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Cutting and dying my own hair has always been ritual, and as a secular witch, I don’t use the word ritual. Since high school cutting and dying my own hair has been about endings, beginning, body autonomy, and agency. As a witch, all of this came into a magical focus. I’ve been dealing with some stuff that concerned me but I have finally gotten to a place where it no longer does. I have some future things to focus on and some exciting things in the next few months, including my 40th birthday and the celebration of the 20th anniversary of my zine. Today the sun is shining in Portland and I pulled The Sun card from my tarot deck. There are crows cawing for peanuts outside so I gotta head out to work. Things are good.

I Know New York, (watercolour on BFK, 2017).

Patty Tolan, municipal historian. Buys too many books. Softest heart in the city.

Delphinium, for levity and fun, big-heartedness // Edelweiss, for courage and devotion // Purple Iris, for wisdom // Snapdragon, for strength and grace // Aster, for patience and a love of variety // and bonus! sapphic violets, for ghostbusting girls who love girls

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*Part of my submission for “The Purpose of Life is to Love,” a Ghostbusters anniversary zine!

My neighbor put one of those fake owls on their roof, the kind meant to scare away birds. It is right across the street from where I have been leaving at least one peanut almost daily for my crow friends for about 3.5 years. The crow sat on the line right by the stupid fake owl. I nodded like I knew. I’ve seen groups of crows harass a barred owl, they don’t care about the stupid fake owl, even if its head turns around.

Things are always busy. here’s some stuff in no particular order:

  • Our shared warehouse that the button shop is in is having and open house on Thursday. We have a meeting tonight to finalize stuff. We are going to have a button making station. Gotta put my customer service face on for an evening.
  • My sister’s birthday is this week. She wanted a lemon tree. I got her a lime tree because they didn’t have any lemon trees yet. I hope i get some limes from her for tacos.
  • After my sister’s birthday it is 2 months til my birthday. I turn 40 which doesn’t feel weird, but sounds weird. I gave up bemoaning being old over a decade ago. The older I get, the more “me” I become.
  • My mom wanted to buy me and earthquake kit but I wanted a brick with my name on it put in Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland, aka: the living room of Portland. I pretty much have all the earthquake stuff like a radio and water and a crank flashlight. My mom sent me a text this morning to say she purchased the brick. “Alex Wrekk” will be on a brick and I’m totally going to take a photo with it every time I got downtown.
  • My BFF @stevelarder will be her in about a month and a half. I’m so excited! Last night I reserved a beach house for my birthday. The plan is to end my 30s while sitting on a beach drinking a beer as the sun sets into the Pacific.
  • I’ve been invited to be a guest speaker at the Salt Lake Alt-Press fest in July. It is the 20th anniversary of my zine Brainscan. I’m trying to write something to say about how zines have been the skeleton key into lots of rad experiences without making me look like a braggart.
  • I hope to FINALLY have my witch zine done for the event!
  •  We have a new postage printer at the shop and it makes me way happier than a postage printer should.
  • The next PDX Witch Guild podcast is about half edited. Maybe we’ll have a new one by this weekend?

♡ Promise!! ♡

“We’ll meet again! It’s a Promise!”

A Kingdom hearts fanzine made in celebration to their recent 15th anniversary! The zine is free to view online, and is currently taking in participants to join in.

Deadline | November 1st

Participants | Link here!

If you have any concerns, questions, or wish to Join just message me on here or through my email: be sure to read the rules before entering!

Click read more to view the submission rules!

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Here’s my entry for Gamera vs. Zine-Ra, the 50th Anniversary Gamera zine. You still have time to submit - submissions close on July 1st! See the full details here!

I think the comic mostly speaks for itself. Last year I wanted to start a kaiju-based webcomic called The Heavenly Hendrix but was too scared as drawing monster fights among buildings seemed far too difficult. So this was an experiment to see if it was possible and I really enjoyed doing it! Some perhaps more of this stuff in the future. 

We Saw a Ghost and She Was Beautiful, (watercolour on BFK, 2017).

Abby Yates, paranormal researcher. Soup aficionado. Loyal to a fault.

Gladiolus, for strength of character // Black-eyed susan, for justice // Ivy, for faithfulness // Chrysanthemum, for unending optimism // Lily of the valley and pear blossom, for returning trust and lasting friendship, complements Erin // and bonus! sapphic violets, for ghostbusting girls who love girls

Abby | Erin | Patty | Holtzmann | All 

*Part of my submission for “The Purpose of Life is to Love,” a Ghostbusters anniversary zine!

I’m organizing a Zine about the Late Night Crew, planned to be out for their anniversary on Halloween.
A Zine is pretty much a compilation of art about one theme in one book, it will be digital but still kinda a book.
If you want to do an illustration, fanfic, photography, animation, music or anything creative for the LNC, feel free to join! 

Click here for more info about it and how to join!

This is going to be fun :3

anonymous asked:

for this will there be ot4 artists or will it all be ot5? I know a lot of artists recently dropped jinki and only draw ot4 now and cause I love ot5 and I would like to see them as five for this especially since it's such a special thing like a 10th anniversary


The zine will be ot5-oriented. :) The admins feel the same way! 

We want to keep this zine focused on all five members, especially for their 10th anniversary together. Sadly, we have had to part ways with one of the artists in our original lineup because of this issue. But the remaining artists (as shown on our latest post) participating agree on an ot5 zine.

Some pieces might not feature all five members, but no need to worry as the zine itself focuses on SHINee as five. <3

Thank you for your question, have a nice day!

An Asset To Modern Physics, (watercolour on BFK, 2017).

Erin Gilbert, particle physicist. Bad at languages. Braver than you. 

Geranium, for determination // Hollyhock, for ambition// Laurel leaves, for renown // Protea, for courage // Lily of the valley and pear blossom, for returning trust and lasting friendship, complements Abby // and bonus! sapphic violets, for ghostbusting girls who love girls

Abby | Erin | Patty | Holtzmann | All

*Part of my submission for “The Purpose of Life is to Love,” a Ghostbusters anniversary zine!