Illustrated map for the fictional Island of New Penzance from Moonrise Kingdom.  I’m a sucker for Wes Anderson movies, and the amount of detail he puts into his characters and places made this a lot of fun to explore.  Not to mention I had make sure to get his iconic color palettes just right.  

I’m gonna be making a lot of maps this semester thanks to senior project.  It’s gonna be good.


Back at it again.  Changing the style up a bit as well; before, these acted more like summarized “maps”, but I think I’ve always been more interested in capturing the vibe of vintage travel posters (those limited color pallets?  Fantastic).  This was a lot more fun, and it kind of let me loosen up and just try to capture a nice snapshot of the city rather than trying to cram too much in one image.  

So, Senior Project v 2.0 - first city: Reykjavík, Iceland.


So remember these little type illustrations I made a little while back?  I finally got around to turning them into pins!  I’m really really excited about them, and have made them available to purchase on my very own Store Envy!  I have a few in stock and ready to go right now, but otherwise, each pin will be made to order and shipped to you, where ever you may be in the world.  Get them while you can, but if not, please spread the word and give my shop a watch for updates and new designs that will already be available really really really soon!

I’m so stoked and these are very enjoyable to make.  I hope you like them too!


So this is cool: I’m doing a collection of maps for my senior project class at MCAD!  I’m going to be illustrating a bunch of cities, and then hopefully compiling them into a calendar before my graduation in the Fall.  I guess you can call this a huge year long project, something I’ve never done before but am super stoked to continue!  It’s gonna keep me on my toes for sure. 


Hey guys, so I finally got myself an InPrnt!  I’ve been meaning to put together a shop for a while, and InPrnt seemed like the way to go.  I have a small handful of prints available right now, but if there’s anything you guys would like to see up there, let me know!