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Girls’ Night gets Jemma to do some thinking. 
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Part 10: Those Three Words

“Psh. Dare,” Bobbi said, sitting back in her chair.

“Give me your phone,” Skye smiled, her hand already out.

“Oh, you might want to pick truth,” Jemma suggested, taking a sip of her margarita. Skye had insisted on making them for Girls’ Night.

“Shut up, I have a plan,” Skye said, already typing. After a few minutes she grinned. “Alright, now take your shirt off. I need a picture.”

“That’s cheating. Completely new dare,” Bobbi pointed out.

“No, it falls under the umbrella of this one, singular dare,” Skye insisted.

Both Bobbi and Simmons disagreed.

“Fine, I don’t need it. I was graphic enough,” she smiled as obnoxiously as possible and handed the phone back.

Bobbi groaned. “You texted Hunter.”

“Sexted,” Skye corrected. “What? I need a new project,” she shrugged. “Trust me. This will all work out. I have a great track record,” she nodded towards Simmons.

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I was just wondering what fic you were speaking about when you wrote this: There is always a happy ending.Fucking always okay. thank you.

this has been in my inbox forever and i just found it yesterday. D: 

i don’t even want to think about that fic, because it still makes me really sad. it was by a really good author too, and so i think that’s why it was so heartbreaking (and infuriating). and are you telling me thank you for believing in happy endings? what are you saying to me. i believe in happy endings even if the shittiest of painful, unforgiving shit has happened in a fic. is it a death fic? oh well have some reincarnation or fluffy, happy afterlife epilogue. if i wanted realistic, heartbreaking shit, then i wouldn’t be reading fanfiction. i guess that makes me immature. but i don’t really care.

I’m now living back on the road that I grew up on and right near my godmother’s house. We went on a drive out today and spoke about me being Zach as she only knew me as a girl growing up. It was really good to have a talk with her and she is really understanding, it will take her time to use Zach and the right pro nouns but the fact she accepts me and she is trying is all the matters annnnddd she has a puppy that I can pet so, I win :D. 

Hope everyone is having an awesome day, I’m currently resting up right now before some more unpacking. I will get back onto making graphics and blogging about Sherlock shortly seeing as more than 30 people unfollowed me recently I take it that I need to get back onto my usual bloggingness XD.




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Fucking done with musicians. I dated one for four fucking years and it was shit. My very best friend is also a musician. These people would and will constantly ditch me to go do their own drama bullshit and just leave me. Whether it’s at some random festival or in another fucking country. Thennn they dote on me when they feel like it. So here I am at a hotel all by myself ripping my sock apart because I can’t smoke here because weed is like not a thing annnnddd yeahh feeling lonely. K bye

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“Ok we’re going to start with some basics. Your everyday typical front door lock.” Parker had grabbed her first real lock picking set she had gotten from Archie. It still looked new. “First, your going to grab the tension wrench. It’s that one.” She pointed at an ‘L’ shaped piece of metal. “And then your going to put it in like this…” She grabbed the metal piece and inserted it into the lock. “Then insert the pick at the top…then you apply a little pressure, move the pick a little annnnddd….” Click. “There ya go, you try it.” She handed you the lock and the pieces to pick it with.

“Parker, are you sure? You’re going to be on this mission too, can’t you just pick the locks?”

“What happens if we get separated? If I get in trouble? If I die? You have to know how to pick locks. Hardison doesn’t and the only reason I haven’t taught him yet is because he’s stubborn and wants to use only Hardy. Which is lazy.”

“Hardy? I thought it was Parker 3000?” You asked. Hardison had shown you the little green robot after Parker had gotten hurt and couldn’t go on a mission. Parker rolled her eyes.

“Hardison made it for me. He said it himself. So I get to name her and I named her Hardy.” She had obviously had this conversation before.

“Ok. So this one goes here, that one goes there and then….ha!” The lock clicked and Parker threw her arms up in celebration.

“Yes!” She held her hand up and you slapped it. “Now, we get to do safe locks.” She smirked. “It’s not nearly as hard as you might think. New safes are easier to get into than older ones, and you don’t even need a whole lot, which is cool.” As she talked, she went to her workspace and grabbed a small safe from under her desk. “This one is pretty new, so it should still work.” She then moved to the kitchen, grabbed a glass, filled it about an inch full of water, and then carried her treasures back to the table.

“Thirsty?” You asked a small smile creeping onto your mouth.

“Just watch.” Parker’s face scrunched up slightly as she set the cup down onto the top of the safe. She then twisted the lock then quickly twisted it the other way, then once more in the opposite direction, then pulled the door open. “Ta-da!”

“You knew the combination.” You said rolling your eyes.

“But you don’t. Now it’s your turn.” She closed the safe and spun the dial.

“But you haven’t taught me how to do it.” Parker gave you a knowing look and gestured at the water glass. Not as quickly as a thief would (as you were not a thief) you figured out what you needed to do. You slowly spun the dial until you saw the water shift slightly. You stopped. The water calmed. You did it again, but in the other direction. You stopped. Then you finished by going in the same direction you started. The water shifted. You stopped. The door popped open.

“Yes!” Parker exclaimed. She loved teaching you her tricks, and you were smart enough to figure this one out on your own. She punched your shoulder. “See, I knew you could do it!”

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I’m taking a college pre course on Healthy Relationships... and one of the test questions was decideing if the partner was potentionally unhealthy:

The guy said he personally didn’t like shopping but he’d be happy to pick up food so that you could watch a movie with him.


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