically…”

As the girl ran off to retrieve a book from the corner, Alcor began to open his mouth to respond, though he wasn’t quite sure what to say. Did she know? Had she figured out her own connection to Mizar the Twin Star, compared the legends to her own existence and connected the dots?

Before he could find the words to express his thoughts, the demon was startled back into the here and now by the sound of a book hitting the floor just inside the bounds of the summoning circle.

“I want you to tell me all about the story behind this!”

Alcor picked up the book… and was horrified by what he saw.

It was a well-worn copy of Twin Souls, the faded cover showing the actor and actress who had played Alcor and Mizar in the movie adaptation in the middle of a passionate kiss. As he flipped through the book, the demon found that it was heavily annotated, and several key passages were dog-eared.

“Tͤ̈̔̊͋͋h̖ͅi̲͚̘̼͍͔͙ͮ̒s͖͔̯̤͉̋̾ͬ͛͊̈ is what you brought me here for?” He floated over to the book-filled corner, trying to mentally dismiss how the girl’s face filled with surprise and horror as he did so- she obviously hadn’t known about their true connection, but really, she should have known that such a simple summoning circle wouldn’t be sufficient to bind him, especially when the candles she had chosen were pastel pink and smelled like cotton candy.

Alcor had assumed upon first glance that all the books were demonology texts, either actual textbooks or at least detailed informative guides, yet, as he rifled through the pile, tossing each book roughly into the farthest corner of the room after looking over it, the demon discovered that there was not a single true demonology text in the bunch. There was, however, a hardcover copy of Twin Souls, first edition, signed by the author. And each of the romance novel’s four sequels. And several of the knock-offs that had formed during the height of the demonic romance trend. The only non-fiction- or “non-fiction”, because Alcor knew that most of the writing within was deeply flawed at best and entirely off the mark at worst- was a tell-all by one of the cultists who had caught him holding a flame-generating infant Willow during a summoning, entitled Alcor’s Child: The Untold Story of the Dreambender’s Love Affair.

“Is it true that you and Mizar met while you were at Gravity Falls High? And what happened to her after you had a child together? And the child- does she have all your demon powers, or only, like, half of them, and is she still off doing demony things? Tell me all about it!”

Alcor sighed as he threw the last of the books against the wall, finding a sick sort of satisfaction in seeing that the impact had ripped the cheap paperback novel in half. This was going to be even worse than he had ever imagined.

Bread Wolf - Chapter 9

A Modern AU in which Solas owns a bakery. Read part 1 here.

Chapter 9 - Sweet Tooth

Isii curled herself into the corner of the heavily padded chair, blocking out the noise of the student lounge as she flipped through the baker’s book. She’d been keeping it in her purse, tackling it bit by bit in the idle moments of her days and was finally nearing the end. She was in the middle of a chapter on the relationship between Creators worship and the proto-elvhen pantheon when she frowned, smoothing her fingers over the handwritten notes she found scrawled in the margins of the page. His penmanship was neat and orderly, though obviously written with haste as he underlined passages, annotating them as he went along. Funny, she thought. He didn’t strike her as someone who would mark his books. So far there hadn’t been so much as a creased corner, let alone writing in it. She continued to read:

“But what of the legends that predate the Creators? While records are even more scarce as we seek to understand a time that existed before the founding of Elvhenan, we do find some hints that suggest the foundation of elvhen faith was not as consistent as we previously believed. There were stories of spirits and deities that appear to have been at some point merged or altogether abandoned for the sake of these new gods. The being associated with fire, later called Sylaise, ranged from man to woman to non-gendered entity. It was a fierce bear-like creature in one tale and a meek child in the next. Deceivers appear in nearly all mythologies and this proto-elvhen lore is no exception. Yet these early tales lack the distinctive lycanthropic imagery attached to the betrayer Fen’Harel. Earlier tricksters were shown as helpful, harmless, and altogether toothless compared to the monstrous being the elves seemed so keen to worship. Perhaps a reflection of their character as a race that they would wish to praise something they find so inherently fearsome and ruthless?” The last two lines were underlined hastily with a note scribbled in the margin.

Author slips into unnecessary bias. Disregards changes to both the language and legend that occurred in Towers Age. The simplest of searches would have enlightened him in this regard. Ignores facts in favor of racial prejudice that has little to do with the subject at hand. I should not be surprised.  

Isii hummed a soft chuckle under her breath. She agreed with his point, however. Any historian who claimed enough expertise on the religious practices of Elvhenan to write a book on the subject should know the meaning of harellan changed in the Towers Age - thus altering the fundamental understanding of Fen’Harel’s name. To be fair, it wasn’t something she learned until she went to university. She was raised to fear him, just like any other Dalish child. Still - it was a sloppy mistake on the author’s behalf.

“As a precursor to the merging of these faiths into the more familiar form of the Creators, we see a startling amount of archeological variance, from styles of adornment to pottery techniques. Yet variety gives way to uniformity around the same time as the historical record begins to mention Elgar’nan and his progeny.”

Progeny was underlined. An annoying oversimplification.

“This shift implies cultural unity where there had not been any before – and a rather sudden change in religious beliefs virtually overnight. It implies a dramatic turning point, rather than a gradual transition. This isn’t the cultural exchange of trade relations. This is what one would expect in the aftermath of a startlingly efficient conquering force that convinced all in their wake to unite into one people. Perhaps these Creators were once nothing more than warlords, mere mortals-” Mortals was crossed out. “-who sought to unify what was once a varied cultural landscape under a single rule. It would explain the sudden abandonment of established mythology in favor of a new pantheon. The question is, did these men and women demand their worship, or did the people hold such adoration for the immensity of their power and achievements that their stories preserved them as gods after their deaths?”

The text ended there, continuing on the next page. At the very bottom, he’d written a final note. Flawed - but closer than most.

She flipped the page, but the notes ended there. She glanced over them again, her brow arching.

You are an odd one, baker.

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Montparnasse flopped ungraciously onto the couch, leaning his head back onto Courfeyrac's lap after a moment so he couldn't ignore him, even with the very large book he was holding. "You study too much."

Courfeyrac didn’t even notice that Montparnasse had walked over until he was already flopping onto the couch, letting out a groan at the head now very much in his way giving him a look. “I don’t study hardly enough, actually, with you distracting me all the time. I’ve got a huge bar exam to pass in a couple months, off course I’m studying.” He replied, pinching his cheek with a fond smile. “You’re such a child sometimes, you know, I told you you’d have my attention when I finish annotating this passage, it just takes me awhile.”