anno spirit

The body is like roots stretching down into the earth—
forcing still a way over stones and under rock, through sand,
sucking nourishment in darkness,
bearing the tread of man and beast,
and of the earth forever;
but the spirit—
twigs and leaves
through sunshine
or the luminous darkness
of twilight, evening, night, and dawn,
in every wind of heaven
—  Charles Reznikoff, from “Spain: Anno 1492,” Poems 1918-1975: The Complete Poems of Charles Reznikoff (Black Sparrow Press, 1977)

Flower: On left i see shiping~ how cute even if they’re dead. on right male ghost lol, and Jester  that half blind ghost what live with us in this house… on the attic to be specyfic. 

((Some ghosts :D Featuring. (mine thing… i should update it… for now endless hiatus…)